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Stick Your New World Order Up Your Ass lyrics

Browse for Stick Your New World Order Up Your Ass song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Stick Your New World Order Up Your Ass lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Stick Your New World Order Up Your Ass.

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Shadow Gallery - New world order lyrics

transmissions We calculate your moves Did you really think ... re hidden from our sight? Your name's been added to a list ... little man Well rest assured the worst you feared is

Gamma Ray - New world order lyrics

re shaking the chains off the world of today We're coming to ... ending It's the dawn of a new world order This is a new ... beginning Where a new world shall arise, we scream On

Megadeth - New world order lyrics

ones Revelation has come to pass, New World Order will hold ... the mass A book written by the man ... all is known (All is known!) New world order, you shall be

Pagan's Mind - New world order lyrics

forever Key within Inside your mind Back to their reign ... They finally arrived To The New World Order Analyzing humans ... being Standing up against the light Facing

Mortyr - New world order + rise of the tyrant lyrics

torture, pain, and mind corruption Blood, puke, and tears

Bright Eyes - Old soul song (for the new world order) lyrics

light, new day leaks through the window ... settle Now all the broken glass swept off the avenue And on ... the way home held your camera like a bible Just

Hyades - New world war lyrics

to believe New catastrophe is coming Panic, ... anguish and fear A new menace upon us Need to find ... a shelter To recover your soul Build up your self made

Cancer Bats - New world alliance lyrics

your head this is the new alliance Our own laws is ... Distort all lines, live by your own desire Our own guide for ... morals Hopeless now ends, new world alliance Bang your

Future Leaders Of The World - Your govt loves you lyrics

every act of love I attack assault Yah I destruct because I ... m f***ed I just won't give up And some may say I'm ... stubborn and I won't grow up But I think your all just

Michael Franti & Spearhead - Food for the masses lyrics

I'll take a hit and then pass the information To the left ... Sustenance and guidance Mass Hysteria fools breaking down ... barrier Militant cliques big up the area Put your fist in

Killing Joke - New jerusalem lyrics

The media gives the thumbs up To the Gaza slaughter ... nest created by the west A new world order is the only goal ... look what we´ve become New Jerusalem New Jerusalem

Soundgarden lyricsSoundgarden - New damage lyrics

It's a faceless poison A new world order It's new damage ... out before you drown When new damage comes It's a new word ... for plague A new world order A new word for hate The

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - New slaves feat. frank ocean lyrics

everything on Alexander Wang New Slaves You see there's ... sleeve I know that we the new slaves I see the blood on ... leaves I know that we the new slaves I see the blood on

Biohazard - New world disorder lyrics

and pull into a 7-Eleven, met up with Billy, Danny, Rob and ... thirteen days of travel. Upon arrival plans unravel, ... us, to reward us... Disorder, enter the Millenium, time

I Declare War - New age holocaust lyrics

the front lines. The New World Order is taking over the world in which we live. Trying to ... their hands. WAKE THE FUCK UP. IT'S ALL AROUND US.

Chroming Rose - New world lyrics

not be Stay tuned to this world They do all exist in me ... hear no more, but just a NEW WORLD, NEW WORLD Get all ... is calling In our whole world, get me? NEW WORLD, NEW WORLD A brave new world to be

The Restarts - Your world lyrics

by status and labelled by class You can stick that work ... ethic right up your ass It's your World - Not Mine ... Inward self interest no.1's your first choice You love

B.a.p. - New world lyrics

are under attack This world is full of lies and ... Tight Hold Tight 1, 2, 3 Order Arms We Strong Be Brave

Nas lyricsNas - New world lyrics

it's a new world, it's a new world, It's a new world, it's a new world Uh, it's a new world, ... it's a new world Yo, celebrate the new life ... New ways to make money New ways to break dummies Forge

Accept lyricsAccept - New world comin' lyrics

all... Then you're flat on your back So hurry up and get your ticket... Cos' the train's ... of time Yeah, there's a new world comin' Yeah, it's a

While She Sleeps - New world torture lyrics

gutter singing We wont give up With our fingers crossed ... dead set suffering? Giving up? Are you spoon fed? ... Coughing up the ignorance? Are you brain

Charice - New world lyrics

The reason why I live in this world, Even you have left me here ... Baby, I'm gonna see the new world With nothing but the ... Baby, I'm gonna go to the new world With nothing but the

Eddy Arnold - New world in the morning lyrics

talks about a new world in the morning A new world ... I myself don't talk about a new world in the morning A new world in the morning that's today

Lil' B - New world lyrics

be, this is great This is a new world, this is based world ... alive man, I'm happy A new world is something we all want for ... the peace and honor, based world understands that We need

Dani Shay - New world lyrics

no pages we pretend to read Your envy me let me tell you where ... the demons we create Avoid your inner conscience And hide ... from your mistakes then lie awake

L'arc~en~ciel - New world lyrics

kakusei no koe (Stand up for your final choice! Now the time of ... ro I'm awakening in the New World! sono te o nobashite ... ita kakusei no koe! (Stand up for your final choice! Now

Sistar - New world lyrics

This is new world baby! Let me tell u'bout yourattitude. Be confident, Do ... not give up. yeah, I got chu baby~! ... mitgiji anhado urin Brand new couple ro naega boyeojul uri

Breakdown Of Sanity - New world lyrics

step into a world A world I have never seen before ... forever I need to save the new essence Let me breathe in ... my Disappearance This is the new freedom called peace Pick up

Four Year Strong - Your ego is writing cheques your body can't c.. lyrics

got up and made my way to the door ... tonight? And I'll just stick stick stick to the things I

The Kelly Family - New world lyrics

a whole new world I mean round the corner ... dance again Theres a whole new world I mean round the ... again So follow me into a world Of sunshine a raise of life

Prince - New world lyrics

The intelligence of your bed reacts Covering U head ... gonna make it in this brave new world' Love 4 one another - New world Love 4 one another - New world When U wanna find

Crimson Glory - New world machine lyrics

feel I'm becoming mechanized World spinning before me made ... Separate from soul Giving up control Kills the man in me ... ..we watch you bleed The New World Machine!! [Chorus:] All

Hypocrisy - New world lyrics

of them decide Deciding our ups, downs, and misery ... to swallow and take in Two worlds collide One with all the ... to behold and praise the new... [Chorus] The new world is here to wipe out our lives

Lords Of Black - New world's comin' lyrics

A voice is whispering a brand new Sound of hope There seems ... no justice in a world That's full of blindness ... are telling you To turn your back to the fallen Do I

Manic Depression - New world disorder lyrics

Global hysteria grows Tear up and forget your peace From ... to nothingness it all goes New world disorder Global sense ... is insane Erase all borders All adore the pain New world disorder Universal onslaught

Rush - New world man lyrics

ll find a cure He's cleaning up his systems To keep his ... to match the beat of the Old World Man Learning to catch the ... heat of the Third World Man He's got to make his

Reamonn - New world lyrics

is our world but they destroy it they'll ... it burn in hell This is our world but they destroy it they'll ... can't take that away This is your dream hear the future scream

Ritual Carnage - Grave new world lyrics

to life, its your first day on earth, and debt ... have no choice, tyranny's supply and demand Governmental ... Hook, line and sinkered, your fate in our leaders, their

Khadaver - New world disorder lyrics

"Yes we can! Change the world for ourselves" The ... Lick the legs of justice New World Disorder Rise from the ... haze New World Disorder Now comes the end of days

Misery Inc. - New world messiah live lyrics

is ticking for saviour! New world messiah, lay down your ... mercy hand. New world messiah, and save this poor ... which one is best? Give up, or take a bullet to your

Björk - New world lyrics

What happens next? A new world, a new day to see I'm ... What happens next? A new world, a new day to

Iu - New world lyrics

Bokutachi wa utai odoreru If your tears are falling Makes your ... rashiku umarekawaru Start of New world Shippai wo Hajiratte ... ga hikari hanateba If your tears are falling Makes your

Mama Cass Elliott - New world coming lyrics

s a new world coming And it's just around ... the bend There's a new world coming This one's coming to ... an end There's a new voice calling You can hear

Nocturnal Rites - New world messiah lyrics

in a world of silence, I'm crawling in ... Take the stone 'round your neck away Don't you ever ... display my fear, I'm yours - so come what may Oh, ... Don't you see, you are your own enemy So I'll fight,

Blur - New world towers lyrics

green, the neon green, new world towers Carved out of grey ... hours I glide through the glass arcades to Hollywood The ... Love, love, so far away, new world towers Log in your

Centinex - New world odyssey lyrics

join me, come join me on the new world odyssey Come along, ... join me, come join me on the new world odyssey Come along, ... join me, come join me on the new world odyssey Come along,

Civilization One - New world lyrics

Into a spark Crusade in dreamworld You can't embark Lost in a new world They assassinate the ... Into a spark Crusade in dreamworld You can't embark Lost in a new world Demonic lark

Electric Light Orchestra - New world rising/ocean breakup reprise lyrics

smiling down the old blue world Can you feel it? Like the ... slowly through this bright new day Everyone laughs can't ... what's goin' on round here New world risin' everybody

Saigon Kick - New world lyrics

kiss them for me Is this your world? So far away All that ... wait for me there Is this your world? So far away All that ... the skies We are the new world love clan Crimes based on

Madtown - New world lyrics

aninde wae irae Now move your body and shake your body ... jikyeobosyeo DJ turn it up now seupikeo bollyumeul jom ... insaenginde da Move your body hae tteul ttaekkaji

Minecraft - "new world" skydoesminecraft (coldplay-paradi.. lyrics

breeze I had traveled to a world made of blocks Totally ... hide Either live or die, its up for me to decide When you

Mob Rules - New world symphony lyrics

over now Then they all get up and the rain comes down Holy

Buck-tick - New world -beginning- lyrics

yamikimi wa kirisaku No. 9 New World Just Calling You Kimi

Fear Of Domination - New world lyrics

world's your whore Who is begging for ... feelings we'll cleanse your heart Children cry when my ... rule life YOU! Get down on your knees I! Will take what I

The Kiddie - New world lyrics

ni sanzamekuyou ni oh It's new world bokura wo matteiru

Omnium Gatherum - New world shadows lyrics

Fallen we see the memories echoing here and the days how they long to be forgotten You are programmed not to play but to die blind How beautiful today it is ...

Mason Jennings - Your new man lyrics

I was the one who ended up our history Well, it looks ... wrote the last page to me Your friends say you've got a new ... in so many ways These were supposed to be my carefree single

Diablo Swing Orchestra - New world widows lyrics

red by man And I never knew How hatred could consume In ... our hearts we fortify In a world that sleeps Built to make us ... leave it be Tried to spare your eyes and now just dream me

Hayden Panettiere - Your new girlfriend lyrics

all the things i never knew But i always trusted you ... thought that she would wind up in the end Your new ... girlfriend (your new girlfriend) I believe what

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