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Take Me As I Am By Fm Static lyrics

Browse for Take Me As I Am By Fm Static song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Take Me As I Am By Fm Static lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Take Me As I Am By Fm Static.

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Fm Static - Take me as i am lyrics

time I finally see the Reason why, I can't do this Alone ... it took some time and concentration, To believe it, this I know I need ... to build my faith sometimes, But I am so comfortable in

Lecrae - Take me as i am lyrics

Talking] Christ through faith I talked to a cat the ... other day And he was like; "Man I really wanna ... come to Christ But I gotta clean my life up first,

Mary J Blige - Take me as i am lyrics

they held her down, NYC She has no regrets She accepts the past All these things they ... lost and found And she's still around There's a reason ... for everything You know I've been holdin on. Try to

Example lyricsExample - Take me as i am lyrics

know I mess around, cos' of all I did ... before I always seem to spoil myself, of that you can be ... sure So if you want this journey, reach out and take ... my hand I'm so so far from perfect Will

David Cook - Take me as i am lyrics

is no escape This is no surrender My dear This is my parade My happy ever ... after Only if you're here When I'm lost ... and broken Take me as I am Right here where I stand

Hymn - Take me as i am lyrics

my Lord, to Thee I cry; Unless Thou help me I ... must die; Oh, bring Thy free salvation nigh, ... And take me as I am. Refrain And take me as I am, And take me as I am, My only plea'Christ died for me! Oh, take me as

Michael Bolton - Take me as i am lyrics

you don't understand Oh, I'm just a man Baby, that's ... all I am That's all I have ever been And you, you ... don't understand Oh, I've gotta live You make it

Sharissa - "take me as i am" (feat. wyclef jean) lyrics

Intro:] I wanna send this one out to vanilla ice cream ... pudding pie That stayed with me in the hood do or die This ... joy My banana that never split The one that stuck with me

Au Revoir Simone - Take me as i am lyrics

when you were already born Did you know this is the way it ... would be Did you know when you were ... You were already you and I already me So, take me as I am Take me as I am I know

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Take me as i am lyrics

must you always try to make me over ? Take me as I am or ... let me go White lilies never grow on stalks of ... clover Take me as I am or let me go. You're trying to reshape me in a moment In the image of someone you

Faith Hill - Take me as i am lyrics

don't turn out the light I wanna see you look at me Whisper only truth tonight Not ... just promises and empty fantasies I don't need a bed of ... roses 'Cause roses wither away All I really need is honesty From someone with a

Hasselhoff David - Take me as i am lyrics

Jekyll] Sometimes I see Past a horizon, Sure of my way, ... Where I am going- But where's the prize ... I have my eyes on ? Where ? ... There is just no knowing ! And when despair

Rumer - Take me as i am lyrics

there a place where all that I've lost Will be returned to me? And is there a day the ... souls that I pray to Are coming back for me? Don't tell me it's all right It'll never

Lipstick Liontigers - Take me as i am lyrics

verse 1) I've been trying to forget, this heart of mine you know, do you ever ... wanna see? see the tears I cry? (prechorus) and I've ... tried so many times to be the man that you

Joan Jett - As i am lyrics

wanted to be everything you wanted I wanted to be ... everything you needed I wanted what I said To bring ... to you laughter I wanted what I did to make you

Saga - As i am lyrics

well do you still know me? There's more to me than meets the eye You seem to look ... right through me I know you'd like to change my ... mind Your eyes surround Within, without Just take me as I am [Chorus] Won't you take me as I am? You will break me as I

Goo Goo Dolls - As i am lyrics

I tried so hard to make it Then I watched it slip away ... The hardest thing we face Is the silence of the space At ... times I feel so empty through the day

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - As i am lyrics

stay in bed today Cause I can't stand the light Don't ... know why I get so down I won't be much fun tonight ... And I can't believe You still want to hang around me It's not so pretty all the time

Heather Dale - As i am lyrics

suppose that I look different without the robes and ... crown I come this day before you with no riches, no renown For here I am ... no leader, I am just a humble man And I only

Dream Theater - As i am lyrics

Tell me what's in Tell me how to write Don’t tell me ... how to win This fight Isn’t your life It isn’t your ... right To take the only thing that’s Mine Proven over time It’s over your head Don’t

Diggy Simmons - As i am lyrics

Intro:] Take me as I am Or you can have nothing Nothing at all Never understood ... why Discrimination existed Amongst us people when All of us ... wanted to be Taken equal not for the Color of

Anberlin - Take me as you found me lyrics

ground is shaking underneath, now that you're ... here A body's skipping beats when you appear The ... world is on fire, since you've come here What if ... every desire is here with me? You're here with me You

The Weeknd lyricsThe Weeknd - As you are lyrics

Verse 1] Baby, It's just me and you They couldn't see ... what I see in you (yeah) Cause I believe in you You're the only one I ... through you break my heart, baby I know what we are, our love

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Am i losin' lyrics

recall when I used to come home never had a dime But Lord I ... always had a good time And I recall drinkin' wine with one ... of my friends Lord, I can't go back again

Jason Gray - As i am lyrics

I want to run away Ashamed of mistakes I've made I try ... to hide my face from Your sight That's when You call my name And wrap me within Your ... grace Hidden in Your embrace I lift my eyes You love me as I am Not as I should be With a love that conquers shame

Asher Roth - As i em ft. chester french lyrics

French) [Chorus: D.A.] Take me as I am, my friends, ain't ... change, won't be no end Write these songs, rock these ... shows, only good life I know [Verse 1: Asher Roth

Lords Of Black - Would you take me lyrics

gets old And the sky's burning red Predicting the ... bloodshed She's walking the streets Hunting a man ... before The devil will find him When the darkness kills

Quietdrive - Take me now lyrics

am I angry? Why am I selfish? Could it be that I'm ... Just trying to destroy us? So come ... where you are All of your friends will be erased So come

I Am Empire - Take me away lyrics

on my bedroom mantle never meant much to me. It was all to ... make you happy or something of the sort. Think I'll build a boat sail somewhere I can ... be myself. But who is that? who is that Son it's

Artension - Take me in your arms lyrics

that I Planned And All That I Dreamed Facing The End, When ... Everything Seemed Lost And Gone Away Crossed ... Sacred Pathways And Still I Need You so Bad I Would

Ataris - Take me back lyrics

am blue, the sky is grey, I guess it’s better off that ... really not much left to say. I called you on the phone, ... Another guy said that you weren’t at Home,

Blue Öyster Cult - Take me away lyrics

shapes light up the night I've never seen 'em though I ... hope I might Don't ask if they are real The men in ... black, their lips are sealed Fantasy fills

Marion Raven - Little by little lyrics

mean reply, so I scream Another fight about nothing ... all And then we cry and forgive Promising that we will ... nerver fall again I know this much is true Hey Little by little I think we'll

Mikey Wax - Take me home lyrics

the wheels keep turning Been driving for hours into the night somewhere ... unknown But the headlights, traffic and radio static ... tell me I'm not alone Saw her face in the distance Out of place

Lyn Collins - Take me just as i am lyrics

here I am Take me, take me just as I am Baby, here I am ... Take me, take me just as I am I may not be rich Got diamond and gold But i got something brother Bound to satisfy

Green Carnation - As life flows by lyrics

my heart and hope to die With only seconds away before I… ... It felt so good when I hit the ground Come with me; ... join me on the other side And life flows by It hits me when I hit the ground

Logic lyricsLogic - As i am lyrics

Intro] I know what it's like To be all, all depressed ... not wanna go out and And live life man That's not ... healthy man You can't be living like that what's wrong with

Pink Cream 69 - As deep as i am lyrics

What good is a laugh, without a smile?) A light shines to the floor And then it ... fades away Like the floods I've made before Yes, the river is my guide: To know all

Nicki Minaj lyricsNicki Minaj - Here i am lyrics

Verse 1] Why is that you could only see the ... worst in me I swear sometimes I feel like it nurtures me ... But to keep it all real is kinda hurtin' me I can say I'm

Chicago - Will you still love me lyrics

me as I am put your hand in mine now and forever Darling ... here I stand, stand before you now ... deep inside I always knew It was you, you and me, two ... hearts drawn together bound by destiny It was you and you

Kutless - Take me in lyrics

me past the outer courts Into the Holy Place Past the ... brazen altar Lord I want to see your face Pass me by the crowds of people And ... the Priests who sing your praise I hunger and thirst for

The Rembrandts - As long as i am breathing lyrics

maybe it don't show, but this feelin' inside It fills my ... world, with hope Oh yeah it fills my heart-It fills my heart ... with pride There ain't no room-Ain't no room to

Gabrielle Aplin - Take me away [itunes bonus track] lyrics

me away From the demons in my brain Take me out into ... the world Take me out into the day and let me find ... My piece of mind I was alone I was taken with the tide But I knew that I was home

Badly Drawn Boy - Above you, below me lyrics

t want to give Don't want to steal Don't ... want to be anything I'm not You take answers I give questions Like some rolling monologue Want to be the

Nordheim (can) - As shadows pass by lyrics

no ambitions I crawl Waiting for a life to come to me at ... once Chimeras aren't real but pain is as ... cold as steel Nothing but failure I feel The day is a witness of these broken dreams

Paloma Faith lyricsPaloma Faith - Take me lyrics

2, 3, 4 Hmm oh baby, come on 24 hours till I take flight, Baby left at 10 tonight ... Only just a matter of time before I, Gonna wish I was by your side It's gonna be a

Seether - Take me away (demo) lyrics

beautiful as fire, Against the evening sky, You fuel ... the lost desire, I no longer want to die Take me by the hand, And see beyond ... the light Strip away the fences, Leave me

Brother Ali - Take me home lyrics

Chorus:] And I promise if I take you home, I'll sing you a ... song Never leave me alone Said c'mon baby throw me a bone, I'll sing you a song Never ... leave me alone, and I promise if you take me home, I'll sing

Gordon Lightfoot - You are what i am lyrics

make the time stand still You do it now and you ... always will You take me as I am You make me feel like a ... brand new man Every time that I fall down I never get

Seether - Take me away lyrics

beautiful as fire, Against the evening sky, You fuel ... the lost desire, I no longer want to die Take me by the hand, And see beyond ... the light Strip away the fences, Leave me

I See Stars - Take me to church (acoustic cover by. hozier) lyrics

s got humour She's the giggle at a funeral Knows ... everybody's disapproval Should've worshipped her sooner If the ... heavens ever did speak She's the last true

Papa Roach lyricsPapa Roach - Take me lyrics

me and let me in don't break me and shut me out So take me and let me in don't break me and shut ... me out I lit my pain on fire and I watched it all burn

Brokencyde - Take me away lyrics

you gave to me. Take away this pain that you gave to me I assume these scars remain with me But till she pull me back ... and made me bleed. Transforming light to dark I'm a rip this motherf***ing life apart

Chris Webby - Take me home (feat. slaine) lyrics

Verse 1: Chris Webby] I'm a walking bad habit, E tabs ... up in the cabinet Savage rap status: ... extravagant A rock star poppin' rotches in bars Used to flip bud now just rappin' cop me

Killswitch Engage - Save me lyrics

much that I've done wrong it's an open book I've done ... much more than my fair share of damage What once ... was hidden now is crystal clear. Transformation is within me To break the

Killswitch Engage - Take me away lyrics

once more, as the world passes me by Surrounded but still all alone, Am I living a lie? Empty faces, Empty eyes ... Are staring right through me No regrets But I still ask

Briaandchrissy - Take me or leave me lyrics

I am stuck in my mind, Just trying to get by All ... you'll understand, And will you get me Everyday that ... comes my way, I think about what you will say Finding strength one day, I will

Reba Mcentire - Take me back lyrics

and then I open up a trunk full of old ... souvenirs Thumb through a scrapbook ... holding back the tears I keep wishing we could do it ... once more Just the way we did before Take me back to

New Heights - Take me on (feat. clara c) lyrics

ve been going through this evidence of you girl Finding things just reminding me that you ... were Always close when I needed someone badly ... Anywhere, anytime you were there for me Oh,

Reo Speedwagon - Take me lyrics

always wondered if i could give Enough love for a woman to ... live on But as i grow, as i learn and live, I find it's ... best to forget and forgive. I could be dancing on

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