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Take Me By The Hand Make Me Understand. You Need Somebody. I Need Somebody Too lyrics

Browse for Take Me By The Hand Make Me Understand. You Need Somebody. I Need Somebody Too song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Take Me By The Hand Make Me Understand. You Need Somebody. I Need Somebody Too lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Take Me By The Hand Make Me Understand. You Need Somebody. I Need Somebody Too.

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Kiss - Take me down below lyrics

saw her standing there across the room. A glass of wine and some sweet Perfume. Next thing I knew she was standing right next to me. OH YEAH! I told that I have a submarine. She said I know exactly what you mean. I told her that my ship was ready to touched my heart

Color Me Badd - The earth, the sun, the rain lyrics

I was lost I could not see All the beauty and wonder There'd been around me I was alone Dreaming of you Oh I could not imagine This dream coming true So much joy now And all that you touched You make me feel Everything's so much Chorus: I will love you f

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - Don't pass me by lyrics

listen for your footsteps Coming up the drive Listen for your footsteps But they don't arrive Waiting for your knock, dear On my old front door I don't hear it Does it mean you don't love me any more? I hear the clock are ticking On the mantel sh

Kehlani lyricsKehlani - Hold me by the heart lyrics

t sure I'd be alright Wasn't sure I'd be okay again Didn't know how to take flight Wings broken couldn't seem to bend Somehow you came and like the wind, you picked me up for good And now I know what I have missed, I've been thinking that you s

Culture Beat - Take me away lyrics

there is no one like you And all the things you do I want to spend my time with you I, hope that I am your type And that we could tonight Discover what new love is all about Trying to close my mind of many folks running me wrong This case won?t lea

Ll Cool J - You're my heart lyrics

LL Cool J] Do you remember, the first time you fell in love The way it felt, the way it feels Bein able to say, from the bottom of your heart {*smooch*} I love you for real Your eyes, meet; you feel your heartbeat Palms are sweaty you can't keep still And when yo

Jonah33 - Too much of me lyrics

I let myself believe in me I feel my faith become riddled with disease I remember the day You spoke my name, You said come follow me But my stand is weak, I feel ashamed, I say don't bother me [CHORUS:] Too much of me and not enough of You Put me in this mud that I'm cra

Sheppard lyricsSheppard - The best is yet to come lyrics

me to a different place Where love is not illusion based And fear is just a word they can define Where I've heard hope and happiness Is found in every beating chest Cos all those hearts are more or less inclined To give it all away without

Rage - Take me to the water lyrics

blinded eyes are staring at the burning sky There's not a cloud to throw a shadow in my way My dried out body's got no shelter from the sun What's coming over me, to hell, what's coming over me? I'm stumbling through these fields of naked stones and sand Here's nothing

Accept lyricsAccept - Take him in my heart lyrics

upon a time There was a girl so young and sad And holy prayers blessed her sleep Before she went to bed Her body was imaculate Her hair was shinning gold With twenty still a virgin For a virgin rather old But no one could imagine How the girl would need a man

Robert Plant - The way i feel lyrics

what I'm driving at and I'm back behind the wheel Just a little nervous - it's something to do with the way I feel With the way I feel, with the way I feel Trouble understanding - nothing too out of hand A little overloaded - some kinda storm in the heart

89ers - Hold me now lyrics

(x6) But we had one more important sound we wanted you to hear. I need someone to help me, 'cause I am 2 feet from the edge, Don't push me, see through me, make my heart shalala lalala. Show me how to look inside, 'cause there's is no place to hide, I'm trying to dive i

Nickelback lyricsNickelback - Make me believe again lyrics

this instead ground, before this fades away. I wanna let it out, and I don't wanna wait. So don't you let me down, and don't you hesitate. Before I turn around, before I walk away. I want you to make me ... make me ... make me ... Mak

Gloria Gaynor - Make me yours lyrics

me yours Make me part of your life We’ll be as right as two can be You need someone make it me, make me yours Let it be man and wife Yours is the hand that fits the glove Make me happy I'm in love, oohhh Make me yours You can trust me, I’ll be there

Black Sabbath lyricsBlack Sabbath - The hand that rocks the cradle lyrics

Life, Too Young, Who's Eyes Are Choking, Can't Rest, Can't Sleep, For Dreams That Set You Falling. Don't Feel The Hunger, Can't Drink No Holy Water, No Light In These Eyes, No Place For Dreams At All Tonight. When The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, Is The H

21octayne - The heart (save me) lyrics

you don't like what you see You've got to listen to me And chase away all those demons in your head You know that you can't be free And be who you want to be Unless you wake up and let me lead the way If you don't understand why You've got a tear in your eye Then all you

Sim (silence Iz Mine) - Make me dead! lyrics

say nothing because your words let you drown So take your dressing gown Forget about what happen in town Why don't you take a little lie down? Nights like these made me complete My excuse is "Let it be" How stupid of me, I should've told you Hate me, hat

Rebecca Lavelle - Understand me lyrics

you want it all and you think thats OK but you dont wanna wait, it has to be today. But I, I´ve been around a long long time and I know what to do, And it´ll be just fine. Understand me, please, understand me. You, think I dont care and I just dont r

Mali Music - Make me new lyrics

it's me, please hear me my king. I know I am unholy, so unworthy, unclean. But I yearn to know you, my soul thirst for you. And my temple is broken down, oh take me and make me new yeah. Oh Father (Father) hear me (hear me), God who rules (God w

Seether - Take me away lyrics

beautiful as fire, Against the evening sky, You fuel the lost desire, I no longer want to die Take me by the hand, And see beyond the light Strip away the fences, Leave me needing, leave me high I know you're so, so low that I can't... Ta

Seether - Take me away (demo) lyrics

beautiful as fire, Against the evening sky, You fuel the lost desire, I no longer want to die Take me by the hand, And see beyond the light Strip away the fences, Leave me needing, leave me high I know you're so, so low that I can't... Take me away (x3) 'cause I don't w

Centory - Take it to the limit lyrics

know what we gotta do... We gotta take it to the limit I look up in the sky and I see The stars are shining all so brightly And I can't get you out of my mind A beam of light will shine upon you And show you now that I can be true And I can't get y

Forever The Sickest Kids - Take it slow lyrics

ll call you when I can Please try to understand If I decide to take it slow Will you take me by the hand Or find someone who can Then come crawling back when you feel alone Let's take our time And live our lives If you say you're unsure Don'

The Format - The compromise lyrics

you think its cool to be crazy, I say "you're born rich? stay rich." There's no point in taking chances. And me, I wouldn't call it a sophomore slump No, I'd say I'm one step closer to bein' just where I want to be. Away from this scene, A

New Order lyricsNew Order - Touched by the hand of god lyrics

was standing by the ocean when I saw your face I couldn't look at you I guess you knew it but I never realised that we were through And now I'm down here all alone with every feeling that I own you can't take that away And with every breath we take and the

Lizzy Borden - Me against the world lyrics

s just me Against The world Leave me alone I'm on the defense I'm not made of stone Why doesn't that ever make sense I'm sick of all this indecision You're messing with my mind This ain't no false facade And this ain't no freak disguise Cause I am for real

Annah Mac - Make me yours lyrics

of you and I'm late I know I should go but I'll wait For this physical attraction that I just can't escape You're this physical attraction that I just can't escape Your hands on my spine and I shake You're not even mine but it's fate Oh, and my b

Orthodox Celts - The wearing of the green lyrics

Paddy dear, and did you hear The news that’s going round? The Shamrock is forbid, by law, To grow on Irish ground! No more St. Patrick’s day we’ll keep His colour can’t be seen; For there’s a cruel law against The Wearing of the Green!

Percy Sledge - Take time to know her lyrics

found a woman I felt I truly loved She was everything I'd ever been dreaming of But she was bad - I didn't know it Her pretty smile never did show it All I knew was what I could see And I knew I wanted her for me I took her home to Mama Mama wanted to see my

Atmosphere - The stick up lyrics

s and tramps, f***s and sluts Bitches, scams, tits, butts Bitches be creamin for this 8-inch demon And when you hear me screamin I'm about to free the semen Wipe myself off on ya couch cover If she talks any trash I'll flash my boxcutter 'cuz I'm rougher than any

Budgie - Make me happy lyrics

me happy Make me happy, and you do Make me happy, and you do Whoo whoo la de dahh etc. etc. Feelin' empty, go to you Time is lonely, oh yeah and you too Whoo whoo la de dahh etc. etc

Pink lyricsPink - You make me sick lyrics

They make me sick I know I feel you, that's why we gotta stick together Yep Yep Yep [laughs] I know it... You make me sick I want you and I'm hatin it Got me lit like a candlestick Get too hot when you touch the tip, I'm feelin it, I gotta getta grip And i

Choir Of Young Believers - The third time lyrics

thought of the nightingale haunts you away from your home to separation you are drawn Bite, bite your lip and forget all the things I said Just bite your lip and forget Just bite your lip and forget Feverish I lay my head on your shoulder a

Tupac Shakur lyricsTupac Shakur - Me against the world lyrics

Produced by Soulshock and Karlin] [Hook: 2Pac] It's just me against the world Nothin' to lose It's just me against the world, baby I got nothin' to lose It's just me against the world Stuck in the game Me against the world, baby [Verse 1: 2Pac] Can you picture my

Loverboy - Take me to the top lyrics

s lookin' at you What do you think the chances are we're gonna make it together? Here's callin' your name 'Cause I have to do the things I have to do What's a poor boy to do When he's fallen in love with you Help me make it through the night Everything's gonna be

Roxette lyricsRoxette - Touched by the hand of god lyrics

by the Hand of God Tea at 8 o’clock I took the dog for a walk in the morning I never really liked him but let’s keep that between you and me I ran into this woman at a crowded cafe’ There’s nothin’ else to say, she took my breath away She said

April Sixth - You come around lyrics

me, guide me, teach me your way. To feel the compassion you give every day. I know if I try it, just for a while, well I just might like it and come for more! When I am lost, and I feel afraid. You come around! When I am lost, and I feel afraid.

2pac lyrics2pac - Me against the world lyrics

2Pac] It's just me against the world [girl] Oooohhh, oooohhh [2Pac] Nuttin to lose.. It's just me against the world baby [girl] Oahhhh, oahhhahh [2Pac] I got nuttin to lose It's just me against the world [girl] Oh-hahhh [2Pac] Stuck in t

Gorefest - You could make me kill lyrics

you think it's bizarre that the giant's been slain? That you die by fire, if by fire you reign It's a wake up call by a blow in the head It's a man still walking knowing he's dead Put your hands up to the sky. Were you stupid, were you blind? As you realise All you ever stoo

Ross Lynch - Take it from the top lyrics

take take take it from the Take take take it from the top and I Take take take take it from the Take take take it from the top and I You never know what this world has in store for you You break down walls so they don't block your point of view St

Machine Head - Take me through the fire lyrics

drum beats on as I fall in trance Stepping away from the endless dance My enemies in the endless abyss The snakes slithering out of the mist No subtleties truth is all that I ask No pleasantries you can take off that mask This world has left me bruised and callous Empty he

Fates Warning - The sorceress lyrics

search alone, dark the night, deep the blackest forest, and down to devil's hopyard on my way from Salem I lit a fire Magical brimstone sparks ashes from the hazel wood Dancing with the banshee, fire rose up to the sky. The dead of night parts the sky, the Sa

Crossfade - Make me a believer lyrics

it make me feel even Will it make me feel right Will it solve all my problems Solve my life Make me a believer Make me a believer Lost Something is lost Alone Dying alone Make me a believer Because it makes me feel even Because it makes me feel

Janet  Jackson lyricsJanet Jackson - Make me lyrics

see what you're doing Come here So you think you're ready? I just need you to... Baby can you move, make me groove, Show me what you do, make me move, Baby can you move, make me groove, Show me what you do, make me move, Baby make me... You came here to sa

Morgana Lefay - The devil in me lyrics

skies, dark harmonies Sombre tunes, grey melodies Ebony coloured walls of stone A throne of gold (platinized bones) The moonlight shining red The secret ryche in my head He rips the wall between our minds His prison faces this other side He screams The devil in me Th

Queensrÿche - Take hold of the flame lyrics

see the light of those who find A world has passed them by To late to save a dream that's growing cold We realize that fate must hide its face From those who try To see the distant signs of unforetold Oh... oh, take hold From a haze came a rage of thunder Dista

Tiffany Alvord lyricsTiffany Alvord - Dont judge a book by the cover lyrics

I told you, I didn't need you That's when, I needed you the most But you weren't there So I'll just cry myself to sleep Just shaking and in pain, cause I'm so weak And I tried to tell you, But you didn't listen So now with tears in my eyes, as I lay here in bed Now I kno

The Blackout - You and your friends vs. me and the revolutio.. lyrics

quot;How about you and your friends, versus me and the revolution?" Take your lies, and walk through the door Run for, run for your life And take all that you can Take your lies, and walk through the door Run for, run for your life And take all that you

Blindside - Fell in love with the game lyrics

the knife in the table Deck of cards fly across the room This game has ended someone needs to die Cause I put my life on the table I forgot the risk I assume Now it's going down Fell in love with the game But I forgot your name Go ahead please fight me Cause I'

Lauren Christy - Take me to the church lyrics

thought I knew what love was like The fairytale, the masquerade You proved me wrong and made me learn In simple terms, take me to the church The dreams I dreamt have lost their spice The goals I made I'll sacrifice The car, the house, the milliona

Erasure lyricsErasure - You surround me lyrics

t ever let me take you for granted You've got your finger on the pulse of my soul Let me place a kiss in the small of your back Love and protect you from the evils of this world Baby don't ever leave me stranded Whoever said that the streets were paved with gold W

Kyla La Grange - Make me pay lyrics

find me in the lake With the death I tried to fake My hands already blue Holding photographs of you And you’ll ask me what it is Why I want to feel like this And I’ll turn towards the sky And I’ll sink before your eyes But if I was to ask My little love, my littl

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds lyricsNoel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - The girl with x-ray eyes lyrics

try to hang on to myself I don't believe in no-one else. And I'm shakin' like a leaf as I fall into the street. But the girl with X-Ray eyes she's gonna see through my disguise. Going nowhere down a hill is hard to swallow like the pill.

Showaddywaddy - The party lyrics

let's go - one, two, one two three four! Here we go again, just a bit of rock 'n' roll, Don't try to fight it, just let it ease your soul, I'm just a simple man, doing the best I can, Well I can, woah man, Won't try to tease you, just try to please you, Don't wanna know your mi

The Hellacopters - You're too good (to me baby) lyrics

the morning you're the shining sun of day When sun is gone you lighten my darkened way You´re the only one who could get this kind of hold girl You walked right in and you took complete control You're too good to me baby Always treat me right Too good to me baby Got me u

Hinder - By the way lyrics

the winding down hours I let your heart down again (What did I do to make a scene so gory?) (I'm no better than the ones before me) Old habits die hard I always end up hating the end (What did I do to make a scene so gory?) (I'm no better than the ones before m

Lostprophets - The light that shines twice as bright.. lyrics

me by the hand, and leave me to the slaughter, Close my eyes and sing just let it go. The warmest rain, it falls on the darkest crimson mountains. Seeping from the wound, I think alone. Don't say the pain will fade tomorrow: The last thing that I

Mandragora Scream - The circus lyrics

of the dead Rise at night They're my cryings.... In these cries Gaze of death Shame from the past They're a game and a blame This is the darkness This is the gate I've done my dare of light and gazes in flames Why you don't believe me Now I clo

Chris De Burgh - The journey lyrics

with love upon your journey, go with wonder in your heart, May the light be there to guide you through the terrors of the dark, You have always been a good friend, but I won't know when you Have arrived, and I wish that I could see you one more time; There's a rainb

Josh Kelley - The best of me lyrics

can talk behind my back, and lie about me Take my money, take my pride They can kick me down and break every bone in my body Force tears from my eyes But they can't get the best of me, The best of me, the best of me Can't get the best of me, The best

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