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Stab Me In The Back And Lick The Knife Doobie lyrics

Browse for Stab Me In The Back And Lick The Knife Doobie song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Stab Me In The Back And Lick The Knife Doobie lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Stab Me In The Back And Lick The Knife Doobie.

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Kings Of Convenience - Me in you lyrics

and given the option To pass and look back at goals I've ... missed Rainbows or burning bridges If you squint a ... little more it looks the same But ooh, there's a little

The Kooks - The king and i lyrics

t care for anybody else. See them curse that sound! See them ... curse that sound! King of the castle and all the men, There's always given do nothing

The Divine Comedy - The rise and fall lyrics

rise and fall; the fall and rise The freezing breath; the frightened eyes The rise and fall; the fall and rise The ... naked truth; the naked eye The rise and

Meat Loaf - Love is not real / next time you stab me in t.. lyrics

have been many sightings Of love in truth The ... skeptic in me longs for To see of love some proof Only for you does this ... Love is not here Love is somewhere else It's somewhere far

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - In the back lyrics

re just preaching the Bible and they still speakin you're a ... lier And you still deal with the fires ... That they made... dah dah dah dah ... dah dah Why you wanna get me? Dreams don't last forever

Berzerker - The principal and practices of embalming lyrics

to be the first technician on a cranial ... autopsy The principles and practice of embalming ... Examination of all the head and before the incision ... Blood to escape through the veins causing change To the

Eddy Arnold - Take me in your arms and hold me lyrics

me in your arms and hold me Like I've been holding you in my heart Take me in your ... arms and tell me That you've missed me since ... just don't know how heartsick and lonesome I've been Or how

Elton John lyricsElton John - The best part of the day lyrics

hear you singing, "I Shall Be Released ... quot; Like a chainsaw running through a masterpiece But ... s all right, that's ok Grab the bottle and slide my way You

Arthemesia - Of the owls, of the wolves and of the nature lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Foo Fighters lyricsFoo Fighters - Back and forth lyrics

upon a time I was somebody else In another life, I ... saw myself Way back then, back when I was you Somewhere ... down the line I started to slip Years ... gone by, biting my lip All the while, all this time I knew

The Audition - Back and forth lyrics

believe how quick you asked me to go You only want what’s ... Don’t you even start to think that I don’t know what went ... on ‘cause you left me after begging For me to stay

Dover - The weak hour of the rooster lyrics

lost another day i never meant to be sad but i lost it ... again they're changing in the chords they're making it ... worse i'm losing it all don't you seek for

Orphaned Land - The path part 2 – the pilgrimage to or shalem lyrics

the golden dunes, the desert stretches so long ... Scorching heat burns, the wind sings its barren song And ... you live your life, you rise and fall You weep, you slip, and

Madball lyricsMadball - The here and now lyrics

Here And Now The Here And Now The Here And Now The Here And Now ... The Here And Now The Here And

The Divine Comedy - The dogs and horses lyrics

a happy song 'Cause Spring does not last long A flower ... blooms and then it's gone Summer follows ... lasts Don't ever dwell upon the past For one day you are

Brantley Gilbert - Bending the rules and breaking the law lyrics

I was taught to walk with God and run from trouble But I ran ... Chorus I was proud to be in the bad news crowd The one my ... mama warned me about The closest thing to hell she's

Serj Tankian lyricsSerj Tankian - Praise the lord and pass the ammunition lyrics

lay it down, wont you, Come burn it down, cant you, Lay ... it down, the guns above the ground Come lay it down, ... wont you, Come burn it down, cant you, Lay

Brad Paisley - Hold me in your arms (and let me fall) lyrics

Chorus] Hold me in your arms Just see how it ... you know I will Don't leave me hangin', wishin', waitin' ... Hopin' that you'll call Darlin' hold me, in your arms, and

The Dresden Dolls - The time has come lyrics

time has come to speak of many things of ... jacks and queens and kings i bared my wrists and ... promised to begin but you cut the blade ... straight in the time has come: let's play find the missing

Insane Clown Posse - The night of the 44 lyrics

ran into a gas station, and blew somebody head off they ... I thought it was a dream but then I look and see that I'm a ... that she would never understand (she would never understand)

The Damned - The pleasure and the pain lyrics

feelings locked inside my head I try to reason ... out of bed These feelings locked inside of me Will ... never see the light of day Slowly upwards ... faster down Reach the top and hit the ground So many things we left unsaid So many

Dr. Dre lyricsDr. Dre - The day the niggaz took over (ft. snoop dogg,.. lyrics

Hook:] Break em off sometin [8x] [Chorus: Snoop Doggy ... Dogg] I got my finger on the trigger so niggaz wonder why ... But livin in the city it's do-or-die [repeat]

Modest Mouse - The tortoise and the tourist lyrics

With sheets taken from the bed Inside our socks we hide ... checks We are tourists of the dead So let's pack up Let ... up Let's go Let's go There was this tortoise, its

Pj Harvey - The faster i breathe the further i go lyrics

m walking outside and The headlights are blinding I'm ... walking on Bleaker The street of no cheer The ... yellow cabs driving I'm taking a ride and The panic, the

Mar De Grises - The bell and the solar gust lyrics

..And so the bell-maker flew high Modeling wind and light Tolling, he ... kept every soul inside Once inside a time. Toll, toll, ... resound, echoes too far Wind is independent of time It

Slaves - The king and the army that stand behind him (.. lyrics

Jonny Craig:) They love you when the lines get ... blurred, our hearts become the source as we push through ... all of these feelings, failure always disappoints

Dr. Dre lyricsDr. Dre - The day the niggaz took over (featuring daz, .. lyrics

I'ma say this and I'ma end mine If you ain't down, for the ... Africans here in the United States, period point ... blank.. If you ain't down for the ones that

Fall Of Troy, The - Cut down all the trees and name the streets a.. lyrics

yourself, not coming out of this foolish game. ... baby please tell me. Point me to the right place. Run there, if you're going, then I'm ... taking you away with me... (Just because) (Just

The Rapture - Out of the races and onto the tracks lyrics

yourself together Get yourself together ... Shake Get yourself together Take it all on chair Get ... yourself together Mothers in a lawn chair Electric come

Shriekback - The reptiles and i lyrics

we come in a line we have no axe to grind ... Strong and most capable quite ... unmistakable Doing everything all of the time Big healthy ... appetites The reptiles and I... Speaking Hindi and Sinhalese, Spanish and Japanese

Anti-flag - The ink and quill lyrics

water turned black and it's just getting darker so ... be afraid, be very afraid of the coming nightmare. the neo ... christian theocrats pray on a Sunday ... afternoon then welcome in Pinochet's men to intimidate and

Clawfinger - The cure and the poison lyrics

s the payoff the reward The release from all the tension ... The biggest wise in my life And it adds a new ... dimension It's the beauty and the beast It's my fall and

Delight - The shapes and shadows lyrics

time was a dispassionate observer ... The frost was penetrating his thoughts It saw what ... was hidden inside His cold kisses made her ... blind It was better to pretend

Hillsong Worship - The first and the last lyrics

are the First and the Last Beginning and the End The promise of One whos to come The future is in Your hands Calling the light with all the Earth ... we will sing You are the Author of love Our freedom

Damh The Bard - The cauldron born lyrics

Moonrise, See how the land is bathed, In silver hue. ... You feel so lonely, Come with me and let me show, There are others just like you. ... Who feel the powers of Earth, Sea and Sky,

Damh The Bard - The january man lyrics

January man he walks abroad, In woolen coat and boots of leather, The February man still ... wipes the snow, From off his hair and ... blows his hands, The man of March he sees the Spring, And wonders what the year

Aquaria - And let the show begin lyrics

big flame crossed the sky Creation's now divine The astral's law's conducting A ... dance of stars The sunrise came to stay Command ... place We're sons of light and justice Our dream will start

Avantasia - The cross and you lyrics

eerie wicked road Screaming-you´re oh so battle weary They say it´s lonely at the top ... Let alone when you hit the ground All ablaze, you´re ... rushing down the tightrope With your only mean companion tisking away

Jimmy Buffett - Turn up the heat and chill the rose lyrics

around the pole Where the penguins patrol And the ... Need a cozy place to hang There's a party in the makin' And all the igloos are a shakin' ... At the top of the world today Six months of

Circle Of Silence - The end lyrics

came to me in darkness And took the best of me Now it's ... time for revenge At first there was pain And then ... consternation Colliding thoughts In a troubled mind

Peter Gabriel lyricsPeter Gabriel - And through the wire lyrics

through the wire I hear your voice And ... through the wire I touch the power And through the wire I ... see your face It's through the wire Friday night, you're

4him - The king and i lyrics

sun is rising and once again The morning finds me on my knees ... On the days horizon I gave got An invitation to see the King Far ... away from worries that weigh me down I am taken to holy

The Robertson Brothers - The home and away lyrics

know we belong together. You and I forever and ever. No ... where you are you're my guiding star. And from the very ... first moment I saw you I've never felt

Shai Hulud - In the mind and marrow lyrics

puncture the skin and fracture the bone, The ... present pain insists we are mortal. Brother, ... a hammer to the knees disarms even the ... As you live, with every stir and exhalation, you are subject

The Game - The streetz of compton lyrics

mayne I see you done put together one of them tracks mayne ... Let me get on down here to the C-P-T Better known as ... Compton mayne Get my young homey The Game, y'knahmean? Young

Astronautalis - The wondersmith and his sons lyrics

just like a slave, sweating through the pain of digging ... is just a grave. You trust me don't you baby? You'd hand ... your life to me. Let's walk along the wire and watch the muzzles flash like

The Bridgeheads - In harmony (loud and clear) lyrics


Dead Celebrity Status - In this day and age lyrics

Yas] [arabic talking:] God Forbid us from the ... devil Let me introduce myself my name's ... Been a muslim my whole life and I ain't never met no ... Why would I watch tv? All they do is try to embarrass us.

Gladys Knight - Take me in your arms and love me lyrics

moon above is shining bright Come on, boy, the time is right Here I am Take me in your arms and love me, oooh ... There's a mist of ecstasy That's ... flowing over me Here I am Take me in your

The Weeknd lyricsThe Weeknd - The ride ft. drake lyrics

1: Drake] You won’t feel me until everybody Say they ... love you, but it’s not love And your suit is oxblood And the ... girl you f***ing hates you And your friends faded off shots

The Mission - And the dance goes on lyrics

no shot in the dark And no trick of a lights You ... tease me, adore me Talkin' dirty, sitting pretty You ... lay me down and anoint my wounds Dust up, bust up

Obituary lyricsObituary - Back on top lyrics

stab in the back with a fearless knife. With ... no regard to an innocent life. Ruthlessly killing, what terrible fun. Now ... that you're falling, with nowhere to run. Back to the one who you fear is

Obituary lyricsObituary - Back to one lyrics

stab in the back with a fearless knife. With ... no regard to an innocent life. Ruthlessly killing, what terrible fun. Now ... that you're falling, with nowhere to run. Back to the one who you fear is

Happy Days - Take me away lyrics

we stay, Together we die, For there is no ... No sunrise that will shine. These days seem cold, ... Feeling lifeless, Felling hopeless, Please, Just ... take me away. Take me away, All I've done is

Garbage - Lick the pavement lyrics

number you know what I need and I go crazy when ever I bleed ... won't you come over I swear I'll be nice ... my girlfriend told me that you got a wife I

God Dethroned - The art of immolation lyrics

you feel the jaws of my bastardsword when ... I stab you in the back? Frost in your spine, ... immunes you from all pain into a peaceful sleep Spots of ... black and blue, dance before your eyes,

Aesop Rock - The mayor and the crook lyrics

no more books I built the city out one brick It had a ... mayor and a crook I made the crook stab the mayor then ... slay himself in the guilt I stole the brick back

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - Shoot you in the back lyrics

movies! The riders ride, into the night, Into the West, ... to see who's gun's the best, They're all fools, to ... live by rules, The rider wearing black, He's gonna Shoot You

Agent Steel - Back to reign lyrics

bowls cast on the land Sinners walk proud hand in hand ... Painful sores show their private lives Depict ... deception the wrath is on Kiss of a queen ... poison venomous fate Feeling down and out Feeling there

Armor For Sleep - The more you talk the less i hear lyrics

ve seen me, do I look okay to you? Give ... me your hand I'll shake it and shake it again I'll smile ... s good for you, it's good for me too What did I say? Why

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