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The 69 Eyes - Sore loser lyrics

to the wire down on me Down to the wire you're down on me ... I can see for miles whatcha trying to achive You just can't hide your jealousy YOU'RE ... A SORE LOSER YOU'RE A SORE LOSER YOU'RE A SORE LOSER

Dog Eat Dog - Sore loser lyrics

tried out for the high school team So you would have some ... childhood dreams That you and your father could ... share Football coach said you're too ... small Don't even think of basketball You knew

The Format - Sore thumb lyrics

me you Cut out again. It seems so easy just to blame The reception. There’s something wrong. I don’t know why ... you, you never say goodnight. So please just leave,

Kanjani∞ - Sore de iin ja nai lyrics

nara kaze no naka ni Sagashite miyou yo futari de sa Kisetsu ga kawaru tabi ni Hitotsu ... yorokobi wo kanjite sa Kinou yori mo tanoshikerya Iin ja nai?

7 Year Bitch - Sore subject lyrics

down the rain from up above And ... shine a bright light on a sore subject The colors they are ... bending They're bending over backwards to grant us wishes Almost But

Annuals - Sore lyrics

sorest of times Got your thoughts on my mind The faster they come they less I remember ... The brightest of days You're three states away You squint through the sun As you leave with the sparrows at dawn The

Saosin - Sore distress lyrics

pass away And move into another shell It takes my breath ... Dislocate a second cell Our faces ... show the timeline Her heart stops being loved Your voice sets the edition To move into

Aerosmith lyricsAerosmith - Sight for sore eyes lyrics

Goin' downtown, goin' down, goin' down ... 'Neath the city, eatin' ground round Underground ... is pretty gritty I turned the screw she held the light That's when I knew she was a

Konkhra - Sight for sore eyes lyrics

m a sight for sore eyes You can tell how I feel ... If you try to save me You'll know it's ... for real I flushed it all down the drain For a ... real kind of low And I know the highway Taught me all I

Raluka - Tu esti vip (feat smiley, antonia, sore) lyrics

MTV esti VIP La orice ora din noapte sau zi Hip hop rock pop r`n ... b Orice ar fi la noi e party Si nu stam deloc Nu dam ... nici un stop O dam doar mai tare de pe primul loc Stare

Era - Omen sore lyrics

ameo Are omen sore Are doriu sore Legane diato Peru sero Legone dia mise ... Ario Peru sero Domi santo lione Ameno diu soliva ... soliva Are ameo Are omen sore Are doriu sore Legane diato Peru sero Legone dia mise

Danko Jones - The sore loser lyrics

f***s up a million times or more She's at the ... same spot but now she's 44 She thinks she ... s 25 and just been dealt a bad hand The house will ... soon collect 'cause things ain't how she planned

Broken Iris - Sight for the sore eyes lyrics

have to see to believe it Others are blind and can feel it ... The flame burns as thick as the wick It's getting colder ... in here, it's colder in... Here comes the part where we start our

M People - Sight for sore eyes lyrics

t love ain't love ain't love a surprice. [x4] ... Surprice. [x4] Another dollar another day. Some ... old routine in my way. My eyes are ... achin' my body tired. I'm all strung up you

Cryptopsy - Soar and envision sore vision lyrics

beguiled of courage Not equipped for determination ... Needed for your journey Not sure if you were Thrown in ... or shit out The way you see it is the way it is Maybe not the way it's

John Dowland - Where sin sore wounding lyrics

Sinne sore wounding, daily doth oppresse me, There Grace ... abounding freely doth redresse mee: So that ... resounding still I shall confesse thee, Father of mercy. Though Sinne

Lugnasad - Smell of a grey sore lyrics

room This good old fix of void When ... rises The desire to ruin this body Spit here, by an ... hideous friction Shadow between real and pale light From ... the ancient soul prison Flesh buries into flesh I made myself its

Mushroomhead lyricsMushroomhead - Chancre sore lyrics

Absorbed Chancre Sore Love You Like A Matador ... Life Is Just A Metaphor Nothing's Fair Love Is War Nothing More Love You Like A Matador Nothing

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - A sight for sore eyes lyrics

sight for sore eyes it's a long time no see workin ... workin hey man you know me water under the bridge didya see ... my new car well it's bought and it's payed for parked outside of the bar and hey

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Tango till they're sore lyrics

ya play that Tarantella All the hounds they start to roar ... And the boys all go to hell Then the Cubans hit the floor ... And they drive along the pipeline They tango till they're sore They take apart their nightmares And they

Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Twenty tiny fingers sore throat mix lyrics

put on the light in the middle of the night the wet ... stuff's here let's go I grabbed a sock and ... called the doc he told me don't be slow I got down there with

24 Grana - Frate e sore lyrics

l'uocchie non luceno je stanco te resto a guard? nun tieni pensiero p'o suonno d ... ajere dimane 'o putisse 'ncuntr? tornano n'ata vota, e muorti a me cunsul? je sto tranquillo si chiove, chiove tanto me passarr? Nu vaso e na

Ally Kerr - The sore feet song lyrics

walked ten thousand miles, ten thousand miles to see you, ... And every gasp of breath i grabbed at just to find ... you, I climbed up every hill to get, to you, I wandered

Goo Goo Dolls - Hey lyrics

I thought about you just last Saturday John: My voice got ... cracked I didn't know what to say Robby: Down in the ... shade or maybe in the sun John: And if you need

Fifa Diamond Cats - Haničky písnička lyrics

single ongl single hej stap hej stap hej stap hej stap

Vybz Kartel - Nuh badda try lyrics

jeffery I Get mi gun dem together like a puzzle, no Mek mi ... exercise mi trigga finga muscle yo Dem want fi test me wen dem no dem ... cyant so If a war dem want Tell dem nuh badda try

Hymny - Vanuatu - yumi, yumi, yumi lyrics

Yumi, yumi i glat long talem se Yumi, yumi, yumi ol ... man blong Vanuatu God i givim ples ia long ... yumi, Yumi glat tumas long hem, Yumi strong mo ... yumi fri long hem, Yumi brata evriwan! Yumi, Yumi, yumi

Night Lovell - Pp15 interlude lyrics

Verse 1] Life sucks when you talking 'bout the game Boolin' ... with my niggas and we dreaming on ... the way, yeah Planning all the problems that we made Got that AK-47 just to ruin all

Chiddy Bang - Whatever we wan lyrics

kid tryna make that grown man dough No navigation, but there’s nowhere that ... I can’t go Shit, this beat not like cambo And watch that Xampoo change up the tempo

Eraserheads - Combo on the run lyrics

Hey! ) We took a trip by boat Into the promised land To ... sing a different note Man I don't understand We ... wanted their attention Our balls went up so high They wanted too much Poison And

G-eazy lyricsG-eazy - Waspy (feat. tennis) lyrics

1: G-Eazy] Yeah, she like the way I flip this Tennis shit ... But the fact that she don't know the words really says a ... bit She says we just friends, don't you love

Goo Goo Dolls - No way out lyrics

been around...And I realize it's always the same All the time...And I realize it's all ... been unchanged What I find...And you realize there's no one home There's no

Wu-tang Clan lyricsWu-tang Clan - Heaterz lyrics

Hang glide for my nigga Tical Yo, word to God we run this whole shit Son (no doubt) ... Right that's my word, guaranteed you're dealin with the ... invicible (no doubt) That's my word, Persian legacy one

Atrocity - Bloodlust undead trance lyrics

remember the night Sitting in the dark The battle ... was won But lost my love I left the light ... side Chosen the dark Sworn another solemn ... At full moon bark Walking through the centuries A pathless path Symphonic bloodlust On this funeral march My

Lil Kleine - Wallen in de club lyrics

Chorus: Ronnie Flex] Broertje, ik heb veel bitches ontmoet in deze shit Kijk uit voor ... de slangen , want ze bijten je voor niks Mijn vingers ... hebben teveel geld geteld in deze bitch Ik rap voor

Abel - Ik doe de deur dicht lyrics

doe de deur dicht. Straten lijken te huilen. Wolken ... lijken te vluchten. Ik stap de bus in. Mensen lijken te kijken, maar ik wil ze ontwijken,voor dat ze mij zien.

Bazzookas - Alweer 'n dag lyrics

en de wekker die gaat onder de douche ik kleed ... me aan ik stap in en rij weg om een uur ... of vijf kom ik weer thuis even wat eten en dan ... de buis alweer een dag wat heb ik nou toch gedaan

Die Antwoord lyricsDie Antwoord - Rats rule lyrics

rats, everywhere you look ... Everywhere you turn there's rats Rats, rats, eating all your books, looking at ... your photographs Rats, rats, nesting in your closets,

Mr. Criminal - Sick thoughts lyrics

thoughts just travel through my membrane Take a toke of maryjane just to keep tain Don't push me cuz im ... close to the edge Got a nine millimeter and its

Nekrogoblikon - Goblins are better than trolls lyrics

back to your bridges, run away ... Goblins are coming, they're better than you. Smarter and faster, bow to your masters, The goblins are winners, ... the trolls aren't true. Goblins are better than trolls! (Yeah they're better than trolls...) Goblins

News - Newskool lyrics

s 4! A N.ew E.ra W.ill S.tart Ready or not NEWSKOOL!! ... NEWS COOL!! Sutāto kiru aratana rūru “YEAH” N.o E.nd no W ... ay to us oh oh oh oh NEWSKOOL!

Babymetal - Megitsune lyrics

! Sore!! Sore!! Sore sore sore sore!! Sore!! Sore!! Sore! ... ! Sore sore sore sore!! Omekashi kitsune-san ... Chiki chiki wasshoi! Tsuinte nabika sete Hira hira

Pellek - Megitsune (babymetal cover) lyrics

! Sore!! Sore!! Sore sore sore sore!! Sore!! Sore!! Sore! ... ! Sore sore sore sore!! Omekashi kitsune san ... Chikichiki wasshoi! Tsuinte nabikase te Kirakira

Hello! Project - Singly - Makeruna wasshoi! (bekimasu 1.) lyrics

(Wasshoi! Wasshoi! Sore sore sore sore!) Makeruna wasshoi ... sa~ (Wasshoi! Wasshoi! Sore sore sore sore!) Nipponjin nara ... darou Sengo mo iko ni natta darou Ikite koso deau no da

Babymetal - Megitsune lyrics

Sore! Sore Sore Sore Sore! Sore! Sore! Sore Sore Sore Sore! ... Omekashi kitsune-san Chiki chiki washoi! ... Chiki chiki washoi! Tsuinte nabikase te Kira kira washoi

Gumi - Campanella lyrics

no sakana ai tai yo... todoka nu omoi todoke taku te ... kawagwēte no kami hikōki ni arittake ... no omoi nose te hanatsu yururi ko o egaita sore ... wa hotari to ochita hajime kara ne kon'na

Hello! Project - Singly - 9. kekkyoku bye bye bye lyrics

watashi no wagamama ne namida wa ... nanni mo nokoranai anata to no koi ni Bye Bye Bye ... yonaka no denwa de namida shita seishun gokko wa Bye Bye ... Bye hontou wa dare ka ni amaetai samishii jibun ni Bye Bye

Johnny's West - Kona mon lyrics

asa mo wa yokara junbi shite kyou mo konamon kakugo wa ee ... ka? Sore ga naniwa no genjitsu hitobito wa sore wo ... Aa yakisoba wo konomi with hakuhan tansuikabutsu jigoku

Kiryu - Haruka kanata he... lyrics

naku boku o hikizuri dasu ashita Aa Nani mo umanai… yueni ... nani mo na kusa nakute ii Boku wa sore de ii sore de ii noni Dare mo kare mo ... ga sore o yurushite kurenai Kimi wa sore de ii?

Hello! Project - Singly - 25. the manpower!!! lyrics

minagiru Man pawaa ga mono gottsui Man pawaa ga subarashii ... Man pawaa tte sore ga bokura sa Man pawaa ga ... minagiru Man pawaa ga mono gottsui Man pawaa ga subarashii

Morning Musume - The manpower!!! lyrics

minagiru Man pawaa ga mono gottsui Man pawaa ga subarashii ... Man pawaa tte sore ga bokura sa Man pawaa ga ... minagiru Man pawaa ga mono gottsui Man pawaa ga subarashii

Morning Musume - The manpower!!! (updated) lyrics

(minagiru) Manpower ga monogottsui (monogottsui) Manpower ... (subarasui) Manpower tte sore ga bokura sa (Yeah) ... (minagiru) Manpower ga monogottsui (monogottsui) Manpower

One Ok Rock - Rock, scissors and paper lyrics

paper make your hands and let anything out now you get ... ready to go!! You know somebody to ... I wonder if you can bear what is the one you take care?

Eminem lyricsEminem - Eminem - smack that ft. akon,stat quo,bobby c.. lyrics

feel you creepin', I can see it from my shadow Why dont't you ... Lamborghini Gallardo Maybe go to my place and just kick it ... like Taboo And possibly bend ya over

Miku Hatsune - Hatsune miku no shoushitsu -dead end- lyrics

wa umare soshite kidzuku Shosen hito no ... manegoto dato Shitte nao mo utai tsudzuku Towa no inochi ... "VOCALOID" Tatoe sore kison kyoku wo Nazoru

Miku Hatsune - Yukkuri shiteitte ne!! lyrics

Yukkuri! Yukkuri! Jikan ga tarinai. Okane mo tarinai. ... Keikaku mo tarinai. Sore bakka, sore bakka. Kigae mo tarinai. Shokuji mo tarinai. ... Suimin mo tarinai. Sore bakka, sore bakka. Yukkuri to shiteitte. Yukkuri shiteitte ne. Yukkuri to shiteitte.

Hetalia Character Songs - Wa wa wa world ondo lyrics

WA! WA! Wa!! Italy: (Sooreesore SORE!) ... WA! WA! Wa!! Russia: (Sore soRen!) China: (Aiyaa! ... Aiyaa!) Italy: (Sore SOLE!) Italy: Domo ni te wo kumi BUON GIORNO

Kagerou - Yami ni warau kuro lyrics

saki mo miezu tada aruiteta Meiro de maigo ni natta you ... na kankaku Saiteru hana wa iro wo nakushiteita Jibun sae tanin ni mieta netsu wa nai keredo Kizutsuki

Kiryu - Utsusemi lyrics

no wa mabushisugiru tanmei no sanaka... maedo... ... .. saredomo mienu hiizuru kanata sakebu no wa SHIN NO ZOU ... zeijaku na hasami... saite... saite... chirabaru MONO

Aqua Timez - B with u lyrics

to mo shirazu itsu to mo wakarazu Unmei to yoberu ... hodo oogesa demo naku Tanchou ni susumu mainichi no tochuu de fuwari to maiorita ... Haru ni sakura ga saku you na touzensa mitaku Kimi wa nani

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