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Spread My Wings And Learn To Fly Give Up Better Person lyrics

Browse for Spread My Wings And Learn To Fly Give Up Better Person song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Spread My Wings And Learn To Fly Give Up Better Person lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Spread My Wings And Learn To Fly Give Up Better Person.

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Dreamtale - Wings of icaros lyrics

so many times I've burned my wings Trying to reach out for the ... beauty of the Sun I spread my wings and try to fly to the ... pale light of dawn shines in my hopefull eyes [Chorus:]

Paul Shortino - Everybody can fly lyrics

your darkest hour there's a torch that's burning bright now ... And If you fall from the highest tower spread your wings and learn to fly In the soul there's a

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - Fly away (butterfly reprise) lyrics

t be afraid to fly Spread your wings Open up the door ... more outsideDon't be afraid to fly Come spread your wings And just fly Fly, fly, just fly, ... just fly Don't be afraid Don't let

Epicland - Spread your wings and fly lyrics

we have done Forget it all, and live in this moment Oh ... come away to see this sight Over ... clouds in blue, I will fly with you Majestic and free, ... we flew Now we will reach up to the sky Look up, spread

Bonfire - Wings to fly lyrics

rags to riches, slave to the grind Lost in a bottle, ... I got wrecked out of my mind Wait for the weekend, ... of bullshit made me crucify my will Stone cold sober to

Issa - I´m alive lyrics

is stronger than both you and me Once a fire burned so ... your heat turned our love into sand Don't ask me, baby, ... why it has to end I'm alive Without

Black Majesty - Wings to fly lyrics

by Turn the page I've got to move on Set myself at a better pace Hours they fly I am ... left behind Say goodbye to old memories It's a new day ... now On new wings we learn to fly And leave the past for

Quiet Riot - Wings of a cloud lyrics

now Nothing more that I want to be part of Gonna break the ... been holding me down Gonna spread my wings and I'll fly now ... Gonna set my sights on the velvet moon

Freedom Call - The circle of life lyrics

born into this world of Joy and misery Where all the things ... The sense of life it seems to be An unknown mystery With ups and downs The good and the

Sibel - Walking away lyrics

hit me by surprised no way to deny down im broken into ... of beauty like a strange in my heart i have to rearrange to get out of the dark waited to long i gotta move on without

Foo Fighters lyricsFoo Fighters - Learn to fly lyrics

night Think I need a devil to help me get things right ... Hook me up a new revolution Cause this ... a lie We sat around laughing and watched the last one die I

Procol Harum - Learn to fly lyrics

and me got a chance to make things right The ... writing's on the wall You and me got a chance to turn ... s slipping through our hands Learn to fly Where eagles

Nightstalker - Learn to fly lyrics

thousand deaths in just one life The ... the biggest lie You have to pick up what you deny You ... run away when you learn to fly Well, I throw all my life

The Poodles - Seven seas lyrics

set my sails in newborn skies I ... hear the distant cries and Bring me that new horizon ... This time I make my move This time I must be ... true No lies will twist my mind I won´t give it up, give it up I want you to know

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - Spread your wings (queen cover) lyrics

just watching the show, over and over again. He knew it was ... time, he'd made up his mind, to leave his dead ... life behind. His boss said to him boy, you'd better begin

Musiqq - Angel in disguise lyrics

up tonight, looked at the moon ... Blinding light filled up my room Looked to my right – my ... better half And it’s alright, if it’s all I ... tempting lips Stare me with candy eyes, love me with luscious

Queen - Spread your wings lyrics

Just watching the show Over and over again Knew it was time ... He'd made up his mind To leave his dead life behind ... His boss said to him 'Boy you'd better begin

Ferry Corsten - Spread your wings lyrics

your wings Spread your wings Spread your wings Spread ... your wings and fly with me,fly with me I´m an angel set me ... free Spread your wings and fly with me fly with me Come

Dreamland - Worlds apart lyrics

wake up cold Turn around You're ... who am I fooling Afraid to see We're meant to be It's ... a venture My innocence Leaves no room ... For feelings that I have to prove Angels are crying And so is my heart When the

Gotthard - Spread your wings lyrics

ever regret the way it used to be Living and just rolling ... Climb the vine, say goodbye And I know what will be I canʼt ... see you this way anymore Spread your wings and fly On your

Gun Barrel - Back to suicide (2001 version) lyrics

goes on Out of the dark into the light Strong enough for ... another fight You've got the wings and learned to fly Up into ... the open sky Got the might to break that wall That was

Seven Thorns - Spread your wings lyrics

hope for me Time just seem to pass me by Expectations? Has ... no news for me Nowhere to start But space enough to ... Your destiny is forced on me To be lost is what my future

Aerosmith lyricsAerosmith - Beautiful feat.carrie underwood lyrics

I get to thinkin' 'bout the high speed ... can skin it, we conceal it And so baby let's begin it Sayin ... tried) Beautiful (Just spread your wings and learn to fly)

Beady Eye - Soul love lyrics

up off your knees my friend Promise never to ... pretend You're the apple of my eye Spread your wings and learn to fly All I know is you can ... be Everything you want to be Life is short, so don't

C-block - Broken wings lyrics

quot;Broken Wings" [Hook Goldie:] Take ... this broken wings and learn to fly again and learn to live ... so free and when we here the voices sing

Eden's Curse - Wings to fly lyrics

full of hidden danger Closer to the fire How long will we ... How long will we cast our stones in the Battlefield of ... this Earth Whose belief is torn apart There are some who

Megan And Liz - Hummingbird heartbeat lyrics

make me feel like I'm losing my virginity The first time and ... the time when you touchin' me, I make you bloom ... energy. Let's party (?) to create (affinitry ?) This

Morning Dwell - Spread your wings lyrics

night at the street Nowhere to go, no one who knows his name ... Night is closing in A hand now reaches for me His ... legs feel weak He want to fall asleep The street shift

Pegazus - Spread your wings lyrics

in the sky The gateway to the clouds after the rain ... The storm has passed and serenity arrives Where can ... it take us now? Spread your wings and fly Up to the

Northern Kings - Broken wings lyrics

don't understand why we just can't hold on to ... each others hands this time might be the last ... I fear unless I make it all to clear I need you so ... can

Danny Fernandes - Fly again (broken wings) lyrics

Days Why did I give my life to you (Oh no) Im in so much ... you shot me down I was high and flyin Never thought Id be on ... So can you take these broke wings And learn to fly again I

Dreamland - Spread your wings lyrics

re all alone And you are staring into nowhere ... A conformable hunger Ooo Spread your wings and fly Aaa ... Answers undefined Ooo A brand new life Sometimes it's hard

Nightcore - Fly again (broken wings) (danny fernandes) (n.. lyrics

Days Why did I give my life to you (Oh no) Im in so much ... you shot me down I was high and flyin Never thought Id be on ... So can you take these broke wings And learn to fly again I

Silentium - Lament lyrics

were filled with fright And I, the woeful wonderer With ... sin upon my shoulders Would you show me ... how to feel How to hurt and how to bleed Like the rose

Burning Saviours - Spread your wings lyrics

as I showed you the blue sky Flying high on golden wings is ... all I need to get by Yeah I was cursed but ... away No matter what you do to me I won't be led astray

Elvellon - My wings lyrics

Wishing for an angel on my shoulder Will there be hope ... for me? For my dream's veracity Grant me my ... wish to fly away Since you've left this ... world of mine To a place, where I can't follow

Naturally 7 - Fly baby lyrics

sent a demo to the world, they said it ... we can't make any money. It took us years to figure out, ... dummies .They didn't understand the sound from the Bronx,

Black Eyed Peas lyricsBlack Eyed Peas - Fly away lyrics

joint right here we about to take flight ya'll (Oo ooo ... it out) Yeah, what we came to do, show these people how we ... gonna do (mix it up) Yeah, its Balck Eye Peas ya

Blutengel - The end lyrics

for the night Where is my heaven? Suddenly there´s a ... A garden of pleasures I see my soul in flames In silent ... this endless pain. Where is my sun, where is the light? A

Tom Beck - Spread your wings lyrics

your wings Can somebody help me? Take ... this weight off my mind Seen you suffer in ... It’s time, that you open up the door. Refrain Spread ... your wings and fly away I’ll be holding on

Black Majesty - Wish you well lyrics

They take you where you want to be Right there Right there ... belong It's never going to be the same Never be the ... go is the only way of you learning how to Say goodbye Set

Bro`sis - Put your hands up lyrics

ah…ooh Together we can touch the sky No mountains ... gonna be too high I believe that we can fly See, it's worth a try I ... believe that we can reach the top Stick together and we'll

Omnia - Free bird fly lyrics

is about you Free bird fly Although you think your wings are broken Free bird fly ... than simply hoping Free bird fly There's no excuse you've got

Marauder - Spread your wings lyrics

you down a secret fire And strong emotions Can't take ... the darkest hour You try to run away You hide every day ... find a solution You have to understand It's time to make

Papa Roach lyricsPapa Roach - Face everything and rise lyrics

everything and rise Face everything and ... s broken I can't breathe, my heart is choking I need a ... for this life I've chosen My pain is a blessing in ... disguise I feel it cutting and its cutting like a knife My

Nightcore - Face everything and rise (papa roach) lyrics

everything and rise Face everything and ... s broken I can't breathe, my heart is choking I need a ... for this life I've chosen My pain is a blessing in ... disguise I feel it cutting and its cutting like a knife My

Pain Of Salvation - Never learn to fly lyrics

ground. It would not ever fly again. I held the bird up in ... my hands, I shed my tears over the lovely song ... could be heard. Never learn to fly. With dirty hands I

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - Spread your wings lyrics

used to live 'round here I was the ... When she jacks her body To the sounds of Oran Juice ... Jones And Jocelyn Brown Oh spread ... your wings Before they fall apart Home

Ill Angelic - Fly away lyrics

I'm breaking out of here To truly live Is it worth ... We've hid ourselves Time to stand Embrace the dawn I ... is just a glimpse of You All my chains I'll leave behind And

Lea Michele - Fly / i believe i can fly lyrics

came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive I came to ... win, to survive, to prosper, to rise To fly, to fly Oh yo ... oh I used to think that I could not go on

Dark At Dawn - ...and the sea wept lyrics

river-beds end in no man's land Empty oceans full of waste ... We lead ourselves into all man's end All that ... The sea has shed all she had to cry A shoreless wail which

Darren Criss - Fly / i believe i can fly lyrics

I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise Rachel with girls: To fly, to fly Santana: Oh

Kimberley Walsh - Dreams can learn to fly lyrics

ordinary streets Windows and doors and nothing more As ... of dreams Where dreams can learn to fly I'm not gravity ... Here where imagination makes And breaks the rules Heroes and

Naomi King - Fly lyrics

da, oh I've been here for too long I've gotta break out ... before I break down And I've been here writing songs ... Hoping to break out before I break down

Deliverance ( Usa ) - A perfect sky lyrics

a thousand thoughts begin to cross my mind The door keeps ... getting farther back behind Stories and memories, a strong ... urge to obey A call to act, a call to pray…

Pulsedriver - In my dreams lyrics

you're next to me I feel that my love for ... you is real spread your wings and start to fly our love ... t deny Your right here to hold my hand take me to the

Altaria - Will to live lyrics

am to young to die Yet I seem to be too ... frightened to live Is this my destiny To dwell in this ... cave of misery My body is filled with scars ... From the battles of my past Voices are calling me

Architects - Learn to live lyrics

yourself up, Stop loving, start living, Don't ... That's where they want you to be. I never paid much ... attention to them. Every time they ... pushed us aside, We got back up again, Yeah we made it

Needtobreathe - Learn to love lyrics

of a love that’s lost I need to stop trying to count the cost ... I need to fight on the losing side And ... start So, just hold on to the way it is tonight Learn to love through the darkness and

Sail To North - My empty home lyrics

back Don't wait to be alone Don't wanna wait ... on You can't be falling to pieces Come back Don't ... wait to be alone Don't wanna wait ... again It's never ending And now my friends don't let me

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