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Take Me Down Where The Pagans Go lyrics

Browse for Take Me Down Where The Pagans Go song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Take Me Down Where The Pagans Go lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Take Me Down Where The Pagans Go.

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The Replacements - Take me down to the hospital lyrics

I can't breathe I can't swallow Here ... today Gonna be back tomorrow Lyin' ... With your heart attack In the front seat With Pete Pete ... Red light running Drag me in Move the seat back It

Cracker - Take me down to the infirmary lyrics

me down to the infirmary lay me down on ... cloth on my forehead lay me down and let me sleep I know the whiskey won't soothe my soul ... and the morphine won't heal my heart

After Romeo - Where the people go lyrics

you love people we love all these crazy times. It's just a ... prequel now the sequel so can we just enjoy the ride? who-o-o-a-o,who-o-o ... a-o,who-o-o-a-o All: Come on down where the people go,

Hollywood Undead lyricsHollywood Undead - Take me home lyrics

before I lie awake and face these shadows in the night I see ... truth through crimson eyes Take me home where the restless go ... Reckless to the day I rest my bones There's

Alabama - Take me down lyrics

away with me tonight. Take me on a one-way flight in your ... lovin' arms, and ev'rything's gonna be alright. You're the ... could understand. You're the one who moves me like nobody

Phil Collins - Take me down lyrics

I've lingered too long in the darkness unlock the door, ... turn the light on and wait. I should ... has seen too much pain. Take me down, take me down to the

Smashing Pumpkins lyricsSmashing Pumpkins - Take me down lyrics

me down, to the underground won't you take me down, to the underground why ... oh why, there is no light and if i can't ... life and all i see is you take my hand, i lost where i began

Moxy And The Influence - Take me down lyrics

is death Beauty is pain Time heals the wounds Or is it ... to sing until I cry Tell me how it is with you and me ... Take me down Take me down You need to know what I

Kiss - Take me down below lyrics

saw her standing there across the room. A glass of wine and some sweet Perfume. Next thing ... was standing right next to me. OH YEAH! I told that I ... said I know exactly what you mean. I told her that my ship

Elle King - Where the devil don’t go lyrics

me down where the devil don't go Devil don't go where I make ... my home Cast me down where the devil don't go Devil don't go where I make my home Drown

Kate Ryan - Take me down lyrics

many times did I say I wouldn't fall ... again How many times did I say That only fools ... in Little voices telling me That I should take my time ... . Waiting for answers This time ... Taking my chances I've got ... No more defences Let

Canterbury - Take me out of the wall lyrics

sick of my gasmask, sick of the morphine, take me out of the ... wall. I’m sick of the metal, sick of the oil that’s ... pumping through my veins. Where is the daylight? Where is the

Paradise Lost - Take me down lyrics

What I need Don't let them take me down there You ... You hate from above you become what I need What I need ... Don't let them take me

Phantom ( Usa ) - Take me down slow lyrics

make it last all night long Take it easy, baby, make it last ... all night long We got no place to go Take me down ... slow Keep the fire burning, soft and low

Pulp - Down by the river lyrics

me down to the river Where I would not go before ... Through the trees and the rushes To the place we both ... much younger As I kneel on the ground Dip my toe in the

Argema - Take me down lyrics

if I don't remember Colour of your pretty ... to call you every week But there was no one on the phone ... Seems to me like hundred years ago ... you? Really you? So I sit down right besides you And I

Inna lyricsInna - Take me down to mexico lyrics

yo kero bailar Turning, turn me up Buy me a pina colada Gotta keep me up like the sun ... Baby, it’s you and me, you and me Take me down to Mexico, yea You and me, you and

Crystal Ball - Take me down lyrics

you forgive me For all I've done I was so ... But now my girl you're gone I will be there Wherever you go Will you stand by ... bad I was wrong Now I can't go on Take me down You

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Where the boys go lyrics

girls, you better listen to me I'm getting starved for ... Tuesday I played football, there's nothing on the telly ... I acted so bold I never had the money and I never had the

Mitchel Musso - Take me down (ft. mason musso) lyrics

t know you. But you say my name. Hey,come on! You love me ... you love me. Hey,come on! You love me,You love me. ... Hey,you! I see you in the background. Hey,you! We're

The Verve lyricsThe Verve - Where the geese go lyrics

get the burn We're on the train I feel no pain I feel ... no pain You set the sights But I'm already there ... my head When you said I'm gonna leave I felt surprised

Demonic Resurrection - The final stand lyrics

built a kingdom but the world around Succumbed to the evil that brought us down There was no reason for us to ... fail Or for the castle to crumble this way

Fools For Rowan - Take me down lyrics

I feel it all around Make me a liar, erase all my doubts ... HEY YA, HEY YA, TAKE ME, TAKE ME DOWN WITH YOU HEY YA, ... HEY YA, TAKE ME, TAKE ME DOWN Tried to resist you, but

I Am Empire - Take me away lyrics

on my bedroom mantle never meant much to me. It was all to ... make you happy or something of the sort. Think I'll ... build a boat sail somewhere I can be myself. But who is

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - Take me back to the sweet sunny south lyrics

me back to the place where I first saw the light To my ... sweet sunny south, take me home Where the wild birds sing me ... why was I tempted to roam The path to our cottage they say

Jackie Evancho - Take me there lyrics

the days sleep darker and the nights mourn cold Oh the ... fear is broken when there's you to hold Never doubt ... unclear)) I will follow you Take me there, take me there with

Helloween lyricsHelloween - Where the sinners go lyrics

you hear me Do you know me I’m a taker I’m a faker ... Oh my God, don’t wanna know Where the sinners go Oh my God ... show me no way Mercy, don’t struck me a blow

Me & My - Take me back lyrics

so strong? I know we said goodbye but baby How can I go ... on, now that tou are gone? My nights are long, it ... and all alone Chorus: Take me back again Let's go back

Siouxsie & The Banshees lyricsSiouxsie & The Banshees - Take me back lyrics

in the heart of a seething beast ... a splendid feast but something's missing she's ... feeling low something's missing she's going ... home take me back -- I'm feeling low take me back -- I'm going home take me back -- I'm so alone take me back I'm travelling home

Avalanch - Where the river flows lyrics

life, pass by A fear, with me breed the end Of this lonely ... your love, pass by A fear, there is no time Decides of ... matter... And in another day With you by my side In

M83 - Where the boats go lyrics

Lyric not available (instrumental

Michael Alvarado / Us The Duo - "take me home" - us the duo lyrics

happy when I'm with you Home for me is where you are. I ... and push on through. But home for me is where you are. They tell me that I'll make it. ... Without you... Send out the alarms I'm all alone Wrap me in your arms Take me home Take me home To your arms... I

Siouxsie & The Banshees lyricsSiouxsie & The Banshees - Take me back lyrics

in the heart of a seething beast ... a splendid feast but something's missing she's ... feeling low something's missing she's going ... home take me back -- I'm feeling low take me back -- I'm going home take me back -- I'm so alone take me back I'm travelling home

Dawes - Take me out of the city lyrics

me out of the city Where my shadow can roam Let me ... breathe in the morning Let my way be my home Take me out of the city ... True love I will not find Take me in new one's heart Take me out of my mind I feel my

The Dubliners - Take it down from the mast lyrics

it down from the mast, Irish traitors, It's the flag we Republicans claim. ... belong to Free Staters, For they've brought on it nothing but ... shame. I'll not leave it to

Black Cards - Take me down (higher) lyrics

know that i am a rager? pull me close & we'll catch the ... her! 99 balloons in the air, drum out, without a ... chair, shotgun cause you take me there. cause you take me there! take me down, take me down higher! make your heart

R. City - Take you down lyrics

I want is a gyal that bad to the bone Long black hair caramel ... skin tone Meet her in the club after that take her home ... you move like that Make me push it up Cause you fling

Scooter lyricsScooter - Where the beats lyrics

the dice! Reverend H and the elephant girl Gonna chat on the mic to the underworld I'll ... a shot if you dance hard to the new way UK, new day, driving

Anthony Hamilton - Where did it go wrong? lyrics

didn't not make those mistake girl in my life I don't know ... I tried to do took another route, she bailed out on me ... thief girl stole my life rob me blind, now this wounds

Saga - Go with the flow lyrics

never know where to go Say it's so, like that I remember you said "ain't it ... that I'm back Echoes of the past bring questions for the ... can face it without a replacement As long as I take it...

Coleman Hell - Take me up lyrics

I've got to thank you for Taking me ... up You're healing me with helium And I know I ... said this long ago But I'm taking you up On ... air balloon Way up high Where no one can look down on you (down on you) Way up high Where

Helloween lyricsHelloween - Mr. ego (take me down) lyrics

me down To a ground Just let me ... feel it If I let someone down Please welcome Him on the ... Your slimy voice Please go down, please I don't wanna

John Legend lyricsJohn Legend - Take me away lyrics

yeah We danced and sang somewhere in between heaven and ... Gabrielle, that was her name Everyone was smiling, even ... through their tears, under her spell

Keri Hilson - Where did he go lyrics

s telling me to wait for you to call back ... (Can you tell me where did he go?) But I don't ... never want another girl to come and get that. (Can you tell me where did he go?) My train

Jay Sean - Where do we go lyrics

our laughs and we've cried some tears Now something tells me ... you're not the same Maybe it's me that's changed ... Now I, I don't know what I'm gonna do When all that I am,

Ben Jelen - Where do we go lyrics

do we go? We're sitting on pins and ... needles, locked in a box going blind Out go the lights ... our love collides When something goes wrong You say you

Wilson Phillips - Dont take me down lyrics

t Take Me Down 'I love you girl' that's what ... And that no one would ever take it away I gave you all I had ... inside, baby it's alright But then you took the love right from

Sailor - Down by the docks lyrics

by the docks, yea, down by the docks Down by the docks, yea ... down by the docks It's a place where you ... don't go down If you want to go fancy For the folks of the

Deborah Cox - Where do we go from here lyrics

you're in love Some things you take for granted ... Until someone pulls it apart And leaves ... your heart How do I trade The best I had for less Without

Dangerous Toys - Take me drunk lyrics

care about holes in jeans I gotta get out tonight and see ... Just because i grabbed some nice ass that don't belong to ... me I met a woman that said i stunk I

Dave Gahan lyricsDave Gahan - Take me back home lyrics

first time you gave me freedom For the first time I ... long as you were right with me here There’s nothing else ... that I would need You take me back there Take me back home

Dire Straits - Down to the waterline lyrics

surrender on the quayside You remember we ... used to run and hide In the shadow of the cargoes I take ... you one time And we're counting all the ... numbers down to the waterline Near misses on the dogleap stairways French

Ben Harper - Where could i go lyrics

s no deals to be made with the dawn Now I fear that our time has come and gone They say ... wide (Oh - won't you tell me) Where could I go to the ... Lord Take a prayer with you to heaven

Jonny Lang - The levee lyrics

have been to Memphis but I couldn't find no ... feeling restless and I need some relief I'm heading for the ... see what I can find I know the river holds the answers that

November Blessing - Take me lyrics

Just shut your eyes and breathe Just breathe in deep So ... live my dreams." Take me to where dreams come true ... Cuz living dreams can never come too soon And this is what I

Serge Devant Feat Emma Hewitt - Take me with you lyrics

t go underground without me, Please take me to your ... world... In the night I found you, Now I ... here, But all I see is where you WERE... Now the night

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - Take me back lyrics

me back Take me back where I belong That's with you ... baby Ah take me back Take me back where I belong That's ... with you baby I thought the grass was green on the other

Walter Becker - Down in the bottom lyrics

habit that you left with me Here in the suburbs where it ... s hard to tell If I got the bear or if the bear got me ... did you know that it would take me down Down to the bottom of

Brick & Lace - Take me back lyrics

me back to the place where we were free Didn't have a ... care in the world you see All that raely ... matter was you and me Times were still the world was

I See Monstas - Where did i go? lyrics

Walk on any road Give me a little love Not a way home ... t be afraid though Everywhere I'm looking, all the love's gone away Everybody's acting so ... cold Ordinary people, they're all looking the same To me How do I stay When there

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