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Such A Pretty Face lyrics

Browse for Such A Pretty Face song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Such A Pretty Face lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Such A Pretty Face.

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Black Stone Cherry - Such a shame lyrics

late night on the 14th in Maine Should Daddy's little ... girl be out this late? She takes off her clothes, and ... closes her eyes Tears start to fall, as she looks at

Framing Hanley - Pretty faces lyrics

s a face staring at me From a chair I don't want to see ... This was a path that lead to nowhere I stayed young and I break naive There's a name they're about to say I

It Lives, It Breathes - Such a waste of a pretty face lyrics

this is perfect I know what I want What I found Put my ... to the ground Here we go again I grind my teeth Clench ... your wrists We'll be the same We'll be the same again

Alsou - Pretty face lyrics

Oh oh Made up my mind this is goodbye ... Don't want you back I'm doing was right for me ... this time Never again Well like a fool Baby that someone just like you I

Maribelle Añes - Pretty face lyrics

1: We talk from time to time but back ... in the day it was only you and I We'd go to the mall and ... you'd be my wing girl, my partner in crime Pre-Chorus:

American Head Charge - Pretty face lyrics

your games with my limp joints ... idolize it's wet paper skin listen to the cast ... preach your life and infest you with disease ... dress me up with a three piece tourniquet f***

Sarah Brightman - I feel pretty lyrics

feel pretty Oh so pretty I feel pretty and witty and ... bright And I pity Any girl who isn't me tonight ... I feel charming Oh so charming It`s alarming how charming I feel And so pretty

Escape With Romeo - The killer with the pretty face lyrics

lying the truth and it feels like a fairytale ... with a sense of security while the ... whole world is for sale What ever went to happen like ... snowflakes in the sky I almost hear him knocking kiss

Janet  Jackson lyricsJanet Jackson - Pretty boy lyrics

girl, I know, wants a pretty man Every minute goes by, I ... still need your lovin' hand, oh no I like ones that talk no noise, baby I like you, ... you're such a pretty choice I like to play for

Kesha lyricsKesha - Pretty lady lyrics

ha: Shake that ass, girl Fogging up my glasses Staring at your ass It ... s back, those long eye-lashes It ain't so nasty The ... room comes alive When you all arrive Boys and girls

Eddy Arnold - It's such a pretty world today lyrics

s such a pretty world today look at the sunshine And ... every day's the same since I met you It's such ... a pretty world today knowing that you're mine And happinsess is being close

Jackson Wanda - It's such a pretty world today lyrics

s such a pretty world today look at the sunshine And ... every day's the same since I met you It's such a pretty world today knowing that you're mine And happinsess

Levellers - Pretty target lyrics

you came along high above the scene You've taken all the worry out of me You ... brought a change that chemicals can't find I'm no longer ... thinking that I'm living in a medium time I won't let

Amanda Lear - Never trust a pretty face lyrics

trust a pretty face You could regret it Never ... trust a pretty face It's so inviting Never ... trust a pretty face You could regret it I've ... lived and loved And I've been hurt I could

Butch Walker - Pretty melody lyrics

when we met? Liquor drinks and cigarettes All the boys ... were taking bets Credit cards, so in debt Bought drinks ... from you at the bar Poured them out behind my car So I could come back where

Shania Twain lyricsShania Twain - She's not just a pretty face lyrics

Oh na, na, na) She hosts a T.V. show--she rides the ... rodeo She plays the bass in a band She's an astronaut-- a ... valet at the parking lot A farmer working the land She is a champion--she gets the gold

Iggy And The Stooges - Our pretty face is going to hell lyrics

Woooohhhh! A pretty face and a dirty love knew right away that I had to get my hooks ... in you yeah yeah yeah I'm running low on memories ... If you wanna make a buck boy, you gotta be a tease, uhuh I say yeah yeah I

Humble Pie - Fool for a pretty face lyrics

.. Well you tell me you want me You say that you really ... care Don't you tell me no lies ... When you leave me, honey You're gonna have a cross to bear For

Korn - Pretty lyrics

wrong Raped, but I don't realize Somehow my legs broke ... The pain between them fades I see your pretty face! ... Smashed against the bathroom floor! What a disgrace

Nb Ridaz - Pretty girl lyrics

can I run away with you, I wanna get ... lost in love baby, To all those pretty girls (pretty girls) This ones for you ... Check this out Something about you baby Drives me crazy Something about this pretty girl Blows my mind,

Amy Macdonald - This pretty face lyrics

don't care Who does her hair or What clothes she wears ... I don't care if it's YSL, I don't care ... if it's Chanel What matters to me is a strong belief

Mlhlnd - Pretty lyrics

I don't want you in my life Baby, I don ... t need you taking time Baby but I love the way you, the ... way you look at me I don't really know you anymore I love

Bleeding Through - Just another pretty face lyrics

with all dissolved memories of one. ... why did you care, when you never cared ... before? why'd you care, you never cared. why'd ... you care, when you never cared before? I've become an

Bleeding Through - Just another pretty face (album version) lyrics

with all dissolved memories of one. ... why did you care, when you never cared ... before? why'd you care, you never cared. why'd ... you care, when you never cared before? I've become an

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - Wait lyrics

(disgrace) I know I shouldn't, but ... we'll wait (such a pretty face) I know the time is ... getting late (... such a waste) And here is what you ... hesitate (such a pretty face) But still I really wish

Afi - The killing lights lyrics

Five A.M. on the bathroom floor from the night ... before. Do you find me dreadful? What a shame such a sad disgrace, Such a pretty face. But she's not regretful.

Alexandra Burke - Dumb lyrics

you know how to use them I wanna fall in your eyes but ... them Look too good to eat, I just can't believe we can ... t talk about nothin You so fire hot ... but that's all you got, you're just all about one thing So Bye Bye Baby Could've had it Should

Bowling For Soup - 99 biker friends - bowling for soup lyrics

a big man Such a little chick I think it all ... goes back to your tiny Pick-up truck ... in the driveway With a sticker on the window 'Rest ... in Peace Number 3' Tell all your friends How you put

Rome - Dedication lyrics

can taste the gin and oxy on your lips I'll ... divide the world and fall between your hips There's ... no way that I can save your life When you can't ... even open your eyes And I tried to right your

Vince Gill - Pretty little adriana lyrics

sure have a pretty smile It sure has been a ... You've got the sweetest way I think about you every day ... I miss you so much Oh my pretty little Adriana Are you

Al B Damned - Pretty when you're dead lyrics

screen, Pretending you’re a beauty queen, Oh so perfect, ... oh so fake, Looking for your next big ... break, Surgery builds a new you, All the make-up ... hides the truth, Oh so thin and underfed, But I bet you’re

Bowling For Soup - 99 biker friends lyrics

a big man, such a little chick. I think it all ... goes back to your tiny Pick- up ... truck in the driveway, With a sticker on the window &amp ... quot;Rest in Peace Number 3". Tell all your

Bullet For My Valentine - Pretty on the outside lyrics

whoa, whoa So you wanna play games with my head? But you ... make me fall apart, I wish that I was dead I just can't ... believe I fell, for such a blackened heart You played me

Coldrain - Pretty little liar lyrics

a porcelain innocence Rehearsed too well and see-through ... Such a perfect form and grace Besides the devil in you ... Go and hunt all you want but I won't play your game

Maren Ord - Pretty things lyrics

have developed beauty marks over the years I notice ... them when I'm with you A deeper thing that surfaces ... myself The more I understand The more I try Pretty

Harry Styles lyricsHarry Styles - Kiwi lyrics

Verse 1] She worked her way through a cheap pack of cigarettes Hard liquor mixed with ... a bit of intellect And all the boys, they were saying ... they were into it Such a pretty face, on a pretty neck

T.i. lyricsT.i. - Porn star lyrics

Intro] Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay Damn shawty, look at you I'm saying man, is it just me Or do ... you have too much ass in them jeans? Come here ... [Verse 1] Ay, I been watching you awhile now And I

Bad Suns lyricsBad Suns - Daft pretty boys lyrics

s a sunrise dressed like dusk ... getting into something He's a moth drawn to a flame He's ... going in, he's going all or nothing They look so pretty from afar Like the gates

Jaravis - Pretty girl lyrics

Ludacris:] Yeah .. Disturbing the peace ... (Here's another one.) Jarvis, ATL, LUDA! (untouchables ... and this next one goes out to all the pretty girls all over

Donnie Klang - Pretty girls cry lyrics

please don't fall in love with me I don't ... wanna be the first one To break ... your heart Oh baby please try not to care for me ... Loving me is such a gamble, don't bet it all baby

Devotchka - Such a lovely thing lyrics

s an elusive thing This love of ... which you sing What are we doing What are we doing ... I will give you anything Just please don't ... stop spinning round You're such a lovely thing But there is

The Byrds - Pretty polly lyrics

used to be a gambler who courted all around ... There used to be a gambler who courted all around ... He courted pretty Polly, such beauty never been found

Buffalo Springfield - Pretty girl why lyrics

the ghost of someone near She comes to haunt me in ... my sleep Still unable to sincerely Get her heart away for keeps Pretty ... Girl why? Pretty girl why not love me? Pretty girl why? Pretty girl why?

Fall Of Troy, The - Shhh!!! if you're quiet i'll show you a dinos.. lyrics

and forwards, you think I'll stand ... you? Misproportioned, unattended, we hide them. Don't ... try to say anything baby, Stitched your lips, to ... constrict languages, that bite at your tongue Get

Four Seasons - Rag doll lyrics

Rag doll, ooh) (Hand me down) When she was just a kid, her clothes were hand-me ... downs (Hand-me-down) They always laughed at her when she came into town Called her rag

Anvil - Stop me lyrics

you see me you can't resist You want my name ... telephone list In your dreams and on your mind Tonight's ... the night I could make you mine Later on just me and you I could make your dreams come true You say for you

Pretty Maids - Such a rush lyrics

are a burnin´ heart A diamond among the pearls In an ... ice cold world And your appearance make me Feel like I´m ... in ecstasy You put a spell on me When you´re here

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Pretty beat up lyrics

beat up Pretty beat up Since you put me down Pretty beat up, pretty beat up Yeah ... since you left me lying around Pretty beat up, pretty ... beat up Since you 86-ed me, pretty beat up Never restitched me,

Royksopp - Here she comes again (dj antonio extended mix.. lyrics

Chorus] Here she comes again Troubles on her brow Here ... she comes again With worries she can't ... hide [Verse 1] Who can stop the rain Pouring down

Royksopp - Here she comes again (feat. jamie irrepressib.. lyrics

she comes again Troubles on her brow Here ... she comes again With worries she can't ... hide Who can stop the rain Pouring down inside? Who ... can keep her sane Give her peace of mind? Here she comes again Covered up in black Such a pretty face Such sorrow in

Ava Max lyricsAva Max - My way lyrics

momma use to say "Baby make me proud You've got such a ... pretty face But such a dirty mouth" But how ... come when I tell you What's on my mind like men do I

Mirah - Pretty eyes lyrics

up in the morning and I can see There's something about ... you that's following me The sun's ... in my heart, the stars in the sky I just wanna ... tell you, you have such pretty eyes I'll go out in the

Lil' B - Pretty boy lyrics

damn Goddamn Based-God you got bitches Aww damn Free Gucci Mane What damn ... my partna told me, he said B you gon die with bitches ... He said you got bitches on deck B,

Koffin Kats - Battery acid baby lyrics

upon a time you used to walk the streets all night, Cleaning up with lonely souls paying for good times You got a ... little greedy taking from the top The boss

Against All Authority - Ugly desires lyrics

you can't get it up; you better take ... your medication. Now you have oily discharge running down ... looks like the new sensation. Plastic face and lips ... hide feelings of despair. "I wanna feel

Chris Mann - Pretty girl lyrics

Girl, what did they do to you? You ... but it wouldn't go down because it never felt right. All ... you could taste was blindness and lies. For your heart to

Alina Baraz - Pretty thoughts lyrics

looked at me with certainty. I, I couldn't look away ... Took your jacket off like, Like you were ... here to stay Chasin' your pretty thoughts And your plastic

Elizabeth Daily - Pretty baby lyrics

can't take the mystery You say you're wanting to be free ... But always coming back around To turn my heart all ... do my best But you got my head in such a mess That I don't

Stephen Jerzak - Pretty pretty girl lyrics

my list of things to do Oh wait, that's not what I meant to ... say I'm sorry, please forgive me There I go again saying the wrong thing ... You are the amazing, incredible, wonderful

Jefferson Airplane - Pretty as you feel lyrics

re only pretty as you feel Only pretty as you ... feel inside You're only pretty as you feel Just as pretty as you feel inside When you ... wake up in the morning Comb

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