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Morning Dwell - Spread your wings lyrics

Night is closing in A hand now reaches for me His ... The street shift shape A hand comes for me Night is ... closing in I hear a voice in my head Come with me follow

Elvellon - My wings lyrics

Wishing for an angel on my shoulder Will there be hope ... for me? For my dream's veracity Grant me my ... time Only now I understand The greatness of your sudden

Doobie Brothers - Higher ground lyrics

any more. Cold wind blows and the rivers rise. Let the ... I think it's time to head for higher ground, Somethin' better in ... the sky. Time to spread my wings and fly. Heaven help me up

Dreamtale - Wings of icaros lyrics

so many times I've burned my wings Trying to reach out for the ... beauty of the Sun I spread my wings and try to fly to the ... pale light of dawn shines in my hopefull eyes [Chorus:]

Pink Cream 69 - Spread your wings lyrics

1 answer, no 1 reason why spread your wings & leave your ... write the stories untold spread your wings leave the past ... so leave your worries behind, spread your

Avalanch - Spread your wings lyrics

side, Come to the promised land. No more tears to try, No ... No more place to hide. Now spread your wings, You can be more ... the ocean is deeper than its sands. Come to the end of your

Silent Force - Spread your wings lyrics

he chosen Chose to be within my life Chose to be here in my ... life Spread your wings, little man Grab the sun, ... the hopes and dreams Of everyone lies in

Ferry Corsten - Spread your wings lyrics

your wings Spread your wings Spread your wings Spread ... your wings and fly with me,fly with me I´m ... an angel set me free Spread your wings and fly with me

Gotthard - Spread your wings lyrics

the way it used to be Living and just rolling free, just ... Climb the vine, say goodbye And I know what will be I canʼt ... see you this way anymore Spread your wings and fly On your

Seven Thorns - Spread your wings lyrics

on me To be lost is what my future holds If that’s your ... life No jump up and fly! Spread your wings Feel the air ... your time to be free If you spread your wings and fly! Don’t

Pegazus - Spread your wings lyrics

rain The storm has passed and serenity arrives Where can ... it take us now? Spread your wings and fly Up to the ... Where the clouds pass us by Spread your wings and fly Climbing

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - Spread your wings (queen cover) lyrics

just watching the show, over and over again. He knew it was ... right out of your head Sammy who do you think that you are ... at the emerald bar. spread your wings and fly away, fly

Queen - Spread your wings lyrics

Just watching the show Over and over again Knew it was time ... right out of your head Sammy who do you think that you are ... sweeping up the Emerald bar' Spread your wings and fly away Fly

Dreamland - Spread your wings lyrics

re all alone And you are staring into nowhere ... A conformable hunger Ooo Spread your wings and fly Aaa ... Answers undefined Ooo A brand new life Sometimes it's hard

Lisa 'left Eye' Lopes - Spread your wings lyrics

woman abused You must understand It's never too late to, lose ... who you are And choose who you are supposed ... to become You've been in and out Up and down, back and

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - Spread your wings lyrics

sounds of Oran Juice Jones And Jocelyn Brown Oh spread ... your wings Before they fall apart Home ... dead end bar Sticks her handbag On the chair So she

Burning Saviours - Spread your wings lyrics

sky Flying high on golden wings is all I need to get by Yeah ... t cry When life is hard just spread your wings and fly Away My love for the sky lies within my heart From starlight I just

Charice - Wind beneath my wings lyrics

you ever know that you're my hero, And everything I would ... like to be? I could fly higher than an eagle, 'Cause you ... are the wind beneath my wings. It must have been cold

Tom Beck - Spread your wings lyrics

your wings Can somebody help me? Take ... this weight off my mind Seen you suffer in ... open up the door. Refrain Spread your wings and fly away I’ll

Carola - Spread your wings (for your love) lyrics

watch A lover's intuition And you believe She'll run away ... anybody wants you, I do) Spread your wings (Something for

Dream Master - Spread your wings lyrics

clock is ticking very fast My life is passing by I´m aging ... fast my strength is fading The got ... Discrimination racism Spread your wings it´s time to fly

Black Label Society - Spread your wings lyrics

this world and all it is This rain that ... it dead Bring your pain and bring all your hate Lord, I ... kill it all again Oh yeah, spread your wings now child Never

Marauder - Spread your wings lyrics

you down a secret fire And strong emotions Can't take ... solution You have to understand It's time to make your stand ... time to start a revolution Spread your wings and fly with me

Quiet Riot - Wings of a cloud lyrics

been holding me down Gonna spread my wings and I'll fly now ... Gonna set my sights on the velvet moon ... I can hear my train is a comin' I can feel ... my blood is a boilin' I see my fate on the wings of a cloud

Aoa - Spread your wings of victory (we are the reds.. lyrics

ohohoh ohohoh) Put your hands up, Put your hands up,

Epicland - Spread your wings and fly lyrics

we have done Forget it all, and live in this moment Oh ... I will fly with you Majestic and free, how far we flew Now ... reach up to the sky Look up, spread your wings and fly I'll grab

Bonfire - Wings to fly lyrics

bottle, I got wrecked out of my mind Wait for the weekend, ... of bullshit made me crucify my will Stone cold sober to ... wishing it away If I had wings to fly I would be gone with

Necrophobic - Wings of death lyrics

torment, in adamantine chains and fire the infernal serpent, ... .. Hell... with mighty wings outspread rise from the vast ... doleful shades where peace and rest can never dwell I raise

Dark At Dawn - ...and the sea wept lyrics

river-beds end in no man's land Empty oceans full of waste ... eagle in the sky I want to spread my wings and fly away ... this wouldn't be Clipped wings before they learned to fly

Dbsk - My destiny lyrics

imadake ga setsunai my destiny wasuretai kimi no ... tsutae etai you know that my heart's beating for you ... koto ata omoi deto, toke au my destiny futari de ireba

Dbsk - My destiny - acapella lyrics

ugokidesu you know that my hert is beating for you ... imadake ga setsunai my destiny futari de ireba ... jikan wo koetobi Try to spread my wings another day,

Gabry Ponte - My butterfly lyrics

the sky fly forever fly my butterfly fly or never fly, ... the sky fly forever fly my butterfly everytime i close my eyes i can fly across the ... sky i spread my wings i feel fine i see my world so

Lordi - My heaven is your hell lyrics

you sleep Free me from my life eternal There's no ... by night it's so infernal And yet it's getting worse My ... me We two can not be one My heaven is your hell And

Lothlöryen - My mind in mordor lyrics

lives In the halls of my thoughts Other season´s ... passing While I start my quest To the woods of time ... beyond My memories But Sauron´s ... calling And I´m falling In this line of

Darkwoods My Betrothed - My eyes are frozen lyrics

On our once proud pagan land Those words they spoke ... were like Needles on my skin And their blessings ... like knives Stabbed into my heart I trusted thee O

Kesha lyricsKesha - Learn to let go lyrics

it's not that bad 'Til all my shit hit the fan I know I ... demons inside me Whoa, gotta learn to let it go The past can't ... me if I don't let it Live and learn and never forget it

Killer Be Killed - Wings of feather and wax lyrics

to notice the fire in your hand, a burning so consuming, but ... now I understand, and now I'm falling, like Icarus ... to land, too late to kill the flame ... that I fanned Wings above, danger's near, they're

Lacuna Coil - My wings lyrics

out the door and fly I'm lost in time, I ... I hover Embracing all myself I reel Through the storm ... know I'm not going to fall And butterflies are flying (fly

Sandbridge - My crying lyrics

wings fell off and voice faded and in the ... shadow of the bushes there my time stood still so many ... years dream here and write down my crying... ... in the middle of this being and in this middle I' m

Asaf Avidan - My tunnels are long and dark these days lyrics

my friend You have nothing to ... fear, my friend You have nothing to ... fear, my friend Except for love We ... re moles my friend We are just moles my ... friend You better hear, my friend Where the tunnels

Nofx - My name's bud (and my sister's mary-jane) lyrics

call me dude, Put drugs in my food, Took my squirt gun, and made it a bong. My sister's ... name is Mary-Jane, and mine's Bud

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - My life (feat. akon and b.o.b) lyrics

now If you want a taste of my life Nothing good comes easy ... dice If you want a taste of my life [Chorus: Akon & B ... o.B] My life my life My life my life My life my life

Perry Como - And roses and roses lyrics

to get me anywhere . . . My poor worried heart was almost ... wonderful thing, The rest of my life I will bring her Roses and roses and roses of love . . .

Foxy Shazam - My wife's juice and water tower wine lyrics

ll use my dinner table manners Cause ... its my wife's juice and watertower wine Someone ... call the cops and tell them to come and stop me ... call the nurse because my tummy kinda hurts Someone call the

Earth Wind And Fire - My love lyrics

everyday Don't you wanna be my? Here we are, just who we ... up for time we lost You and I have paid the cost Time we ... the right from wrong Be my love, baby, my love My love

Rotting Cock - My sister is dead and i f*** her corpse every.. lyrics

am longing for my sister! The master of sluts ... with toxic vagina Rotting and lasting forever Her skin is ... pure red and white Necro assault to her ... asshole Smell of blood and flesh So brutal and so cold

Slaves - My soul is empty and full of white girls lyrics

another mark A small pinch and my whole world starts to ... thing keep your mouth closed, and those legs tangled close ... know what it's like to keep my head from spinning I'll

Bangtan Boys - Outro: wings lyrics

me to the sky Put your hands in to the sky Yeah, If you ... sky hwolhwol naragal su issdamyeon yeongyeong daranal su ... issdamyeon If my wings could fly jeomjeom

Bts lyricsBts - Outro: wings lyrics

me to the sky Put your hands up to the sky Yeah, if you ... sky hwolhwol naragal su itdamyeon yeongyeong daranal su ... itdamyeon If my wings could fly jeomjeom

Bangtan Boys - Interlude: wings lyrics

sky hwolhwol naragal su issdamyeon yeongyeong daranal su ... issdamyeon If my wings could fly jeomjeom ... nara na nara nan naraga Higher than higher than Higher than

Bts lyricsBts - Interlude: wings lyrics

me to the sky Put your hands up to the sky Yeah, if you ... sky hwolhwol naragal su itdamyeon yeongyeong daranal su ... itdamyeon If my wings could fly jeomjeom

Heidi Montag - Higher lyrics

I go now I’m keeping my eyes open don't you let me ... you hear this sound Go ahead and let it out Don’t be afraid ... Here we go let it flow, spread your wings and fly You never

Eden's Curse - Wings to fly lyrics

your heart If we had the wings to fly We would rise and ... tomorrow Free from pain and sorrow If we had the wings ... to fly See us soar and kiss the sky Dream of a

Mali Music - Higher lyrics

Too saved, been praisin and Livin for me for a long long ... be avaylable Touchin lives and blessin souls Never been ... of that ole gospel Holdin on and ya show nuff wanna let go

Sarah Connor lyricsSarah Connor - Break my chains lyrics

down the old road Walking in my old shoes You turn to leave ... like a change gonna come And now I can’t wait to take off and fly to the sun [Chorus:]

009 Sound System - Wings lyrics

flyin' Get me higher Go flyin' Get me higher ... My wings Will take Me higher All day As I Go flyin' ... On any evening Every day My wings Get me higher higher

Black Majesty - Wings to fly lyrics

I've got to move on Set myself at a better pace Hours ... It's a new day now On new wings we learn to fly And leave ... to find Soaring over to a higher plane Now that I have earned

Eric Kupper - A higher place lyrics

no more you wanna lay down and just give in Here's what ... it belongs close your eyes and come with me let's sing a ... We're moving on up to a higher place where the people sing and dance under amazing grace

Nightwish - My walden lyrics

gold On a road of birdsong and chocolate shops Of buskers, ... moss-grown woods Weaving my wings from many-colored yarns ... Flying higher, higher, higher Into the wild Weaving my

Little Mix lyricsLittle Mix - Wings lyrics

Mamma told me not to waste my life. She said spread your wings my little butterfly. Don't ... say keep you up at night. And if they give you shh... ... can walk on by. [Jesy] My feet, feet can't touch the

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