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Björk - Its in our hands lyrics

Cruelest, almost Always to ourselves It mustn't get Any ... better, off It's in our hands It always was It's in our hands In our hands It's all

Taio Cruz - World in our hands lyrics

we're strong and we're fast Our time has come at last Just ... Cause we've waited all of our lives Now we're seeing here in our rise Baby no more waiting tonight We got the world in

Taio Cruz - World in our hands (olympic song) lyrics

we're strong and we're fast our time has come at last just ... cause we've waited all of our lives now we're seeing here in our rise baby no more waiting tonight we got the world in

Eldritch - Thirst in our hands (dry tears) lyrics

a simple move for us, is impossible for, entire ... we let the water run, for hours and hours, to keep our ... the water wasted to brush our teeth, a tribe could live for

Paddy And The Rats - Time is in my hands lyrics

are the kids in the cradle of Cold, anxious ... the breakdown you hear us singing Our desperate hymns And ... no one will remember our names But I will stand up

Dreamshade - The world in my hands lyrics

I can’t control all these feelings and all my thoughts. ... How to clear my mind get to realize that there is something more outside? ... Tonight I’m feeling like the world is in my hands there so much more I want to

John Farnham - In your hands lyrics

wrong for something right There's trouble in ... air tonight From the dark into the light Change is in the ... air tonight And I'm searching through the years to find

Destruction - Our oppression lyrics

laws and rules without a meaning only created to be an ... obstacle in our life Democracy to live free ... politicians, easy to buy makin' decisions without asking for

Cascada - The world is in my hands lyrics

world is in my hands I'm ready to go my way ... Tomorrow is not today So take the change ... Singing oh oh oh The sky is not the end I'm ready to ... To give me one more dance Is not too late The world is in my hands The sky is not

Javier Colon - In your hands lyrics

your hands, my life begins and ends All that I am, I ... i belong I was affraid of losing everything Now i'm amazaed, ... wanted Was to lose myself in you In your hands, I'll

Anna Tsuchiya - In my hands lyrics

t wanna do this Don't wanna do that, too ... my life, oh oh And now i think i'm Making a huge mistake ... world, uh uh And if you think it's Too hard to bear i'll

Kirk Franklin - My life is in your hands lyrics

t you be afraid Joy comes in the morning Troubles they ... always For there's a friend in Jesus Who will wipe your ... tears away And if your heart is broken Just lift your hands

Masterplan - The sun is in your hands lyrics

ve got something to show you I give you ... something real I'm gonna rock till it ... road to somewhere I'm not going back again Sending all my ... lonely You can walk the distance with me And follow till

Sacred Gate - Defenders (valour is in our blood) lyrics

council of war has made a decision The gates of Thermopylae ... is where we will fight We'll ... draw our defence line at this narrow pass While the ... Arcadians! Phocians! Mantineans! Thebans! Corinthians!

Julian Plenti / Paul Banks - Summertime is coming lyrics

is coming so get out Forget all the ... things that do with doubt We’ll ... swallow all the animals that hiss, “We will spend our whole ... lives like this” Summertime is coming so get out So get

Of The Wand & The Moon - Is it out of our hands? lyrics

descent? On a bed of emptiness Engulfed by hovering ... time Thick with flies Our hearts turn away as our love ... decays Will you keep your nightmares at bay? The

Newsboys - In the hands of god lyrics

have raised our hopes and our cities high We have followed ... One could take the measure of our goals And we've stumbled ... only One can calm the storm inside our souls In the hands

Close Your Eyes - Hope slips away (the world is ours to change) lyrics

around and tell me what it is you see? Corruption and intolerance in a world that's ... by greed Hatred and selfishness drive neighbors to war ... last time we asked what it is we're fighting for? How

Emery - Bonus track: closed eyes, open hands lyrics

It's automatic when the money is in our hands. People always ... t last. Pride comes before our fellow man. Oh-oh, o-oh, ... about the watered down mistakes that we have made.

Defiance - Hands of the few lyrics

power is in the hands of the few there are too ... many homeless too many starving they don't care they don't ... listen their profit is more important than our pain

Jessica Sanchez - In your hands lyrics

Take my heart and let it be your own Cause I can't promise ... I'll be waiting If your mind might be changing Don't let ... this opportunity Just linger, when we're meant to be

Skillet - Who is like our god lyrics

is the Lord King Jesus See how His majesty is lifted high Great is the One ... who saves us Who is like our God, Lord I lift you up ... Great is the Lord King Jesus See how His majesty is lifted high Great is the One

Charlie Winston - In your hands lyrics

out of here So I can save our family From this poverty ... I pray I have to end this misery It's causing too much pain I'm gonna look for richer ... I'm gonna put my whole world In your hands I have to put my

Forefather - Ours is the kingdom lyrics

hearts lie not in heaven Nor eastern desert ... sands With eyes closed to your saviour Our fate is in our hands Great glass eyes look down ... on me So lofty and so great In your world we are filth Toys

Nancy Sinatra - In our time lyrics

with you Coz there's other things we do In our time, baby In our time, yeah In our time, ... baby In our time Girls were once ... Now they're out takin' bets Smokin' filter

Dreamshade - Our buried secrets lyrics

our tombs, and our buried body, together, ... will steal us and it will blind our eyes with its immensity. ... of eternity, eradicated in the roots, Extirpated with

Kenny Rogers - In our old age lyrics

home from work today I saw our future And old man and his ... wife were holdin' hands They were sittin' on a front ... porch swing like two young lovers I

Dragonforce - Lost souls in endless time (bonus track) lyrics

all our lives On what we believe in ... day by day But never retrieving Taking our chances And ... Ancestors will take us to this fight At the time it was blistering snowing Never really

In Vain ( Sp ) - In death we trust lyrics

by your fathers, our conquest must go back We ... to fight with honor, and our glory was denied A new dark ... alliance, purify our minds She taught us how to

Disciple - God is with us lyrics

words can not stand against us For God is with us, ... God is with us This desert is a wicked place I'm ... weary from this wretched chase Oh where does

Short Stack - In my hands lyrics

My Hands, In My Hands, I'm on top of the world ... love, About lust, And I promise I'll never forget it. And ... way That you move, With your hands, they're so smooth.

Abysmal Dawn - In the hands of death lyrics

countless wages of war we find our kind Ever elusive with ... time Within the presence of another being ... A failed kingdom shall fall Distill the ... bestowed on me Choose your allegiance for this war

Crematory - In my hands lyrics

my hands - Holding the dust of time In my hands - Giving the night shadows In my hands - Seeing days gone ... by In my hands - You'll sleep 1000 years

Elton John lyricsElton John - In the hands of angels lyrics

that first day There was nothing I could say I was in the hands of angels Johnny and the ... made me feel just like a king Made me lose all my bad ... would just let me be I was in the hands of angels Until this very day Inside the hands of

Jason Mraz - In your hands lyrics

lines, and places to dine Taking baths and drinkin' wine ... People ask I say I'm doin' fine Motorcycles and for sure ... never felt so empty What's missing in the world is you So I

Allen-lande - In the hands of time lyrics

on to my dream Winter is coming to me If there’s a mountain ... must be Day after day holding on Night after night out of ... away I will never stop reaching for my dream In the hands

Fisher - In your hands (& richard durand) lyrics

Every time it’s happening The way it’s meant to be ... All my angels, snapping feathers Make my destiny ... (Chorus) And in your hands I can finally breathe Close

Coronatus - In your hands lyrics

m drawing pictures in the air And I breathe like I ... Be careful you caught a falling soul Let the sun shine ... my heart alive It's bleeding in your hands It's bleeding in

Jojo - All i want is everything lyrics

and their ignorance can't interfere. 'Cause I know, ... And my passion is clear when I'm given a chance ... overall really, All I want is everything. I wanna touch

Axwell Λ Ingrosso lyricsAxwell Λ Ingrosso - Sun is shining lyrics

around my soul, hard forgiving, hard forget. Faith is in ... our hands, castles made of sand, no ... more guessing, no regrets. Then you ... came my way, on a winter's day, shouted loudly,

Hardline - In the hands of time lyrics

every moment holding on to a dream Staring at an ... wonder will the light ever shine on me If it's a mountain I ... a lifetime away I keep holding on And night after night

Sebastian Ingrosso - Sun is shining lyrics

around my soul Hard forgiving, hard forget Faith is in our hands, castles made of sand ... No more guessing, no regrets And you came my ... way on a winter's day Shouted loudly

Krystal Meyers - In your hands lyrics

listen through the darkness And ... every time I call All I hear is my own echo Your silence ... I'll, oh... Let go It's in Your hands It's in Your hands I trust You though I don't

Pharaoh - In your hands lyrics

your back, all the action Takes your breath away Grind the gears, ... told coldly by Dead voices in the sky Says you should just ... want you to know They think that you don’t know It’s an

Johnny Reid - Hands of a working man lyrics

in the morning I'd smell that diesel burning and I'd watch him and his ... old truck go rumbling down the road. Later on in ... the evening in the distance I would hear him like

Nick Urata - In my hands lyrics

had it in my hands But I lost it somehow I had ... remember that now One thing for certain One thing I ... Don't want me no more Isn't it funny? It's finally

Rage - In vain (i won't go down) lyrics

is my life and I won't compromise or waste my time All I have ... wrong I'm very sorry but this happens when you try ... you cann't forsee how things are working out and what

Badly Drawn Boy - In safe hands lyrics

ll leave you now In safe hands Cool your soul It's love ... still stands But failing that Just cool down Wouldn ... t you love to make it Is this real or am I just Imagining?

The Kooks - Is it me lyrics

it me, is it you Is it the times that we're living through Was it hard when I ... to guide us Someone to introduce the show I needed ... I began to breakdown Searching overtime Bring me a pigs

Nirvana lyricsNirvana - In his hands lyrics

is gonna chase you in and out of a dream You're ... thank him and I'm tired of this dream Take him on occassion in the back of the room If they ... show any affection he'll died in June See the stab wounds in his hands See him dying in his room He's dying in his room

The Butterfly Effect - In these hands lyrics

we run if we fall across the line It's too little too late to ... rewind On the edge of the world I ... won't leave you blind Can you see me sometimes? ... Watch you fall catch it all inside of mine It's too little

Morcheeba - In the hands of the gods lyrics

dance rocker, But don't drink Vodka. Never sang a song ... Composition Ruler, In seventh grade I had teacher ... and you will agree-ah, One in a million like Mohamed and

Cocteau Twins - In our angelhood lyrics

s gonna chalk you out In his angelhood He's got the love, ... He's gonna chalk you out In his angelhood Please stand ... Like he said, the angelfish In our angelhood Now our

Perry Como - In our hide lyrics

us we'll hide-away, we two! In our hide-away ( In our hide ... We will have a ball, busy doin' nothing at all! In our ... hide-away ( In our hide-away . . . ) we will

Petr Langr - In our nature lyrics

t it in our nature ? to fight against ... everything What would we like more ? ... peace or more killing ? To hurt the other ones isn't it all we want ? TV

Grave Forsaken - In our time of trial lyrics

oceans rise and tension mounts When ... pressure builds and strength discounts When trouble rises and ... problems increase When stress evaporates ... earth All glory to god, our praise be to him Giver of

Against The Current - In our bones lyrics

are wild flowers The city is our field of gold We've got wild ... fire In our bones We're born to be ... electric You and me, we're painting neon under our skin It's

Tracy Chapman - Our bright future lyrics

my father what of your sons? All of your children ... on To take the path Where our bright future Is in our past ... To our father what of reason? Say ... record shows what we are not Our true desires Not our good

Fenech-soler - In our blood lyrics

I hold on the phone It’s killing us Some nights were just ... letting go It’s not enough Love is fake Love is bored Either ... way People talk But nothing else matters anymore So

John Legend lyricsJohn Legend - Our generation the hope of the world lyrics

of the world is in our generation (let's straighten ... left up to us, to change this present situation (let's ... it out) Take caution from our elders, don't make the same mistake (let's straighten it out)

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