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Sweet Baby Girl I Never Meant To Hurt You, I Never Meant To Make You Cry lyrics

Browse for Sweet Baby Girl I Never Meant To Hurt You, I Never Meant To Make You Cry song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Sweet Baby Girl I Never Meant To Hurt You, I Never Meant To Make You Cry lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Sweet Baby Girl I Never Meant To Hurt You, I Never Meant To Make You Cry.

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Diggy Simmons - Make you mine lyrics

gonna be mine, Your gonna be mine (girl) I'm a make you mine, I'm a I'm a make you mine (girl) Baby I knew it from the first time that I met you girl Knew that you would be my lady you would be my girl Walking beside you, shawty hotter than fire Baby super fly and I just wa

Faydee - Make you feel lyrics

t be scared I won't hurt you Faydee I'll be there I won't leave you Yeah here we go The f, f The a The y, d Double e, double e The f, f The a Y, d, double e I'll make you feel Baby close your eyes Can I touch you there, touch you there Show you how it feels To

Erasure lyricsErasure - Sweet, sweet baby lyrics

Set your atom transmittor at 0-3-5. You are my sweet, sweet baby. You are my sweet, sweet baby. You are my sweet, sweet baby. You are my...aou! Aou! Attention! Ship's computer to bridge. You are my sweet machine. You are my sweet machine. Yo

Bow Wow - Baby girl lyrics

know it I'm trippin' My niggas say I'm slackin' on my pimpin' She got me all in the mix And I just can't leave her alone 'cause sometime When I text her'she don't write back Shorty got her own life but I like that She got my head all messed up And I just don't know what

Heather Nova - Make you mine lyrics

re the one I think about time after time You're the one that comes to me, visions in the night I want to complicate your feelings I want to heat you up inside Yeah yeah yeah, I wanna make you mine I'll be your sun coming up I'll be your dog days I'll

Omarion - Baby girl lyrics

wow~ Now we stay fly 24/7 3-6-5 And thats my b-a-b-y Thats my ride or die (let me tell em again) Now we stay fly 24/7 3-6-5 And thats my b-a-b-y Thats no lie O, gone haolla at em homie Omaion~ I know it I'm tripin my niggas say I'm sla

Evo Nine - Make you dance lyrics

good to dance (Wang) Everybody´s moving throught this beat, you know you like it So put away that act, girl don´t try to hide it You know you wanna get out on the floor, so don´t fight it I caught you looking at me, baby don´t deny it (Best)

Anthony Hamilton - Baby girl lyrics

was just a teenager living in a grown woman's world, Traded in her school books had herself a little baby girl, Did it all with no father left there to care all on her own, Got caught up in the street life damn near lost her soul, Oh baby girl this is for you

Fifth Harmony lyricsFifth Harmony - Make you mad lyrics

s in my blood, it's in my veins The way I work it, baby, you know what's on my mind It's in my heart, it's in the way I move that body And every time I leave, my image on your min No other like me, yeah, baby, you'll see Won't ya come my way? I'll lock ya

Hall & Oates - Make you stay lyrics

should have heard you talkin' Now I am a dead man walking I should have paid more mind To the little things, the little things Why is love so complicated Maybe that's the way we made it Just tell me you won't go Say it isn't so like on the radio And if I could I'd write that song for yo

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - Baby girl window lyrics

you're happy where you are, Singing to the moon, talking to the stars, Through her window, Your baby girl's window. There's finger marks around her soul, But your laughter fills the hole, Through her window, Your baby girl's window. Ooh I wish y

The Leftovers - Make you mine lyrics

little girl if you knew About all the things I'd say to you Would you stay or change your mind Cause I gotta gotta make you mine And all the things that I would say Would prove I can't go on this way I need your love all the time So I gotta gotta make you mine

Crimson Glory - Make you love me lyrics

can make you love me, I can make you want me I will take you, make you need me I'll tell ya that I love you Tell you that I really need you I got what it takes to break your heart I deal in pleasure, gonna take you to the Promise Land Come with me s

Thomas Anders - Make you lyrics

tonight, you ’ll be One of th ebest int he world for me Baby, come closer stay by my side Gimme your light wich makes me so excited You said you want me to Spend all my time just in love with you You say that I am the one Who’s on your mind Who’s your li

Klaas - Make you feel lyrics

can I make you To get it I'll never be there Never there for you Got to get there Where I don't care About you chasing About you chasing me You, have you ever cared about Things that happen around You, have you ever seen What you have done to me I wanna m

Modestep - Make you mine (ft. teddy killerz) lyrics

eyes take me in like nothing else Cause I've never ever seen before Your style sends me to a different place That I've never ever been at all You turned me over to the dark side Where there's not another one in sight Now I gotta find a way to break these walls Cause I kn

Alina Baraz - Make you feel lyrics

long, long enough, you can love me I'll be just yours, you can hold me Even let you undress my mind save it, play it, watch it, then press rewind I can give you what you need I can give you what you need I can make you feel I can make, I can make you feel alright I can

Kris Allen - Make you feel my love lyrics

the rain is blowing in your face And the whole world is on your case I could offer you a warm embrace To make you feel my love When the evening shadows and the stars appear There is no one there to dry your tears I could hold you for a million years To make you feel

Angelspit - Make you sin lyrics

this bass, I thee shake Fingers to bow, manipulate Stroke the string, I seduce Blocking ears has no use Twist the knob, turn up the pain Sensual, to the extreme carnal pleasure that will ring here is the beat that will make you sin Music to Ears (Bu

The Decemberists - Make you better lyrics

want you, thin fingers I wanted you, thin fingernails And when you bend backwards I wanted you, I needed you Oh-oh, to make me better I'll love you in springtime I lost you when summer came And when you pulled backwards I wanted to, I needed to Oh-oh

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - Make you happy lyrics

more sadness I wanna be the one to make you happy I wanna be the one to give you hope But in these days of conscious living We've got to take it slow You can't be sure of who you've met You just don't know what you might get Cause in these crazy times we're living

Little Mix lyricsLittle Mix - Make you believe lyrics

ah ah Ah ah ah Ah ah ah I'll make you believe again (Perrie) Down on your knees She made you feel like you're worthless You just don't deserve this, no no How does it feel? To think that you gave all you could wish you did but you would (All) I'll be the e

Kevin Lyttle - Never wanna make u cry lyrics

Intro] never wanna make u cry never wanna make those tears, come to your eyes [verse 1] I know it's been hard between us Don't know who you can trust But girl it's me cuz what we had was more than just luss It seems that we always fallin' But that don't mean

Prince - Sweet baby lyrics

your eyes, sweet baby Now don't u cry Everybody gets their heart broke Sweet baby, sometime So he left u for another fool Yes, a fool 4 lovin' him from the start Ask yourself what's more important Him or the broken pieces of your heart sweet baby Stand tall, (tall) Sweet baby,

Nb Ridaz - Baby girl lyrics

just wanna let you know that this one's for my baby, baby, baby girl This is for my baby girl Because you never let me down She's my only girl (you are my world) This is my baby girl For my baby girl (cause you and I were meant to be together, forever my baby g

Crazy Town - Hurt you so bad lyrics

let me state it for the record I'm jaded but when you looked at me I couldn't escape it I really hate it when I'm out of control But baby after the show My mind just wouldn't let go Tell me was it a hallucination That made me feel so alone And even though I

Darren Hayes - Hurt lyrics

you want something broke you better give it to me I've got a way of disappointing that you wouldn't believe I can take a good intention and turn it on it's head I can make you pray to God and wish we'd never met Nobody knows where this razor has been If you

Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - Sweet little girl lyrics

little girl, you know your baby loves you Your love is driving me crazy, crazy, crazy Sweet little girl. Sweet little girl, you know your baby Steve is true Your love is driving me crazy, crazy, crazy Girl, I'm in love. Hey, my sweet, sweet momma, You know you drive you

Cheryl Cole - Make me cry lyrics

you're trying to hurt me, like I hurt you Then you win And if you're trying to love me, like I love you Then we win And if you're trying to finish what we started, then we'll lose the love And I don't wanna lose ya Are you trying to make me cry x 7

Hana Pestle - Make you hurt lyrics

careful of me I'll burn you I'll twist you and I'll wring you And you'd better beware Because I can't stop it And neither can you I think that the best would be To stay away from me 'Cause I'll make you hurt Without even trying And I'll make you c

Gregg Allman - Sweet feelin' lyrics

you pick me up, when nobody else would You did things for me, that nobody else could You opened up your heart, but I would not be true But I still got that old time feeling for you Sweet baby, lord sweet baby Aww we had a love, yes we did, beyond compare W

Pleasure P - You'll never know lyrics

say everybody is somebody's fool, I guess I was a fool for you It was a very fast beginning, I was on a mission, I was tryin' to make you my girl, I didn't care, didn't listen, Love was clouding my vision, Cupid's arrow hard at work, And with no hesitation, We were on our

Bif Naked - You'll never know lyrics

your pride and just let me in I don't wanna hurt you you know I'm your friend If this is the outcome of all we've been through It seems like a waste, I can't take all this waiting for you I won't wait, I can't wait here anymore So hard it hurts

Lloyd - Sweet dreams lyrics

.. La, la, la, la, la, la, la (yeah) La, la, la, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, (A-town) la, la, la (A-town) La, la, la, la, (A-town) la, la, la You like dat? Go to sleep (Go to sleep) Go to sleep (Go to sleep) If you tired It's alright go to sleep[repeat] [Verse

The Gossip - Sweet baby lyrics

a sweet sweet baby Just a sweet sweet baby Just a sweet sweet baby What a sweet sweet baby Why do you want to hurt me? I'm king of the road Well you don't know darlin' Too much harder to roam? First you tell me you're hurting Then you tell me You do

Lalaine - You know how to hurt a girl lyrics

should've seen it coming I should've run for the hills Now I'm left here with nothing And baby it kills Your words came so easy That you'd never leave me Now here I am left all alone You don't know a thing About loving someone It's too late baby The

Nelly Furtado - Baby girl lyrics

ve seen a man cry, I've seen a man die inside I've seen him say to me that he is only mine That he gotta do what is best for him Never let me in, not even begin To tell me I'm the one under his moon and sun That I am the thing that revolves around him But

8ball & Mjg - Baby girl lyrics

Chorus: 8 Ball - repeat 2X] What it do baby girl Get on the dance floor Will you put your drink down Come and dance with me [Verse 1: MJG] Let's hit my residence, baby it's evident That you been raising hell, I make it heaven sent M-J take you to places

Bigstar - Baby girl lyrics

It was my mistake Please let me make this right Yeah! Check this out Ooh ooh ooh baby Ooh ooh ooh baby Ooh ooh ooh baby I'll never let you go girl I love you more than anything Ooh ooh ooh baby Ooh ooh ooh baby Ooh ooh ooh baby Baby listen closer Oh haessa

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Cry no more lyrics

feel like somebody dropped a ton of bricks on my stomach (now) I can't eat I can't sleep And it hurts me so deep I heard people talk about it And laugh like it'll never happened to me Now look at me It caught me See how quick karma comes around Who says a man is suppos

Mase - Make me cry lyrics

1 - NC] Oh daddy You know you make me cry [Mase] You make me cry, too [NC] How can you love me I can't understand why [Mase] I just wanna know why [NC] Oh daddy You know you make me cry [Mase] You make me cry, too [NC] How can you love me I can't unde

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - You don't have to mean it lyrics

don't have to mean it You just got to say it anyway I just need to hear those words for me You don't have to say too much Babe I wouldn't even touch you anyway I just want to hear you to say to me Sweet lies Baby baby dripping from your lips Sweet sighs Say to me come on

Cassidy - Make u scream (snoop dogg) lyrics

Chorus (Cassidy & Female Voice)] [Female Voice:] I'd like to make sweet love to you [Cassidy:] What you say you tryin' to do, huh? [C:] I'll make you scream like [F:] AHHH! [C:] And shout like [F:] AHHH! [C:] And sing [F:] Do di do do di do do d

Kavana - I can make you feel good lyrics

can make you feel good Oh so good Are you the kind who puts your heart on the line? Or one who stays out of reach Unlike other guys I wont waist your time Just want to practice what I preach Girl love can be such a challenge A game where there can be two winn

Brian Mcknight - You should be mine lyrics

feat. Mase) [Mase:] Mase, and Brian McKnight, Bad Boy C'mon We don't stop, we rock we rock Yo I hit you with the sound that the world can't take Can't sit out the gig playing 2.8 Real studded jewel funded Got to love it First rap cat with the R&B budget Every day

Noah Cyrus - Make me (cry) ft. labrinth lyrics

never needed you like I do right now I never needed you like I do right now I never hated you like I do right now 'Cause all you ever do is make me... Gave you up 'bout 21 times Felt those lips tell me 21 lies You'll be the death of me Sage advice Loving you could make Jesus cr

Emma Heesters - Make me (cry) (noah cyrus, labrinth) lyrics

never needed you like I do right now I never needed you like I do right now I never hated you like I do right now 'Cause all you ever do is make me... Gave you up 'bout 21 times Felt those lips, tell me 21 lies, yeah You'll be the death of me Sag

Johnny Burnette - Sweet baby doll lyrics

I looked out on the dancefloor and what did I see? (Yeah, what did you see?) A pretty little girl as cute as she could be (Yeah, is that what you see?) I'm gonna walk on over and say hello (Yeah, go-go-go) I'm gonna walk on over and say hello (Well,

George Jones - Girl, you sure know how to say goodbye lyrics

kissed me and you said I was a gentleman to you You said I was a person you could trust You told me that you loved me, aw, in a way couldn't I Girl, you sure know how to say goodbye. You kissed me in a way you never did when love was right Girl, you sure know how t

Royz - Sweet baby lyrics

hey honey sweet baby 「hey hey honey sweet baby」 hey hey honey sweet baby 「hey hey honey...」 sweet baby Azayaka na risou ga katatta Dare hitori wakaru hazuganai Hakuchuumu no kebai kairaku wa Sekizui kara haiagari dashite Kanashii kurai ai wo sakende Ku

John Paul White - Make you cry lyrics

wanna make you cry I wanna make you hurt I wanna look in your eyes And watch the pain start to work Ooh, I want you to need The way that I'm gonna need you Would it kill you to do some leading Just for a moment or too? I wanna make you beg And I'd like to

Joe - Make you my baby lyrics

.. I wanna talk about tonite, u kno whas gonna happen, u and me listen... I hear ur body callin, baby rescue me girl ur a prisoner, and u need to be set free ur body's speakin words tha only my body can hear I feel the time is rite cuz we're alone up in here

Marshmello lyricsMarshmello - Make me (cry)- remix lyrics

you like I do right, do right Like I do right, do right Hated you like I do right, do right Like I do right, do right Gave you up 'bout 21 times Felt those lips tell me 21 lies (yeah) You'll be the death of me Sage advice Lovin' you could make Jesus cry When I hear you sayin',

Girl's Generation - Baby baby lyrics

TaeYeon] Tteollineun mam gomaun mam gadeukhi damaseo Jel yeppeun pojang soge (jeonhago shipeunde) [Yuri] Anil geoya useul geoya engttunghan sangsang ttaemune Maeil miruneun babo (wae na gatjanke) [Jessica] Neul utteon moseum-niga nae mam humchin geo [Sunny] Jeongmallo neomu maldo

Macy Gray - Sweet baby lyrics

times I've been told that I should go but they dont know what we got baby then they not see the love in you but love i do and i'm staying right here ummm sweet sweet baby life is crazy but there's one thing i am sure of that I'm your lady always

Pleasure P - Make you say lyrics

I can see it in your eyes You fronting I know you wanna get in trouble later Well I'm a trouble maker And I'm betting there's a couple places you ain't seen But you ain't gotta wait cause I would love to take ya Can you imagine me just freaking you slow Hop in the G4 and spend

April Wine - You don't have to act that way lyrics

act like someone else and I don't know why You try to pretend you're hurt but you won't cry And I don't believe the things that you told me I know that you only do it 'cos you're lonely And all your friends have lost their way And you don't know who you can turn t

Charles & Eddie - Hurt no more lyrics

I Could have been better, baby. Maybe I Could have been a better man. You walked out on me, Left me all alone. Hurtin' for ya', honey. Now I don't know where to go. Oh, I Don't want to hurt no more. Maybe I Should have made you happy, baby. Maybe I Should have done

Lacuna Coil - You love me 'cause i hate you lyrics

m back in my house And you're still sitting down The crimson couch Has never felt so uncomfortable And the room is so cold The tape on your mouth Is slowing your breath down The rope is still tight The tension becomes so tangible So unbearable, so unbearab

Breakbot - Make you mine lyrics

Has just begun Come on Lets have some fun Girl I like the way you dance Tonight Just give me a chance Don't wanna be without you baby Just wanna feel your arms around me I wanna see you going crazy I just wanna feel your sexy body Your eyes Shine like the stars

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