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Super Ape In A God Shape lyrics

Browse for Super Ape In A God Shape song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Super Ape In A God Shape lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Super Ape In A God Shape.

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Billy Idol - Super overdrive lyrics

the Devil's Playground With an Idol mind Straight up, ready to go Announce the time ... Does he still have the magic? Yes he does He'll be famous Just because Just because You know you're gonna have To turn around Just because you have to change Your mind so

Gungor - God is not a white man lyrics

is not a man God is not a white man God is not a man ... sitting on a cloud God cannot be bought God will not ... be boxed in God will not be owned by religion

Shape Of Despair - the mist lyrics

my feet are frozen their veins still closing helplessly afar waking the creatures within ... I am a lonely traveller awaiting to sleep eternally ... under those cold woods as my fall brings then shadows of their wings as howling

Grave - In love lyrics

lie so nice in front of me As I brought you from your grave You lost some skin and a ... But still you look sexy in your new shape People blame me for being insane But I am just in love Why doesn't anybody understand That

Golden Resurrection - God's grand hotel lyrics

passion for music, started long a time ago A ... wonderful world, a love affair I will share with everyone ... I drink from the water From the well that never

J. Moss - God's got it lyrics

woke up this morning and I told myself Not gon' ... worry about what I cannot help People dying innocently, haters spreading rapidly I'm not talking nepathy

Chris Rea - God's great banana skin lyrics

down my road running just as fast as I can Nobody knows ... which is the better way But when that man in the ... sky points his finger at you Don’t you ever think no

Rachael Lampa - God is with us lyrics

skies don't seem to be as dark as usual The stars seem ... they've been before Deep within I feel my soul a stirring As ... though my hope has been restored The shepherds

Slayer - God send death lyrics

your back look on to me You'll see ... genocide Face from death more than insane Profane ... pleading cries Watch you die inside watch you ... die God send death end misery Preach no love

Catamenia - In the capricorn's cradle lyrics

the divine ones lo thy eyes on these ... flames for eleven more times I ... the light, I will burn herein this night. And seeth the ... rise of a-man the rise of the beast and

Danger Silent - I don't believe in your god lyrics

are not avaible Hmm, it looks like we ... don't know anything about this track! Can you help

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - In the meantime lyrics

know people been talking about the end of time ever since time began We've been living in the last days ever since ... the first day ever since the dawn of Man Well nobody knows

The Mission - In silhouette lyrics

because you disagree It doesn't make, it ... doesn't make me wrong And just because you think I'm ... weak It doesn't make, it doesn't make you strong ... Push me too far or hurt what's mine I will retaliate, I

Shadow Host - In the mirrorland lyrics

came from another world from the mirror ... s other side I'm on my way to nowhere but I hope to ... meet my fatherland again at the end of my time born as ... king's son but now I'm just a stranger in your god, godforsaken land lost in your

Hillsong Kids - Super strong god lyrics

you amazing the heavens declare your glory and power none can compare i look and wonder at ... all you have made oceans and montains speak of your name ... creation shouts of you super stong god you love me super

B1a4 - Super sonic lyrics

Jinyoung] Dynamite geunyeoneun Dynamite girl ... teo-teojil deut Ddeugeoun Super hot girl Oh-oh-oh my god Ni ... ane pungdeong bbajyeo Volume-eul lopyeo jwo E

Dead End - God ape (神猿) lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Fou...

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - Super tony lyrics

Cocaine Look at the mess we all made of ... it well Everyone trying to be someone else I was ... someone else as well But it's alright ... When you're getting the show right Cocaine

Imany - Shape of a broken heart lyrics

has the shape of a broken heart and the Heart of a broken ... land, Fell from heaven Straight to hell, Now ... your children are missing I try to understand

Bomfunk Mc's - Super electric lyrics

electric) (Super electric) (Super electric) (Super electric) ... Super electric sound (Super electric) From the ... underground (Super electric) Super electric

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - Fable of the brown ape lyrics

Emmerich went into his barn And found a cow suckling a ... serpent And a brown ape clanking a heavy chain Said Farmer ... Emmerich to the ape Never ask me to come into this barn again So Long Farewell So

Glassjaw - Ape dos mi lyrics

can bet in mid-october, I will still be ... ranting 'bout early may. Yeah he's a winner, He's a goddamn sinner. While he dines I'm ... on the wrong side of the day. And I said, ''I don't

Die Antwoord lyricsDie Antwoord - Super evil lyrics

is fokken mal Kom ons slag 'n koei Hang hom onderstebo ... Nou gaan hy lekker bloei Okay mannetjie, tyd vir jou les ... Yo jissis vrou, waar’s die fokken mes? (hier

Hey! Say! Jump - Super super night lyrics

yoru ga fuketa. koyoi a paati junbi wa ii kai? Let's Go!」 ... Machi ni matteta shuu matsu da fiiba Welcome to the Super, Super Night abunai shisen kaikugutte kite Welcome to the

Ladies' Code - Super girl lyrics

the super girl come and do the super girl Do the super girl come and do the super ... girl Do the super girl come and do the super girl Let your ... come out Neoneun imi junbiga dwaesseo yamjeonhadeon haruneun ijeo Darananeun sarang

Nicole Scherzinger - Super villain lyrics

know I need a super villain Just like Mad Scientist I ... just want bad man alone I just want bad man alone I just want bad man alone I just want bad man alone I just want bad man alone I just want bad man alone I just want bad man alone Hey, although, no, no

Logic lyricsLogic - Super mario world lyrics

shout out Bobby cuz, 6ix in there like "Oh my ... goodness" Nah, I just did that for the adlib—keep that (Squad!) Yeah, ... oh my goodness, oh my God! Yeah, keep all that shit, and this... I'm like, oh my

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - Super love lyrics

people they search their whole life Lookin' ... settle for less Lose outta true happiness Then they finally wake up one day And realize there's nothing to say

Misster - Super lover lyrics

ni de kou dai li zen me chang ge ai xin oh sorry wo tai ... ji hua de you dian ji xing Wo gang gang zai ge bi pin ... ming ya yi zi ji qian wan bie gao su ni ke ai dao bu xing Wo yao zen yang ba hao gan sheng ji bian xi huan Nao dai yi zhi zhuan yi zhi zhuan

Andreea Bălan - Super woman lyrics

want you I need you I`m thinking of you all the time it`s ... driving me crazy I feel like im losing my mind You don’t have to be a ... rock star Don’t need to buy a ring star I don’t want a macho man You don’t need to

Bombs Away - Super soaker lyrics

away Bombs away (Chorus:) Come on, ... over here I got something to show you I'm gonna make you wet with my super soaker! Come on, over here

David Byrne - I am an ape lyrics

a garden Stands a statue Of the man who won the war His expression Tender yearning Every nation near and far Oh sad and ancient father ... Sweet as honey tough as leather Running down the hill on

Hinoi Team - Super euro flash lyrics

here we go,like a fire SUPER EURO FLASH! SUPER EURO FLASH,wow ginga o tobikoe SUPER ... EURO FLASH,wow doko made mo yukeru SUPER EURO FLASH ... wow nani mo kowaku nai kono BEAT ga aru hajiketonde douzo, BABY uchiage

James Brown - Super bad lyrics

me, watch me, I got it, watch me I got it, yeeah, I got ... somethin' that makes me wanna shouta I got somethin' that ... tells me what it's all about Huh, I got soul and I'm super bad I got soul, huh, and I

Marek Grechuta - Super ekspres lyrics

którym się bardzo dłuży cierpliwości ... ekspres, ekspres! Mamy ekspresowe pranie ekspres ... polecony ekspresowe dziur łatanie ekspres opóźniony

F.o.b. - Shape edge lyrics

soldiers passing you getting small hits. rises and falls ... forcing you senselessly thinking. bulb already crashed ... lightless deadend dancing on its dice defeating the maze of haze shape edge all

Andre Nickatina - Super greedy lyrics

me give me g's g's g's -Jackpot from the small bags of ... weed to them rubber band bundles i remain supper gready this that day and night ... hustle snatchin knots from sprung bitches but

Anna Tsuchiya - Shape of your love lyrics

little black cloud has taken the grief from the east. ... I broke down in my tears. I complained of the ... cruelty of my destiny. I stood next to where you

Nightcore - Super psycho love lyrics

lately drives me crazy Has to do with how you make me ... Struggle to get your attention Calling you brings aprehens on Texts from you and sex from you Are thing that are not so uncommon Flirt

Nightcore - Super psycho love (simon curtis) (anti nightc.. lyrics

lately drives me crazy Has to do with how you make me ... Struggle to get your attention Calling you brings aprehens on Texts from you and ... sex from you Are thing that are not so uncommon Flirt with

Passenger lyricsPassenger - Shape of love (feat. boy & bear) lyrics

only came inside to get out of the rain, And by the looks of things she ... may well have done the same, But I swear I know that face but I don’t know her name,

Slough Feg - Ape outro lyrics

I turn water to wine Shackle the unholy swine You ... thought you'd captured my brain Animal spirits remain You ... found a cage for your prize Simian anger defies Atop your temple

Aesop Rock - Super fluke lyrics

1] I skunk the blood up as to numb the public interface ... Before the anime corrodes I'm tryin' to ... fork the figure eights Hogwash etiquette, truncate long haul leverage picket Outbuild auto-bricklayers with 10

An Cafe - Super rabbit ☆ lyrics

no shita kara mita sora ga sawagashii sukko-n sukokkoko-n ... tsuki ga utatteru Kyou wa festival shigeki ga hoshii usagi ga mochi tsuite tabete ... Otagai ni yubiwa wo totte tomodachi aimai kankei pon pon poppopo-n odori akasou Futari no himitsu wa

Bt The Roots - Super lyrical lyrics

yo my murderous rap verbal attack is actual fact Tactical tracks match perfectly with graphical stats Half a you lack ... the magical dap of tragical rap That tackles you back and

Johnny Gill - Super love lyrics

love We go together like a hand in glove Me and you, yes, ... we do, girl Super love You’re like an angel ... from up above Who came down to see me through, yeah Super love The things

Glay - Super ball 425 lyrics

ni somuite ikiru SUPER BALL DYNAMIC ni yume kara yume ... e SUPER BALL VOLUME UP tachidomarazu ni SUPER BALL ... POWER ENERGY hakidase WE ARE SUPER BALL Hageshiku SHAKE UP megami to LET ME FLY Saikou no

Jack Off Jill - Super sadist lyrics

angry Super hated Super evil Super serrated Super ... guitar Super faded Never sad sad sad Super hated Super sarcastic Super sedated The ... super sadist Keeps his hands in his mouth That's gold

Mermaid Melody - Super love songs lyrics

Light! Hikari wo motto atsumetara Kono sekai wa ... kitto kawatteku Mukaikaze no naka demo kurai umi no ... soko demo Kono te wo hanasanaide... zettai Yume ga hajimaru Super Live! Hikari to

S.h.e - Super star lyrics

ge song yi zhou mei tou jiu xin tong Wo mei kong li hui wo ... zhi gan shou ni de gan shou Ni yao wang na zou ba ... wo ling hun ye dai zou Ta wei ni zhao le mo liu zhao

Alcatrazz - God blessed video lyrics

take a plane and go somewhere exotic To play with a non-descript song We ... ll shoot all the crotch shots for 12 year old hopefuls To make you a ... real man my son Ahhhh real man my son Some cheap kid

Graham Bonney - Super girl lyrics

de-oo, oo-de-oo de-oo Hey super girl, hey hey With your fine ... featherd friends Super girl, let's leave them We ... t need them tonight Hey super girl, hey hey With your fine

Simon  Curtis lyricsSimon Curtis - Super psycho love lyrics

lately drives me crazy Has to do with how you make me ... Struggle to get your attention Calling you brings apprehension Texts from you and Sexts from you Are things

Simon  Curtis lyricsSimon Curtis - Super psycho love (2 ver.) lyrics

lately drives me crazy Has to do with how you make me ... Struggle to get your attention Calling you brings apprehension Texts from you and Sex from you Are things

Yuya Matsushita - Super drive lyrics

U P E R We gonna Super Drive... Baby stop! Minarenu sugata de Taxi norikomu ... my girl Baby stop! Bikou suru agent ... Here we go, car chase in Tokyo Super drive super

Miguel - Super(natural) lyrics

and I... Are to divine. What we share, Extends the hands ... . We don't grow together. What we share... Is gonna last ... forever... and ever. Your supernatural... oh oh oh. Supernatural... ohh yea. You and I

Miwa - Super heroine lyrics

kizutsukeau imi nado nai kurikaeshi Itsumo hitori de ganbatteru kedo Tasuke wo mattete ... mo dareka ga kuru wake ja nai Dakedo kanarazu ashita wa yatte kuru no sou Kao agete

N-sonic - Super boy lyrics

Boys ireona What’s up? haenael su itjanha Say Two ireon nal Watch Out! igil sun ... eomneungeol Say Three ijeneun BreakDown ... oneuri Party Day Say Yes! oneureun Bling Day

Pulled Apart By Horses - Super hangon lyrics

Hang-On Super Hang-On Super Hang-On Super Hang-On Super Hang-On Super Hang

K'jon - Super momma lyrics

did it (but you did) some way you managed (you managed) ... to raise six kids and serve out on this planet ... they named you Lillian You must have been heaven

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