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Bob Marley - Do it twice lyrics

I'd like to do the same thing twice, yeah! Baby, you so nice. I ... d like to do the same thing twice. I love you so much, so-o-o- ... so nice: Do the same thing twice, yeah! Baby, you so nice; I

Bring Me The Horizon lyricsBring Me The Horizon - It never ends lyrics

started off with a one night stand, lingered ... need the blood Tell us that it's different now, you're up to ... trying to walk away How has it come to this? I've said it

Ice-t - Twice the game lyrics

Iceberg nigga, Gangsters' shit Niggaz out there running ... Acting like bangers, acting without SAG cards Like somebody ... faggots don't scare me, I'm twices cold Niggaz can't tell me

La Toya Jackson - Think twice lyrics

think you better think twice- Better think, think think ... about it twice- You better think about it twice I don’t know but before ... you hit the door You better think

Interpol - Twice as hard lyrics

Leaving me disavowed Twice as hard Twice as hard I ... give it right back to you I give it ... right back to you Twice as hard I rely on fewer ... thing's in all the other Twice as hard Twice as hard I

Ryan Adams - Twice as bad as love lyrics

hands and her feet You let it roll right through your ... what was misunderstood Is twice as bad as love, oh Twice as ... as love, and not that sad Twice as bad as love Once to be

Catfish And The Bottlemen - Twice lyrics

in mine Shouting over music with a friend who's like a ... time I'd just regret most shit From every hangover my ... back to thinking straight Twice! Twice, it brung me down but it's the last time Maybe I'll

Cassandra Complex - Twice as good lyrics

two When another would be twice as good And both could love ... they should Another would be twice as good I still don't know ... if it's really true But what's

Christina Aguilera lyricsChristina Aguilera - Twice lyrics

wrongs and my rights I'd do it all again and won't think twice Oh, think twice Are you ... that's just what I need But it still hurts me Well, ... wrongs and my rights I'd do it all again and won't think twice Oh, think twice My

Mono Inc. - Twice in life lyrics

remember no moment comes twice in life Don’t you worry ... nobody knows let’s make it something unforgettable ... before it’s time to go Just let me

Kumbia Kings - Say it (a million times) lyrics

it once, say it twice, or a million times Say you ... of time Say those three little words I can't wait to hear ... me don't waste any time Say it once, say it twice, or a

Destrage - Twice the price lyrics

the dude, girls fall in love with me I just need a smile You ... Please introduce your goddammit ass I am the dude, girls ... fall in love with me Just need a smile And

Ferry Corsten - Twice in a blue moon lyrics

--------------- --------------- instrumental --------------- ---------------...

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - Twice in a lifetime lyrics

I know that it can easily happen To someone ... That's gonna last for me Twice in a lifetime Is one of ... know, I know I know because it's happening to me I know, I

Bing Crosby - It's been a long, long time lyrics

me once, then kiss me twice Then kiss me once again It ... Since I can't remember when It's been a long, long time ... how empty they all seemed without you So kiss me once,

Little Dragon - Twice lyrics

on I'd love to know Was it the blue night Gone fragile ... Was it both men In wonder steady ... gone under Was it the light ways So ... frightening Was it two wills One mirror

Vanessa Carlton - Take it easy lyrics

to know, too young to let it go Connected to one billion ... for you in the night Say it once, say it twice, to ... the night A shaman's prayer It's natural When it's quiet,

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The - It was you lyrics

once before Yes I failed twice before But someone caught my ... fall It was you, oh It was you, oh Memories take ... I needed someone by my side It was you, oh Things not

Holding Sand - It’s all gone to nothing lyrics

wolves will lead the poor little sheeps to slay You have ... the blood off your way It’s gotten so bad, you don’t ... That lightning struck twice, and it did bore through your

Alyson Avenue - It's in your eyes lyrics

to know How do you feel? Twice a week I see you walking ... turn your face right at me It's in your eyes babe I just ... I wish you could hear me without saying a word There is

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - It happened in monterey lyrics

old Mexico Stars and steel guitars And luscious lips as red ... s heart And I'm afraid that it was mine It happened in ... Monterey Without thinking twice I left her and threw away

The Dickies - It's huge lyrics

the rio grande or a river twice as wide bigger than the ... and light-years from home it's huge my love for you is ... my love for you is huge it's bigger than a bread box

Dr.alban - I said it once lyrics

said it once I said it once I said it twice I'm not ... gonna say it again I said it once I said it twice I'm not ... gonna say it again All ruling political

Saga - It's your life lyrics

much when you don't wanna do it we always put you through it ... lot we know you're gonna do it [chorus] It's your life ... Don't think twice It's your life Don't think twice It's your life You cross

Girlschool - It turns your head around lyrics

you know me, I've got it made With my silver ball ... chain I eat caviar at least twice a day Drink my champagne in ... s on the game He says it helps keep the blues away

Damian Marley - It was written lyrics

And it was written up in the book of life ... once but they can't kill you twice did you know destruction of ... transporting the soul it's what's inside a people is

Blake Shelton lyricsBlake Shelton - It aint easy bein me lyrics

say welcome to Sorryville. It won't be on a map nowhere, ... You might say that it doesn't exist, But if you ... make enough wrong turns It'd be hard to miss. There

Jamie Cullum - It's about time lyrics

more And I'll find her, 'cos it's about time You try too ... hard and it feels just like You're ... more And I'll find her, 'cos it's about time Got the feeling

Meanstreak - It seems to me lyrics

ther's nothing left to say It seems to me you thought your ... told But once again you made it plain to me That you found ... yourself alone with only fantasies (Repeat

The Who lyricsThe Who - It's your turn lyrics

a vampire that never dies, With the blood and the moon in ... Who never get to live twice. I was a face in a ... When you were still playin' with your plasticine, Now you're

The Ark - It takes a fool to remain sane lyrics

But let go of my hand and it will slip on the sand If you ... to break down the walls of attitude I ask nothing of you not ... even your gratitude And if you think I'm

Eric Clapton lyricsEric Clapton - It's easy lyrics

you need a woman, in bed with you Tell her in front, what ... you can do It's easy Easy as pie You don ... to lie If you play the guitar, it won't be long, you'll

Fast Food Orchestra - It's not my fault lyrics

you are selfish to the core It's so sad you're playing for ... your score you should thing twice 'cause words you say are not ... just stabbing from behind No it's not my fault that your

Jay-z lyricsJay-z - It's alright lyrics

floss if you wanna floss It's Alright, you heard?, It's ... kill, loc if you wanna loc It's Alright, you heard? It's ... So we can make our points twice and skate out a town I need

Toby Keith - It works for me lyrics

new car Never worked in a white collar Never held a woman ... there can’t be that much to it Even if I found my pot of ... I know I’d piss right through it I can’t remember ever

The Killers - I feel it in my bones lyrics

Santa I'm writing you a letter I'm sure you ... ve got it all figured out Things haven ... the list You know I checked it twice Well guess what You ... re still on it! Hahaha! And I feel it in

Kreayshawn - Like it or love it lyrics

I got gold bananas engraved With my grandmothers title ... see ya laterrr Jordans on with the 808 drum And you bitches cant get none, Im just so ... done Dont say shit though, say you know? No one

Liz Phair - U hate it lyrics

Liz track... Have you heard it? Did you like it?" ... "No, I hate it" "You hated it? ... " "I hate it" "Yah, you hated it, huh? I hated it too"

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - It´s christmas time again lyrics

town, town, town That´s when it´s Christmas time again La Ta ... Ta Ta Ta La Ta La Ta Ta Ta It´s Christmas time again La Ta ... Ta Ta Ta La Ta La Ta Ta Ta It´s Christmas time again I´

Mandy Capristo - It don't matter lyrics

No, you can never make it right It don't matter 'bout ... way you had me played No, it don't matter anyway It don't ... you're gonna change Fool me twice and I'm to blame And I mean

Drew Sidora - Slow it down lyrics

see myself fallin' in lust with you i gotta control it but ... you and i love the way you wait patiently BRIDGE kiss ... bed, how did we end up here? it's time for me to leave up

Fat Joe - It's nothing lyrics

Terror, uhh Terror squad, its our time! Uhh, yea, hand it ... bend down grab ya ankles, do it for crack Damn should be ... fat The way you shake yo shit make me wanna cop back Is it

If/then Musical - It's a sign lyrics

this man in Madison Park Quite by chance, all at random, as ... who is handsome and nice Quite by chance one day (mm mm mm ... meet that same handsome man twice - enticing! That's not

Vybz Kartel - Why you doing it lyrics

di time) la la la (You know it's Kartel!) la la la la la la ... was nice, we had to do it twice!) Ask him, why you do it ... know you shouldn't be doin it Why you chewin it when you

Gladys Knight - It's gotta be that way lyrics

you must do the same, Without having any regrets, no. ... me right. Whoa oh oh it's gotta be that way. Now I ... for you myself. Whoa oh oh it's gotta be that way. It's

Kurupt - Kill it (feat. yung jr) lyrics

my nigga Yea Yea Kurupt It's Youngin, this real rap ... trap Look, I remember waitin on the 1st and 15th for ... for tryna feed a nigga But it wasn't easy growin up without

Kenny Loggins - Doin' it right lyrics

I feel If you ask me to play it, you won't have to say it twice 'Cause I'm goin' to the head ... away I'm so glad you made it, and now that you're ready I

Nonpoint - I said it lyrics

said it once, I'll say it again if I really want. I'm ... if I really want. I say it once, I say it twice, I'll ... say it right into your face. Take a ... tools won't stop us. Wait. You're as dumb as rocks. Go!

Pain - It's only them lyrics

beeen so dumb, didn't I see it, feel it smell it, taste it ... It's only them coming from all ... will take your whole life without thinking twice, the only

Pharao - It's your way lyrics

s your decision, it's your way It's your way It ... s your way When you feel it's over go away Find another ... care about what people say It's your decision, it's your

Raleigh Ritchie - You make it worse lyrics

a book I don't need to say it twice, I never cared for ... being bright Bait is on the hook, I don't even ... wanna bite I don't wanna give a monkey ... works for me You make it hurt You make it worse for

Razor - I'll only say it once lyrics

ll only say it once, don't ask me to repeat it like I said before, I don't ... another day my friend lay it on the line 'cause you know ... I don't need excuses, I like it to last you only live once,

Jaden  Smith lyricsJaden Smith - Give it to em' lyrics

so elected me young black with accessories and i’m doing ... well, never seen a penitentiary cause they can’t ... my life got in trouble for it once, but i just did it twice man there goes will’s kid

A Pink - It girl lyrics

be that girl who can be with you forever so tell me ... boiji ma Banjjak banjjak bitnaneun Naega bukkeureopji

Afi - It was mine lyrics

all you let them find.. it was mine

Agnetha Fältskog - It's so nice to be rich lyrics

how I loathe old age, stupidity, and hunger, I prefer to be ... Oh you old dumb bum in the ditch, snitch, snitch... And get

Alexisonfire - It was fear of myself that made me odd lyrics

the tops of mountains With my hands As I dive into the ... the wreckage from my hair With my hands I want to ... Exhale and choke the land with carbon (...are so slow, slow

Thomas Anders - It's christmastime lyrics

lone The streets are filled with snow, I'm leaving my ... counts That you are here with me. I see children writing postcards to Santa Claus, ... day they'll get their favorite toys. My friends call on

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