Step Out From Darkness, And Into The Light Your Heart lyrics

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Power Quest - Into the light lyrics

was a time and place we would always go We will meet there once again Darkness had descended all around our home Now we begin the journey there Walk in the path of our fathers before Wisdom and guidance will carry us through Walk with the prophet who always did

Dakesis - Into the light lyrics

matter how hard you try to place the blame on me Everyone knows the truth that you refuse to see You were the instrument that tore my dreams appart Love becomes seething hate that burns within my heart Spiralling deeper down, falling faster, driving me insane

Papa Roach lyricsPapa Roach - Into the light lyrics

is a warning my final warning Got a head full of wreckage and a mouthful of lies Got a mind in the gutter I feel like I want to die I’m the king of nothing with a broken crown I’ve been taking a beatin’ but I wont back down Free me from myse

Kenziner - Into the light lyrics

into the light I hear her voice call from another day I close my eyes slow, is this her home? I reach my heart out for another sign The candles blow out, we're all alone I've counted all the days, through all the years !'ve always wondered why, you seemed so near

Parlor Mob, The - Into the sun lyrics

my life I've been chasing something* I feel fate breathing down my neck If the road I'm on somehow lead me nowhere No retreats men no regrets 'Cause I'm not going to break and there ain't no mistakes and there ain't no turning back [Chorus] Out of the darkness A

Dara Maclean - Step into the light lyrics

bends you, breaks you Takes you where you don’t want to go So what did it cost you when you gave that piece Inside your heart to feel like you belong Hey, hey, hey, shackled by the shame But love can break the chains [CHORUS:] Step into the light Open up your e

Darren Hayes - Step into the light lyrics

have turned away from you And I am godless A wasteland of poison A hidden fortress I have blackened out the stars And hidden frequencies I have silenced all the waves And forbidden secrecies So step into your light This dog doesn't bite, oh I ju

Nightingale - Into the light lyrics

dawn replace the night It brings me shelter from the darkness And let me alive another day I hear the night birds sing Their final encore to the moonlight The morning sun is on the rise In the safety of the light I see the world ignite For some a day, for some a lifetime The

Cain's Offering - Into the blue lyrics

long ago I was young and naive I dared to hope and I dared to dream Once long ago lights were brighter for me This world was mine to keep I traveled so far, defying the dark Just to see where this road leads My foolish heart, unbroken, unscarred, was whole And then there was y

Edenbridge - Into the light lyrics

the lake of despair is so serene when the tempest in your heart's breaking in still there is no horizon here through troubled waters I swim the saving sheet-anchor will appear before I'm drowning in rapids near so what if the darkness rules your m

Marky Mark - Into the light lyrics

out of the darkness, before there was time There came a sound that enters the mind Through a door that's deep in your soul Through every pore of your body it goes And in a light 2 bright 2 behold Is the truth more shiny than gold And as sure as this candle burns

Prince - Into the light lyrics

out of the darkness, before there was time There came a sound that enters the mind Through a door that's deep in your soul Through every pore of your body it goes And in a light too bright to behold Is a truth more shiny than gold And as sure as this candl

Rage - Into the light lyrics

my time to die has come I want no regrets So I better use the days I have Then I take a look around, there is so much pain People run in circles and create their prison Day will turn to night, the devil by your side Steals the dreams away. Leave me be, cause I step into the light

Prince Ital Joe - Into the light lyrics

out of the darkness, before there was time There came a sound that enters the mind Through a door that's deep in your soul Through every pore of your body it goes And in a light 2 bright 2 behold Is the truth more shiny than gold And as sure as thi

Odyssey - Into the light lyrics

feel alone when you're not here I'm standing in the darkness I won't complain about my pain But now it really hurts me Give me a sign, will you be mine Please take away those shadows Take me tonight into the light. Don't let me be alone Take me into the light. It's shining through

Maverick Hunter - The end of all light lyrics

out of darkness cast into the light Betrayed by my own flesh and blood I’ve waited in the dark for all these centuries Now the darkness will be set free You call me a monster – “The man in black” But I’ve made it this far, now there’s no turning bac

Sara Bareilles - The light lyrics

the morning it comes, heaven sent a hurricane Not a trace of the sun but I don't even run from rain Beating out of my chest, heart is holding on to you From the moment I knew From the moment I knew You were the air in my breath filling up my love soaked lungs Such a beautif

Gothic (romania) - Into the light lyrics

the road to darkness There's a roam that someone knows Will it be showed?... Like the deepest secret You paint the rage in a coloured way Your mask is afraid... Hate - you want to come inside me Hate - you think you'll set me free Hate - you know I'll f

Sander Van Doorn - Into the light lyrics

of the shadow, into the light Come to the music, into the light Out of the shadow, into the light Come to the music, into the light Out of the shadow, into the light Come to the music, into the light Out of the shadow, into the

Heroes & Zeros - Into the light lyrics

wanna be with you despite the stupid things that I've said it was just that my cool got scared Hey, you've got eyes like burns of prey that made me shy away oh, you're gonna tear my heart out Hey, I wanna be with you despite the stupid things that you do

Siouxsie & The Banshees lyricsSiouxsie & The Banshees - Into the light lyrics

the line I see it fine Into the line Our hearts entwine Remember when Your time again Remember when Your time again Standing in the light Always sitting on the line Never on a side Always wanting to be right Standing in the li

The Mekons - Darkness and doubt lyrics

room was filled with flashing lights They spoke in tongues: waaah Darkness and doubt Just follow me around In the clear red dawn We moved like a tide But I went down In a baton charge Darkness and doubt Just follow me around The valley grew still We drove out

Jorge Blanco - Light your heart lyrics

the night streetlights are gone I'll be the sun so your dreams can run Light your heart, yeah Light your heart up Light your heart, yeah Light your heart up When the waves go take you out I'll be the sound that drowns the crowd When you get, yeah

Endless Main - Into the light lyrics

....... ........ ........... .......... ........... ............ .............. ........... ............ ........... ............. ............ ............ ............ ..........

Mblaq - Into the light lyrics

no nai mainichi ni makete bakari sabishikute Tameiki sae nomikonde kodoku kangaete ita WHY omoi-douri ni wa WHY susumu hazu ga nai Chiisana kizuato mo mae ni mukau chikara ni shite Nakitai toki wa naite mo ii yo donna kimi datte kimidakara Tsuyogaranaide soba

Blitzkrieg - Into the light lyrics

the morning they found him there, he'd passed in the night, No-one there to hold his hand, he's alone, His room is filled with memories, echoes of his life, Will he be remembered, he's gone. He looks down: he sees himself, lying there and wonders at the sig

Crystal Eyes - Into the light lyrics

the morning has broken can you see the great open sky, or are you afraid to enter life? From your world's obligations I have struggled to get away, and now I'm finally free From the land of order I'm hiding In the hand of shelter I roam There's a light beyond the mountain

Skeletonwitch - ...and into the flame lyrics

burning hatred Overwhelming pure disgust Hear my oath of vengeance You shall pay the price, the cost of blood Useless, now forgotten Leave you twisting in the wind No love, only hatred Pray I never see your face again Out of my shadow, and into the flame Gone are

In This Moment - Into the light lyrics

anybody tell me why We're lying here on the floor And neither of us can barely breathe at all The doctors saying hold on tight As we say our last goodbyes And this is the moment that changes our whole lives And I still believe in the good And I still believe in the light

Meat Loaf - Out of the frying pan (and into the fire) lyrics

s only two o'clock And the temperature's beginning to soar And all around the city You see the walking wounded and the living dead It's never been this hot and I've never been so bored And breathing is just no fun anymore Then I saw you like a summer dream And you'r

Fear Factory - Terminate lyrics

All that is dead around me Lifeless in the wake of catastrophe Burning in my mind I am not deceived Judgement into my own mortality Now that the soul is free I servered ties of man and machine Now that the soul is free I bled my heart of all it can ble

Avian - Queen of the insane lyrics

s the day to pay the insane Until now you've had the edge Shadows dance across your room Chasing you with unholy rage No more are you allowed to dream The end has come to the legacy She won't stop until she has your soul The kingdom has heard her call

Agnes - Into the sun lyrics

walk the streets, we follow light, I follow you You take me on, you lead the night, I stick to you You hear my heart one beat ahead, you draw me in You take the night one step ahead, you let me in Out of the fire and into the sun We are drowning in the bright light Ou

Dream Evil - Into the unknown (bonus) lyrics

talk to strangers, never meet their eyes Stay away from danger, never leave the light Don't heed into darkness, it might be your fall Turn away whenever evil calls So where's the road where you can go In the day or night, in the dark or light

The Moody Blues - One step into the light lyrics

step into the light One step away from night It's the hardest step you're gonna take The ship to take you there Is waiting at the head Of the stairs that lead up through your opening mind Above the dark despair Shines a light that we can share Close your eyes and look

Delta Spirit - Into the darkness lyrics

what's the part that you're playing Should I have guessed who you're blaming Do I know him Is it me you're naming You ain't got time You ain't got nothing You live on a rock all covered in ocean Well I'll be dead in a few years time Well I am fine And into the dar

Pantera - Cowboys from hell lyrics

the lights where we stand tall Nobody touches us at all Showdown, shootout, spread fear within, without We're gonna take what's ours to have Spread the word throughout the land They say the bad guys wear black We're tagged and can't turn back You see us comin

Leatherwolf - Season of the witch lyrics

play here where witches prey You'll be here forever Time will tell when you heal your bell Stop this spell I am not for Hell Demons chant, try and escape you can't You'll be here forever Time will tell when you heal your bell Stop this spell I am not for

Los Lobos - The valley lyrics

ancient times To a place so far away Across the land Where the earth was As tough as clay Looked at their hands Looked all around And they seemed pleased At what they had found Here in the valley Bread on the table Work through the day For as l

Sinister - Into the forgotten lyrics

within, no use kneeling Cry out to god, soul abuser Victors of pain, gather the sin Together we are, hell we're in. Into the forgotten Into the darkness Into the abyss Paralysed, you stand by my side Seeds of darkness, now grow in me Final damnation upon the weak parts

Iron Fire - Follow the sign lyrics

like the road that leads to nowhere Riding the time like there is no tomorrow Obey the voice that speaks from the inside Through the darkness and into the light From the shadows and the underground From the dungeon faith is rising The spell is broken and the cu

The Pharcyde - Groupie therapy lyrics

Bootie Brown] I was standing, one of the cast of many I would give anything to swing hand in hand with her But it was just a blur I couldn't blame her, why give up fortune and the fame for a nigga who can barely afford his name So the dame kept aim a

Inkubus Sukkubus - Queen of the may lyrics

across the barren land Still cold from winter's hand It has been a time for tears Season of the Goddess return On this eve, the first summer night Out of the darkness and into the light Set the Beltaine fires alight Season of the Goddess return Hail! Hail! the Queen of the May No

Mortal Sin - Out of the darkness lyrics

ll show you something, but you won't see I'll give you nothing, nothing for free You crossed the dark side, you sold your soul No turning back now, you've dug your hole [Chorus:] Out of the Darkness, and into the black Out of the Darkness, and in

Iron Savior - Back into the light lyrics

into a world Where night is ruling day Where nothing will remain Existence will decay The hope of despair Deep inside our heart Brought us to the lair The center of the Dark Strange and unknown hemisphere A mission to fulfill Evil will await us there We

Helion Prime - Into the black hole lyrics

through an endless black ocean of Starlight is a powerful force blazing on Into infinity Bright lights, giant celestial bodies Surrounding our own solar system spin round And it yet remains unseen If you journey out through the cosmos Into the center of our Milky Way galaxy Th

Deicide - From darkness come lyrics

take his name in vain and devastate; disgrace his sacred dove, Then raise my glass, to god and drink thy blood, Jesus I hate your guts. If all believed, what then? Where would this end, a world to live as one? They hail the cross, then kill, for holy cause, his faith

Ellie Goulding lyricsEllie Goulding - Run into the light medley lyrics

are we to be emotional? Who are we to play with hearts? And throw away it all Who are we to turn each others heads? Who are we to find ourselves in other people's beds? I don't like the way I never listen to myself I feel like I'm on fire, I'm too shy to

Crematory - The way behind the light lyrics

soul leaved the body And searched for his definition Walked along a endless passage to open the gate Behind the door you saw a light which magical attracted In glaring shine stood a throne out of stone to carved There sat a shape of darkness to

21octayne - Into the open lyrics

m taking a step On my own I'm taking a breath of the magic air That fills this room I've gone over this scene in my head A thousand times before Now the moment has come To walk out that door I'm going out into the open I wonder how my life will be

Genesis lyricsGenesis - The day the light went out lyrics

they went to bed that night no-one would have believed That in the morning light would not be there The dark hung heavy on the air like the grip of a jealous man No place was there known to have been spared Then panic took control of minds as fear hit everyone The day

Eyefear - From darkness till dawn lyrics

howling of the wolves Returning to the land Beyond the black sea Never finding rest Revenge us all in this realm From darkness till dawn I fear - I fear what my eyes cannot see You fear - what is your future to be Blissful days will never come One wrong t

Kill La Kill - Ost 11 - light your heart up lyrics

you seem feeling down I've been trying to calm and fade it But you don't wanna turn around Teenage is so complicated C'mon, c'mon Ain't no one who can take your place Oh baby, please let me see you smiling It's such a pain in the neck we have homework by tom

Astral Doors - The green mile lyrics

another man Blood upon my hands I followed the cold winds Tracked down by the arm of the law The warder: Look at the man tou are We'll switch off your life, it's gone too far From here there's no escape And in the death now you're bound to loose Y

Phil Collins - Dance into the light lyrics

s there in the eyes of the children In the faces smiling in the windows You can come on out, come on open the doors Brush away the tears of freedom Now we're here, there's no turning back We have each other We have one voice Hand in hand we will lay the tracks Bec

Moonspell - Darkness and hope lyrics

this is the exemplar deathstyle you told me about; you want my seed in is this the treason I bare the fame from? my fatal freedom; the omniswansong I carry the news of Darkness and hope So this is the underworld you have in your heart; you hide in your ro

Sig:ar:tyr - Sleep of the sword lyrics

ride out of Hel, and into the light To feel its warmth, to see the sunrise To die again, to ride with the gods To fight alongside, the blood chosen ones Together, the north star will steer our ship home to his hall ravens guide us home This blood we are cursed,

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - Into the dark lyrics

view into the dark Moving your finger You gonna make it for sure into the dark Master of duel, rendezvoyeur This is a walk into the dark Playing the ball Roll it on but not too fast There she goes into the light Close to your eye Breaking the mirror Gone out

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - Into the fire lyrics

from home overseas And into the unknown Barely landed in the jungle Sent on first patrol Sundown darkness falls Dig in for the night Ambushed in the dawn they came The jungle's alive I feel My fire starts to burn The heat Controlling my mind Berser

Charlie Shred - Into the fire lyrics

from home overseas and into the unknown barely landed in the jungle sent on first patrol Sundown darkness falls dig in for the night ambushed in the dawn they came the jungle's alive I feel my fire starts to burn the heat controlling my mind berser

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