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Take Me Out A Little Deeper lyrics

Browse for Take Me Out A Little Deeper song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Take Me Out A Little Deeper lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Take Me Out A Little Deeper.

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Dave Edmunds - Take me for a little while lyrics

ve been trying To make you love me, But ... everything I try Just takes you further from me. ... You don't love me, And so you treat me cruel. But ... no matter you hurt me, I'll always be a fool. If you don

Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas - Take me out lyrics

aren't you meeting me tonight? I am tired waiting ... for you I want to see you tonight... ... Why don't you pick me up It's boring here I'm already sick of twisting my hair You are a little, fickle

Dusty Springfield - Take me for a little while lyrics

ve been trying To make you love me But everything ... I try Just takes you further from me You ... don't love me, oh no So you treat me cruel ... But no matter how you hurt me I'll always be your fool

Cher - Take me for a little while lyrics

ve been trying To make you love me But everything ... I try Just takes you further from me You ... don't love me So you treat me cruel But no matter how you

Cher - Take me for a little while (bonus) lyrics

ve been trying To make you love me But everything ... I try Just takes you further from me You ... don't love me So you treat me cruel But no matter how you

Atomic Tom - Take me out lyrics

I was bold enough I would follow ... you forever but Darling, please Rescue me, take me out ... Some may say, it's my fate Am I just in time or am I late?

Jamie Cullum - Take me out (of myself) lyrics

was an age the battered times Were coiled up around you ... like a diamond cage Though your sparkle's long ... flickers like the embers of a dying blaze These might be

Enforcer - Take me out of this nightmare lyrics

Oh! Yeah! You don’t know what is out there Soothing dreams of ... dying In superstition and darkness You know it’s dead and ... it’s old Oh, no I see that the daylight is gone As I’m

Danko Jones - Take me out on a stretcher lyrics

road is the only route that I know Black soul Goes darker each day as I go Push me and pull and drag me to the ... ground to take me out on a stretcher Long road is

Mirah - Take me out riding lyrics

me out riding Take me out riding Over the long road ... Cuts through the barley Glint of the barrel The ... spin has it handle You gonna show me You gonna brag You

Dawes - Take me out of the city lyrics

me out of the city Where my shadow ... can roam Let me breathe in the morning Let my way ... be my home Take me out of the city True love I will ... not find Take me in new one's heart Take me out of my mind I feel my

Red House Painters - Take me out lyrics

coming from those holes: A voice that soars and takes my ... unknown If only you could take me out Instead of back in ... To a relationship I don't understand

Anna Tsuchiya - Take me out lyrics

s been a long long day Sunshine breaking through ... the clouds & watching me I was sitting in the park I ... was waiting for someone to take me out Sacrifice comes

Everyday Sunday - Take me out lyrics

know that I don’t feel like talking right now But I know ... that You still feel the same So what do we do when this ... feeling is gone What will we do when I realize I am wrong Can you hear me

Franz Ferdinand lyricsFranz Ferdinand - Take me out lyrics

re lonely You know I'm here waiting for you I'm just a ... crosshair I'm just a shot away from you And if you leave ... here You leave me broken, shattered, I lie I'm just a

Canterbury - Take me out of the wall lyrics

sick of my gasmask, sick of the morphine, take ... me out of the wall. I’m sick of the metal, ... sick of the oil that’s pumping through my veins. ... Where is the daylight? Where is the sunshine?

Off With Their Heads - Take me out lyrics

barely scraping by No matter how hard I try There's ... no more to sacrifice There's no way I can ... to confide in Tired of hating everything Fearing what

Erasure lyricsErasure - Take me out of myself lyrics

me out of myself 'Til I feel like I ... got everything under control And it's a feeling I like When ... you fall at my when suddenly that you ... don't know I will not fear where I'm heading 'Cause I

David Coverdale - Coverdale page take me for a little while lyrics

my days are growing cold, All the memories unfold ... Thinking 'bout the friends we lost, ... to count the cost, Now my days are growing cold I can hardly wait any longer, Now the

Glen Campbell - Take me back lyrics

me back I'm begging please take me back I'm on my knees For ... you to scold me hurt me hold me darling take me back When ... you belonged to me I had a jealous mind Too late I've learned that you were not the cheating kind Take me back... My

Gabrielle Aplin - Take me away [itunes bonus track] lyrics

me away From the demons in my brain ... Take me out into the world Take me out into the day and let ... find My piece of mind I was alone I was taken with the

Kiss - Take me away (together as one) lyrics

eyes were burnin' Lookin' back on all of my memories And ... my mind was dreamin like it does She wore ... white and in the night we made love Together, I remember

Lincoln Brewster - Take me higher lyrics

not Your Spirit from me For my one desire is the be ... with You Come cleanse my life and make me pure ... Won't You wrap me up in Your arms and Take me higher and

J. Moss - Take me lyrics

dig into myself and I see hurt I dig a little deeper and I see pain I see myself as an average person I dig ... into myself and I see the rain I’m looking for a way to make it dissipate I’m tired of

Atb - Take me over lyrics

down unaware of the world What a strung out beautiful girl ... Dawn is holding a sign, could use a little help ... here She's aware in her own little way Fading in and out of the day As

Flume - Take a chance (feat. little dragon) lyrics

you feel all your powers unfold ... your big wings over waters turning gold So tell ... your story, baby, don’t give up Just let all it go out, the quiet ... Will you be the one to take a chance? Have demands,

Millionaires - Take your shirt off lyrics

your shirt off T-t-take your shirt off. T-take ... your (hey) Shirt off. T-take your (hey) Shirt off. ... Wha'cha doing over there boy, looking ... at me I know you wanna take me out to a party We can get a little freaky boy, a little naughty

Avril Lavigne lyricsAvril Lavigne - Take me away lyrics

t say no to anything, yes, yes, say yes to ... everything, just find away, to get away (wanna run away ... ) let's take off our clothes, and see if ... anybody notices then run away, what d'you say? have a little joy have a little faith, live

Cut Copy - Take me higher lyrics

me higher than the eye can focus Take me deeper than ... the mind can dream Take me further than the widest ocean ... That's the first thing that she said to me Forget about the world around us Those

Doobie Brothers - Take me in your arms lyrics

you're leaving Leaving me behind I'm seeing you, darling For the very last time ... Show a little tenderness Mama, before you go Please, let ... me feel Your embrace once more Take me in

Elton John lyricsElton John - Take me back lyrics

you want my loving take me back If you miss my touch little girl take me back When the ... dreams you lean on are beginning to crack Open up ... your heart little girl and take me back If you want my

Nostalghia - Take me to your leader lyrics

through the deep ridges of my membrane I am a little child ... Everything you do makes me go insane I am a little ... child I perk up like a flower in the springtime I am a little child Shed your

Reed Deming - Take you out lyrics

hope that I don't interrupt but I had ... to say hi I think that you're magnificent like magic to my eyes And you circle ... me like a tornado in my mind that I can't

Eddie Money - Take me home tonight lyrics

Barry, Jeff; Greenwich, Ellie; ... Mike; Spector, Phillip; Vale, Peter; I feel a hunger it ... s a hunger that tries to keep a man awake at night Are you ... the answer? I shouldn't wonder when

Phil Collins - Take me in your arms lyrics

know you're leaving me behind I'm seeing you, darling, for the very last time ... Show a little tenderness before you go Please let me feel your embrace

Hinder - Take me home tonight (eddie money cover) lyrics

feel a hunger It´s a hunger That tries to keep a ... man awakeat night Are you the answer? I ... shoulden´t wonder When i can feel you with my apetite ... with all these power you´re releasing It isn´t safe to walk

Punk Goes... - Take me home tonight by every avenue (eddie m.. lyrics

feel a hunger, it's a hunger That tries to keep a ... man awake at night Are you the answer? I shouldn't ... wonder When I can feel you whet my appetite ... With all the power you're releasing

Jeremy Kapone - Little sister lyrics

used to say that we were brother and sister ... We used to think nothing was every bitter REF.: Today ... I break my promises To stay out of the emptiness Today let's

Brother Ali - Take me home lyrics

Chorus:] And I promise if I take you home, I'll sing you a ... song Never leave me alone Said c'mon baby throw me a bone, ... I'll sing you a song Never leave me alone, and I promise if you take me home, I'll sing you a song Never

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Little wonder lyrics

weather, Fat shaky hands Dopey morning Doc, ... Grumpy gnomes Little wonder then, little wonder ... You little wonder, little wonder you Big screen dolls,

Loverboy - Take me to the top lyrics

s lookin' at you What do you think the chances are ... we're gonna make it together? Here's callin ... your name 'Cause I have to do the things I have to ... do What's a poor boy to do When he's fallen in love with you Help me

Richie Sambora - Take me on lyrics

ve been out all night That's right Underneath your black umbrella Pales around the ... lights so bright Like little angels in the sky But they don ... t fly You walk by As if the street I'm hoping that our eyes might meet Your heart's too blind to see me That

Cinderella - Take me back lyrics

walked alone my heart a little colder Trying to make it on ... my way I took a ride wasn't getting any older ... Seventeen was here to stay They caught us living a dream We tried to get out the steam Take me back Cause I

Dangerous Toys - Take me drunk lyrics

I'm a damn straight shootin' man Ride with a ... gun in my hand Lookin' for a girl who'll understand Don't ... want responsibility I don't care about holes in jeans I

Edenbridge - Take me back lyrics

I was sleeping for one thousand years The wheel of time has turned into the age of tears ... How long I am in there I cannot tell for sure But the ... flower starts to fade she has to endure Take me back

Maxine Kazis - Take me home lyrics

eyed you told me 'bout the first time that you ... truely cried and dealt with 'goodbye' Like the rain that fell that day, your ... eyes, your brain, your lips said 'stay', yea, I read...the

Ian Kelly - Take me home lyrics

s a part of me that's made entirely of generosity Can ... I be a better man? Can I go to war and make them ... understand? What's the use in generosity if I ... just keep it all for me? Can I talk sense into them? Even

Reba Mcentire - Take me back lyrics

and then I open up a trunk full of old souvenirs ... Thumb through a scrapbook holding back the tears ... do it once more Just the way we did before Take me back to Sycamore Park Put the radio dial on the golden oldies

Darius Rucker - Take me home lyrics

wanna feel that ocean breeze that's got me wrapped ... around it's fingers I wanna hear a southern drawl and ... every word that lingers I need a sunday ... morning song by a just got baptized singer I been away too

Babybird - Take me back lyrics

you on the roadside Little cuts and bruises underneath ... your life sets in She sees me in the garden Pulling petals ... off the flowers She closes all the windows Shuts down on

Abba lyricsAbba - Me and bobby and bobby`s brother lyrics

there was me and Bobby and Bobby's brother Please take me back to that place ... Where I've got all my memories, those were my happiest ... days I remember all the games we used to play I really do

Callenish Circle - Take me along lyrics

why can't you wait a little longer You don't want to leave this soon There's one ... thing I want you to know Give me some ... time before you go My ears cannot stand this silence Please say my name one more time

Crystal Ball - Take me down lyrics

you forgive me For all I've done I was so untrue ... Wherever you go Will you stand by my side Is all I need ... to know I was blind Now I see You are

Erasure lyricsErasure - Take me on a highway lyrics

bye baby, take me on a highway This time it could be heaven Even for a little while, ... didn't want to miss you Maybe I can make you feel fine ... I don't know what you want me to do But I'm losing control

Erasure lyricsErasure - Take me back lyrics

me back to the place Where I once belonged ... This could be anyplace a place Where you and I could sing ... this song Take me back where I hear waterfalls

Hawk Nelson - Take me lyrics

you hear me? Does anyone around me Feel the way that I ... feel now? Cause from the window where I sometimes cry I just want to see ... Your face tonight And I'm willing to lose

Jon, Lil & The East Side Boyz - Take 'em out lyrics

chorus] if you see that f*** nigga take him out if ... you see that f*** nigga take him out if you see that ... f*** nigga, if you see that f*** nigga if you see that

George Jones - Take me back to tulsa lyrics

s that gal with the red dress on, Some ... folks call her Dinah Stole my heart away from me ... Way down in Louisiana. Take me back to Tulsa, I'm too ... young to marry Take me back to Tulsa, I'm too young to

Kate Ryan - Take me down lyrics

many times did I say I wouldn't fall again How ... many times did I say That only fools in Little ... voices telling me That I should take my time I ... just can't get you off my mind I

Lady Gaga lyricsLady Gaga - Take you out lyrics

week I saw you out and I knew we would be a match ... in heaven just the coolest kind of ... team. I, I know there ain’t now, way that we won’t, ... 'cause we won’t stop till we go,

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