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Brick & Lace - Take me back lyrics

me back to the place where we were free Didn't have a care ... in the world you see All that raely ... matter was you and me Times were still the world was

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - Take me back to the sweet sunny south lyrics

me back to the place where I first saw the light To my ... sweet sunny south, take me home Where the wild birds sing me ... to sleep every night Oh, why was I tempted to roam The

Bobby Caldwell - Take me back to then lyrics

I was young, I used to play On the sand by the bay ... What I've got now I'd give it all away Just to ... have some fun Life was all, I had a ship And ... sailed it to the end Why can't I go there again? Take me back to then When life was mellow Where we had golden

Chicago - Take me back to chicago lyrics

me back to Chicago Lay my soul to rest ... Where my life was free and easy Remember me ... at my best. Take me back to Chicago Where music was all ... I had I tried to be good as I could And sometimes that made me sad. Take me back to Chicago, to Chicago

George Jones - Take me back to tulsa lyrics

s that gal with the red dress on, Some ... folks call her Dinah Stole my heart away from me Way ... down in Louisiana. Take me back to Tulsa, I'm too young

Basement Jaxx lyricsBasement Jaxx - Take me back to your house lyrics

tired, so tired, so tired So take me home. It's getting late ... for me I'll come if you wait for me Let's get out of ... changes it just stays the same Just take me home C'mon

Erasure - Take me back lyrics

me back to the place Where I once belonged This could ... be anyplace a place Where you and I could sing this ... song Take me back where I hear waterfalls flowing

Babybird - Take me back lyrics

your chin You begged them to bury you before your life ... sets in She sees me in the garden Pulling petals ... off the flowers She closes all the windows Shuts down on the bed and

Humble Pie - Take me back lyrics

me back where I come from All I need, feeling ... that I made in my youth Now I'm older, I love them more. ... bright above never seems to change Ever smiling face, no

Agnostic Front - Take me back lyrics

it back New York Hardcore Agnostic ... Front Let's go! Take me there, take me back To ... before my tomorrows died To when it was so real and true To when it was my only care- Take me back! Take me there to when it started Take me back to when we ran it

Reba Mcentire - Take me back lyrics

through a scrapbook holding back the tears I keep wishing we ... do it once more Just the way we did before Take me back to Sycamore Park Put the radio

Hutchinson Eric - Back to where i was lyrics

life decides to come through the front door and ... makes us wish we'd shown respect before though i don ... much of a choice i resolve to regain my voice if i only

Feed Her To The Sharks - Take me back lyrics

me back to yesterday Take me back to the golden city ... Miles away from the bitter place I ... reside Take me back tonight Flashback to ... yesterday I was headstrong with so much certainty But I will never give up on myself today The world won't break my

Anointed - Take me back lyrics

I don't love you like i used to When nothing came between my ... God and me And somehow it seems i've lessened my ... dependence And wonder why it's not the way it used to

Mindy Smith - Take me back lyrics

children we want to be loved Children all know ... how to give love It's stripped away ... And I lose myself in this big world A piece of myself every ... I give so freely It's hard to even notice a change

Chastain - Take me back in time lyrics

ve seen today but the reason's there no ... more Tomorrow brings the same, something I can't ignore ... All will return from all that we ... have learned All that will be we shall never see Take me back in time I feel the

Siouxsie & The Banshees lyricsSiouxsie & The Banshees - Take me back lyrics

a splendid feast but something's missing she's ... feeling low something's missing she's going ... home take me back -- I'm feeling low take me back -- I'm going home take me back -- I'm so alone take me back I'm travelling home

Siouxsie & The Banshees lyricsSiouxsie & The Banshees - Take me back lyrics

a splendid feast but something's missing she's ... feeling low something's missing she's going ... home take me back -- I'm feeling low take me back -- I'm going home take me back -- I'm so alone take me back I'm travelling home

Dave Gahan - Take me back home lyrics

first time you gave me freedom For the first time I ... felt free As long as you were right with me here ... There’s nothing else that I would need You take me back

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - Take me back lyrics

me back Take me back where I belong That's with you ... baby Ah take me back Take me back where I belong That's with you baby I thought the ... grass was green on the other side

Davis Guy - Take me back, babe lyrics

could be The guy you once saw in me. I wasn't made to love ... you Everyone make mistakes We are both to blame. We got ... Oh ! don't you feel it's time to Pack and say goodbye. Take me back where I long to be Where the music's free And the

Riot ( Usa ) - Take me back lyrics

the city lights With friends by our side ... Running streets wild Chasing down all our ... rocking Drinking, fighting We felt so alive The air ... electric There was no stopping Young hearts filled with drive One more time

Lissie - Back to forever lyrics

I had my way. We would stay golden Frozen in ... frame. Never get older Days pass ... and time just slips away The summers that came. ... ages Drinking coke in the shame. Sunburnt faces I grew up

Alex Band - Take me back lyrics

you ever wished for something like A second chance to ... make things right To stop the clock, return to where ... you've been In a world that's spinning out of

Charity Vance - Take me back lyrics

you liked my polka dots Pick me up everyday after that We were attached at the hip or something like that Times flies ... now you’re on the east coast

Miles Beyond - Take me back home lyrics

1) Set my sights upon a New World's charm My vision it was ... clouded saw no reason for alarm I had ... made my mind up, now I could not decline A downward sloping hill led to a

Nifra - Take me back (loomer) lyrics

- Take Me Back by Nifra. Released by

Reckless Love - Back to paradise lyrics

opening night For you and me and the rest of our lives ... alive Dance, dance with me I'll never uprise for lie Tonight I will make you divine With the looks of a goddess you

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - Take me back lyrics

t really think that she needs me Must've bin blind She ... didn't give me a warning Said I shouldn't treat ... you wrong But when I woke up this mornin' She was

Elton John lyricsElton John - Take me back lyrics

you want my loving take me back If you miss my touch little ... girl take me back When the dreams you lean on are ... beginning to crack Open up your heart ... little girl and take me back If you want my loving then

Miss Fortune - Take that shit back to baxter lyrics

take me back to the time where everything made sense, where ... nothing mattered to me, let's run it back again. I ... know you miss those days, when everything was okay, a time when you and me were meant to

Saga - Back to where we started lyrics

tell you what, I’ll show you how, I’ll let you in, ... but no, not now It’s not the time or the ... control, stay tuned you’ll know What’s goin’ on after the

Itchy Poopzkid - Take me back lyrics

on the edge I used to dive into the dark Knowing someone's ... there who understands Nothing weighing on my shoulder Not a ... thing to fear I never had a reason to

The Replacements - Take me down to the hospital lyrics

I can't breathe I can't swallow Here today Gonna be back tomorrow Lyin' in back With your heart attack In the ... front seat With Pete Pete Pete Red

Me & My - Take me back lyrics

me is it wrong, loving you so strong? I ... know we said goodbye but baby How ... can I go on, now that tou are gone? My nights are ... long, it feels so wrong to be apart and all alone

Van Morrison - Take me back lyrics

ve been walking by the river I've been ... walking down by the water I've been walking down ... so much suffering, and it's Too much confusion, too much, too much confusion in the world

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Take me back lyrics

me back Ooh, baby, won't you take me back tonight You gotta ... the fact I still love you Take me back, let's get it right ... I need a lesson in the ways of love Sometimes I lose

Da Blitz - Take me back lyrics

me the way you can fight for me babe No matter how you do it ... Show me the way you feel Teach me how to ... believe in something, yeah. Show me the way we can now be together in this world of fools Show me the way

Faith Evans - Back to love lyrics

remind me of Of a love I once knew ... before I was so open for love So in ... love with no experience But I like ... You're really bringing back the memories Of someone I

Slade - Take me back 'ome lyrics

Came up to you one night Noticed the ... look in your eye I saw you was on your own And it was ... alright Yeh it was alright They said I ... Oh I couldn't make out why Standing here on your own

Kongos - Take me back lyrics

talk of six while forgetting five Can't ... taste if my food's alive I'm watching music that I can't ... hear Staring down some invisible fear And once ... the question's asked I answer yes! but the moment's

Glen Campbell - Take me back lyrics

me back I'm begging please take me back I'm on my knees For ... you to scold me hurt me hold me darling take me back When ... you belonged to me I had a jealous mind Too late

Cinderella - Take me back lyrics

heart a little colder Trying to make it on my way I took a ... ride wasn't getting any older ... Seventeen was here to stay They caught us living a ... dream We tried to get out the steam Take me back Cause I need to be reminded

Taio Cruz - Take me back feat tinchy stryderr lyrics

i can't live without ya oh oh oh (girl i ... can't live without ya oh oh oh oh! ) ... strides Coz i can't live without ya oh oh oh (girl i ... can't live without ya oh oh oh oh! ) I

Edenbridge - Take me back lyrics

I was sleeping for one thousand ... years The wheel of time has turned into the age of ... tears How long I am in there I cannot ... tell for sure But the flower starts to fade she has to

Aloe Blacc - Take me back lyrics

that you'd ever get caught with your hand up in the cookie ... jar playing spades with the devil now, boy, why'd ... you have to go and do that for? see,

Secondhand Serenade - Back to the old days lyrics

ve been around the world, seen a lot, seen a ... But everything is better when it's just plain simple Always sleeping in, sneaking ... on my tips, saving up for whatever Make a little move on

Ataris - Take me back lyrics

I guess it’s better off that way. There’s really not much ... left to say. I called you on the ... Another guy said that you weren’t at Home, But, I don’t

28 Days - Take me away lyrics

me back to yesterday 'cause I'm not ... and it's not okay, no I know but I won't admit it Someone ... take me away I'm not ok So take me ... away See I just can't Cannot

Matoma - Take me back (feat. christopher) lyrics

Verse 1] If I could go back in time Give you every piece ... love I can't give up, no I won't Stopping by 'til you come back home You just gotta ... believe me, baby [Chorus] They say

Jello Biafra - Take me back or i'll drown our dog (headlines.. lyrics

quot;Take me back or I'll drown our dog." Love those ... "Horse molester must be stopped" "Police kill ... man to stop suicide" "City

Meredith Brooks - Back to eden lyrics

me up with a promise Touch my eyes so I can see The ... the clouds have broken Come to me Fill my body with ... innocence Come lay your head upon my pillow

From First To Last - Back to hannalei lyrics

a word that meant so much to me This world is one that's taken everything (Too late) The ... road split open to swallow me Hoping you'd follow and I'd take the lead Am I the child who lost his way? I can't let

Infernal - Back to youth lyrics

years have come and passed Oh so fast My time is flying by Relentless I'm ... senseless Why does it speed up? Inside I ... Aging and raging because of what won't return Acceptance

Inna lyricsInna - Take me down to mexico lyrics

yo kero bailar Turning, turn me up Buy me a pina colada ... Gotta keep me up like the sun Baby, it’s ... you and me, you and me Take me down to Mexico, yea You and me, you and me Take me down to Mexico, yea Let’s run away, away tonight Let’s jump the

Cracker - Take me down to the infirmary lyrics

me down to the infirmary lay me down ... on cotton sheets Put a damp cloth on ... my forehead lay me down and let me sleep I know ... the whiskey won't soothe my soul and the

Diana Fox - Take me up to heaven lyrics

could be my everything tonight if you take me up to ... my angel and my light if you take me up to heaven. I would be ... the one to love you right if you take me up to heaven. Kissing and

Graham Colton - Take you back lyrics

like history's repeating I don't learn ... from my mistakes I can't feel the water ... rising A wave will always break I want to take ... you back Back to where we started Before the lights

Gunfire 76 - Back to the gutter lyrics

up to a new problem everyday hold on to ... happiness with my foot in the grave i'm ... used to being negleted kicked out ... being rejected pack my bags with nothing inside just wanna

Headhunterz - Back in the days lyrics

you remember Way back in the days The first time ... a reversed bass The years went by And you start to ... echoes of the past And the time really flies And you wish

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