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Miike Snow - The heart of me lyrics

took the yellow diamond spears and ... wants to turn up, give it to them Sharp through tension, ... You've put a lasso on the scene Feeds and pages, feeds ... and pages Look away and take the backdoor to The heart of

Signum Regis - Through the desert, through the storm lyrics

is the end of the journey It's been all enough ... for me I've seen it all before I've heard it all before ... This feels like a cage, there is no more space Just

Sanna Nielsen - Heart of me lyrics

of me, don't make a fool of me You fall in love too fast ... and foolishly There's no wisdom in the way you ... feel Heart, slow down, it's not the time ... now Take your time until there is no doubt Give me half a

Dreams Of Sanity - The empress through the looking glass a drea.. lyrics

touched my sleep - A longing for the reason Before my spell ... me again so bitter sweet. The Springtime's all renewing ... my gaze remained on glimpses of this tiny life It cannot be

Alison Krauss - Through the morning, through the night lyrics

a man But to know that another man’s holding you tight ... me little darling Through the morning, through the night ... The bond has been broken The promise you gave The words

Carpark North - Heart of me lyrics

always take the heart of me And leave it there it ... stays to be What is it for? Do you want more? It ... takes a while to grasp on to The softness of a heart anew

Casus Belli - The madman through the haze lyrics

hear the footsteps The killer is behind you No ... you Don't try to escape The one way dyed in red Although ... you save your life for a while Will be your hunter

Coheed And Cambria - The camper velourium i: faint of hearts lyrics

worries that I'd give her in they told the worst of me With ... you want so if you please The sin that shapes your voice ... take your tongue? In worries of the words that you couldn't

Olympos Mons - Through the ice and snow lyrics

and faster We´re riding the wind With one destination ... is wrong here A chill in the air The reaper is calling ... dreams You will end up in the land of the dead Just stay

Gehenna - Through the veils of darkness lyrics


Dragonforce - Through the fire and flames lyrics

a cold winter morning, in the time before the light, In ... flames of death's eternal reign, we ... ride towards the fight. When the darkness has fallen down, and

Donald Lawrence - Through the fire lyrics

You're not trusting your heart to anyone You've told me you ... it smart You're through before you start But I believe that ... begun When love is good, There's no saying no I love him

Nina - Through the fire lyrics

You're not trusting your heart to anyone You tell me you're ... it smart We're through before we start But I believe that ... begun When it's this good, there's no saying no I want you

The Birthday Massacre - The other side lyrics

me show you the way through the water  You don't have to ...  Turn your face to the stars  I see you smiling ... In winter I found you  As the world falls apart around me

Charice - Through the years lyrics

t remember when you weren't there When I didn't care for ... we've been through everything there is Can't imagine anything ... Can't imagine anything the two of us can't do Through

Dragonheart - Heart of a hero lyrics

close my heart to these feelings I see your face ... looking back to me Until the night, she will die If I ... have to die, I’ll die for you In the shadows of the

Suzi Quatro - Heart of stone lyrics

I gambled, played the game Took my chances once ... again Yes I'm always a fool for love when I'm feeling lonely ... me pain But I need him just the same 'Cos I aint got the

Sleepwave - Through the looking glass lyrics

dry out my lungs Remembering the days when I collected the sun ... Isn't this all just a part of the process Isn't this all ... just a part of it Watch me fall

Carach Angren - The sighting is a portent of doom lyrics

the age of electricity and oil, my ... knots on a pitch black sea. There's a strange object on the ... radars in front of me. Still nothing I can see. ... that what appeared to be the size of a ship. No response

Desdemona (band) - The rage inside my heart lyrics

afraid, I can't help it All these years I spent to make up my ... identity, were they useful? All I know, I ... understand now who I am Forgiveness, the strengh to go on

Grateful Dead - From the heart of me lyrics

slide down off the mountain, sunlight turning ... red Falls on the earth and it spreads Even the families lower their heads as ... they ride Age old faces of the mountains looming naturally

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - Heart of the country lyrics

everywhere I go Looking for a home In the heart of the ... everyone I know Looking for a home In the heart of the ... country Heart of the country Where the holy

Crimson Cult - The long way home (centre of the universe - p.. lyrics

see a little cloud on the blue ball earth and I feel There is something getting out of ... me in and sent me Out to foreign spaces But soon I ... And why it was good On the long way home On the long

At Vance - The brave and the strong lyrics

s something evil in the sky it's haunting me and I ... more and more to start the war Fight and believing ... that's what I'm aiming for so tells the story there

The Midnight Beast - The dance routine lyrics

s the year of the beast Again! ha-ha Dance ... view I traded my skateboard for some ballet shoes (what! ) ... Let me finish your sentence 'fore you answer Just because I

Natalie Merchant - The man in the wilderness lyrics

Man in the wilderness He asked of me ... How many strawberries grow in the salt sea? And I answered ... As many a ship sails in the wood The Man in the

Simple Minds - The kick inside of me lyrics

put the storm out, that's up in my ... head You put the call out Beside of me, kick ... up inside of me And you steal the world ... to survive And shake out the ghosts and then you turn

Damian Marley - The traffic jam lyrics

day some popo hold me fi one Then mi bredda Juju and mi idren ... to Gong when mashin up di traffic jam Police pull mi ova ... question As is says on the paper read di information

Atb - The autumn leaves lyrics

woke under cover of darkness Looked up into ... Tonight I wandered through the city alone this Rain wouldn ... t stop I couldn't dry my eyes I ... cried Who is the one to blame Why is it that

P. Diddy - Through the pain lyrics

how you doubted me I knew my heart was broken and so empty ... she hurt me yet she loved me the same has anybody ever made ... you really love her through the pain? [Diddy] ...yeah

Jack Johnson - Traffic in the sky lyrics

s traffic in the sky And it doesn't seem to ... be getting much better There's kids playing games on the ... pavement Drawing waves on the pavement Shadows of the

P.diddy - Through the pain lyrics

How You looked Me Knew My Heart Was Broken And So Empty ... She Hurt Me Yet She Loved Me The Same Has Anybody Ever Made ... You Really Love Her Through The Pain? [Diddy:] ...Yeah

Big Wreck - The pleasure and the greed lyrics

happy And I make you sick Forget the traffic I'm used to ... all of it It's no fair to say I ... snappy I don't give a shit Forgive the traffic I'm used to

Casting Crowns - The altar and the door lyrics

-slowly-unraveling shell of a man Burnt out, I'm so numb ... now That the fire's just an ember way down ... in the corner of my cold, cold heart Lord, ... I'll make it right, here at the altar I lay my life Your

Far East Movement - For all lyrics

is for all, for all, for all, for all I spend a lot of time ... looking for a better day Changing ... closer as my hope takes over for all La-la-la-la I’m

Forever The Sickest Kids - Life of the party lyrics

the life of the party.. Party, ah, ah, the ... life of the party, Party, ah, ah, the ... life of the party.. And shes the best ... seen, Turning heads, like the pages in a magazine, She's

Grave Digger - Heart of darkness lyrics

every man there's good and bad Madness ... genius or insane Sometimes the borders deep in you just fall ... a lonely one Once a soldier of great fame he was Now

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - Part of me lyrics

I hate it Weighted against the consequences Can’t live ... senseless Want to cut it out of my soul And just live with a ... gaping hole Take control of my life and wash out all the

Periphery - The gods must be crazy! lyrics

stop, and carry on through the light. Can you tell me what ... sleep sought after twists the dagger in the question of ... what lies within. So heart stop beating on through the night.

Silent Circle - Stop the rain in the night lyrics

as ice with a heart full of lies You're gone your own ... way I wait on the side in the heat of the night It is hard ... by side - That's our life Stop the rain in the night In my heart deep inside Hold me, I need

Jonny Lang - Dont stop for anything lyrics

in the back of this car How'd I wind up in ... Back at home I had a seat at the table Only thing holdin' me ... enough I'm sick and tired of this kind of life Listen to the voice inside I'm on' roll

Bruce Hornsby - The long race lyrics

s day And I'm staring out on the southland In the twilight ... distance on the bay My mind sees you running ... through the marshland All these years I've been waiting for

Automatic Loveletter - Heart song lyrics

I got my eye on you Standing there on Beacon Avenue I want ... Maybe next time I'll look before I fall 'Cause that's when ... you shot through my heart (Woah, woah) Well, you had

Bt The Roots - The session lyrics

Thought] From the Tunnels in the wee hours of the black ... morning From The Roots sprout the Foreign ... This is mad abstract All the way live from Philly, we got the hip-hop coalition called the

Forgive Durden - The end and the beginning (feat. greta salpet.. lyrics

land and serpentine seas, these two have been on quite an ... ever really love a couple of poor boys like us. She ... so chichi. Chased her with their conceited coteries. She's

Forgive Durden - The sour and the sweet lyrics

blues are drowning Amongst the salt of my sorrow. These ... baby blues were made for you. And you for them. Don ... t be afraid of what you know you want. Spit

Kid Cudi - Heart of lion lyrics

And I can't begin to Think of anything that could help ... But the weed is guaranteed indeed ... Goliath Kinda like me and the Devil Tryna rip out my soul

One Direction lyricsOne Direction - Through the dark lyrics

back to you And I'll be here for you [Harry + Zayn] Oh I ... carry you over fire and water for your love And I will hold ... you closer Hope your heart is strong enough When the

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - Stop (think again) lyrics

daybreak to sunset you are the heart of me saying what you ... I know where you go and all the plans you made playing for a ... where I lie You got to stop, think again, before you give

Jane Monheit - The man with the bag lyrics

is soon gonna jingle, The bells that'll tinkle all your ... away Everybody's waitin' for the man with the bag, 'Cause ... s got stuff to drop at every stop on the way Everybody's

The Prostitutes - Heart of stone lyrics

alone I pick up the phone Waiting for time to ... but it goes on A look in the mirror, but where is the ... smile I don't believe I see the person that I really want to

Sins Of Sincerity - The stone ft. spencer charnas of ice nine kil.. lyrics

up this time. I search for answers Heading from the ... darkest road to light I am the leader Of our hopes to make ... ve been running Far out from the central heart Whether you

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - Through the wire lyrics

G they can't stop me from rapping can they? ... that huh? I spit it through the wire man Too much stuff on ... my heart right now man I'd gladly ... man It's your boy Kanye to the... Chi-town what's going on

The Beautiful Girls - Sir your fashion has the cold heart of a kill.. lyrics

to come home. i scream into the night, that same old fear ... calling but a man picked up the phone. he said that nobody ... to get by. trying to escape these dreams that just will not stop chasing me down. i look for

Highlord - Through the wind lyrics

alone, I'm searching the answer of life But I can't ... now my time has come Like the wind i'll run They fool me ... with their falsness Today I see They ... ve tried to stop me with theyr hypocrisy here's no way to

Reinxeed - Through the fire lyrics

find a way to survive when the water draws near and all the ... gone But sadly to say there's no way When they save ... all the people According to the class they live All hope

Avian - The fear lyrics

strangers gathered in the forest Speaking without saying a ... single word Holding hands, they stood in a circle Staring ... at each other's frozen eyes The visions

The Clash lyricsThe Clash - The magnificent seven lyrics

to go again Cold water in the face Brings you back to this ... up an' learn those rules Weather man and the crazy chief One ... sun and one says sleet A.M., the F.M. the P.M. too Churning

Naomi King - The hounds lyrics

hear the guns go off And I hear the hounds ... me, yeah, oh-oh I hear my heartbeat now I hear my lungs ... break down Through the forest, through the forest

Mindmaze - Through the open door lyrics

back at me As shadows light the way Blackness makes its call ... my fear at bay I imagine the light on the outside I can ... never feel too sure I fight the urge to just hide I'm

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