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James Durbin - Stand up (originally by day minus 7) lyrics

I’m okay When the lights go down And I hit the stage. I’m alive, there’s no way, You can stop me now, It’s in my veins. I can’t wait, Let’s start the show! It’s time to see you stand up Let me see your hands up Wanna hear you shout it out (Come on) Tell me if you want it.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Stand and be counted lyrics

was a peace of a song I heard the other day Some words I heard this singer say Something in me loved the way that it sounded When he said how he wanted to stand Stand and be counted. Now, sometimes I talk to myself in the early dawn Before all the fragmen

Krokus - Stand and be counted lyrics

aaah oooh aaah And you know we're livin' every hour As if it were the last one Let's stand up to evil powers In just a second we can be gone We don't believe in superstition When by the words we come And there's only one conclusion To rid th

Darkest Hour - Stand and receive your judgment lyrics

their reign falls to the earth just the same So turn and look the other way Because you're a failure time and again And you can try to black it out stomp the fire out, F*** your tail and run don't move and inch your war pig f***, You just stand

Mr. Mister - Stand and deliver lyrics

people hate and expect affection Some people lie and demand the truth I gotta ask myself if it's soul deception Is this the natural thing that we all just do We take such pleasure from pain, I'm just tired of playing that game Some things you've got to c

Chastain - Stand and fight lyrics

in time I see our malignant foe Their distance beckons forever it grows Laying down edicts against the will of man Destruction calls us this we understand Rise to the challenge remember who we are Stand up and fight knowing truth's not that far M

Billy Ocean - Stand and deliver lyrics

and deliver Stand and deliver! You made me a promise Sealed it with a kiss Had me thinking everything was go. It was good from the start I loved you from my heart Why do you want to stop the show? I've got it Baby You can make it better Baby Say

Airbourne lyricsAirbourne - Stand and deliver lyrics

took my guitar, You took my amp You picked the wrong day, You picked the wrong man I'm gonna strom your office, Gonna kick down your door Cos I'm not taking the site no more With the devil at my side Guitar on my back, I will ride To hell, hell,

Adam And The Ants - Stand and deliver lyrics

m the dandy highwayman who you're too scared to mention I spend my cash on looking flash and grabbing your attention The devil take your stereo and your record collection! The way you look you'll qualify for next year's old age pension! Stand a

Adam & The Ants - Stand and deliver lyrics

and deliver I'm the dandy highwayman who you're too scared to mention I spend my cash on looking flash and grabbing your attention The devil take your stereo and your record collection The way you look you'll qualify for next year's old age pension Stand and de

No Doubt lyricsNo Doubt - Stand and deliver lyrics

the dandy highwayman who you’re too scared to mention I spend my cash on looking flash and grabbing your attention The devil take your stereo and your record collection! The way you look you’ll qualify for next year’s old age pension! Stand and deliver your money or your

Krystal Meyers - Stand and scream lyrics

friends They keep makin’ fun of me I hide Behind my insecurities But I want so bad for them to see Anything and everything So I’m not living in a dream But I Tuck my little thoughts away I drive Far, far, far away I’m tired of running just t

Nightshade - Stand and be true lyrics

tell me that when I was born my father came to me He put a short sword in my hand And proclaimed for all to see Here now is born a warrior a prince among the clans Protector of the majesties gods grace upon the land Many years have passed since then a

Rainbow - Stand and fight lyrics

t say something if the words ain't there What you trying to do Money can't buy me out of trouble I'm in I've been messing with the likes of you Been so long since I left my home Looks like I lost my way Tried so hard just to make it work You just turn around a

Axehammer - Stand and deliver lyrics

can you tell me About the future and past Black clouds above you Moving away so fast Who can deliver All the lies you´ve been fed No one will tell me You´re walking with the dead Oh oh oh oh Runnin´, hidin´, stealin´ Moving away in the night No promises tomorrow No lies

Gob - Stand and deliver lyrics

it all began cuz idont even know but the shit keeps piling on top u dont make amends and i dont understand and you dont even know me some1s holding on to me i think i really should calm down i can feel my adenalin running trough my veins and blood sometimes you can lose co

Accept lyricsAccept - Stand 4 what u r lyrics

for what you are Trust in what you're fighting for No time on looking back You're on your own Stand for what you are Trust in what you're living for Open up the door no time for looking back You're on your own You say that time's been passing by Feeling there is

Ocean Jet - Stand the night lyrics

m saying to myself Admit it's been enough I'm giving up Somewhere afar I hear you prayer And though you know I'm gone It was worth a try I'm saying to myself Admit it's been enough I'm giving up The air around me seems so dead N' yet at t

Skunk Anansie - And here i stand lyrics

here I stand, redskin fist of power Clawing at the stains of racism It turns to black, cos you're so very credible But you keep losing track 'cos You don't see, my colour in your melting pot of love Where everybody is brown So here I stand, knee deep in your soiled herita

Brazen Angel - Stand up lyrics

up, everybody stand President Davis is back in command Here we’ll make a stand the south will rise again Your liberal lies are freedom’s demise you know you got it coming Stand up, it’s time to secede South of the Mason Dixon is free Blue state’s - don’t tread on me We stand an

Cauldron Born - ...and rome shall fall lyrics

for the sons of the heather Defeat for the legions of Rome Two Kings of the night they stood togeather The clans would defend their home The third King died by the hands of his own man Noone to lead the Northmen on Kings of the night Sorcery is drawing down the aeons

Gateway Worship - By the grace of god lyrics

1 By the grace of God alone Heaven'€™s Son has come to me Through the Cross, my sins are gone He died the Lamb and rose the King VERSE 2 Sing for joy and celebrate Dance with those who once were lame Deaf ears hear them as they sing I have been

Hitten - Stand & fight lyrics

feel that you're losing your mind, just trouble, tired to fall Since you were born until today, pain in your life, memories from past Scars of your body are driving you! Crazy, wounds of war would not heal Heart of stone, born to suffer: Fight the fear and don't look back No, strong

Smash - Stand lyrics

Leslie) What do you do When you've done all you can And it seems like you can't make it through And what do you say when your friends turn away You're alone Tell me what do you give When you've given your all And it seem like you can't make it thro

Flyleaf - Stand lyrics

on these bones Breathe on these bones Breath on these bones Find there's no need to hide the time has come to stand and fight save the world and save that girl from enemies unseen our hands will bleed for children unborn the mornings come and rumors are the hope that lasts

A-ha lyricsA-ha - Here i stand and face the rain lyrics

me I need your love Don't walk away The dark scares me so We're nothing apart Let's stay friends forever forever Here i stand and face the rain I know that nothing's gonna be the same again I fear for what tomorrow brings Trust me For whom i am Place all

Artension - Stand & fight lyrics

Battle, Another War Only The Sadist Calling For More It's All Insanity Liberty But Nothing's For Free Ending In Triumph? Just Wait And See Only The Truth Will We Truly Be Free It's All Insanity Liberty But Nothing's For Free Stand And Fight Day And Night Stand And Fight

Punk Goes... - Dead and gone by cute is what we aim for (t.i.. lyrics

I've been travellin' on this road too long Just tryna find my way back home The old me is dead and gone, dead and gone Oh oh Ever had one of them days wish would've stayed home Run into a group of suckers trying to get they hate on You walk by They

Barn Burner - Keg stand and deliver lyrics

ve seen your future in a bottle a reflection of all your spoils. I'm on my way, something I crave your presence is required, you cannot leave. Don't stop, I will keep up. Pour on, until the morning comes. We must deliver, take a stand. Bring me to this wasteland. Come with me, let's

Rebecca St. James - Stand lyrics

is a time for healing There's a time for all purposes under the sun There's a time for laughter There's a time to let go and a time to hold on So we are here, but why are we waiting Why are we acting like dead men walking The time has arrived

Hymny - Zambie - stand and sing of zambia, proud and .. lyrics

Zambia, no kwanga, Ne cilumba twange tuumfwane, Mpalume sha bulwi bwa cine, Twaliilubula. Twikatane bonse. Bonse tuli bana ba Africa, Uwasenaminwa na Lesa, Nomba bonse twendele pamo, Twaliilubula. Twikatane bonse. Fwe lukuta lwa Zambia lonse,

Ivanhoe - By a feeling lyrics

up late, hey morning sun can't remember, right or wrong still hear your steps come through the floor self-control, one foreign word I cry after the laughing, I heard you close the door and walk away Side by side and year by year I watched your shad

The Hellacopters - By the grace of god lyrics

girl, you'll land it. You've got supplies if they demand it. You've got the looks, and the glamour, Cut by the chisel and beat by the hammer. They're naive so they'll believe it, and they will act like dogs when they recieve it. Through the

A Loathing Requiem - And darkness was cast lyrics

my energies My body and mind collide Creating a massive storm within myself That feeds on despair of the world's demise The very soil beneath my feet collapse In the presence of my design As i emit chastising aura I am no longer mortal I am a god

Default - By your side lyrics

wasn't myself for so many years it seemed Cold and confused my mind lost in the shadows When I awoke I could see so much clearer Held high it seems I won't be there to hear her And I won't be by your side No way of knowing And I won't be by your side Well I'll t

Firewind - Live and die by the sword lyrics

your days are shaded and nights have faded And the still of death fills the air – Your bade is true and your conscious too, Why do these thoughts enter your mind? There’s a warm wind blowing and the fire is glowing It’s my choice to live and die by the sw

In The Woods - By the banks of pandemonium lyrics

urged for a walk in the garden on a tranquil Dawn in June The silence caused by man himself And chaos by the moon The snake was dragged In leather black - as draped in common conscience Aestethically he crawled away from a neighborhood Of nonsense Materialized a ho

George Jones - You can't do wrong and get by lyrics

remember my grandfather's counsel As he layed the leather to my hide He said there's just one rule to life that always will apply You can't do wrong and get by. Now, lessons tend to fade as we grow older And I found myself in jail at twenty-five Had to sit there by m

Slash - By the sword (ft. andrew stockdale) lyrics

the horses that you ride, And the feelings left inside, Comes a time you need to leave all that behind, Well they claim they'd like to know, And they'll fight you there to go, And they're gatherin' around for all the show, Well there is a reward, To live a

Pretty Girls Make Graves - By the throat lyrics

of people, bodies brushing Mouths are moving, all white noise Glasses clinking, people screaming High hum, low buzz, no room to breathe They story's slow with no conclusion On and on the tape is clicking Step by step, and I am choking On and on t

Carach Angren - Killed and served by the devil lyrics

takes his time when he stabs the boy to death. He keeps slashing and slicing even after his last breath. Ill-fated gods are given praise. Whilst stabbing the infant's torso, limbs and face. Gaping wounds gushing blood and gore, covering the pentacle on the

Patty Walters - Kings and queens (by 30 seconds to mars) lyrics

Oohh Ohh] Into the night Desperate and broken The sound of a fight Father has spoken [Oohh Ohh] We were the kings and queens Of promise We were the victims Of ourselves Maybe the children Of a lesser God Between Heaven and Hell Heaven and Hell

Graveland - And the horn was sounding far away lyrics

my spirit was roaming among the winter's fog I saw my grey brother wolf drinking my blood. My body lay on the snow, disabled, mortally wounded. I, the last of the mountain's clan. Pursued and wounded by enemies, Passed away in this place. I'm still hea

Punk Goes... - Gin and juice by hot rod circuit (snoop dogg .. lyrics

he ha I'm serious nigga one of ya'll niggas got some bad mothaf***in Breath up here hey baby hey baby hay baby gimme some Bubble gum in this mothaf***a somethin man lets gone And get somethin to eat study long study wrong nigga With so much drama in the LBC It's ki

Musical Hamilton - Washington on your side lyrics

BURR] It must be nice, it must be nice to have Washington on your side It must be nice, it must be nice to have Washington on your side [JEFFERSON] Ev’ry action has its equal, opposite reactions Thanks to Hamilton, our cab’net’s fractured into factions Try not to crack

Kutless - Stand (the way) lyrics

are here, You are Holy Your life is in me You are love, You are mercy You're everything I need You are Hope, You're forever Lord, I surrender Here I will stand I will proclaim You are the Way Jesus, You are the Way Here I will stand I lift my ha

Bay City Rollers - Washington’s birthday lyrics

your eyes, Mrs. Washington Through all the years have passed you by Mmm, we know him well and he sends you his love. Glad you called, Mrs. Washington Your boy has gone out for the day He tried to call on his anniversary. Ooh, Washington's birthday Ooh, Wa

Gil Scott-heron - Washington, d.c. lyrics

of democracy, pinned up against the coast Outhouse of bureaucracy, surrounded by a moat Citizens of poverty are barely out of sight Overlords escape in the evening with people of the night Morning brings the tourists, peering eyes and rubber necks To catc

Dalla Lucio - Washington lyrics

andando a Washington, ma a fare cosa non lo so volo molto in alto, non vedo niente, non si vede un accidente da qui Lei ha gli occhi a mandorla e una faccina piccola così e con i suoi fratelli, piccolina come quelli vuoi vedere la foto che ho con

Counting Crows - Washington square lyrics

sold my piano It couldn't come with me I locked up my bedroom And I walked out into the air When nothing I needed Is left there behind me I walk out through the shadows Of Washington Square Now I wander the highway from Dublin to Berkeley And I heard

Jeremy Camp - Not ashamed lyrics

are the fullness of the beauty I seek You are, You are You are the healer of the broken and weak You are, You are Even though few may stand and proclaim Your great name It's the life I want to live I'm convinced, there is none like You I'm not asham

Letter 7 - Stand on the rock lyrics

is the light that fills my darkened sky He is my shelter from the rain I stand protected from the enemy He is the Lord they will proclaim God is my victory So I will faithfully Stand on the rock Protected by His power Stand on the rock Holy is His name God of salvation you

The Clash lyricsThe Clash - Washington bullets lyrics

Mama, Mama look there! Your children are playing in that street again Don't you know what happened down there? A youth of fourteen got shot down there The Kokane guns of Jamdown Town The killing clowns, the blood money men Are shooting those Washington bullets

Get Up Kids - Washington square park lyrics

s better than nothing it's better than you can get what more could you want, what more could you ask for? living day by day is more than i can say about my life living in denial, wipe taht stupid smile away through that ring again through that sick mach

Chamillionaire - Denzel washington (feat. z-ro) lyrics

Intro - Chamillionaire - talking] Money, power and fame like - Denzel Washington, yeah (Hey!, hey!, hey!) [Female Voice] (Chamillitary mayne) [Chorus - Chamillionaire (Z-Ro) {Both}] Don't try to knock the hustle 'cause ya just wastin ya time I'm cooler t

Megadeth - Washington is next! lyrics

quiet war has begun with silent weapons And the new slavery is to keep the people Poor and stupid, "Novus Ordo Seclorum" How can there be any logic in biological war? We all know this is wrong, but the New World Order's Beating down the door, oh somethi

Hate Eternal - By his own decree lyrics

proclaim thee To hear my demands In invoke thee Grant my commands Self indulgence Self fulfillment The very essence By his own decree He grants thy wisdom and thy strength By his own decree Denounce the self-righteous hypocrites By his own decree We defy your sanctimonious b

Biotoxic Warfare - Proclaim the gospel lies lyrics

Terror! Chaos! Reigning for the sake of God Preachers! Prophets! Shepherds! Holy water mixed with blood Persecute heathens for glory and might Pay for forgiveness and eternal life Pray to the father to fill you with hate Embrace the slaughter as heavens await

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