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The Rapture - Open up your heart lyrics

up your heart Open up your heart Open up your heart When ... you're sad and lonely And your mind sees you only Take a ... chance you can fight it Open up your heart When your sick

Gromee - Open up your heart (feat. jayden felder) lyrics

up your heart oh... [x4] Girl i'm not a ... for what i didn't do Open up your heart... [x4] and i ... promise you the world Open up your heart... my love [x3]

Omer Bhatti { O-bee } - See the light (feat. shontelle) lyrics

see the light Open up your eyes Head to the sky Your keep trying to shoot me down, ... but I wont give up, Never So get used to the ... me down, but i won't give up, Never So get used to the

Richard Hawley - Open up your door lyrics

up your door I can't see your face no more Love is so hard ... to find And even harder to define Oh, open up your door Cos we've time ... to give And I'm feeling it so much more Open up the door Open up your

Brenda Song - Open up your eyes lyrics

at night I feel so all alone Then I close my eyes and they (they) How wished the world to ... one But I wont lose my faith and say Open up your eyes to see There are lonely hearts in

Bay City Rollers - The way i feel tonight lyrics

music way down low, Let me see you in the glow. In the fire ... love I feel will grow. Let's take tonight to start out finding. ... ... 'Cause the way I feel tonight,

Shriekback - (open up your) filthy heart (to me) + signs lyrics

through veils of cloud I look on you again You're ... this light About you shame and ignorance are clinging like a ... you now No heroes hold your hands Your heart was broken but your mind's still free And down

Reilly - Around the world lyrics

the world, there's a song as loud as life Around the world, it's a hundred ... million voices wide Open up your ears, listen can you hear, there's a choir Open up your

Agnes - Open up your eyes lyrics

it´s been run over You call and ask if you can come over I ... every fear I was always here Open up your eyes And I could be ... that you really need Open up your, open up your eyes, your eyes

The Hollies - Open up your eyes lyrics

up your eyes, lookin' at the people Wouldn't it be nice ... if they were always smilin' Open up your eyes, lookin' at the ... Wouldn't it be nice if they were always smilin', smilin'

Anggun - Open your heart lyrics

ever meant to hold you are the stories, every riddle that I ... know what is right behind the door open your heart to ... unexpected love open your heart to unexpected, long neglected

Bentley Jones - Open your heart lyrics

got something new (Open your heart) Not until we're through (Open your) In the mix and the ... full of kicks Bentley Jones and Crush form a team, made to

M People - Open your heart lyrics

how you feel I would give my heart to you. And if you let me in ... on your deal Maybe I won't feel so ... Give me a signal... from the heart. Some kind of sign boy

Crossfade - Open up your eyes lyrics

can hear clearly now The ringing in my head Do you ... you down? To wreck this to the ground Your thinking always ... We all die alone I can see clearly how A life gets

Blitzkrieg - Take a look around lyrics

ask why these words, are all stories of ... my days, Never seeming to look around, at the World and all ... Yet this plan you say is yours, leaves only one road to take, But each must find his own,

Kim-lian - Open up your eyes lyrics

know sometimes I miss the sparkle in your eye Drowning ... in your sorrow, I don't think you ... realize That the world is not against you And ... you have to understand If some cloud will block the

Daughtry - Open up your eyes lyrics

tear falls from her eye Another cold day in December A year ... from the day she said goodbye Seems ... s only been a moment Since the angels took him from her arms

Sophie B. Hawkins - Open up your eyes lyrics

I had the moon in a jar I'd wanna ... share it with you Or the light of a million stars I'd ... wanna share it with you The hidden knowledge to the way ... you But all I have is my heart I can't control my

2unlimited - The edge of heaven lyrics

ve got to cross the borderline Open up your heart and free your mind We've ... got to cross the danger signs We'll take you ... through all space and time We've got to We've

Good Girl Maggie - Open up! lyrics

have seen enough to disagree, with ... try to control Every step and every move I make, it can’t ... mind It doesn’t matter what they say, find your own way

Flickerstick - Open up your eyes lyrics

up your eyes and see There's nothing she can do To ... you never got to say She's the one that's always high ... to make her stay We are the ones that tear you down We

Flying Colors - Open up your eyes lyrics

empty and grey A story waiting for a ... place to begin Hands, laying all the best laid ... our mark In this life? As the first child cries Will you ... wear a disguise? Or will you open up your eyes? Torn,

Mayday Parade - Look up and see infinity, look down and see n.. lyrics

want to feel the way you taste Just a touch ... but safe I want to make the clouds come down I want to ... fill the rest of you out Sweet ... dreams the day away I can't think of

Cryptopsy - The plagued lyrics

throughout years of hate. Your endless greed, is astonishing ... It swallowed, your life, and your goals, It tampered with ... your entire soul. You have

The Decemberists - The island: come and see/the landlord's daugh.. lyrics

s an island hidden in the sound Lapping currents lay your boat to ground Affix your ... barb and bayonet The curlews carve their ... Arabesques And sorrow fills the silence all around Come and see There's a harbor lost

16 Volt - The dreams that rot in your heart lyrics

in transparent dreams The way to the end is the means ... you shouldn't have said And now it's totally true No one ... s kinda sad how you just sit there trying to find words to say

Tim Myers - Magic lyrics

in the marmalade skies I'm falling ... faster in slow motion The flowers in the window They ... re growing higher in the sky Lift up your eyes to the ... sun Open up your eyes Cause it's magic, everywhere you go It's magic,

Natasha Bedingfield - The one that got away lyrics

give me a single chance To look in your eyes let me hold your ... hand I want to get close enough ... to read you, understand you Open up your heart open up your

Elton John lyricsElton John - Take me back lyrics

you want my loving take me back If you miss my touch ... little girl take me back When the dreams you ... on are beginning to crack Open up your heart little girl and

Tony Carey - Tear down the walls lyrics

s going on with her tonight And where are all her friends ... She's standing all alone And what's so bad about company Take anybody baby, even take me I

Gabriella Cilmi - Magic carpet ride lyrics

say love has many faces And takes your head to other places Open up your heart Give your life ... to start moving On a magic carpet ride We can find a

Dubioza Kolektiv lyricsDubioza Kolektiv - Open wide lyrics

up your mind, make some rhythm come ... in, Open up your brain to some reasoning, Open up your thoughts so we can ... connect, Open up your knowledge and intellect, Open up the speaker make it blast the sound, Open up the sky and

Orson - Look around lyrics

wake up. Baby, come see. And if you lose your way, Just ... hold on to me. The flames have all died out, ... Our hearts are still beating. The rain ... is gone, The rain is gone. Just look around. Our time is not up, Our

The Baseballs - I'm yours lyrics

Well you done done me and you bet I felt it I tried to ... melted I fell right through the cracks and now I'm trying to ... - shuvap shuvala Before the cool done run out I'll be

Cro-mags - See the signs lyrics

see the signs of a corrupt nation Living off the blood ... of humanity The poor got nothing and nowhere ... to run And the rich got more than they know ... to do with Yeah, don't you see the signs? Got our homeless

Death Angel - Open up lyrics

just can't believe what I'm seeing It makes me sick inside ... Condemned by the world around me I'm not gonna run and ... gonna come alive Ain't gonna take no jive Open up your sewn

Epica - The holographic principle - a profound unders.. lyrics

hologram Nothing is what it seems Our soul is lost We ... all Cube sphere Wipe all the dust from your eyes Burn your lies Dare to trash your own

Mike + The Mechanics - Open up lyrics

I've thought it over a thousand times Why you didn't leave, ... read my mind I don't understand why you're confused I know ... you're making a big mistake If you really believe you're

Pennywise - Take a look around lyrics

am taking a big new look around I was once so lost but now I ... Let me right my wrong And I'll be moving on They say ... cruel world Full of hate and lies And it's time to re

Sailor - Open up the door lyrics

keep me in your bed too long I'm out of ... breath, I can't go on The boys are waiting down in the ... We've got to make it back to the fleet So open up the door,

Megan And Liz - I'm yours lyrics

you done done me and you bet I felt it I tried to ... melted I fell right through the cracks and now I'm trying to ... get back Before the cool done run out I'll be

Connie Talbot lyricsConnie Talbot - Im yours - jason mraz & the show - lenka - ma.. lyrics

you done done me and you bet I felt it I tried to ... melted I fell right through the cracks Now I'm trying to get ... back Before the cool done run out I'll be

Johnny Gill - Take me (i'm yours) lyrics

can remember all the things that you once said My ... love was so satisfying Now your love is slowly, slowly dying ... what I've put you through And I wanna make it up to you

Nia Peeples - The entity (sex) lyrics

this the age of the thunder and rage? Can you feel the ... ground move round your feet? If you take one step ... closer it will lead to another. The crossroads above is

Meredith Andrews - Open up the heavens lyrics lyrics

waited for this day, we're gathered in Your Name Calling out ... to You Your glory like a fire awakening ... desire Will burn our hearts with truth You're the

Anterior - The silent divide lyrics

I tread the verge of Jordan Lost within the hope of freedom Not for ... fears Will subside With another death, in another Rise up ... Annihilation Pulling on These two words: Apathy,

Aviators - The magic inside (i am just a pony) (remix) lyrics

show you who I am Threw off the veil, it's finally time There's more to me than glitz and ... glam, oh-whoa And now I feel my stars align ... what I was sold I did all the things that I was told But

2unlimited - The magic friend lyrics

2-3-4! Don't just stand there, let's get loose I am Ray ... I've got the juice Straight to your heart and back again, I tell you I ... am just your friend Nice and slow, that's how we'll go

Gemini - And you lyrics

I, I get to know your name Well if I, could trace your private number, baby All I ... know is that to me You look like you're lots of fun Open ... up your lovin' arms I want some,

Macklemore lyricsMacklemore - The magic lyrics

then I remembered the magic, Forgot that you can't plan ... it. It's always there in front of us Just trust and it happens. And the star dust ... from the universe of this planet I

Bonfire - Lay your heart on the line lyrics

can relate that you're hiding your feelings too many times they've been makin' you sad ... Girl I'm the man who won't play with your ... yearnings Open up your heart babe 'cause I won't treat you

Gentleman lyricsGentleman - Weary no more lyrics

yourself from pain and misery Look at the sheer ... majesty of the mountain scenery Just look around and tek some time Open up your eyes and don't be blind And

Of Mice & Men - The hunger lyrics

up your eyes and start to take it in, and maybe you’ll ... To murder, to hurt. Scorch the skies and poison the earth, and watch the stumbling efforts

Cadaveria - The magic rebirth lyrics

and praise the dead spirit Bury your hopes ... with him Nobody and nothing can rejoice me ... except the world of pretence. The god ... doesn't deserve my sacrifice and his image must not be

One-t - The magic key lyrics

Listen up) Till my days Change my ... my ways Spent more time with the posse One-t, nine-t, bull-t, ... me From up here, life seems so small what's the ... meaning of it all? Miss the way it used to be One-t,

Handsome Boy Modeling School - The greatest mistake lyrics

up your eyes baby Let the truth and sun shine in One ... day, one day you'll understand You'll grow up and you'll see There's a truth between ... friends and enemies And I should have listened to my

Billy Elliot Musical - The stars look down lyrics

Through the dark, and through the hunger, through ... the night and through the fear. Through the fight and ... years of hardship, through the storms and through the tears.

Epica - The quantum enigma - kingdom of heaven part i.. lyrics

observat, visi pars est The quantum enigma All your laws ... and the assumptions Leave them all behind There's no ... grounds for them right here where time can't

Gina G - Follow the light lyrics

will be there for you baby For you baby, ... ooo-oh! I will be there for you baby For you baby, ... ooo-oh! Turn around and let me read the secrets in your eyes Face me now and tell me

Manfred Mann - Look around lyrics

around and start thinking What to do ... when the sun turns red (??) there's gonna be nowhere Take a ... deep breath, leave it in your head Tell you what to do,

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