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Once Human - Eye of chaos lyrics

fear, only in death There will be freedom From all ... warkind May we all fall a victor They named me a killer ... I learned to walk I learned the blade To cut the soul from

Bloden-wedd - Eye of horus lyrics

PART I: Osiris Destiny] Long ago... Osiris was ... murdered by his own brother Seth. His body was turned into ... 14 pieces and scattered through Egypt [PART II: Isis

Cloven Hoof - Eye of the sun lyrics

reaches to the sky, in this year of feathered serpent. ... Proud young warrior stands in sun light, with his ... back against the world. Sweat gets in his

Isengard ( Swe ) - Eye of the storm lyrics

story has come from the ocean Whispering tales ... from the seas The voice of the old has been spoken A land ... for the young to be free A ship that was ... built for destruction The albatross circling above The winds of the gods blowing stronger Crossing the cold deep

Negacy - Eye of the thunderstorm lyrics

I have been crossing a way to reach a mirage standing many ... miles away a serpent crawling through the burning ... else's promised land Waiting for my soul to be born in

Atrocity - Gods of nations lyrics

m the God of Gods ruler in the sky I control Gods and Man ... the ancient of all days The call me God of Ocean I ... dominate the seas Earthquakes show my anger without

Cryptic Wintermoon - Gods of fire and ice lyrics

caress of moonlight (a touch of stars) It keeps me strong is this curse of life The sunlight burns in my eyes ... (escape the day) Saved by embracing ... darkness Deep in the night (beyond your fears) The gate

Kreator - Gods of violence lyrics

Rise god of violence in immortal majesty The forces of ... separatists to arms Malicious titans and the fear their words can breed ... The one commandment echoes forth as clouds of

Dagoba - Gods forgot me lyrics

ve prayed everytime, every hour, every sunday ... The one who seems he forgot you. I try to explain you, ... believer, That you're in this world not by a divine way

Celeste Buckingham - Gods of war lyrics

We are kingdom come Fight for all our souls this is a ... war this is a war We got fire Burning through our ... veins Sinners and saints this is a war this is a war

Bathory - Gods of thunder of wind and of rain lyrics

of life. Guardian of the dead. Goddess of battle ... and war, All of ye watch me. My sword by my side. ... Proudly I sit on my horse. And I wait ... for the sign in the sky to appear. telling me that the moment has come For me to

Gamma Ray - Gods of deliverance lyrics

sun goes down in the western sky The shadows are ... gonna return I wander alone through the back of my mind The twilight of moon starts to ... How can I see beyond existence? I'm leaving in to the

Pink Cream 69 - Gods come together lyrics

I kneel into an empty corridor And I'm chasing ... down the ugly beast His teeth are razor sharp, so they're telling me And I'm soon to be ... his final feast Then I walk inside into an open

Amon Amarth - Gods of war arise lyrics

flees the rising sun The village lies ahead It will ... wake to a new day soon Soon they all be dead We came in ... cover of moonless night Fifty man at arms Now at first

Chroming Rose - Gods on the run lyrics

s been a long way since started A long way back from home ... Only God knows what's the reason Dreams will come true Rage out for the nightlife The question runs so

Custard - Gods of war lyrics

Mr. president What do you see? A world at the ... corner of decay And you have the key To unlock the gates of ... hell Just heading for war Don't need a ... reason just to fight What are you waiting for? Watching at your neighbour There

Bruce Dickinson - Gods of war lyrics

I was younger I thought, that to kill or be killed was a thing to be proud of Victim ... prisoner of hope Hanged by the neck on the end of the rope ... I don’t know, I don’t care Oh, one of the

King Leoric - Gods of heavy metal (demo 2000) lyrics

here we are - the dawn of a new age - follow ... our sign We pray to our kings - the gods of the ... past - come into our time So here we stand - to ... recieve godlike power - the holy guitar So watch it

Powerwolf lyricsPowerwolf - Gods of war arise (amon amarth cover) lyrics

flees the rising sun The village lies ahead It will ... wake to a new day soon Soon they all be dead We came in ... cover of moonless night Fifty man at arms Now at first

Running Wild - Gods of iron lyrics

sirens are calling The branded victims to death ... A sacrifice to the gods of iron Everybody is ... joining the mass The blinded multitude is ... screaming The defenseless victim is

Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard - Gods of war lyrics

like it's all over, feelin' like there's no love Feelin' like ... it's not easy, breathin' life in the dust On a ... countdown to zero take a ride on the nightmare

Sinsaenum - Gods of hell lyrics

from the depths, manifestation summoned to cast the terror upon humanity the ... representation of darkness creation of ... all fears time to celebrate the resurrection infernal

Bare Bobby - Gods were angry with me lyrics

Gods were angry with me for loving you The Gods ... were angry with me because they knew I stood at heaven's ... portals but they were too high for any mortal such as

Borknagar - Gods of my world lyrics

quot;The gods are great, I am the greatest" Mother of ... earth, mother of all Father of air, father of all Brother in flames Sister of seas ... Gods of my world, behold... Flame

Echo & The Bunnymen - Gods will be gods lyrics

can you pretend When there's so much at stake That ... it's a different world And your hands don't ... shake At the end of the room And the foot of the

David Krumpholz - Gods hard rock lyrics

Krumpholz- Gods Hard Rock Born with the ... world to bring a different style its strong fist beating ... against the rocks people to fulfill their hard music

Korpiklaani - Gods on fire lyrics

snow failed to appear, This year the winter never ... begun, Furious storms keep raging, Nature ... revenge will be cruel, Now it's time to pacify our deeds

Manowar - Gods of war lyrics

Down from the sky into the fight Clutched full of ... rage!! full of thunder and glory Swords in the wind crossing the sky ... Lords of doom bring an end to their story Today is the

Manowar - Gods of war - germany 2007 lyrics

obented me I ask thee raise thy hand we! the ... sons of Odin! await thy command Born under the ... sign of the hammer we stand and here we all may die!

Dragonheart - Gods of ice lyrics

north lands covered By snow and ... brave Where man cultivate the ground His arms and ... shields hang up in their walls Looking at cold ... sea The wind sings a new conquest

God Dethroned - Gods of terror lyrics

of the free world Dictators of the oppressed Claim to ... have God on their side In the battle against evil Your ... god is dead The devil is you Don't talk to me about values of life If

Paragon - Gods of thunder lyrics

last sip to kill the bottle Swallow all remaining doubts Punch the keys - eyes wide ... open Now's the time to let it out Take a breath your ... heart is pounding Press return and tear the world Dawn

Chroming Rose - Gods of noise lyrics

on, hey listen, this is the song for you forget your ... daily shit, may all your dreams come true fast guitars, dangerous ... girls, we'll have a party tonight all that we want

Civil War - Gods and generals lyrics

the first page he wrote So here we go:marching out to the battlefield All ... prepared to fight Be by my side, I pray to my ... god And on page forty one No sign of despair; I

Marshall Law - Gods of deception lyrics

of deception Telling us their lies Feeding an illusion ... Never question why Born to serve them Damn and curse them Secret eyes are watching, hiding in the sky Evil

Sencirow - Gods creation failed lyrics

about it seems to me like a joke Almighty Gods are playing cards If only ... one lays down the highest ace He can decide who has to ... die Take the time look around what do you

Angel Haze - Gods lyrics

dance forever You said, two hearts in the wild could ... bloom together I remember, I remember ... Being with the flowers, baby Running ... round in spring with you Dancing on your pedestal Praying to your crescent

Jessica Lange - Gods and monsters lyrics

the land of Gods and Monsters I was an Angel Living in ... Screwed up, scared, doing anything that I needed Shining ... like a fiery beacon You got that medicine I need Fame,

Lana Del Rey - Gods & monsters lyrics

the land of Gods and Monsters, I was an angel, Living ... in the garden of evil. Screwed up ... scared, doing anything that I needed. Shining like a ... fiery beacon. You got that medicine I need; Fame,

Last Empire - Gods of fire and steel lyrics

fly on the wings of dragons Soar ... onward to the twilight We sail through the skies ... on steeds with wings of leather Bound for the war of dark ... and light Sent by our gods to turn the tides of battle

Mandowar - Gods of folk lyrics

the metal from fire and steel warriors will cry when the truth will reveal the ... scars on your face no stairway to heaven a zeppelin in ... flames the power and glory will tell the whole story the poison is

Primordial - Gods to the godless lyrics

have one Desire let it be a Pestilence upon your ... upon all your houses it is my wish to Enslave all ... your people The soil enriched with their ... Blood To Burn your places of Worship

Destroy Destroy Destroy - Gods of war and open sores lyrics

seeps in through the skin & soaks in the eyes,to feast on broken men & ... fortunes of empires,Move in for the kill, strike terror at the

Finger Eleven - Gods of speed lyrics

get the call from the gods of speed I feel the rumble ... of the seat I'll go from here to top ... velocity From there it's all eternity The point of ... no return's in the rear view mirror I'll return to somewhere but it's not

Rough Silk - Gods of darkness lyrics

silent gods of darkness let owls rain down on me red ... roses from tomorrow renew my last dawn's ... key like the drifter needs the road and the poet needs the pain like the thief needs

Fates Warning - Eye to eye lyrics

saw YOU once again last night through a sea of sullen ... faces admiring eyes following the path that the ... spotlight traces eye to eye and the miles still divide eye to eye what was it YOU saw

Slaughter - Eye to eye lyrics

ready or not Here we come Gonna set this ... town alive The boys are ready We're out to rock Gonna turn it up tonight Ooh ya, I'm eye to eye ... with you We do what we want Night after night You make

Amon Düül Ii - Eye-shaking king lyrics

another day begins Life runs full ... circle getting older It happens to me, it happens to ... you I do believe you're still around me You're still ... around me all the time I have no doubt one day

Baltimora - Eye to eye lyrics

We're eye to eye) (And heart to heart) (We're eye to eye) ... (Just you and I) Flame of my ... fire Every time we meet the feeling's the same Coming ... on again Burning desire Don't you know it's hard to stop

Lee Aaron - Eye for an eye lyrics

you can be what you wanna be, (fine by me) ... An' you can believe what you wanna believe it's your ... (rivalry) But if it's war you're askin' for just ... wait an' see If I were you I'd watch my step Cuz what you give

Joan Jett - Eye to eye lyrics

got a word or two 'cause I don't understand ... Somethin's on your mind, you don't ... have to shout What's with me and you it's getting outta hand Why can't we just talk

King Diamond - Eye of the witch lyrics

s so cold inside on this summer night Black ... clouds in the sky dancing before my eyes ... I'm losing track of time It's the eye of the witch It's the eye of the witch

Burning Point - Eye for an eye lyrics

shadows you rose gave me a lethal doze rip the heart of my ... chest and left me to die Pointless arguments i dive in to the deep end watching the ... am i living in a lie... Do they hate me because of my sins

Galloglass - Eye to eye lyrics

dragon flies, on his mighty wings Towards the walls, of ... the dark fortress Bursting out in rage, cleansing fire rains ... When the towers fall, nothing will remain We will

Iron Savior - Eye of the world lyrics

the stars out in the cold Out on the quest for the old You ... had to leave So don't come to grief You couldn't see ... what is right or wrong Atlantis seemed to be gone So you attacked The ones to protect

Iron Savior - Eye to eye lyrics

the night Moonless cold and black ... Hell is waiting There is no turning back Suddenly the air ... your hands You'll never forget his cold and lifeless glance

Pegazus - Eye for an eye lyrics

look at you, you look at me What the hell do you see? ... Don't go messin' me around Or soon ... you'll meet your maker It's an Eye for an Eye - Tooth ... for a Tooth Who do you think you are? This time you

Quiet Riot - Eye for an eye lyrics

turned me over now I'll turn you around Mistakes are ... play You have givin' is what I found You'll be my queen ... for a day I'm no matinee idol You put it in the

Shadow Host - Eye for an eye lyrics

opened my eyes feel the pain inside Only dead ... surround me in silence Is it a dream, or is it now? ... Smoldering ashes rise over the ground Seems no one alive

Bush lyricsBush - Eye of the storm lyrics

are united We are not strangers We are united We’ll ... You dream like Paris Lost in a trance Dancing through ... buildings On perfect boulevards All this tragedy Will surely be the death of me It’s dangerous Standing in the eye of a storm

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