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Nicole Da Silva - Enjoy your life lyrics

special friend can help you when the world seems blue ... win it's easier to win when you have friends to see you ... in someone who believes in you dreams the night is full of

Anastacia - One day in your life lyrics

know that's just the way it goes and you ain't right for sure you ... turned your back on love for the last ... s nothing more to say one day in your life said love

Suzi Quatro - New day woman lyrics

m a new day woman Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha I ... got a feeling like I just want to get away ... this masquerade for one more day My heart is aching just ... now I used to be what you call the other kind I had

Hyde - New day's dawn lyrics

only has one face Even if you die - you've no clue That ... man standing by your side Perhaps he knows the ... darkness conceives it You're surrounded by deceit It

Fireflight - You give me that feeling lyrics

can't find a way To tell you how you've captured me And ... I can't hold it in I know You're the only one Who could ... help me finally open up You created something new in me

Gordon Lightfoot - New day lyrics

me to that place where the world is young With a song of love that ... To where there'll be, a new day for me Oh, take me to that ... beyond the sun Lead me to that place where the mountains

Robyn - You've got that something lyrics

ve got that something you've got that something Look ... givin all of my lovin' every day of my life to you All you ... see can be yours If you show me you want me just one

The Hollies - You need love lyrics

Oh, when you love somebody That means a ... lot And so you give the best Of what you've ... someone Without a love in your life You can't go on You ... love I need love When you're tired and worn out She'll

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - One day in your life lyrics

day in your life You'll remember a place Someone ... touching your face You'll come back and you'll look ... around, you'll . . . One day in your life You'll remember

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - All of your life (you need love) lyrics

know Can we spend this life together Be a shield from ... can I Baby tell me can I be your man Let's be lovers (be ... and honest forever I know you been hurt But you really

Tamar Kaprelian - New day lyrics

Frozen up I've realized that something's gotta change It ... Say hello, say hello to a new way I was lost, but I found ... Waking up, waking up to a new day A new day I was

Tamar Kaprelian - New day (acoustic) lyrics

Frozen up I've realized that something's gotta change It ... Say hello, say hello to a new way I was lost, but I found ... Waking up, waking up to a new day A new day I was

Alexi Blue - Live your life lyrics

it across the sky get that feeling that starts down deep ... Magic fountain make a wish that all my dreams will start to ... happen get that feeling that starts down deep inside I

Alicia Keys lyricsAlicia Keys - New day lyrics

New day AK, auu! Party people ... Party people say Ay, it's a new day, it's a new day While ... everybody ready, yeah For a new day, for a new day Celebrate

Empyr - New day lyrics

shine again tonight Can't you see the Peaceful riot now ... So leave your shelter And wave the flag of ... change And whisper your song A scream in their heads

Demi Lovato lyricsDemi Lovato - Brand new day lyrics

year's old news I'm breaking out my six ... 'Cause it's another summer That's how this chapter starts ... did before It's a brand new day Don't you see me

Alkaline Trio - Enjoy your day lyrics

where'd you go? How was your vacation home? Well ... obviously you were busy, Too busy for me. ... So this is how you leave me? I'm brokenhearted ... So happy Valentine's day. I hope the sun's out in New

Shapeshifters - New day lyrics

it I can get through this Life aint so hard with you not ... And then my friends remind me you aint who I need it from I'll ... there's plenty more I'm feeling free and so happy I'm

Divinefire - New beginning lyrics

to die Seize the moment You're alive Let the music ... take you far away Time to live Enjoy your life Hear the music ... from above It's a new beginning Time to live

Junip - Your life, your call lyrics

s over you Boy, you know it's true But you can't ... stay here You had it coming for years ... Pull yourself together Draw the line ... Pull yourself together Can't stand to

John Farnham - New day lyrics

m looking forward, to seeing you smile We've been strangers, ... we've been lost for awhile A new day coming, a change at last ... fade away in the past New hope, new way We start today

Twenty 4 Seven lyricsTwenty 4 Seven - You gotta be safe lyrics

it is, we better stop. If you care for you life, pay ... attention, But even if you don't I wanna mention. Have ... good time, Make the best of life and do it fine. But you

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - New day lyrics

say Party people say Its a new day Its a new day While ... Everybody ready For a new day For a new day Celebrate and ... about the old me When i was feeling like Miller lite and OE But

Fozzy - New day's dawn lyrics

my demons start to call I need you to save ... were to fall I'd need you to pray for me And even in ... out into the night I know you're always there for me

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - New day lyrics

talk to me kid, how's life working? Keep your money up ... Guaranteed to blow up your start week My measurements is ... don't come through flashing that shit Light a whole big blunt

Take That lyricsTake That - New day lyrics

up from a bad dream I was feeling half-naked, running down the ... high street Shouting your name, I was begging you not ... to go Yesterday's news is yesterday's news Yesterday's blues is just a shade of

Aly Michalka - Brand new day lyrics

many of you people out there Been hurt ... And how many times did you swear That you'd never love ... many fights? And why would you want to Put yourself through

Milk Inc. - New beginning (in your arms) lyrics

I feel like there's a new beginning In your arms In your arms, baby Don't need a ... else I'd want to go But in your arms In your arms, baby ... Too strong to fight, this feeling inside Hide me in your arms

Hollywood Undead lyricsHollywood Undead - New day lyrics

alley of scars, Mama what you think he wasn't swimming with ... sharks You think I'm evil now keep them ... a chestful of hearts So you hide behind them papers and

Nightcore - New day lyrics

alley of scars, Mama what you think he wasn't swimming with ... sharks You think I'm evil now keep them ... a chestful of hearts So you hide behind them papers and

Nothing’s Carved In Stone - New day lyrics

by So just how long do you plan on standing there While ... time passes you right on by You only live once Treasure ... every minute Take hold of your life and go Overflowing feelings A hope filled bright future

Rudimental lyricsRudimental - New day (feat. bobby womack) lyrics

s a new day There's a new day coming There's a new day ... coming There's a new day coming (There's a new day) ... There's a new day coming Well I hear it in

The Cure lyricsThe Cure - New day lyrics

New day, new day In Heaven the ground is ... more I shout, shout this is new, new day, new day Hold the ... air and gasp in life This solid dance this cold,

Hüsker Dü - New day rising lyrics

day rising New day rising New day rising New day rising New day rising New day rising New day rising New day rising New day rising New day rising .

Abandoned Pools - Ruin your life lyrics

it up No one needs this any day Your life's a half-filled ... cup You'd never drink from anyway ... Well I say And if you want me to, I'd love to ruin your life There's nothing else to

Charice - New world lyrics

the stars, feeling the winds every time I ... cannot stop thinking of you, since you've been gone away ... out loud for once Cause you are such a precious part of

Griffin House - New day lyrics

new, a new day will come When the children ... and laugh with the Son And you, you will be mine, in awhile ... A new, a new day will come When the children

Hecate Enthroned - New day emerges lyrics

slay Destroying deceivers Starting a new day New day ... emerges Dark new era Dark new era New day emerges New day ... power Feel the power Dark new era Dark new era New day

Journey - Feeling that way lyrics

my eyes to a new kind of way All the good ... times that you saved Are you feeling, You feeling that way too ... know wrong from right A new road's waiting, you touched

Karnivool - New day lyrics

about to let go Awake in a new light, I'm Alone in this ... at heart, it may be a lie You will not see me It's a new ... they follow me home?) It's a new day One More Step, it's

Ancient Bards - All that is true lyrics

now her head on his chest feeling his heartbeat she lets her ... My love I can't do this we knew it from the start I just can ... t be with you You're not from around here, you

Massari - Brand new day lyrics

my life was a dream Would you come and sleep beside me If ... it's real how it feels Would you stay right here with me ... i'm in love Girl I'm so glad that I found you I would dance to

A Dream Too Late - Can i start new? lyrics

feel your eyes stare into mine Burning ... know this road takes me from you But I can't seem to slow ... this down I see myself, but you're all around I cannot run

Avalon - New day lyrics

It`s a new day Oh, it`s a new time And there`s a new way ... I`m gonna live my life All the old has, passed away ... And the new has come Thank God, It`s a

Killing Joke - New day lyrics

You wake up to a new day Forwards We move towards ... a new way oh Come with me ... Gather with your torches Singing Dance, my ... love, we're young and strong A new day...

Metallica lyricsMetallica - That was just your life lyrics

a siren in my head that always threatens to repeat, ... Like a blind man that was shoved into the speeding ... driver's seat, Like a face that learned to speak, when all it

Jen Foster - Today is a brand new day lyrics

slept late, you’re still hung over The ... whole day spiraled downward You’re ... not sure what it is you’re gonna do next You ... the steps and embarrassed yourself Your mind’s shot from

George Benson - New day lyrics

night is on the run It's a new day, it's a new way And I ... sunlight I can smell the new-born hay I can hear God's

Linda Perry - New dawn lyrics

I will follow For each day is forgiving and never alone ... will be his hand the guides you Leading you home He said ... You carry on A new day will come You carry on A new day will dawn I am woman

Jethro Tull - Life's a long song lyrics

you've fallen awake And you take Stock of the new day. ... And you hear your voice croak As you choke ... on what you need to say. Well, don't you fret Don't you fear. I

Kate Havnevik - New day lyrics

day Watching you as you awake Morning stars in your ... eyes Your hand in mine The sky is ... lit up Day will be richer than night So ... dont think of yesterday Its here and now (Chorus)

Beach House - New year lyrics

comes in colors Vanish everyday I keep these promises, these ... things will come before you Always out of the way We ... these promises Can you call it See it coming Just

Matt Cardle - Run for your life lyrics

likes themself Who lives for life and never calls for help You ... need somebody to walk you back Someone who loves you ... too before you ask You’re worth more, you’re worth

Deep Insight - New day lyrics

s a new day till the dawn In your eyes ... on Astray inside everything that I hide And I can't find my ... not gonna waste this It's a new day It's a new day till the

Home Free - Your man lyrics

down low Put some music on that's soft and slow Baby we ain ... t got no place to go I hope you understand I've been ... thinking 'bout this all day long Never felt a feeling

Jay-z & Kanye West - New day lyrics

just want him to have an easy life Not like Yeezy life, just ... time, judged Don’t be like your daddy that would never budge ... club I learned the hard way, that ain’t the place to get love

George Jones - A day in the life of a fool lyrics

cafe Catch the bus, read the news on my way Those emotions ... the whole mornin' through Start a day in the life of a fool. ... I dial our number in hopes you return But there's never an

Lane Asher - New days lyrics

we came from the ocean life We swim like dolphins in ... time sometimes I wish that nothing would change ... whatever you do, I will see you the same New days, fly

The Adverts - New day dawning lyrics

say don't show your guns, if you don't intend to fight We say ... don't sleep all day, if you can't keep awake at night ... beacon And I wonder, is a new day dawning? And I wonder,

Atb - A new day lyrics

don't you kidnap me for old time's sake ... and i'll come break into your house again i know you love ... it when I show you that I really care i never felt ... so safe when I'm lying on your favourite chair of a new day a new day why don't i

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