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Ian Hunter - Still the same lyrics

up Lost in time shackled to the past for ever, stung by love ... Still weaving, still believing yesterday's dreams ... If life is real then so is my imagination All I

Joseph Arthur - Still the same lyrics

it's aura frame You're still the same Oh how much have ... you changed? Now you're still the same Ohhh There aint ... Thats going to give you another start And there aint no

Bob Seger lyricsBob Seger - Still the same lyrics

you placed a bet You're still damn good No one's gotten ... to you yet Everytime they were sure they had you ... You were quicker than they thought You'd just turn

Nonpoint - The same lyrics

You havent changed Youre still the same The words that ... you never approve of The way that you call out my name ... The lies that you tell to protect ... me The same Playing in your little games

Asia - I'm still the same lyrics

can't look me straight in the eye, can you? The guilt, the ... shame and the little white lies damn you ... Can't get the toothpaste back in the tube ... Whatever happened to the girl I knew? What kind of

Israel & New Breed - Jesus the same lyrics

.. Jesus the same yesterday, today and ... forevermore No other name that can save, deliver ... and restore Oh-oh-oh! Jesus the same yesterday, today and ... forevermore There is no other name that is greater than Jesus! Whoa-oh-oh-oh! (Whoa-oh

Michael W. Smith - The same power lyrics

is power in His name For the stone has rolled away ... Mountains bow down before Jesus Christ, our risen Lord Jesus ... lifted high King forever, Jesus Christ Crowned in glory,

Canton Jones - The password: jesus lyrics

bout to snap bow wit the devil dawg Let the beat ... drop Demons tremble at the name There's no other ... s higher than yours Lord There's no other name that's

John Hiatt - Same old man lyrics

old gun I could never find the straight and true Honey, ... I ever grown up girl Oh I'm the biggest baby in the world I ... it under your hat Honey I'm still the same old man That you

From Ashes To New - Same old story lyrics

on repeat Making me breathe Ever so deeply inside Am I ... easy Make believing Leaving these feelings behind It's ... a trace I vanish from the air I breathe Last gasp I

George Jones - Same ole me lyrics

wrinkled But my blue eyes still sparkle With the love I felt ... for you the day we met And to me you're ... just as lovely As the first time I saw you Times

Jennifer Lopez lyricsJennifer Lopez - Same girl (feat. french montana) lyrics

up tired of it all Early in the morning And there's ... I'm trying to get rid of the baggage Fake friends I call them "has-been" Yeah they lying on stuff And it's

One Less Reason - The same thing lyrics

you know best Pull close the ones that leave you alone ... to hear Compliments yea the messages is coming clear ... love a funny thing? I knew there was something wrong I was

Taylor Swift lyricsTaylor Swift - Same girl lyrics

m still wearing my blue jeans No I ... don't know what you mean I'm still the same girl Picking ... daisies in the field I believe in what I ... feel I've always been the same girl Some moments change

Anjulie - Same damn thing lyrics

see the light in my eyes but it all ... part of me You can't see these scars on me I see the ... a horse with no reins Am I still sleeping? Yeah, I must be ... Got my heart broke again still the same damn thing Well I

Cane Hill - (the new) jesus lyrics

new Jesus is on the way What a nice white ... testify cause I don’t fear the other side If hell’s a ... place we’re going there. I’ll lead the way I am the way, the son, the prophecy I

Murphy Lee - Same ol' dirty lyrics

to bed late Grew up with the older dudes, do what your brother do It's just so he happen ... rapper slash educator Kept these boys dedicated mama like we

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - The same thrill lyrics

When I came out of school They said: "Which way you ... wanna go?" But there was no way strong enough ... with rock´n roll To get the same thrill Anyhow I´ve found a

Sheryl Crow lyricsSheryl Crow - Still lyrics

tears that I find Oh I´m still hopping you would come home ... down Knowing you´re out there, out of the town And now ... it´s alright And you are still here by my side And when I

Dj S3rl - Same never changed - s3rl feat tamika lyrics

remember dancing all night to the DJ above I remember feeling ... so right with the music I love Everybody tells ... me that now it is just not the same So I turn around and

Capsize - The same pain lyrics

here I am with empty hands still standing next to you never ... noon trying to forget about the time lost on you you were ... took so as long as it’s the same pain tear me to pieces

Blowsight - The sun behind the rain lyrics

from everything all alone The disillusional denying, they’ve been proving you wrong ... Who are you to tell me the past I cannot remember? Who ... are you to show me the past I want undone? Who are

Mc Ren - Same old shit lyrics

Hook] Same old shit every day and every ... get outta sight Make sure the AK's locked up tight Cause ... every day [Verse 1] Same old shit every morning when I

Glasseater - We´re the same lyrics

going to shows... Writing the story of our lives together.. ... . Seeing snow for the first time... Making the same new friends... It seems ... like it was just the other day But it is really many

Same Difference - Still amazed lyrics

we are here at the end of the road I guess that it's time ... We could try to resist But there's no turning back I ... guess we grew apart Neither one of us to blame Nothing

Az - The format lyrics

m readyy You know the chronicles the shit that if ... momma knew the stress the drama dude the techs ... rapid fire, pecs thru the adominal you bastard liars,

Lord Of The Lost - The eyes of love are blind lyrics

name My nightly dreams are still the same I am numb – I ... and shoots me from behind The eyes of love are blind I still repeat it on and on Until the last echo is gone I am

Art Garfunkel - The same old tears on a new background lyrics

s The Same Old Tears On A New Background ... It hurts too much to laugh these days. I'm all right, yes, ... m all right, all right. It's the same old song with a new

Kris Kristofferson - Same old song lyrics

lick I could Just to please the man Harlan sang the lead for ... half And we split up the rest Hangin' on through the ... heavy times And hopin' for the best And I can't recall the names of all Them places

Neurotech - The race to recovery lyrics

Delete me, complete me In the race to recovery I've come ... to the end of a tunnel I've seen ... runaway What to say The leaves are dying I am ... nothing has changed You are still a part of me There's not

Roy Orbison - The same street lyrics

still live on the same street, that we lived on. The same old street, where ... little more. It won't be the same street anymore, since ... you've gone. It won't be the same street anymore.

Rumer - The same old tears on a new background lyrics

s the same old tears on a new background ... It hurts too much to laugh these days. But I'm alright, yes ... m alright, I'm alright. It's the same old song with a new

Airya - The glass lake lyrics

Standing here I am Lost and still the same Blindly pretending ... I fade away When I look at the Glass Lake I know that ... is freezing, but my heart is still beating Now I know I must go

Klaxons - The same space lyrics

surprise When we wish for the same things many see signs ... Some others find When we're together ... Collective arrival We share the same space We feel the same

Phil Collins - The same moon lyrics

comes and I look across the room, I see you're gone. As ... your hand I can see, see I'm the only one. Well, your clothes ... and your bags are packed but the bed's still warm where you

Logic lyricsLogic - The high life lyrics

like my whole life changed in the last year At parties with ... legends like "what the f*** I'm doing here?" ... for someone to say "what the f*** you doing here?"

Prince - The same december lyrics

with a line straight down the middle One side was black ... and the other one white And they both understood so little ... That they spent their whole lives tryin' 2 tell

Goo Goo Dolls - Still your song lyrics

again I know your voice is still the same I know that ... choked and full of tears But still you listen to me dear And ... away And now I understand The time that I've wasted So

Have Heart - The same son lyrics

starving, brothers begging. Mothers mourning, ... fathers folding When I look in the mirror I see: A boy not a ... man the son of a father I refuse to understand the

A Camp - The same old song lyrics

nowhere I'm stepping up the stairs But falling behind, ... go on singing this song But the angels will not hear The ... old From all that i stole There is still a little love in

Madball lyricsMadball - Still searching lyrics

changed, Can't say that I'm still the same. I mintain through ... mindstrains To figure out the next move without pain. Still searching for teh way to work

Chris Rea - The memory of a good friend lyrics

love the sun I love the sea I'd like to think that ... d like to think that you are still the same Sometimes you ... you made me cry But the memory of a good friend

Chris Rea - The mention of your name lyrics

must have well run dry And the lonely nights Become a ... strange accepted way And the years go past Just like the ... old song says The pain with time has healed, it

Bt The Roots - The lesson part 3 lyrics

Black Thought] Well it's the raw regees, thoroughbred from ... name Black Thought, my girl's the Black LILIES Some people try ... ' But that's silly, cuz how the f*** you can't feel me? When

Mike Jones - "still tippin'" lyrics

Hook - 2x] Still Tippin' on four fours, ... creeping look who crawling still balling in the mix It's ... grand wood grain gripping Still tippin' on four fours wrapped

Mike Jones - Still tippin2 lyrics

Hook - 2x] Still Tippin' on four fours, ... creeping look who crawling still balling in the mix It's ... grand wood grain gripping Still tippin' on four fours wrapped

Naomi Terra - The game changed lyrics

You're my best friend I draw the line But don't know when 2x ... The game changed I'm thinking ... believe with me That we're the same That we're the same

Nightwish - The poet and the pendulum lyrics

Poet And The Pendulum "WHITE LANDS ... OF EMPATHICA" The end. The songwriter's dead ... The blade fell upon him Taking ... him to the white lands Of Empathica Of

James Ingram - The wings of my heart lyrics

remember the day you went out of your way ... Just to sing me I do I still feel butterflies when I look ... that old magic in you Is still there, still the same like the sun and the rain nothing's

Kirko Bangz - The crew lyrics

plenty of hoes in love with they niggas But they be the same ... you at home sendin texts to the bitch, Talking shit, bout to ... click and she tellin us the shit we know, That you the

Glenn Medeiros - The wings of my heart lyrics

remember the day You went out of your ... Just to see me, I do I still feel butterflies When I ... eyes That old magic in you still there Still the same Like

Sarah Brightman - The same thing to you lyrics

you I'm a sinner. Not in the worst way. I'll do the same ... song on my guitar. Show you the words so you can follow me so ... far. Wanna go further? I'll go the same way with

Jamie Cullum - The same things lyrics

you say sounds like a lie The fog that greets the man As ... even less somehow The bottle green of the water on the streets It's climbing higher ... all of your friends cause they're your fleet It's just the same things that we don't

Estelle - The same lyrics

bullshit They look good together They fit ... well wherever They're so real it's un-found They're a kind of couple We gave ... double Trying to match what they found Well if they're

Etta James - The same rope lyrics

her company i believe that the...(same rope) that pulls ... you (up up) I said the (same rope) that pulls you (up up ... I believe the same rope that pull you up sure

Ferry Bryan - The same old blues lyrics

made Way across town It's the same old story Tell me where ... does it end? Yes, I heard the news It's the same old blues ... I took a lot of time And let the telephone ring It's the same

Gary Moore - The same way lyrics

s my honey bee She feels the same way about me She feels the same way about me She feels the same way Wake up in the ... till I'm dead She feels the same way about me She feels the same way about me She feels the same way Don't want no other woman I could never be

One Ok Rock - The same as... lyrics

hibi just the same old thing nani ga kakete ... tsuyogari ni shika narazu the shape of love is the same as ... are so tell me my heart is the same as yours is

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - The same person lyrics

for new bargains We're not the same person We're not the same person (Don't even wanna know ... Nor shoddy merchandise I'm the suspect device Beaten down,

Celkilt - The same old frown lyrics

mad Always wearing down the same old frown the same old frown ... again All theses times I needed your ... help You said it was the wrong time You said « Not

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