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Keri Hilson - It won't be long (ft. timbaland) *deluxe edit.. lyrics

it won't be long Til everybody's singing my ... song Said it won't be long Til everybody's singing ... Everybody's singing my song No it ain't no phase I

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - It won't be long lyrics

won't be long yeah yeah yeah it won't be long yeah yeah yeah ... it won't be long yeah till I belong to you. ... everybody has fun here am I sitting all on my own. It won't be long yeah yeah yeah it won't

The Kooks - Hold on lyrics

are the kings of passion We are the dynasty You ... gotta make a decision, baby You are your worst ... Falls above your line Money will buy back the tears

Extreme Music - Hold on lyrics

ve been on this road too long Hearing music but it's not ... your song Wanna scream but your voise ... is gone Days trapped inside your ... staring at the ground All alone inside the crowd Letting

Sarah Blasko - Hold on my heart lyrics

of these nights are long I know my heart, you're strong Got a feeling that you'll ... These lost and these lonesome times You can't ... after yourself You can't be somebody, can't be somebody

Narita - Hold on lyrics

on, you’re feeling mighty strong You’re feeling like you’ve ... never felt like this before And you know you want ... You, you want all, you wanna be a king I think you better be

Paul Brandt - Hold on (love will find you) lyrics

at the bottom of a bottle It will find you at the needle's ... end It will find you when you beg ... and steal and borrow It will follow you into a ... stranger's bed It will find you when they serve

Carola - Hold on lyrics

chains have been broken The old ones have ... Old young friend of ours It won't be long until we can ... and makes us feel allright Hold on until we can get there

Good Charlotte - Hold on lyrics

This world is cold But you don't You don't have to go You ... feeling sad, you're feeling lonely, and no one seems to care ... Your mother's gone and your father hits you

Good Charlotte - Hold on (the academy is remix) lyrics

this world is cold But you don't, you don't have to go You ... feeling sad, you're feeling lonely And no one seems to care ... Your mother's gone and your father hits you

Richard Smallwood - Hold on don't let go lyrics

may fall Seems like no one's there for you Friends are ... all gone, you feel alone Be strong God has a plan for you ... Verse 2: Hold on, hold on to Him Let Him lead you Your

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - Hold on lyrics

on,hold on, There's got to be a future, hold on Hold on,hold on, There's got to be a ... a stream run trail at last Hold on,hold on, There's got to be a future To create and to

Slaughter - Hold on lyrics

spins round and round I'm gonna get my feet back on the ... Thinkin' 'bout what we've done 'Cause I'm wonderin' where ... heart is This feelin' can't be wrong Hold on, baby hold on I can't go on baby without

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - Hold on christmas lyrics

colder it gets outside The more it ... warms my soul Christmas is on my mind I just gotta make it ... home It won't be long ‘till I am singing To the ... rhythm of the Salvation Army bell ringing But this road

Timbaland lyricsTimbaland - Hold on lyrics

girl´s not here Life ain´t been the same for me Li Li I ... - Timbaland] + (Wyclef Jean) It´s been three years (AH!), ... livin this fast life I think on it, I know one day I won´t

Anouk - Hold on lyrics

s funny how situations change My imagination's ... you back in my head The glitter is gone spread your wings ... and fly I'll try to keep it civilized Baby all I wanted

Glen Campbell - It's been so long darling lyrics

s been so long darling since I had to go ... away It's been so long darling and I'll never ... day Although you never mentioned it you cried the whole day long It's been so long darling but

Mike Cavanaugh - Hold on lyrics

s 2am and I'm at it again Thoughts of my life ... And the time I have spent Waiting for somthing That may or ... nowhere I look at the clock It's 3am and I'm drowning in

Aviators - It's been so long (aviators remix) lyrics

thinking, Leaving my child behind, Now I suffer the curse ... and now I am blind With all this anger, guilt and ... haunt me forever, I can't wait for the cliff at the end of

Sean Paul - Hold on lyrics

on to the dream, hold on Hold on now, now Hold on and believe Oh, we already won, we ... still hold on Hold on, hold on now, now We still hold on Hold on, hold on now, now Hold on

Tim Armstrong - Hold on lyrics

m gonna hold on to you as long as I can. I'm gonna hold on ... to you as long as I can. And if you choose ... girl, I'll understand I'm gonna hold on to you as long as I

Trick Daddy - Hold on lyrics

cue that shit that the verse mixed up ... See what I'm sayin) Gotsta hold on I been trapped for so long Gotsta hold on I been ... trapped for so long Gotsta hold on I been trapped for so long Gotsta hold on See, See

Aldo Nova - Long hot summer lyrics

m gonna hold onto summer As long as I can... Well, it's been a long hot summer And I've ... got some news for you 'Cause it was a long hot summer And I

Artist Vs. Poet - Hold on lyrics

to your own face So you don't see the look on mine I've been trying hard to displace ... the things you used to hide Don't wanna hear about your ... mistakes Don't want you taking up my time

Colbie Caillat - Hold on lyrics

re worlds away I'm moving on, moving on, then I hear you ... say Hold on, hold on We're losing light, losing ... look at me, look at me, I've been burning for you So long,

Jose, Julie Anne San - Hold on lyrics

It’s you You’re the only in my life I’ve known From ... the start that it’s you I’d spend forever with ... So please hold on with me You know so well that

Darius Rucker - Hold on lyrics

She has a few friends but she only has a few Her next door ... often complains but they play it anyhow What is a girl ... supposed to do? Living alone can have you so confused

Darius Rucker - It won't be like this for long lyrics

didn't have to wake up He'd been up all night Lying there in ... of coffee He splashes water on his face His wife gives him a ... kiss and says, "It's gonna be okay" "It won

4him - Hold on to christmas lyrics

the fire and trim the tree It wont be long til Christmas ... So close your eyes and make believe That dreams really do ... would stay CHORUS All year long just for Dreamers like me

John Legend lyricsJohn Legend - Hold on longer lyrics

hearts rain on our angelic flies But I won ... t run, I'm with you, that's enough Kiss me ... now so you won't run Out of breath ... underwater Girl you can hold on longer Girl you can hold on longer Girl you can hold on longer Long as you want Oh,

Britney Spears lyricsBritney Spears - Hold on tight lyrics

wicked In the way he moves Don't miss it Do not be a fool ... It's a long way It's a long way home Light inside of me ... It ignites my bones He comes to me in my

Azrael (jap.) - Hold on to the young love lyrics

fail, when you can't find the best your own way She will ... have reached here Walking long way with the deepest love ... You can't stay without her existence You're

Lil Kim - Hold on lyrics

how it hurts, like childbirth The ... wounds heal slow, you just don't know At times, I don't ... I close my eyes, I still see it Damn, I just don't believe it The bad times I buried, like

Richard Marx - Hold on to the nights lyrics

when I believed, I couldn't ever want ... my mind could not erase, the beauty of your face Just for a ... while Won't you let me shelter you Hold on to the night Hold on to

Angel Dust - Hold on lyrics

ride on a silver spider captured in ... net and your prince rides beside you he knows no way to ... help You walk through tubes of mistery you see light at

Sarah Kelly - Hold on love lyrics

is too much? How much can one take ‘Till a soul finally ... No end to the night.... Hold on love It's all on the line ... But you'll be alright Lift up your head

Razorlight - Hold on lyrics

ve got to learn how to fight Before you learn how to fly ... your fist up prove them wrong Don't lose the words to the ... song Coz its a long way down I guess you know

Black 'n Blue - Hold on to 18 lyrics

got one small thing that's on my mind Am I half dead or am ... I doin' fine? Well, I know one thing, I won't be forgotten ... I don't got nothin' and I want a

Cascada - Hold on lyrics

wild, the city sleeps You're waking up ... and you're feeling strong, It wont take long, and once you ... re gone, Where and why as you're ... moving on, When you laugh, when you

Hazel O'connor - Hold on lyrics

old friend long time no see Except the sea between you and me And that's ... the dreams that they sold me It's such a shame, you had to ... [CHORUS 1:] You didn't hold on You didn't hold on You

Deep Purple - Hold on lyrics

When the sun is shining down on me There is nothing you can ... keep saying to me baby Hold on--I feel I'm getting ready ... Hold on--I feel I'm rockin' steady Hold on--I'm gonna make it with

Electric Light Orchestra - Hold on tight lyrics

on tight to your dream, yeah Hold on tight to your dream, yeah ... feel your heart is breaking Hold on tight to your dream It ... s a long time to be gone Oh, time just rolls on and on When you need a shoulder to

James Harries - Hold on lyrics

You gave me sunshine Now I don’t see you all that much Oh, ... crush Living in the Mission playing for old notes way ... them dance while I’d drown Hold on, Hold on I will make it

Kt Tunstall - Hold on lyrics

you to me You're a bird with an eye for anything shiny ... than my fair share of attention But I think you know That ... the fire of a burning question Tearin' me apart Right from

Limp Bizkit lyricsLimp Bizkit - Hold on (feat. scott weiland) lyrics

you I've got your picture on the wall I've got the ... picture, long gone You keep your wishes I'll ... feelings There goes another one that kept me breathing I'm

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - Hold on lyrics

When you feel so small On a starry night As you stand ... in awe Have you climbed To the mountain’s edge And ... you think that this Is the best that it can get Oh the wonder of it is You ain’t seen

Pusha T - Hold on ft. rick ross lyrics

dope So I ain’t hearing none of that street shit Cause ... No woman, no child, no witness, no Jehovahs Like ... Scarface but it's God's face in that mirror

Phillip Phillips - Man on the moon lyrics

world from a side of the moon Looking at the stars, ... alive Looking at the sun with the fire in your eyes It ... where I stand Even the man on the moon couldn't tell me

Chord Overstreet - Hold on lyrics

and fighting Accusing, united I can't imagine a world with you gone The joy and the ... chaos, the demons we're made of I'd be so ... lost if you left me alone You locked yourself in the

Meghan Trainor lyricsMeghan Trainor - Hold on to the ones you love lyrics

I Knew Why You Left Now I sit and hope for the best And I ... know that is might be too late But Please don't ... I may have lost but I don't regret Yes I try and try,

Bad Company lyricsBad Company - Hold on my heart lyrics

recall in '82, there was only me to talk to I was in my ... lonely world, and then I found ... someone to walk to I remember every second of every day, ... over and over again Well it seems so long ago, that there

Lane Asher - Hold on lyrics

on just don’t let it go Is it over by now? For so long ... you know That time- time is on our side I Go on Try to ... find a way To deal with the pain Yeah, we’re both

Of Machines - It must belong somewhere lyrics

fills the room but will it die? Die? (Will this die?) ... I never been the one to hold something for so long (As ... you dig in my soul...) It must belong somewhere It

Pretty Boy Floyd - Hold on to your dreams lyrics

sure you’ve heard someone say No way That you, you ... don’t have a chance And it got you mad And made it ... you You took a stance It’s time to rise up and fight

Almora - Hold on to your dreams lyrics

make something just for you don't listen what others said hold on to your dreams, hold on to ... your dreams trust only the force of your heart hold on to your dreams, hold on to

Bif Naked - Hold on lyrics

Life isn't fair. You are the only one, who will always be ... there. Hold on, to me. Say you'll always ... Tell me anything, you want. Hold on, baby. Say you'll never

Boney M - Hold on i'm coming lyrics

t you ever, feel sad Lean on me, when the times are bad ... comes And you're down In a bit of trouble And you bite the ... ground Just hold on, I'm coming Hold on, I'm

Evans Blue - Hold on lyrics

and flaws exposed Equipped with indefinite highs and let ... goes Unclear, still in control steady as we fall ... Thoughts escape the prison skull Freedom clears a path

Nervo - Hold on lyrics

Starting Beat] [Ref.] Give us, give ... us a chance I just wanna hold on I just wanna hold on Hold on [Breaking Beat] I ... just wanna hold on [#1] Waiting for your love Cause I

Silent Force - Hold on lyrics

The sign of the gods are within your own Are you ... impossible dreams? Can you believe in what your eyes have been seeing? (Seeing is believing) Here in the now,

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