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Alice Cooper - A runaway train lyrics

All aboard. Watch your step people. Last call for the nightmare express hahahaha I found myself ... slipping away Just this side of dead I woke up in a box car

F.o.b. - Of a martyr lyrics


Adyta - Of a captive mind lyrics

from this hell Devouring whats left of me, why can't it leave me be We will never be ... free From unwritten rules of society Demanding laws ... us down Feelings we will have to drown Boundaries we cannot see Creates what you

Angtoria - A child that walks in the path of a man lyrics

face that stuns me Sends my soul into ... shock A voice that numbs me Re-directs my ... I try to run before I could walk? Seems you place the blame ... my judgement? Your world of lies, I knew the truth! So

Idiot Pilot - A day in the life of a poolshark lyrics

could see past the skin They make you ... believe Beauty's from within Don't know ... why 'Cause it's just not true I ... could never be apart Of something I did not help to

Journey - Of a lifetime lyrics

is slowly lifting The sound of life misplaced your mind You ... thru out time I hope that you remember what you find ... Singin' more of a lifetime You put it down-all that I'm thinking But take

Seer's Tear - A chronicle of a destiny pt. ii: tense past lyrics

for signs, The schedules & the magpies bind, For ... signs sometimes the pleasure Upstaging is hide for a ... while. Abiding hope, the smiling worth

Alghazanth - Of a stormgrey vision lyrics

Thy sword fall upon the necks of the feeble and the foolish Raise thy fist in glory, smash ... the crosses to thousand little pieces Give your ... commands unto the firestorms may

Disma - Of a past forlorn lyrics

and Emanate In hideous transformation Into the embrace of the grave The dark suffering ... of obscurity Within obsidian caverns, ten million pits ... rotate in a maze Permeate and embolden the bestial

Echo & The Bunnymen - Of a life lyrics

this how the end begins? Infra-reds and ultra-violets No ... me I'm not seein' things Say it's love I've sighted I wanna song to learn and sing of ... ends No more Trevi fountains No more kneelin', no more

Ritual Steel - A hell of a knight lyrics

ah ah ah... [Chorus]: A hell of a knight carrying the ... woe of hell See the damned horses that ride Beasts ... ride the sky Riding in the air through the clouds And the

Seer's Tear - A chronicle of a destiny pt. i: past tense lyrics

hand with the womb Of my own mind A destiny I'll ... seek & find To hold the dream Against my skin Touch the calm ... & move on in Sleeping just

A Lot Like Birds - A satire of a satire of a satire is tiring lyrics

starting to think that maybe I’m wrong. It’s easy to ... forget what you’re fighting for and what ... matters more. But maybe I’m not. What if only time

Jen Foster - A day in the life of a rock star lyrics

said, "Run your fingers ... through your bed-head Naked on the stairs, well, could ... you grab a few beers All you wannna-bes in your Abercrombie T-s Hanging off

The Guess Who - Of a dropping pin lyrics

somewhere when I'm nowhere Gaze through a diabetic eye Can ... the right to be put down And never known the right to ... try I'd leave and take my pride with me And find

George Jones - A day in the life of a fool lyrics

to work with no kiss of goodbye Wear a smile on my face but I lied Cup of coffee at the corner cafe Catch the ... bus, read the news on my way Those emotions the whole

System Of A Down lyricsSystem Of A Down - A.d.d. (american dream denial) lyrics

fought your wars with all our hearts you sent us back in body parts you took our ... with the truth you stole we offer prayers for your long lost ... soul your remainder is an unjustifiable egotistical

Racer X - A heart of a lion lyrics

through the city streets Caught in the glare of the ... upon my feet But locked as I run I am just a breath ... away From knockin' you ... to the ground No escape I hear you say You're never safe

Bo Bice - This train lyrics

train is comin' down the track and I hear it callin' my name I got a dollar in my ... pocket and I'm hopin' that I can make it on okay All the years of countin' on nothin' at

Ben Harper - Fool for a lonesome train lyrics

s late and I can't sleep I've made promises ... that I can't keep Cobblestones and ... broken bones, has a kingdom but he's got no home ... Last night is still ringing in

Dezperadoz - Train of souls lyrics

with no eyes, looks at me and smiles. And he's passing ... by, still hear my woman's cries. As I hit the ... ground, where am I now? A picture in my mind, of A

Electric Light Orchestra - Train of gold lyrics

saw her there from across the street She was ... dressed in black And when she moved she moved ... to a beat, like a Cadillac She rode a train, train, train, train, train of gold

America - From a moving train lyrics

ve seen the Ides of March And I've seen the fall of Rome ... I've seen all kinds of stuff But I never see my ... line is These million miles of track One thing I know by

Ella Fitzgerald - Take the & quot;a & quot;train lyrics

must take the a train To go to sugar hill way up ... in harlem If you miss the a train You’ll find you missed the ... quickest way to harlem Hurry, get on, now it’s

Divinyls - Run-a-way train lyrics


Helm Levon - A train robbery lyrics

foreman touched the cold steel lines ... The rail bed was frozen with ice In the distance an engine was keeping good ... time The steam whistle moaned just twice Down in the

Preluders - Riding on a love train lyrics

and me going down the tracks Picking up speed now I can?t relax Whistle going off ... in the back of my brain (Love train, here we go) ... You and me going down the tracks

John Hiatt - Like a freight train lyrics

my blind spots There's too many Keep lookin' for some ... light But there isn't any Was top dead center baby Now my ... motor's gone soft I used to roll through here

Elvis Costello - Coal-train robberies lyrics

s coal train came to rest in the bitter ... cutting And as the signals took an age to change it was easy pickings So you go to ... the movies where they smash it up You want to feel

Oleander - Runaway train lyrics

a corner that you turn Its a lesson that you learn in time ... Its a worry that you feel Another scar that you conceal ... From sight Have I been away too long for me to say? Have I been away too long for

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - Train overnight lyrics

loaded the variables Like masterpieces from under the germ ... led advance I saw your compass on a sea of frayed cable and Aspects of vision afloat ... in a glance And outside the train overnight

Paul Simon - Train in the distance lyrics

was beautiful as Southern skies The night he ... met her She was married to someone He was ... doggedly determined that he would get her He was old ... he was young From time to time he

Izzy Stradlin - Train tracks lyrics

and stoned Took a hit down by the train track ... I hear the whistle's song This ... broken kid... He made a big dash He learnt quick to ... get along A change of time Packed up and left Goodbye the train track You're lucky if I do

Willie Nelson - I been to georgia on a fast train lyrics

a rainy Wednesday morning that's the way that I was born in ... That old sharecropper's one room country ... shack They said my mommie left me the day ... before she had me Said she hit the road and never

Sarah Mclachlan - Train wreck lyrics

love in all it's finery Tear up the darkness all around ... me Until I can breathe again Until I believe again ... Cause I'm a train wreck Waiting to happen Waiting for

A-ha lyricsA-ha - Train of thought lyrics

likes to have the morning paper's Crossword solved Words ... go up words come down Forwards backwards twisted round ... He grabs a pile of letters from a small suitcase

Phish - Train song lyrics

the way home we felt we had a chance To review the coulds ... before we were born And to invite a new game of can ... ts Absorbed in the clouds a voice from afar said &quot

Bright Eyes - Train under water lyrics

were born inside of a raindrop I watched you falling ... to your death And the sun, well she could not ... save you She'd fallen down too, now the streets

Fanfarlo - A flood lyrics

pieces Let it die, let it fall A flood will come here anyway Just put off ... decisions if you must As the lamps flicker back to ... life again Come another century full of dust

Simple Minds - Book of brilliant things lyrics

you for the voice, the eyes and the memories shine Thank ... you for the pictures of living in the beautiful black ... and the white Some say we'll be together for a very

Middle Of The Road - On a westbound train lyrics

....... ........... .......... .......... ............ .......... .......... ............ .......... ......... ........ .......... ........... ....

Shawanda Crystal - Dawn of a new day lyrics

a.m., dashboard lights Oh God, it seems I ... ve been on the road all night Got momma?s picture ... on the seat beside me Oh, how I love what I left behind me But I?m ready to face the dawn of a new day Gotta keep on rollin?,

Quiet Riot - Wings of a cloud lyrics

far from the scene of the crime now Nothing more ... that I want to be part of Gonna break the chains that ... been holding me down Gonna spread my wings and I'll fly

June Carter Cash - Ballad of a teenage queen lyrics

Dream on, dream on teenage queen prettiest girl we've ... ever seen) There's a story in our town Of the ... prettiest girl around Golden hair and eyes of blue How those eyes could

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - Ballad of a teenage queen lyrics

Dream on, dream on teenage queen prettiest girl we've ... ever seen) There's a story in our town Of the ... prettiest girl around Golden hair and eyes of ... blue How those eyes could flash at you (How those eyes

Madilyn Bailey - Train - drive by - cover by madilyn bailey an.. lyrics

the other side of a street I knew Stood a girl ... that looked like you I guess that's deja vu But I thought ... this can't be true Cause you moved to west L.A or

Midnight Red - A night to remember lyrics

this will be a night to remember Fire, fire ... when we’re heating up the block Block, ... block, block. And this will be a night to ... remember All my fella’s on my lady’s burning up Up

The Hollies - A little thing like love lyrics

Took you from Dakota from the Black Hills to the ... plains I brought you up a lady and the right way to behave ... Turned my pockets inside-out and not a dime was saved And

System Of A Down lyricsSystem Of A Down - Metro lyrics

m alone, sitting with my broken ... glass My four walls follow me through my past ... I was on a Paris train I emerged in London rain And you waiting there swimming

Blondie - A shark in jet´s clothing lyrics

always had my eyes on you but you came ... from across the line I had to make good time to see you ... but you had to pay the fine All the boys on my side knew that you were the shark If you

Tony Bennett - Lullaby of broadway lyrics

rumble of a subway train The rattle of a taxi The ... daffodils who entertain At Angelo's and Maxie's When a ... Broadway baby says good night It's early in

Courrier - A light in the tunnel lyrics

m holding on there's a light in the tunnel but Heaven seems so far away I've ... never been much afraid of the weather I'm finding I can't escape the rain I drove

Farmakon - A temporary death lyrics

and vanishing To a rhythm of a heartbeat Borderline and near the edge Slow and firm ... grip Cool and lifeless Patiently parting the world in ... two I've never said anything meaningful Timeless and true My game was silence

George Jones - A few ole country boys (with randy travis) lyrics

Randy) Not too many years ago When dreams weren't comin' ... true I'd reach for inspiration Sometimes it would be ... you. I'd hear you on the radio I sure did like your

Mayday Parade - A shot across the bow lyrics

s time I said this, but I'm so choked up ... And I need my sanity I'm scared, believe me You can see ... If you let me just stick around Well this is bye, bye

Mehida - A letter from home lyrics

saw you there Standing near Waiting for a train to take you away from here I was ... there Beside you On the platform You decided to go on ... your way The wind is cold Silent

System Of A Down lyricsSystem Of A Down - Deer dance lyrics

circuses Lamenting in protest To ... police Presence sponsored fear Battalions of riot police ... With rubber bullet kisses Baton courtesies Service with a smile Beyond the Staples

Reba Mcentire - A new love lyrics

thing I know in this life That's cut me deeper than the sharpest knife And once again, ... here I am And I'd pay any price for a new love I ... for the one I lost I'm standin' here on a bridge that I

Andre Nickatina - Tears of a clown lyrics

s mines i want that give me that ricky shake the party screamin "where the remy at ... like some rims on some daytons and vouges and my my my ... how the indo goes freeze like a frosty with the cappucino taste nickname my product like

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