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Dewey Cox - Let me hold you (little man) lyrics

a regular Guy Let Me Hold You Little Man As the parade ... passes by Let Me Hold You Little man We'll make believe you ... can fly You shout for me to put you down

Alan Jackson - Little man lyrics

s apothecary They ware the little man The little man I go ... districts There goes the little man There goes the little man Now the court square's

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Little man lyrics

will burn There's one thing you will learn Those things you ... cherished Are things that you have earned Luck is when ... true for every generation Little man As you climb upon my

Anna Mcluckie - Little man on the moon lyrics

man on the moon, can I pay you a visit? Things are hard ... right now; I’m in need of your spirit. I know the stars in ... And on my walks in the dark, you always seem quite nice.

Phantom Blue - Little man lyrics

haired baby, mad gone crazy You turned my head around Flat ... on my back, you took what you got And walked without a ... and blue, I shoulda known you�d Throw me a line I bought

Eric Clapton lyricsEric Clapton - Little man, you've had a busy day lyrics

know why you're cryin', I know why you're ... blue Someone took your kiddy-car away Time to go ... to sleep now Little man, you've had a busy day Someone ... took your marbles, tell you what I'll do Dad'll get you

Perry Como - Little man youve had a busy day lyrics

man you're cryin', I know why you're blue, Someone took your ... Better go to sleep now, Little man you've had a busy day . . ... . Johnny won your marbles, tell you what we'll

Hands Off Gretel - Little man lyrics

my eye, my eye is seeing a little man, [?] its way [?] my feet ... my eye, I came for him [?] little [?], push out of my fear I ... my eye no one else can take you away they'll try but no one

Little Dragon - Little man lyrics

class Boy, cash running in your pockets You skate high, ... gold on your finger tips They try to ... Something missing in your smile Something missing in your soul Are you suffering the

Eddy Arnold - Little man you've had a busy day lyrics

man you're crying I know why you're blue someone took your ... away Better go to sleep now little man you've had a busy day ... Johnny won your marbles tell you what we'll do dad'll get you

Sia lyricsSia - Little man lyrics

Yor smile I keep on file You tickle me pink I love the ... way you think So when I'm feeling ... low I know I'm your greatest fan Little man ... I'm endlessly proud of you In such a short time span

Greedy Invalid - Little man lyrics

be shy The light won’t hurt you It is just the sun Our ... do I’m not the one I love you You hate my love I hate you ... You really don’t know why?

Morrissey - Little man, what now? lyrics

nostalgia Television show You spoke in silhouette But they ... couldn't name you Though the panel were very ... polite to you Oh, but I remembered you ... nineteen sixty nine ATV, you murdered every line Too old

Elvis Costello - You little fool lyrics

love have an imitation ring You little fool, you little fool ... I suppose that your going to stay all night You ... Don't look at me that way you know it isn't right You little fool They say no news is

Clannad - Struggle lyrics

like a falling star That you wish upon Isn't it a struggle To find a good friend? ... Isn't it a struggle To have to defend? Isn't ... it a struggle You have to take that chance to

Blackberry Smoke - Prayer for the little man lyrics

eyes Say a prayer for the little man Cause he's gonna need a ... and I won't be around Can you just let me know there's an ... Say a prayer for the little man, mmm Mmm I remember my

Ginuwine - Little mans bangin lude lyrics

on [Little Man] Rock 'em y'all Ha, ha, ha ... my name, ya'all? Could it be Little Man, join with the Timbaland ... year 2 G baby Ha, ha, ha Little Man is comin' to you on

Ozzy Osbourne lyricsOzzy Osbourne - My little man lyrics

O.Osbourne - S.Vai) Don't you know I love you more Than ... life itself Don't you know that you're my pride ... And I would not have you Walking through this world

Luke  Bryan lyricsLuke Bryan - Little bit later on lyrics

it boys I say hey man Whatcha doing later on? He ... said aw man I'm just hanging out later ... I'll swing by and get ya And you'll be there and I bet ya We

Prince - Man in a uniform lyrics

(Hut!) She said "Man in a uniform 2night that's ... give a damn, U see' Because man in a uniform do funny things ... so damn fine, ah" Man in a uniform (Hut!) That's

Fantasia - Man of the house lyrics

to Man Of The House : Verse: If we ... But now see it's gettin' a little out of hand, Cook, cleaning, ... providing taking care of little man You want to talk about

Aphex Twin - Funny little man lyrics

on little funny man Come on! Come on! Come on you funny man! I would like to ... f*** you up the bunghole, and then I ... will sneak into your room and cut your cock off

Anthony B - You move me lyrics

to the Queen of all nation Woman say man always done wrong ... I livicate this song So woman could overstand hey I yo ... Let me take this time to let you know you're on my mind You

Laura Marling - Little love caster lyrics

am, yes I am a master. I had you, bad man. Little love, little love caster Palm of my hand. ... I wish that I had've told you then Where my kindness ends.

B2k - You can get it lyrics

the club Chilling with her man Looking sexy as hell With ... with flavor Take it from her man and save her Girl just say ... the word and I'm wit it (you know) and you definately can

Lonestar - Little town lyrics

you blink, you might miss it: Population: ... means something, An' the little man still counts. Water ... here are proud, To be from a little town. Well, the stars,

Metallica lyricsMetallica - Little dog lyrics

Moaning from each limb Little dog who can´t get in Can ... Can not swim Pony legs, little trot Little dog has to wait ... barking Listen to him call Little dog don´t have much at all

Tracy Bonham - You cant always not get what you dont want lyrics

man big heart said to big man little heart `I got what I want ... want I got what I need But you can`t always not get what you ... don`t want Flaunt what you got and what you got flaunt

Elvis Costello - Little palaces lyrics

the wrapper There's a dapper little man And he wears a wax ... ll soon be pulling down the little palaces And the doors swing ... soft soap opera divorce, And you say you didn't do it, but you

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - You can't unring a bell lyrics

a bell Junior it'll cost you to get out of this one Junior ... big plans that don't include you take it like a man cause you you can't unring a bell ... sucker you'll need an attorney for this

Devin Townsend - Man lyrics

watch you In my silence I was you ... Last grey morning I want you And I cast you And I face ... disaster I ask you, being man I have less use for ... better run... I want you Silently forgiven I want you The pain bestowed I ask you, being man I have less use

Lea Michele - You are woman, i am man lyrics

are woman, I am man You are smaller, so I can be ... taller than, You are softer to the touch, It ... I like feeling very much. You are someone I've admired,

Missy Elliott lyricsMissy Elliott - You don't know lyrics

laugh about it But see, a woman, could never admit to another ... woman That she been sleepin' wit' ... her man Cuz if that ever happened to ... me I would call your house and be like, yo Don

Bush lyricsBush - Little things lyrics

She does me again I'd die in your arms If you were dead too ... Scratch away It's the little things that kill Tearing at ... my brains again It's the little things that kill The little

Ashlund Jade - Love me like you - little mix - cover by ashl.. lyrics

he can't buy my love It's you I'm dreaming of They try ... to romance me But you got that nasty And that's ... They can't love me like you I tried to find somebody

Heart - Little queen lyrics

than gin Only the finest by your skin Always running after ... Time - catching You're fancy with rhyme Shining ... Hot on the presses today - little queen Making your passion

Neil Sedaka - Little devil lyrics

whoa, yeah, yeah, yeah Hey, little devil Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa ... yeah, yeah, yeah Hey, little devil Hey, little devil, ... you're always running around (hey

Blondie - Little girl lies lyrics

loves you right now, so don't close your eyes She'll be talking and ... and cute, she'll take you the route Telling Little ... quot; He's telling his Little Girl Lies That's how the Little Girl Lies He's telling his Little Girl Lies Those Little Girl

Marvin Gaye - Little darling (i need you) lyrics

s so hard loving you But I don't wanna let you go ... Little darling I need you (Little darling I need you) Little ... darling I love you (Little darling I love you) Little

Iggy  Pop lyricsIggy Pop - Little know it all lyrics

turns to clever Why are you surprised? Little know it ... all (little know it all) Ten bucks in my ... hand Little know it all (little know it all) Don't cry, I

Soundgarden lyricsSoundgarden - Little joe lyrics

run for the border Leave your home, leave your mother and ... side of the border that is your home Little Joe, eyes of your lover look back on you As you run for cover Those sticks

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Little wonder lyrics

morning Doc, Grumpy gnomes Little wonder then, little wonder You little wonder, little wonder ... Sleepytime, Bashful but nude Little wonder then, little wonder You little wonder, little wonder

Eddie Cochran - Little angel lyrics

s a fear And in my eyes you'll find a tear I'm scared ... that I'm losing you That's why I cry If I ... should lose you, little angel, I'd die Oh, little

Serena Ryder - Little bit of red lyrics

whoo Hey you, say you Wanna start over again ... I've been watching all your colours fade To blue ... Said you'd come back Like I wanted you, wanted you Stop pretending

Emilie Autumn - Little boy lyrics

boy why did you have to chase me so hard ... didn't your mother show you what to do didn't your ... father tell you not to push Little boy we could have been great

Ana Johnsson - Little angel lyrics

brings words unspoken Little angel learned to fly But she ... her eyes and shut it out Little angel hear her cry She's ... calling you, her heart is broken Is it you? Is it you? You... Never

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Little baby lyrics

go and I'll come with you little baby You go and I'll go with ... you little baby You go and I'll come with you You bet your life that I'll walk ... with you You go and I'll come with you little baby You go to court and I

Mindy Smith - Little devil lyrics

got so damn pretty? Oh, you little devil You got so ... pretty, you little fool He pulls me in, he ... promises and lies Oh, you little devil You got so pretty, you

Fergie lyricsFergie - You already know lyrics

slow That's right, baby, you already know You already ... know, hope you're ready Ready, steady, ... let me think about it Put my little noodle on the problem, then I

Carlene Carter - Little love letter no. 1 lyrics

I sang Or is it something you read Come clean with me or ... I'm gonna wash my hands of you Hey like Elvis said, &quot

Mark Lanegan - I love you little girl lyrics

you little girl Better than I love my ... than I love myself Want you and me Forever, ever and ... Just so far from home Love you little girl Better than I

Mac And Devin Go To High School - You can put it in a zag, i’mma put it in a bl.. lyrics

Is the big mack i got the .. You might wanna hit this Hook: You Can Put It In A Zag, Imma Put ... It In A Blunt You can stay in the back i'ma ... Matter of fact they want You Can Put It In A Zag, Imma Put

Bad Company lyricsBad Company - Little martha lyrics

little Martha There you stand with the stems of the ... roses still in your hand The seasons of time ... The weather, your face, you little Martha, there's no disgrace

Chipmunk - Man dem (ft.tinchy stryder) lyrics

Maniac Chipmunk Check it See ... i can't take these man dem Start promoting beef but ... getting no peice man dem Ain't even got a mix CD ... got the cheak to send for me man dem You're not G's man dem

John Butler Trio - You're free lyrics

it gets dark, I hear your call You always come when ... s around at all Whispering your poison, burning my brain ... Separating me from you, driving me insane You

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - Little lamb dragonfly lyrics

Have No Answer For You Little Lamb I Can Help You Out But ... I Cannot Help You In Sometimes You Think That ... My Heart Is Breaking For You Little Lamb I Can Help You Out But

Paper Lions - Little liar lyrics

Liar If I were to tell you Put your hand inside a ... Jump from rooftops Hold your breath Watch until the ... I'm not sure what he meant You better run you little liar

Siddharta - You betray lyrics

send me to a lion's den would you would you leave me insecure ... should you does it matter who you kill again when everyone is ... gone Do remember you had me on my parole so

Cheap Trick - Man-u-lip-u-lator lyrics

Let's go for some action Man-u-lip-u-lator it's so easy ... fly Idle speculation Man-u-lip-u-lator tryin' to ... operate on you Sticky situation I'd love

Logic lyricsLogic - Man of the year lyrics

peers Hook I'm the man of the year Man of the year ... "I knew it" But you was wasn't there in the ... be found when I was down But you show up when I'm winnin' Uh,

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