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Shadow Gallery - Mystery lyrics

at a time pass In the dead of the night is when you ... me You've got so much to say Just spread your wings and ... Behind your computer What do you picture when you read

Inspiral Carpets - Mystery lyrics

her fall is fun She’s the girl in ... the torn red dress Standing in the doorway The ... light catches on her face The kaleidoscope spins ... There’s another one to take her place She’s a mystery Such a mystery How ever

Bleachers - You're still a mystery lyrics

I wanted to forget my past Tried to leave the pieces ... of a broken man What it cost I ain't ever getting ... back So I'm breaking the lines 'cause I wanna ... remember Man I was feeling like I never was

Dr. Dog - Mystery to me lyrics

ve been thinking about a way out And you've been ... thinking about moving in Well I've ... been thinking about the Good Book And you ... ve been thinking that's a sin You keep on thinking about the money Well I've

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - Mystery song lyrics

see that look on your face I see that look on your face I see that look on your face The boys know what you ... re giving You give the boys such a lot of fun And by the way

Natalie Grant - Such a wonder lyrics

s a wonder how the supernatural, Joined Himself to clay. ... How eternity would choose a cradle, Made of dirt and hay ... How the only One who had it all, Gave all there was to

Beast - Mystery lyrics

yeah, love is pain, love is pain Love is over, love is over ... that, that, that's it O-o-o-o-over, love ... love is pain, pain O-o-o-o-over, love, break ... it Neon jeongmal mystery, mystery, mystery, mystery Mystery, mystery, aldagado moreu neun neo

Beast - Mystery (jpn ver) lyrics

( Yeah ~ ) Love is pain ( love is pain ~ ) Love is ... over ( love is over , yeah yeah ~ ) O-O-O-O- Over , Love, ... Love is pain pain O-O-O-O-Over , Love ( break it ) Na hontou Mystery Mystery ( Why ~ ) Mystery Mystery (

Frank Zappa lyricsFrank Zappa - Mystery roach lyrics

long? how long? Till that mystery roach be arrivin' soon Ya ... ooo ya-ooo ya-ooo ya-ooo The mystery roach be approachin' The mystery roach ... be approachin' me La la la la la la la, oof! The mystery

Age Of Artemis - Mystery lyrics

are the strangers in this world Whose ... sons are living in the ground We are the victims in this world ... of hate We hear that peace will find it's way But

Dio - Mystery lyrics

Can you hear me, Can you see There's a storm on ... the edge of the sky Does it matter? Well, it does to me, I ... can tell you why You know, ... s thunder, there should be rain But it don't always follow

The New Pornographers - Mystery hours lyrics

the true one, calm, selective Staking a claim ... among the young defectives Far off under the nighttime, baby Crawl into the wave Got ... now, unprotected You come around every day to collect me

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - Mystery lyrics

- love is a mystery Oh - love is a mystery ... She was the sister of Margarita, it was long long ago And I told her that I need her, ... so much she would`nt know And her brother was Juanito, he

Culture Club - Mystery boy lyrics

mystery boy Ooh mystery boy Always too sad to point the ... I told the boy to look at me But what you say it ... never lingers It's not what you say, but what you see

Jonah33 - Mystery lyrics

s it gonna take For the dead to wake in me? What does it ... require To understand this fire inside? I want ... to comprehend Where you start and where I end If I could

Dead By April - Mystery lyrics

it’d be easy, now it’s getting critical ... of my life now, it’s unbelievable The more things change ... they stay the same Thought I could take it ... but I am unable It’s too much to handle

Naked Brothers Band - Mystery girl lyrics

s the mystery girl(Who's the mystery girl) Who i see on my block ... I never believed in love at first sight, but i was wrong ... I never believed in love at first sight, but i was wrong

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - Mystery train lyrics

are days when she's a whisper Nights when she's a ... scream A reason to wake up in the morning To close ... your eyes and dream She'll curse you like a sailor She'll wound you with

Jon B - Mystery 4 two lyrics

I guess tonight kinda had that flow I heard you say &quot ... go for what you know" So I took ... the thought of meeting you at 12:00 For a private little

Rough Silk - Mystery bay + recall lyrics

the cradle of gold like the story's ... been told shows the blind man the way to mystery bay ... then a dream will come true for the sad and the blue so recall - come

Donna Summer lyricsDonna Summer - Mystery of love lyrics

are changing Children of love are alive People reach out to ... Together Love is the message We carry across the sky ... Down through the passage of Time forever History

Clannad - Mystery game lyrics

s not for the money The hope and despair It's not for the ... leaving Of love that was there If it's for danger A ... fortune beware Leaving it all back To somewhere the same

Billy Ocean - Mystery lady lyrics

there Mystery Lady can I spend the night with you ... Can I have your number I'll be anything you want me to We ... ought to get something started Ooh I can tell so very

Red - Mystery of you lyrics

always said we'd meet again You always said you'd be ... You touch the deepest part of me The places I could ... not save Just tell me why I’m so dark inside Somewhere, I will

Tobias Sammet - Mystery of a blood red rose lyrics

ve played our roles in our passion plays They've imposed ... on us right from the cradle No matter what you dream, ... beware of what you say Until the cogwheel's out of

Seals & Crofts - Mystery of love lyrics

s a mystery, she can shine her light on me. She can soar like a dove -- She's ... the mystery of love. She's got mastery, ... perfect human qualities. Can you hear her call,

Domain - Mystery stone lyrics

in the fields, over hills and mountains Far from the ... blood we all came from The source of our ... dreams and ancient legends A fountain of truth for those

Tom Odell - Mystery lyrics

found these days the things you say are so ... frustrating Always asking where we're going Release the handle bars, the wheels ... will start to roll Who knows just what we'll find What happens

Avantasia - Mystery of a blood red rose lyrics

Lead vocals: Tobias] AARON: We've played our roles ... in our passion plays They've imposed on us ... right from the cradle No matter what you dream, beware of

Jimmy Gnecco - Mystery lyrics

want you And I think you should know, ... but how When I don't say nothing out loud What a mystery As I watched you walking out ... the door You're a mystery I let you down and now you

Katra - Mystery lyrics

into his eyes and see How humble in love he ... can be Any given day he's gone Just when you ... thought you were one Was it all a lie of hearts and ... blind eyes Illusion of a timeless dream that dies Mystery No way to understand the

Live - Mystery lyrics

ammunition won't load into my gun My inhibitions, ... they fall like the weight from a ... stone You lead my heart away like a homeless, dusted fool ... ring still shines like a diamond to you Oh, how it

Mgmt - Mystery disease lyrics

can’t pay attention what slips into the system A ... light touch, a whisper that puts you to sleep Don’t ... sympathize with the mystery disease All it is is a

Anita Baker - Mystery lyrics

Carr, Shirley; Shuman, Earl; Temperton, Rod; Turning back the hands of time Holding ... on to misty memories Chasing shadows through the night ... Trying to find my happy ending Reaching out for another chance at heaven We

B. J. Thomas - Mystery of tomorrow lyrics

m used to being all alone I don't really have a place called home But I'm not sad Oh I don't feel bad There ... s still the mystery of tomorrow People always

Chastain - Mystery of illusion lyrics

me, from all the lies Take me. Please free my mind ... Beside me. Please guide me Inside me, lost ... my mind! Sweet mystery of illusion Light blinds us ... one and all Enslaved in passions freedom A door becomes

Hugh Laurie - Mystery lyrics

my life has been a mystery You and I were never ever meant to be That's why I call my ... love for you a mystery Different country You and ... I have always lived in a different country And I know

The Pretenders - Mystery achievement lyrics


Ryosuke Yamada - Mystery virgin lyrics

. Wow... Wow... Koboreochita namida no riyuu ga Wakaranakereba kimi o sukuenai yo ... Muriyari warau kimi ga Hazushita shisen Nani o mita? ... Koboreochita juice no shizuku wa Shita de

Secret Discovery - Mystery land lyrics

moving in the wind beneath the borderline the birds are singing in the dusk the ... song of love and pride the river flows, the ... deep green trees are dancing wild and free and once again there are these feelings

David Gray - Mystery of love lyrics

city gates at twilight And a red ship sinking Behind ... winter's grey wall Ice in the wind But a ... fire in the embers Of my heart As darkness falls In a candlelit room Where your eyes are laughing Smoking in the

Jupiter One - Mystery man lyrics

of a dream Candied at the seams Tucked under my arm As I ... heard the alarm Woke up in a daze Followed by a blaze Of ... golden afternoon I picked up my spoon

Paradox - Mystery lyrics

I saw it hanging in the night air Exactly as it shouldn't I prayed ... for it to go its own way Although I knew it wouldn't ... Who can I tell Who would believe me

Indigo Girls - Mystery lyrics

you'd pull down the driveway I wasn't sure when I would ... see you again Cause yours was a twisted blind sided highway No matter which road you ... then Oh you set up your place in my thoughts Moved in and made my thinking crowded

Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - Mystery man lyrics

t you hide from me baby Shame on you Incognito Honey ... re so cruel I don't mind Take my hand Baby I wanna be ... your mystery man Yeah you got ruby lipstick Rose

Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - Mystery of love lyrics

t you hide from me baby, shame on you Incognito, baby ... re so cruel I don't mind, take my hand Baby I wanna be ... your mystery man Yeah you got ruby lipstick, petal

Shawn Mcdonald - Mystery lyrics

will cause a man To climb the highest mountain in search for more And ... will cause a man To swim the vast blue sea ... in search for more What will cause a man To soar

Dark Moor - Mystery of goddess (japanese bonus) lyrics

live in secret You fled from awful fear Always hold it to ... your ear And the labrys caressing your hands [Bridge] ... With pain and sorrow the fight starts, I

Dj Jazzy Jeff - Mystery man lyrics

wit me y'all (LE) Bounce wit em y'all ... Who get it live when the party dies down Mysterious man ... Lyrics like lightning, vocals like thunder Neighborhood

Emmylou Harris - Mystery train lyrics

arrive 16 coaches long Train arrive 16 coaches long Well that long black train Took my baby back home Train train ... rolling round the bend Train train rolling round the

Rage - Mystery trip lyrics

again I fell sleep Drowned in a ... deadlike state, far too deep There she came, ... in my dreams Showed me places I never had seen But I ... don't remember anything It's just that I've

The Saints - Mystery dream lyrics

day and night night and day I've been around to every ... back door eye-sore hole in the ... ground with a yes sir no sir please tell ... me what to do And won't you please let me have something to Mystery dream

Eli Young Band - Mystery in the making lyrics

night time air's like a baptism And the way I'm feeling ... right now is strange I think it's time to make ... some changes 'Cause right now my outlook has ... changed I feel like a dance that's lost it's rhythm A

Elvis Costello - Mystery dance lyrics

was restless, he was ready to kill. He jumped out the ... window cause he couldn't sit still. ... Juliet was waiting with a safety net. He said "Don't

Brooke Fraser - Mystery lyrics

wanna get your words stuck in my head I wanna touch your soul ... with mine I want to always be, be by your lead Always ... I wanna know that you hung the stars in the

John Butler Trio - Mystery man lyrics

man with your mystery smile Come on and tell me ... something I don't already know I've been looking around I've been chasing these ... channels of the information age And I'm sick of this show

Lauryn Hill - Mystery of iniquity lyrics

songy Chorus intro] It's the mystery of Inequity... Said it's the ... misery of Inequity... Said it's the history of ... Inequity... When it all... All falls down... Telling you all... It all falls down

Lion's Share - Mystery lyrics

a distant planet far away There’s a place where we can stay It’s a place where dreams come true It’s a place for ... me and you Don’t you worry I

Rakim - Mystery lyrics

Chorus: If you can see if you can solve the mystery The answer revolves around ... your history So carefully, I drop this degree ... Scientifically, and realistically (Who is God?) Repeat

Skylark - Mystery of the night lyrics

of mankind, falling behind, along the path to the night. ... Don't waste your time, give me a sign, ... into the tunnel of life. Take my hand tonight, walking by

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