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Started As A Fling Never Meant To Fall In Love lyrics

Browse for Started As A Fling Never Meant To Fall In Love song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Started As A Fling Never Meant To Fall In Love lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Started As A Fling Never Meant To Fall In Love.

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Jessica Simpson - To fall in love again lyrics

faithfully Holding tight to every dream I thought our love would ever be As the scent ... of hope slips through my fingers Plain for me to see ... I can feel now in your eyes the changing way

Ian Van Dahl - To fall in love lyrics

can be broken Love turns into pain Eyes can be blinded Love ... fades away Why don't you see Why ... don't you see Hearts can be broken Love turns into pain So can you give me A reason to fall in love Words can make you cry When they say

Jeanette - To fall in love lyrics

fall in love It is everything you can get Ain't got ... enough To be stayin' here with me This short ... term lovin' ain't bad 'Cause it changes sometimes So

Elton John lyricsElton John - Never gonna fall in love again lyrics

meant to be so friendly Never made the room look nice Never heed a word of warning Never ... take my own advice I got a brand-new problem Pretty and she

April Wine - Tonight is a wonderful time to fall in love lyrics

and yellow, seasons changin' gear Giving her all I am, ... reachin' out with lovin' care You know she can feel it, ... oh yeah, she never has to try Goin' on forever, oh yeah, knowin' that's the reason

Kristinia Debarge - Doesn't everybody want to fall in love lyrics

think that I love him more, more then life ... itself. I know that ill never find nothing close to him Never gunna stop (ill) Love him ... till I drop, ain't never gunna let him go whoa He drives me

Black Oak Arkansas - Just to fall in love lyrics

call life a mystery Where does it come ... from Where does it lead We can live eternally Cause we've ... made love Our destiny Just to fall in love We ... didn't really plan it When we fell to this planet Just to fall in love And

Boston - Didn't mean to fall in love lyrics

didn't mean to fall in love I didn't mean to fall in love And all I mean to say I can't go on the way things are ... How can I lead the way It feels so wrong to be so

Golden Earring - Bad news to fall in love lyrics

t try to put the blame on me Every night I come ... stealin' home You keep thinkin' I've been drinkin' I been ... missin' you no - no Damn sherrif ain't no friend of

Anthony Hamilton - I'll wait (to fall in love) lyrics

ll wait for you to fall in love I'll hold myself for only ... you You know I will baby Along the way I've tried my hand in love In hope that for ... one day it bring that unity The one that feels natural and true like an olden day movie Not pretentious both interest agree T

Teena Marie - Why did i have to fall in love with you lyrics

say you're shy but I think differently It's really ... just that you're unsure of me Some say that I'm a woman of the ... world But all I want to be is your girl Loving you

Kenny Chesney - Fall in love lyrics

Little country church on a 2-lane road A Bride and a Groom, ... comin' out the door White lace dress, and a red boquet ... "Just Married" written on a blue

Iggy  Pop lyricsIggy Pop - Fall in love with me lyrics

look so good to me Here in this old saloon Way back in ... West Berlin A bottle of white wine White wine and you A table made of ... wood And how I wish you would Fall in love with me You look so

Mötley Crüe - Too young to fall in love lyrics

Say Our Love Is like Dynamite Open Your Eyes 'Cause ... It's Like Fire And Ice Well You're Killing Me ... Your Love's A Guillotine Why Don't You Just Set Me

Sammy Hagar - Try (try to fall in love) lyrics

everything works out okay And some times seems to go the ... other way But it really don't matter at all It ... how quickly you rise when you fall So make sure you don't stay

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - How to fall in love,pt.1 lyrics

got a bad sensation The enemy is all around ... The traces of my naked heart Are laid upon the ground ... I suffered side effects That might have been forever

Eddie Rabbitt - I need to fall in love again lyrics

took my heart in your hand And you just walked away You ... didn't even say goodbye Now I'm standing alone, but if the truth be ... known I'm not made to be free It's not easy for me

The Moody Blues - Had to fall in love lyrics

mattered to me Was the right to be free Like I'll be, someday I'm waiting for my heart to ... lead the way The places I've seen And the road in ... between Make me wonder why I'm searching for my dreams up in the sky

Sebadoh - It's so hard to fall in love lyrics

s so hard to fall in love Knowin' all I know Seeing all the things I see Maybe I ... should crawl away for awhile Maybe I shouldn't have ... Who's the one with the killing secret? The stupid little

Aviators - Never meant to be lyrics

get complicated, you've been frustrated ... But so have I. I thought you'd make it ... but you've been jaded Time after time. I ... know things got soft back where we started off But I

Chapin Harry - Fall in love with him lyrics

s just no good-- (Fall in love with him) You know that you ... should (Fall in love with him) I wish that you ... would (Fall in love with him) If only you could

Liberty X - Never meant to say goodbye lyrics

I told you I needed a friend Would you walk away? ... And if I told you I needed a lover Would you be afraid? Cos I ... know that I left you before But I made a mistake I was blind to

Jo O'meara - Never meant to break your heart lyrics

Said Goodbye And We’ve Been Through All The ... Questions Trying To Get the Answers Right And You It’s ... Nothing You Did Wrong It’s Just A Path I Need To Take To Go Grow Along My Fate And The

Samantha Mumba - Never meant to be lyrics

when I still believed the things you said Never would have ... thought that this would come to an end How was I to know that you had Another Someone ... Else I recall the days I loved you in a million ways

Anna Graceman - Never meant to me - graceman band version lyrics

on a roll You’ll make that shot Cause you never miss ... And I would lose control When ... like this Now I’m just a number I’m one of your few

Dido lyricsDido - Never want to say its love lyrics

could put it down to being tired, Or coming home to an ... empty house, A passing moment, A little man - No ... one around to stop me writing to you. I never wanna say it

Emerald - Never fall in love lyrics

and you We could have had the paradise on earth Every ... single day was like a gift from above Our hearts ... were connected Together as one You told me lies It

Nick Cannon - "i used to be in love" (feat. joe) lyrics

yeah, can I ball? You don't have to do me ... like that ma Nick Cannon You almost had me But ... my inner pimp wouldn't let that happen, you dig? Know ... this chick named Tanya, down form East Yonkers Had

Welshly Arms lyricsWelshly Arms - Never meant to be lyrics

back your shades Don't miss-behave Open ... up now Breathe it in How's it do ya? So hard to see They put a name on me Make it dirty Wash it clean

Rita Ora lyricsRita Ora - Fall in love (feat. lyrics

fall in love, I fall in love, I fall in love, I fall in love Hey (fall in love) I wanna ... play (fall in love) with you (fall in love) Let's run away (fall in love) Let's pick a

Debelah Morgan - Fall in love again lyrics

1 When I was in love My baby broke my heart I had a hard time letting go So I ... would be no one else I'd never love again Then you came along And you gave me back my

New Kids On The Block - Never gonna fall in love again lyrics

gonna fall in love again, Never gonna fall in love again, Never gonna fall in love again, Never gonna fall in love again, Never gonna fall in love. You said you'd never ever try to break my heart, You told a lie,

Aquamarin - Never fall in love lyrics

I wrote a song, hoping that one day, you will come back ... And now I know that, Nothing's gonna change never. I ... feel your hand about my hand and your lips caress my skin

Danko Jones - Don´t fall in love lyrics

don´t look around for anybody else Why don´t you ... concentrate on yourself Someone´s ... gotta say that it´s ok to feel alone You´re not a freak you don’t need help

Bern Dan - Never fall in love lyrics

got 36-foot insulation in my house Wear 14 pairs of ... long underwear Stick tape inside my ears Cover myself ... with five bedspreads I spend every morning in

Inna lyricsInna - Fall in love/lie lyrics

forget the risk and leave it all behind, Fall in love, fall ... in lie. So forget the risk and leave it all behind, We can fall in love or we can fall in lie. This is how it goes,

Jolin Tsai - Fall in love with a street lyrics

jiao liu zhao meng de yu wei xing lai shi hou ren zai niu yue ... Wei xiao zhong chuang wai piao yi le yi pian xue jie bian yang qi yi zhen Chen yan Shou

Émilie Simon - Never fall in love lyrics

want to be my lover You want to be my man I am a flower And ... I hurt your hands Don't say you love me Don't say you care I'm not human We will never be the same You can carry

Schultz Mark - Fall in love again lyrics

night I sit alone I dial you on the phone But you're ... not there Oh, are you there? Can't keep my ... heart from breakin' Can't keep my mind from thinkin'

The Cataracs - Fall in love feat ya boy lyrics


Gfriend - Fall in love lyrics

anhassdeon cheot nune banhandan geu yaegi neol algi jeon ... jeongmal mollassdeon yaegi hanbeonjjeumeun da sangsanghaesseossdeon yaegi ijen jogeum ... al geot gatayo oh issjanha uri duri eonjena uri duri naege neoman issdamyeon nan marya neom

Sailor Moon Crystal - Fall in love with the new moon lyrics

seyo otome hana no inochi wa hakanaku utsukushii Naritai ... mono ni nareru mahou kakete ageru Yureru sono manazashi ... binetsu ga miseru maboroshi wa kanashii hodo ni kanpeki na

Sim (silence Iz Mine) - Fall in love with you lyrics

calls screw my day, she means no harm But it's a plague to me anyway Juste like a false ... alarm I can't understand why that behavior I will ... not save ya There is nothing I can do for you I never fall in love with you I'm

Sloan - Last time in love lyrics

is my last time Last time in love And I got suddenly scared That I'll never get to fall in love again All my ... life, I opened up myself to anyone I tried for a while and

Snow Patrol - Never gonna fall in love again lyrics

snapped me out of a dream that I was having I'd falled ... down an elevator shaft but now I'm back again ... Tidying up after the fight we had Happy ... with yourself? Well, you've never looked so satisfied Teasing

Earth Wind And Fire - Fall in love with me lyrics

can tell you that love Is too deep to be played on Down ... the line, you'd find Time would reveal who to ... count on I'm well inclined to use the lines That comes

Ashlee Simpson - Fall in love with me lyrics

run away Name a place Where the air tastes like ... rain And the sun shines like Sunday morning You ... bring your laugh and I’ll bring my sense of humor And we can the waste days One week after another Turn it up

James - Fall in love with me lyrics

your lips into a velvet kiss While I enfold ... you Move your hands across this promised land The ... seekers guided by the pole star Say the words why don't

Estelle - Fall in love lyrics

s just fall in love (ooh ooh) So we could fall in love (ba ba ba ba ba ba) ... We could fall in love (ba ba ba ba ba ba) We could fall in love (ba ba ba ba ba ba)

Phantogram - Fall in love lyrics

it was enough to recognize To see, I was the reason you ... feel sick inside Fall in me I'll let you bleed 'Cause you were fallin', I'm ... sorry, ah baby 'Cause you were fallin', I'm

Bry - Fall in place lyrics

ve told you more than once It's entirely your call And though I'll be a tourist While you go through it ... all Take my word I won't be sitting ... back Or resemble who I've been

Barcelona - Fall in love lyrics

ve been on for a minute No more feeling alone We ... re trying hard not to bruise it I said, "If ... forever's gonna last then we'd better find the same direction." I've

Eddie Money - Fall in love again lyrics

for a brighter tomorrow Hopin' that the wind and rain is ... clear Layin' down by the river Wearin' ... out my old blue jeans So many things have come between us

Relient K. - In love with the 80's (pink tux to the prom) lyrics

it was jeremy in 1983, In his ocean pacific tee, Who ... got a bloody knee, On his skateboard, In the halfpipe, In ... the backyard, That tuesday night. And I'm only gonna

Gerry & The Pacemakers - Fall in love lyrics

walked right in and drove the shadows away Love walked right in and brought ... my sunniest day One magic moment and my heart seemed ... to know that love said hello Though not a word was spoken One look, and I

Green Day lyricsGreen Day - Don't wanna fall in love lyrics

t want to have you hanging Around me like a leech I think ... your just a problem So stay the hell away from me Because I don't believe in you And I wanna sit here all my

Christina Aguilera lyricsChristina Aguilera - Fall in line ft. demi lovato lyrics

girls Listen closely 'Cause no one told me But you ... deserve to know That in this world You are not ... do not owe them Your body and your soul All the youth in the world will not save you

Candice Accola - Wrong to be in love lyrics

act unashamed but I have been used For pleasure ... for smiles a week or one night But it wasn’t like I put up my hands to ... When did it become so wrong to fall in love To want to be in lust Tried to block them

Masters At Work - To be in love lyrics

want you to take your broom and swept up my yard You ... brush it good or we could fall apart Don't give me no ... shortcut thing you have all day & night I had to satisfy, so you better do it

Jason Derulo lyricsJason Derulo - Cheyenne lyrics

m a little unsure how it got so ... complicated If I let go I know I'll ... regret it Every heart that I held before I was sure to ... break it I don't know what she did, but I just can't

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