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Outline In Color - Struggle lyrics

m wide awake, I know the truth Some people are poison and I'm the proof I hear the voice inside that says "Everyone is beautiful But you!" One mind, any weapon I'm in heaven My nerves start to deaden Everything is the same to me When

Le'andria Johnson - Struggle not lyrics

believe and receive The blessings God has promised you Don't you doubt for a second God's word is so true Praise him for your victory Even when you're going through Struggle not for God has blessed you Just believe and receive The blessings God has promised you Don't you

Eviction - Struggle with society lyrics

got no control of it,Society will never change for you Victims of the struggle,within our world Voted politicians strike at each other's blinded will When will it get through to them? Hibernation stop right now! Chorus: Leaders cherish Millions perish Struggle with society Lying

Keith Richards - Struggle lyrics

it's a struggle, baby it's a struggle, yeah yeah If it's a struggle between love and hate, baby's gonna have to wait Yeah yeah huh yeah, ooh yeah struggle. I'm in the middle, you're not the only one You're not the only one, you're not the only one. It's a struggle, it's a st

Akon - Struggle everyday lyrics

a trouble everyday Trying to walk away from a life of sorrow It's a struggle everyday Trying not to rob G's, still I borrow I need to take it slow My heart is growing cold I'm trying to hide my feelings From the people that I know and everywhere I

Am I Blood - Struggle in disarray lyrics

s just a second and this all crash You made room for life but they blind you It's just a moment when you all scream They're marching across the sand and through happiness Silent waves I only hear them bleeding The day has turned to darken the e

Ashanti - Struggle lyrics

Verse 1] I couldn't fall asleep late last night, thinkin' what we had just might be all over baby And I don't know if you meant what you said when you told me you was sick of tryin', you was sick of fightin', cryin', lyin' and didn't wanna do this ag

Authority Zero - Struggle lyrics

ve got the strength You've got the drive to steer it all You've got the vision You've got the mind set above and beyond But can you take it? Can you depend on yourself when the time comes? You cannot fake it It's the truth of the matter that calls you

Killing Joke - Struggle lyrics

the meaning of struggle Giving your whole life to a single passion Which others may or may not Consider obsolete Like a rare flower Seen by a few before it withers and dies (before it withers and dies) Seeing it all All the way through the very end Regardless

Ringside - Struggle lyrics

goes Elvis kicking up a landslide Close shave now he's back on the flipside Stretch taxi gonna fly me to the Hollywood Bowl It's a bitch Jack when you need some feedback You hang while they hold you and you never get the ring back But I like you best when you're down with the rest of

Clannad - Struggle lyrics

down a dirty road Covered with moss And see the grey stones Green as luscious fields in sight A dark moonlight night When the past flashes by Coming down from heaven like a falling star That you wish upon Isn't it a struggle To find a good friend? Isn't it a strugg

Planet Funk - Struggle lyrics

million dollar question What's the winning look for this year? The game is on and seasons in full swing Stakes are high pick your invitations Careful not to push or shove If you want in on the new idea Who will be the first to unite? Stand up and check your invitation

Alltheniko - Struggle till the sunset lyrics

are we waiting for, while the acid rain falls West is where we go, to the mountains of fire, here we come Still, we’re gonna take on, to be a number one Nothing will divide, a new life will rise in the first rays of dawn, in veins the power flows, and now, what we do is

Galneryus - Struggle for the freedom flag lyrics

the blood of our friends that sticking to us Rising out of the sea of sorrow There's nothing to loose anymore We will be fighting till we get hold of our victory Oh my sword leads us to the castle where the evil lies The sacrifice was big, but we became stronge

Elvenstorm - Struggle within lyrics

don't want your hand this time, I will save myself You play with my nerves so, would it be the end? I really try to fight, I won't surrender You want to test my might by the dark whispers My struggle within has begun I try not hear their voice

Kryptor - Struggle for humanity lyrics

instincts are instilled in each of us uncontrolled desires are burning us within degenerated ideas use to drive us mad all bloody deeds are effects of human existence. Contol your desires don´t destroy yourself separate the truth from the lie find the ar

Vybz Kartel - Struggle lyrics

tada ta tata Fi di yute dem inna di struggle Oooooooooo Tat tada tada Ghetto yute like di teacher Ya dig Tada tada ta tata But we love life doh Oooooooooo Tat tada tada Mi grow wid 4 sista one bredda Madda n mi fadda weh keep we togetha Altho ghetto life tough like leather

Nonpoint - Struggle lyrics

Fuerza Boriqua Strugglin goin through the motions Day in day out Another commotion Backstabbed don't know how to stop A friend is only a dollar in a pocket Won't let you Chase the dream that I had since I was Just a little chico in my teens Now you're gone and I'm doin f

Adultery - Struggle of curse lyrics

have just come - you call for a glory - you call for a victory. The black lightning this dark glare stays in your eyes as nightmare. The dark cloak hides you tonight, where desire is in your sight. Forget it ! You are only a dark messenger, where is you

Archeon - Struggle with death lyrics

death was there across the sky Heavy rain in the darkest night I saw desire in her eye's So I left the place Where she kept on calling me.. ....just me Had to stop covered tight Looking back upon the fields Her eyes are again on me.. I am sca

Cave Growl - Struggle of life lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

Sadie - Struggle against betrayal lyrics

kill myself I pour my rotten blood on you. Cry for you. I hate you making a fool of me. I want to murder you decieving me. Let a restrained tangle loose. I don't want to hear the excuse. I already got tired of hearing the falsehood. I'm drownd, and nothi

Abigail - Struggle to death lyrics

listen together With the brother in the mist Eyeball like a young Beast catches a scene Die! Die! Charge it together with fire Weapon is scattered Get honor and I'm

Ancient Bards - Struggle for life lyrics

darkness I can feel the beat of my heart getting weaker A tightness that makes it hard for me to move my body Iʼm tired I can feel the wind through my hair, the beating of his wings All around itʼs dark But I can see a light far from the distan

Yelawolf lyricsYelawolf - Struggle speaks (interlude) lyrics

went through the fire Flames made me pure Fears were fishing for a confession I ain't bite the lord Took a tour of the country In a federal van The light overcame the darkness In the devilish land Knowing that the change must come but Sam Cook seems 15 minute pho

Downstait - Radio (unused theme of zack ryder) lyrics

all my Bros at WOO WOO Lets get them fists up WOO WOO Where all my Bros at WOO WOO Let’s start that fist pump 1-2-3-4 Oh Radio, tell me everything you know. I will believe your every word, just tell me so. I like to sing with the radio,

Blacklite District - The struggle lyrics

remember that day that I got the call, remember that day that I lost it all, I remember that day with a tear in my eye, remember that day like it was only mine. A tragedy tapped on my shoulder and said hello, yeah, and it took my soul. Like you, nothings forever, like you, som

System Of A Down lyricsSystem Of A Down - Power struggle (bubbles demo) lyrics

that don't drown Life in a bubble Jungle I wouldn't frown It showed another jungle Staying in the ground But I was in there for you Now leaving town Life in a bubble jungle Seeing you, believing the satiric, with the power struggle Believi

Notorious B.i.g. - Everyday struggle lyrics

Mason, Harvey; Wallace, Christopher; Right Right I don't wanna live no mo' Sometimes I hear death knockin' at my front do' I'm livin' everyday like a hustle, another drug to juggle Another day, another struggle I don't wanna live no mo' Sometimes

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - Now the struggle has a name lyrics

the apology done Applause can begin Now, the apologies done Applause begins If it bleeds it leads If it cries it flies If it feeds a need If it dies, it dies Now the struggle has a name It doesn't fade, it hasn't changed I still feel the same Now the struggle has

Anti-flag - One people one struggle lyrics

people, united, will never be defeated. The people, united, will never be defeated. The people, united, will never be defeated. The people, united, will never be defeated. The people, united, will never be defeated. The people, united, will never be defeated.

Mystic Roots - Constant struggle lyrics

never nuff to chase all my cares away (We’re living in a constant struggle) The systems always rough it’s breaking I down each day (We’re living in a constant struggle) My people are addicted to the poisons of modern day I say (We’re living in a constant struggle) So evil and c

Busta Rhymes - The struggle will be lost lyrics

Chorus] Now this is the tale of a murderer who comes from the caucus cliffs [Busta in background] happy Thanksgiving he robbed and stole and killed for greed and packed us on slave ships [Busta in background] happy Thanksgiving he took us off to stolen lan

Demolition Hammer - Power struggle lyrics

plan Purveyor of underhanded tactics Never compromise Divide, conquer Complete control Destined to control On your knees Narcissistic rule Won't back down Strategic plan of attack Power Struggle Opposition folds Never submit Complete control

The Casualties lyricsThe Casualties - Constant struggle lyrics

set upon our lives in the struggle to survive Can't afford the time and outlets to continue with my life CONSTANT STRUGGLE CONSTANT BATTLE CONSTANT STRUGGLE CONSTANT BATTLE How long must a man wait? How long must a man wait? How long must a man wait? We had enough!

Leisure - Private struggle lyrics

wanna rise and shine I wanna feel the heat thats coming from glory I rather die, than live and know that nobody knows my name. I 'm singing along and the world drops dead maybe I should shut up instead I 'm singing along and the skies turn black m

Van Morrison - Man has to struggle lyrics

makes his money and they call him rich Deep down inside he knows that life's still a bitch Man tries to keep things but they're taken away Man has to struggle all the live long day Man has to sweat and toil his life filled with trouble Man got to step and fetch it on t

Metallica lyricsMetallica - The struggle within lyrics

out for something you've got to feel While clutching to what you had thought was real Kicking at a dead horse pleases you No way of showing your gratitude So many things you don't want to do What is it? What have you got to lose What the hell What is it you think you're gonn

Mirah - The struggle lyrics

I hope you find The magic on the floor That I left behind And I forgot to close the door The careless gestures That made it all so rough What could I expect from The great mystery above It's uncontrolled All the hate and all the love The blame that

As I Lay Dying - Through struggle lyrics

Only through struggle have I found rest With a piece of me taken away I begin to understand Hollow out this machine like chest With its gears that turn to make me feel And assembled thoughts that fade away Only through struggle have I found rest Only through struggle h

Scroobius Pip - The struggle lyrics

spend my life on the move, my life on the road Town to town, city to city, time zone to time zone Success keeps you busy so I can't complain how life is But in a life like this you tend to develop some vices My wife is my life and I'd never cheat on her But there

Talib  Kweli lyricsTalib Kweli - Beautiful struggle lyrics

Sample] This is a tear jerker [Intro - echoes] The revolution is here, the revolution is here people I said it once, I'll say it twice You gots to be ready The revolution is inside of you People, the revolution is here, yeah [Hook] The revolut

Cauldron - Born to struggle lyrics

in the valley underneath The basement dwellers birth a dream A host of weapons craft their seed Echoing cinders start to bleed Born inside the falling tide, confined within The struggle thrives to undermine existence An arsenal brewing from beneath Ready and bursting f

Grizfolk - The struggle lyrics

got room to talk Messin’ round on the block Corner shops, stares, and stops Mother rather not You’re young enough to say what you feel So say what you feel, say what you feel Sometime it’s all that we got It’s all that we got, it’s all that we got the

Lil' B - Win loose or struggle lyrics

I want to say free all my... You feel me? People locked down mentally I'm not talkin bout just, I'm talkin bout they mind right now, yea feel me? Niggas like me I gotta hustle I give a f*** about the muscle I'm a win, lose or struggle bitch Y'already know it's your boy

Elegacy - The endless struggle lyrics

coming Through the trees I fall again On my knees I can’t stop now I gotta run I feel its presence Just behind No time to think No time to wait No time at all Unceasing rain Slackens me Step by step It’s drawing near I can’t go on I’m out

Lil Boosie - My struggle lyrics

Talkin'] Boosie boo!! Boosie boo, nigga!! And I be like the best nigga at this shit right now, word for word, Life story for life story, mane I'm the truth… [Verse 1] We started off in the backyard, I'm that boy, Hate to lose, If I lose, yo can get bru

Lil Boosie - You don't know my struggle lyrics

Talkin'] Boosie boo!! Boosie boo, nigga!! And I be like the best nigga at this shit right now, word for word, life story for life story, mane I'm the truth [Verse 1] We started off in the backyard, I'm that boy, Hate to lose, If I lose, yo can

Lucky Boys Confusion - The struggle lyrics

I could slow you down, down for an hour I'd show you that tonight the world, the world is so small Here is me and you, here is the mission The distance, the race, the miles to crawl They got us cornered in You're afraid to leave the house The whole

Resistant Culture - All one struggle lyrics

see the horizon ahead the rivers running red tortured the innocent exploiting all life the injury to one Is an injury to all no more separatism all one struggle! across space and time spans all their crimes for liberation and peace let's get off our

Carcer City - The constant struggle lyrics

to the real world. I remember when life was so simple. At what point was the blindfold stolen? Innocence, Stolen, Welcome to the real world… …and the sky falls down in pieces, the shattered remains of a world we used to know. Wake up. Everything I love is fading when every step has

In Flames - Our infinite struggle lyrics

a disaster story a central conflict of primal rage Usual sort of desperation Characters remain the same Never cut you out, I cut you in Feeding on life leftovers I am writing to you You should realize it hurts in me too Walk on broken glass Is the pain

Sarissa - The struggle lyrics

have the strength to Follow Show Me A Sign Show me the way that I cant find I am here to give it all Just let me prove it I am obsessed with heart and soul It's time to make up my mind it's now for real It's like a strange game, game that life play

Lowkey - Soundtrack to the struggle lyrics

Intro: Lowkey] It's been a long time coming Too long Too long It's been in the making a quarter century But it's here now It's here now If by the time you hear this album I'm not here You know why [Hook: Mavado] Tell ya, so mi say Too many suffering

Nightrage - A grim struggle lyrics

grim reality casts a gloom in our hearts A grim struggle The night of death The day that life was cold Pleading in the moonlight In the fullness of time we live and learn And we die soulless This is not a dream This is only reality By and by yo

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