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Adam Sandler - The goat lyrics

I am a simple goat. I live on the back of a ... pick-up truck. The Old Man tied me here with a 3 ... t give a f***. OLD MAN: Hey goat! I'm gonna beat your head in

Inkubus Sukkubus - The goat lyrics

the hot night as the moon rises higher He has ... fan your fire To take you to the stars, take you higher Back ... from the days when the world was young Back from the days when life was fun It is

Impaled Nazarene - The oath of the goat lyrics

have sworn the oath of the goat I have bled for my oath I ... have been in the kingdom unknown I have ... sworn the oath of the goat The everlasting oath, (I) never

Annuals - The bull, and the goat lyrics

living on a boat right off the coast he said, "Ain't ... Well, sir I was bought for the lessons I was taught, but the ... Bull and the Goat, they tried to drown me in a moat.

Akercocke - The goat lyrics

[instrumental] [instrumental] [instrumental] [instrumental] [instrumental] [instrumental] [instrumental] [instrumental] [instrumental] [instrument...

Noah North - Goat lyrics

now listening to Noah North) Goat... (woo!) Goat... (I am-I am ... I am the Goat. (woo!) I am the Goat Whoop Whoop, I am the goat [Verse 1] Washin' dishes,

Moonspell - Goat on fire lyrics

It is the dawn of a new morning at the ... of Silver and I would rather live in the ice than in the ... middle of the modern virtue and other southern winds' (Friedrich

Ronnie Drew - The dingle puck goat lyrics

both foolish and airy, The green hills of Kerry I long ... happened to me. I entered the Fair of a Saturday morning, The first thing I met was a long ... legged goat. Says I to meself, to

Asphyx - Denying the goat lyrics

to bow to the altar of the lord Learn and pray ... denial of reality Denying the goat The root of evil is you ... own mistake Your eyes are the eyes of the goat Your horns

Mirah - Goat shepherd lyrics

the goat to the shepherd, I will cut your ... you know who's in control of the mountain. I will go to the ... I will dig down under the sand. I will never

Goatmoon - Quest for the goat lyrics

Have foreseen the new age of Satan The forth ... task on this sacred soil. The goat must be near, spit in the face of the idols Crush the ... altarss in the quest for the goat. The True light can only

Horde - Crush the bloodied horns of the goat lyrics

the bloodied horns grind them into the dust spare ... nothing from the ferocious anger of the ... eternal one goat of blasphemy santanic ... symbology tear out the eyes leaving bloody holes

Impaled Nazarene - Goat seeds of doom lyrics

revel in smut Visions of the new world order Finally ... shall survive Going to set the world in flames And laugh ... all the way thru Swallow the goat seeds of doom Take my

Necrophobic - Celebration of the goat lyrics

s wine We perish together and float trough the spheres ... Defying the limits of times Our word is ... and cosmos collide Exploring the mysteries 9 An unholy

Impaled Nazarene - Wrath of the goat lyrics

Shouldn't you f*** off In these f*** off times All is ... shit in my mouth This is the wrath of the goat Leave a

Impiety - Salve the goat lyrics

and performed on 'Salve the Goat...Iblis Exelsi' 7" in ... 1993 under the title 'Cuntblasphemy -

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - The seventh eclipse lyrics

see the darkness falling on these fields I feel the cold ... hands of the midwinter night The claws ... of frost are plowing the naked skin of mine The ... painful harrow of the eclipse time I see the

Eso - The humming song lyrics

me down by the river sticks and wept for my ... From here I could swim to the ocean, Still hear the ... carrion singing in the back of my mind, Still all ... unfocussed We leapt from the goat to the ass And silently

Akercocke - The serpent lyrics

that harnesses hail Unto the hunter and hunted A haunting ... of longevity sounds like the voice of God in the rain ... :] "Thou who ridest on the wings of the wind deign to

Darkwoods My Betrothed - The diabolical eve of the nocturnal holocaust lyrics

the funeral bells chime the eve of our nocturnal feast of ... ghastly winds burn the corpses of weak believers in ... darkness remains as we seek the crypts of eternal ice hear

Sinister - The cursed mayhem lyrics

beyond death they rise in furious hate ... harbingers of scornful wrath The awoken pain Dark waters stir ... agonizing pain I summoned up the mayhem of oblivious times

Root - The old ones lyrics

is the Pit There my friends dwell There is ... Azathoth - great Center Of the Cosmos... and playing on His ... flute... There is Yog Sothoth - Master of

Deviser - The shadow where evil stands still lyrics

many fearsome rites The whole place reeked of evil ... surged through your mind They perform an involved magical ... ceremony To heal the wounds at the far end of the

Azaghal - The pit of shoggoths lyrics

abomination of abominations The goat with a thousand young ... beyond body, beyond life The unholy pit where the black ... realm begins And the watcher guards the gate The

Candlemass - The well of souls lyrics

bind unto myself today the strong name of the trinity ... Crypt of despair the old man is there forming a ... magic and prayers Guarding the well the black hole to hell

Dimmu Borgir - The blazing monoliths of defiance lyrics

Orginally released in 1999 on the album "Spritual ... of wrath, united under the goat of a thousand young Two ... defiance, three inverted as the trinity denied A phalanx of

Eidolon - The oath (mercyful fate cover) lyrics

the symbols of the creator I swear henceforth ... his most Puissant archangel The Prince Lucifer Whom the ... World I deny Jesus Christ...the deceiver And I abjure the

Huntress - The tower lyrics

goat god knows Where the fool goes To the place He ... sharp rocks He unlocks The wicked power Of the tower ... Along a violent sea Stands the tower The fool will shout

Lord Belial - The ancient slumber lyrics

long, long time ago The ancient slumber From a ... A long, long time ago The ancient slumber My time was ... come to die I was the chosen one So it unified me

Lord Belial - The hymn of the ancient misanthropic spirit o.. lyrics

hover, the moon is full above Its ... silvery shine reflects in the water below The nightfilled ... I guard my home This is the hymn of the ancient ... misanthropic spirit The trees are the audience, they

Mactatus - The passage (to the kingdom of no return) lyrics

I've got your soul Walk to the Gate of Emptiness Search ... and you will find To the Land of Sorrow The Passage ... to the Kingdom of no Return The ... Wintermoon is clear, The Voices are so strong The Goat is on his Throne, The Sixth

Mercyful Fate - The oath lyrics

the symbol of the creator, I swear henceforth ... Most puissant arch-angel The Prince Lucifer Whom the ... I deny Jesus Christ, The deceiver And I abjure the

Reverend Bizarre - The devil rides out lyrics

the midst of the woods, strange figures walk ... in lines. They are wearing hoods and robes ... with mystical signs. On the road to the Sabbath of ... unholy passion, to raise the demons in the old fashion.

Nokturnal Mortum - Goat horns lyrics

Goat Horns no lyrics... no lyrics no lyrics... nol lyrics no lyrics... no lyrics no lyrics... no lyrics...

A Tribe Called Quest - The chase pt 2 lyrics

to wreck ya body and say turn the party out'' --> BizMarkie ... (repeat 4X) Phife: Them can't touch me no, them can ... t touch me Them can't hold me no, them can't

Impaled Nazarene - Goat war lyrics

demon sound Spitting forth the flames Bursting from the ... gates This is goat war This is goat war ... Tormenting the meek Slaughtering the weak ... Hammering down the law This is goat war This

Legion Of The Damned - Night of the sabbath lyrics

Altar of the ancient evil Long Forgotten ... incantations Praying For the master to rise ... Iashubniggurath Black goat of the sabbath ... this sabbath night Black Goat of the sabbath Horns Hooves

Inquisition - Baptized in black goat blood lyrics

in black goat blood on the mystic altar Infernal gods ... thy sons of Satan Raise the knife; cut the goat, drain ... its blood and fill the chalice Ancient words are

Aborym - Digital goat masque lyrics

Speech from talent Shell the shadow slower, Returns the ... for a long time, Since the sinking began The God hates the religion, Satan hates the ... God The meanings are going fast As the time is passing by No one

Impaled Nazarene - Goat perversion lyrics

thru the night - who has killed the ... f***ing light What the f*** do you expect to see ... front of me [chorus:] Goat in pain - the satanic reign ... Who has killed the f***ing light, Who has

Impaled Nazarene - The lost art of goat sacrificing lyrics

Belial, I summon thee from north Bestow your ... total destruction For the glory of Satan, master ... Lucifer Accept this goat, our offering For the four

Belphegor - Fukk the blood of christ lyrics

- des Fleisches Fukk - the blood - of christ The ... sabbath - of the goat Fukk - the blood - of christ Hellsperm ... der Verfluchten Fukk - the blood - of christ The

Deviser - From the starry voids lyrics

formless fears of nightmare the cold stars gleamed down ... under the slim horns of a crescend moon ... order out of chaos Sakkuth the king - Sakkuth, king of night

Jethro Tull - Last man at the party lyrics

Bridget by the stair... a glass of wine and ... she's almost there. Cousin Jimmy at the door. ... .. another beer and he's on the floor. Friends and ... Stinky Joe from down the street fell right over his

Num Skull - The henchman lyrics

was born "The Master of Death", ... entering souls controlling their minds I killed the King, ... I shot the Pope I raped your wife and then make her choke Once as a

Darkthrone - In the shadow of the horns lyrics

of the Goat in the Mirror Eyes Burn like (an) ... October Sunrise As Once they Gazed upon the Hillside ... Searching for the Memories... In the Shadow ... of the Horns only seen by the Kings of the Dawn (of the)

The Kelly Family - Hey dideldey lyrics

didelidey leprechauns are on their way Hey didelidey ... day we're all to play 'Cause the leprechaun's away Well it ... s a sunny day at the Irish fields of fair Give

Battlerage - From the deepest hell lyrics

Hidden black circle The goat stands in pride The legions ... Obscene desecration Praise the hellish beast Altars of ... Covenant of witchery Raise the horns in blasphemy Blood and

Hypocrisy - The sinner lyrics

by the retribution A failing ... regain what you've lost In the shadows of the weakend kind ... gutless souls From behind the desk they'll make you the

Mistress - In the shadow of the horns lyrics

of the goat in the mirror As once they gazed ... upon the hillside Searching for the ... sunrise Only seen by the kings Upon the thrones In the shadow of the horns Of the

The Cult lyricsThe Cult - Goat lyrics

the blood rises up And the blood rises up And the blood ... rises up And the blood rises up To the roof ... Watch the bodies hit the ground Watch the bodies hit the ground Watch them fall

Impiety - The scourge majesty lyrics

King of Terror Coronation of the Black Goat Deliverer of ... purity.... Requiem for the Earth as rebellion arise ... Brutally scoff and immolate them all Rejoice in Satan's

R.e.m. lyricsR.e.m. - The ascent of man lyrics


Besatt - The leader of fallens (azazel) lyrics

a cherub and the leader of angels in the ... abyss from smokeless fire in the beyond As son of fire he ... to kneel before son of the earth, Adam For doing this

Deviser - The rape of holiness lyrics

no love Leading deeper into the damp woods To someone who ... could be spoken of only as The dark man The black goat The ... execution of the sentence In the ancient crypt of abel hopkins

Ghostemane - The whole where my head once lived lyrics

I used to open my eyes in the AM and just be grateful for ... I love to Bury me (Under the stars in my head) I don't ... on me) I am free Yung goat put a hole in the ozone

Impaled Nazarene - The black vomit lyrics

to be the offensor of Christ Evil, ... forth of hell To torment the son of god... Lucifer ... you Eat your delicious mother Blaspheming over your ... priests of evil Marked with the sign of goat I've turn my

It Dies Today - The bacchanal affair lyrics

So raise a glass to the black maria. Through ... laughter seems to soothe the pain, Of adoring what I ... I'm sick to death by the irony and all the lies that

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