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Melissa Etheridge - The universe listened lyrics

do our best We stay in step As time goes ... marching by But there's something wrong We don't ... ] Oh yeah, yeah, yeah And the universe listened Well, I

Gregory Alan Isakov lyricsGregory Alan Isakov - The universe lyrics

me back is rain . . . rain the Universe, she's wounded but ... says that she's beautiful the Universe, she's dancing now they got her lit up, lit up on the moon they got stars doing

Dark Princess - The skin of the universe lyrics

of mind you call a shell. There're no feelings Just ... I can call. Staring At the skin of the universe You don ... Hope of blistered smiling At the mind you call a shell..

Segment - The universe lyrics

freak I know what I know The light I've seen was bright ... face Those deep dark eyes They've spied on us we've spied ... on em The air was rather quiet No phrasal fight We

A Guy Called Gerald - The universe lyrics

Neal : The universe we mold around this one of a ... interference pattern within the fabric of space. If we were ... being, We would find that the body is made up of a massive

Franz Ferdinand lyricsFranz Ferdinand - The universe expanded lyrics

Has been removed from the negative With every smile ... we lose a line Watch the stars fall back into the sky ... Cork the wine Unbake a cake Take the ... dog back to the RSPCA But I don’t mind

Monty Python - The universe song/the galaxy song lyrics

it's reckoned, A sun that is the source of all our power The sun and you and me and all the stars that we can see Are ... thousand miles an hour Of the galaxy we call the 'Milky Way

Segment - The universe (Československo má talent) lyrics

am freak I know what I know The light I've seen was bright ... strange boat Like a grain on the floor A plum with no core ... Stranger with a strange boat There is no chance to talk

Skyfire - The universe unveils lyrics

of the ancient wisdom Inside of ... real An illusion mastered by the gods The grandeur of the lie ... Will the truth ever be revealed? ... As we're walking through the night Unaware of our own

Kokia - The rule of the universe lyrics

It is significant to be there, but no words About the ... such a thing, Let's climb the mountain * Repeat It's ... Definitely you will reach the top of the mountain Let's

Pigsty - The universe pig+monkey=essence of existence lyrics

I: The Essence Of Existence +++++ + ... + ++++++ ++++++ From distant universe galaxy Bloodthirsty mutants ... driving On this world that they violated Our monkeys still then here were man. Act II: The Rapeing +++++ ++++++ +++++++

Plastic People Of The Universe, The - The universe symphony and melody about plasti.. lyrics

text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text...

Cky - The other side of the end of the universe lyrics

white is wide What is on the other side Blackened sky ... believe your own two eyes The highest tide Coming through the nebulai All alone 50 ... million miles below Begin the journey off in space And who

Crimson Cult - The long way home (centre of the universe - p.. lyrics

see a little cloud on the blue ball earth and I feel There is something getting out of ... And why it was good On the long way home On the long ... It's a long road home On the long way home On the long

Lynch - The universe lyrics

Kurai sekai da mekurami sousa Teki wa doko da Atama ni hana sakasete Mada waratterurashii Goteinei sa Kirei ni hora narabe arunda Jibaku zumi no shita...

Behemoth - The universe illumination lyrics

and not violators of thoughts they're for life is a theatre ... but when curtain is open there is no time for any reh's ... lights turn'd on were and the first act is begun... ..

Gojira - The heaviest matter of the universe lyrics

to free Myself from this In the heart of the dark My face ... Don't know how to Reach the light But I feel so bad ... a freak in a cage Open the door Enter your heart You

Alcazar - Stay the night lyrics

feel your force right across the floor. Every look I take ... Now we’re all alone and the time is right. So don’t even ... Come inside come inside! Stay the night. Won’t you stay the night? I can be your lover.

Dj Shadow - Stay the course lyrics

for your visa We’re back on the third rock People trying got ... to put food on a place mat Stay sound, don't feed your anger ... imposing with this bulldozer The majority will not see the few

Green Day lyricsGreen Day - Stay the night lyrics

got much time so I'll get to the point Do you wanna share a ... ride and get the f*** out of this joint? I ... I gotta know if you're the one that got away Even

Millionaires - Stay the night lyrics

home you know i'll let you stay the night Touch me up and ... you will Pre Chorus stay the night stay the night oh ... oh stay the night stay the night Chorus drink and

Punk Goes... - Stay the night by state champs (zedd cover) lyrics

I don't mind You kill the lights, I'll draw the blinds ... Don't dull the sparkle in your eyes I know ... I don't mind Are you gonna stay the night? Are you gonna stay the night? Oh oh oh, are you

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - Stay the night lyrics

Can anybody care enough for them to tell It's taken me ... you came I had to look no further than any other man Don't ... back over your shoulder 'cos the love that you found That you

Alex Goot - Stay the same lyrics

your state of mind is on the matter of everything you’re ... no good to me if we can not stay ourselves through this ... make this last would you rather wake up with me or without

Elyar Fox - Stay the night - zedd ft. hayley williams lyrics

I don't mind You kill the lights, I'll draw the blinds ... Don't dull the sparkle in your eyes I know ... I don't mind Are you gonna stay the night Are you gonna stay

Memphis May Fire - Stay the course lyrics

is no coincidence I've seen the world and I will never bow ... So bring your temptation to the table, but I'm not giving in ... is no coincidence. I've seen the world & I will never bow

Aura Dione - Stay the same lyrics

I thought I should conquer the world Guess I'm crazy, yeah, ... I'm wild Together we can dance till the end of ... heart I wish i could have the (???) You're lovely and I am

Epica - Stay the course lyrics

the course Unregarded what the others think Follow through ... your goals Stay the course Be impassive what all ... the others want Go your own way ... Stand focused, stay strong Stay the course

Gackt - Stay the ride alive lyrics

Everlasting words in the past you gave me seiza ... mou nidoto aenai toshite mo Stay alive mirai toiu jikan wa ... Everlasting heart in the past you showed me subete ni

Ghosts - Stay the night lyrics

s four o'clock in the morning, I can't take another second of this excuse for ... taste, take a chance - stay the night Oh why don't we take a ... that we'll find a way to pass the time, take a chance - stay the night If it's a question

Idlewild - Stay the same lyrics

it always happens to me but then always isnt a word i use ... we alter what we have but then again survival its not why ... we should stay the same if we cant be the same

James Blunt lyricsJames Blunt - Stay the night lyrics

In California We watched the sunset from our car, we all ... took it in And by the time that it was dark, you ... if this is what we’ve got, then what we’ve got is gold

Chicago - Stay the night lyrics

Because I haven’t got the time I want you to know ... my philosophy Chorus: Stay the night There’s room ... enough here for two Stay the night I’d like to spend it

Jake Coco - Stay the night lyrics

In California We watched the sunset from our car, we all ... took it in And by the time that it was dark, you ... if this is what we’ve got, then what we’ve got is gold

James Blunt lyricsJames Blunt - Stay the night lyrics

In California We watched the sunset from our car, we all ... took it in And by the time that it was dark, you ... if this is what we’ve got, then what we’ve got is gold

Gabrielle lyricsGabrielle - Stay the same lyrics

know by now that life is not the same, I have watched you ... I don’t care about what the people say, But it’s down ... way… And I don’t regret the time we spent, My time with

Bonobo - Stay the same (feat. andreya triana) lyrics

night train Midnight Bags gathered round my feet Possessions ... It's hard And cold though The best thing for me This train ... change it won't ever be the same I'm hopin' I will stay

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - Stay the night lyrics

re kissing me And saying I'm the one you need To keep you ... with you tonight Baby I feel the same way I don't want to ... in my mind You keep saying stay the night Just let me rock

Imx - Stay the night lyrics

t you let down your guard Then maybe, we can go real far ... Ooh ooh baby Say you wanna stay the night You know you got a ... brother high I'll come and pick you

Joey Mcintyre - Stay the same lyrics

else, You were meant to be the way you are exactly. Don't ... you ever say you don't like the way you are. When you learn ... far. And I hope you always stay the same, cuz there's nothin

Heaven Shall Burn - Stay the course lyrics

my home Losing my mother tongue But I will bear ... this heavy loss Former brothers calling me betrayer and ... burned the words we wrote I will ... Our words of reason, lost in the roar of cadence The beacon

Elize Ryd - Alone in the universe lyrics

away You hold your cries the wound is deep How hard I try ... to make you stay I don't know what I was ... world is ruined I'm alone in the Universe Careless words

Dave Brown - Scale of the universe lyrics

magnify as you fly through them, and see Atoms, looming / ... of a particle's too big / Then boom / an end to the ... intrusion / As you hit the resolution of the universe

Powerworld - Children of the universe lyrics

way to go from here Wearing the black mask of fear Our life ... our life We will run into the fire We'll go down, this ... we can save this world We're the children of the universe

Insania (swe) - Universe lyrics

the universe i will go, To a place I've ... before. I will ride through the galaxies And find my way ... my destiny, as I look up in the sky. Beyond the shadows the

Marwi - Universe lyrics

what we can Look at the sky It's like the universe ... so shy Just dance, dance Universe, universe Look, we are ... This is our island Turn off the light You don't need that

Darkaeon - Ark of the universe (part 1) lyrics

of time, the walls to your universe Concealed beyond the stars ... more (Chorus) Standing at the edge of the world Holding the truth in the windows of

Gloryhammer - Universe on fire lyrics

wanna set the Universe on Fire feel it burn tonight ... Set the Universe on fire there´s no end in sight Bring me ... to the holy raging power where I ... find my destiny The Universe on fire you´re my guiding

Army Of Lovers - We are the universe lyrics

is protein in the air There is protein everywhere Life ... my womb is open wide Where the rockets fear to slide I’m the peacock valentino Planets ... Ready in attack position There’s a rocket in my pocket

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Across the universe lyrics

rain into a paper cup They slither wildly as they ... slip away Across the universe Pools of sorrow, waves of ... me like a Million eyes They call me on and on Across the universe Thoughts meander

Juvaliant - Cold distance of the universe lyrics

- THE SEARCH A lone wolf on the ... on and on, you hate to turn the page No one knows, no one ... and hate and pain When brotherhood becomes disdain The

Queen - Princes of the universe lyrics

are, born to be kings We're the princes of the universe Here ... to survive In a world with the darkest powers, heh And here ... we are, we're the princes of the universe Here we belong,

Feenixpawl - Universe (feat. quilla) lyrics

m in you're embrace Wearing the future Feel the universe ... Feel the universe Feel the universe Feel, feel, feel, feel Feel ... the universe Feel... Out of this

Ozzy Osbourne lyricsOzzy Osbourne - Civilize the universe lyrics

and grasping my head. They can call it justice, a ... retribution, But the reasons are never clear. ... more time. Try to civilize the Universe. (Civilize the Universe). Without the righteous,

Scars On Broadway - Universe lyrics

line is drawn up in the sand, Is this the way to no ... where land? You never seen the sky like this, You never ... this Comets falling for the earth, Is this the end or a

Don Diablo lyricsDon Diablo - Universe lyrics

my hand And walk me through the night Twinkles in our eyes ... brave enough to fly We are the children, the universe We ... are the children, the universe We are the children, the universe Hold my hand And walk me

Helloween lyricsHelloween - Light the universe lyrics

a house up the hill Lays a boy, he's ... sleeping still And the time's creeping by Till the ... world prepares to die Then again out of dust Will ... arise what ended last And the boy will awake Give his

Delta Goodrem - Child of the universe lyrics

up to be myself Still I feel there's something else Look at ... all the satellites Get lighter in the sky We meet and we divide ... The patterns made by human life

Electric Light Orchestra - Alone in the universe lyrics

in the Universe All alone in the universe That's how it feels ... home, oh-a-oh Alone in the Universe All alone in the universe ... It gets so sad in the unknown I'm tired of being

Iron Mask - Universe lyrics

was never meant to be After the bang, it will re-collapse ... was never meant to be After the bang (bang), it will re ... constellation Called the universe, called the universe So

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