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No Use For A Name - The trumpet player lyrics

in the way, I think I've had enough ... again, I'll try releting to the selfishly absurd Take me ... s sorrow I want to feel the numbness that surrounds most

Skindred - Sound the siren lyrics

dem ah rock inside the dancehall Everybody know the ... dred ah stand tall Defend the weak we no defend the strong ... If you defend the strong you no say you wrong

Halsey lyricsHalsey - The sound (the 1975 cover) lyrics

you're around 'Cause I know the sound I know the sound, of ... you're around 'Cause I know the sound I know the sound, of ... m such a cliché I can't see the difference in it anyway

Anacrusis - Sound the alarm lyrics

I don't see Just where the actions meet the words You ... just sound the alarm Racing pulse and ... blood At fever-pitch Another finger-pointing mob With

Saves The Day - Sound the alarm lyrics

to go Ain't no light along the road stumbling under the ... s stare turn around nobody there never knowing if I'm all ... alone cause paranoia is the only friend that I know and

Darkest Hour - Sound the surrender lyrics

moment marks the severing of senses comatose ... distinctions the Gathering of flies on a irrational ... paid for your biggest mistake sound the Surrender embraced in

Howie Day - Sound the alarm lyrics

you'll make it Hard to breathe I wish it was fake Sound the alarm I know we'll make it ... We're all right Am I the only one? Am I the only one,

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - Sound the bugle lyrics

now - play it just for me As the seasons change - remember how ... - wounded so I must give up the fight There's nothing more ... .. Or leave me lying here Sound the bugle now - tell them I

Flipper - The light, the sound, the rhythm, the noise lyrics

lights And the sound And the rhythm And the noise Hit my ... Before our very eyes Cause the lights And the sound And the rhythm And the noise Hit my

Adept - Sound the alarm lyrics

cheater, you forgot To wipe the scent of your lover from your ... you had it in you Burn the charade Ignite your own fire ... As the words from your lips Ignores

Born Of Osiris - The louder the sound, the more we all believe lyrics

You're not sticking to the point So we're igniting ... no words to speak I see the faces the masterpiece Its ... brighter and hard to breathe Steps we've made to set us

A Day To Remember - Sound the alarm lyrics

I'm not gonna say ya know, there's plenty more fish in the ... will say is this: It's not the end of the

Valerie Boyd - Blow the trumpet lyrics

his name Great and mighty is the lord Great is the Lord He is ... holy and just Exalt the Lord our God (repeat as many ... times as desired) Blow the trumpet Sing unto the Lord Dance

Dear Whoever - Breaking the silence with your last breath lyrics

at all. All I heard was the sound of breathing, your attempt ... [x6] And you never knew in the ways that I tried showing

Primordial - The alchemist's head lyrics

a sickness of soul How we loathe and envy All murderers in ... wear What iconoclasm upon the Wings of pestilence Has ... swept the halls of the pious And dulled your blade

Hollenthon - The calm before the storm lyrics

cypress shades the grave But gentle violets ... eternal sands [Chorus:] Sound no trumpet of mourn Forget ... not the wandering soul One with this ... soak scarlet ground Wash the bloodstained face Vanished

Insomnium - The river lyrics

is complete Long has been the way - The day is giving in The dusk is thickening, cold ... engulfs the shore I hear across the ... stream as Charon blows the horn One more summer I ask

Dear Whoever - Bonus track: a place for the end lyrics

into the eyes of fear To see the one pain Of this soul my ... dear The shadows over my head That there is nothing now And will be ... nothing in the end Oh nothing in the end

Saviour Machine - The bride of christ lyrics

infinite mercy ... Behold the man of sorrows, the prince of ... ... Behold almighty God, the king of kings ... Behold the mystery, we shall not all ... changed in a moment ... For the trumpet will sound, and the

Byron Cage - The presence of the lord lyrics

presence of the Lord is here (2x's) I feel ... it in the atmosphere, The presence of the Lord is here, ... oh (2x's) The spirit of the Lord is here(2x's) I feel it

Ministry - The great satan (remix) lyrics

believe the title was "Bid Laden ... determined to attack inside the United States" ... 1] Absolute destruction is the battleground we're given

Lee Greenwood - The battle hymn of the republic lyrics

eyes have seen the glory Of the coming of the Lord He is ... trampling out the vintage Where the grapes of ... are stored He has loosed the fateful lightening Of His

A Static Lullaby - The prestige lyrics

ounce of god As the alter bleeds No form of ... priest at this gathering No ounce of god as the ... tactful timing Can't say the same for your little girl ... s pink inside just like my other toys And the blue has been

Here I Come Falling - The beast from the east lyrics

sights on victory and hear the screaming choir the enemy's ... ready, aim, fire! bite the bullet we'll fight until we ... die bite the bullet we'll fight until we

No Use For A Name - The feel good song of the year lyrics

never thought the day would come when I Would ... be the poison in the pen I use to write You said ... nervous tone I guess it was the blank look on your face that

Basshunter - The true sound lyrics

True Sound One sound The True Sound There’s only ... one sound in this world The True Sound The True Sound ... The True Sound One sound The True Sound There’s only

Myka Relocate - The company you keep (ft.christian koo) lyrics

Hear the sound Hear the sound Been stuck on repeat, ... letting you get the best of me Never knowing ... believe No, can't escape, they say you never knew me in the

Oh Honey - I love you will still sound the same lyrics

with me In my mistakes, And the ones I have yet to make? ... So when our eyes have seen their better days And our ... I Love You" will still sound the same "I Love You

Keepsake - The end of sound lyrics

are the end of sound. This is the end of sound. ... We are the end of sound. This is the end of sound. ... We are the end of sound. This is the end of sound

Lostprophets - The fake sound of progress lyrics

have fallen apart by now The more you think, the less you ... act their way So can you hear this, ... the fake sound of progress Never reason ... once again I know it all sounds so contrived, but it's got

Garou - The sound of silence lyrics

while I was sleeping And the vision that was planted in my ... brain still remains Within the sound of silence, silence. ... of cobblestone 'Neath the halo of a street lamp I

Austrian Death Machine - Lyrics to all of the songs sound the same lyrics

Whats wrong guys? you think the songs all sound the same? Of ... coarse they sound the same, because they all sound

Haste The Day - The oracle lyrics

are gone. My ears hear no sound. Folding between the skin and ... searching for. Searching for the sound. The secret in your ... too far away? Searching for the sound. I’m listening. When

Anberlin - The promise lyrics

to a stranger, You know in the end, I'll always be there. ... look all around, and I'll be there. I'm sorry, but I'm just ... thinking of the right words to say. (I

New Found Glory - The promise (when in rome cover) lyrics

but I'm just thinking of the right words to say. I know they don't sound the way I ... planned them to be. But if you wait ... to a stranger, You know in the end, I'll always be there.

David Nail - The sound of a million dreams lyrics

up Samantha and asked her the chance of us Running out ... 'neath the moonlight Well, She's not ... always be found When I rewind the radio dial And like it was then I feel her on my skin And I

The Cure lyricsThe Cure - The loudest sound lyrics

by side in silence They pass away the day So ... echo round He looks up at the sky... She looks down at the ... ground Stares down at the ground Stares down at the

The Rapture - The sound lyrics

ha ha ha ha ha woo! Gimme the sound and I'll make sure you ... re a hit son Gimme the sound of the young men plaguing the ... I was a DJ? I used to follow the Mondays back in the day Tell

Haste The Day - The minor prophets lyrics

you seen the sun? Have you seen the sun? ... Or has the darkness dragged you further ... from your door? Take each other’s hands. Look into the ... We’ve singled you out and the leaders keep running away. The sound of trumpets will carry

Paper Route - The sound lyrics

ll watch the snow drift down tonight ... Beneath the hand of Midwest lights We'll ... watch the snow drift down tonight The sound, the music, it's ... I won't forget the moment You looked at me and

Mushroomhead lyricsMushroomhead - The war inside lyrics

such potential go unrealized The natives speak in tongues and ... Somewhere deep down in the subconscious wrapped in ... riddles lies The meaning of this life we try

Orianthi - Suffocated (sound the alarm cover) lyrics

it was worth this Do the worst, feel complete ... Passing standards others meet (What we do best) ... just to stay alive I miss the old days that we murdered They're so far gone, out of reach

Bathory - The messenger lyrics

was the sky : now storm clouds are ... forming the sun disc was high : the dusk ... ride swift yee messenger : the word must get through ... Carry the news to the villages westward Asa Bay

Lloyd - The mermaid lyrics

I lay so fast asleep, When the thought of my true love came ... And poor sailors that sail on the deep. As I sailed out one day ... being not far from land, And there I spied a mermaid a-sitting

Bal-sagoth - The dark liege of chaos is unleashed lyrics

Xerxes... for by mastering the art of traversing the mists ... ] Yes, master... and yet, there is one realm which ... intrigues me above all others, one era which occupies my

Manowar - The blood of the kings mmxiv lyrics

the battle is raging Choose your ... side Sing with us the Battle Hymns Into Glory Ride ... Hail To England The Sign Of The Hammer's our guide Forever ... we're Fighting The World Side by side On a

Polar lyricsPolar - The dead travel fast lyrics

we're being watched. Don't sound the sirens just yet Not to ... we're being followed Bury the hatchet. This isn't my heart ... losing all my bets. But as the saying goes Keep your

D.r.i. - The explorer lyrics

Searching for words which sound the same Choosing these ... words and making them fit Hoping, somehow, they ... ll all make sense If they don't, don't blame me I'm

R.e.m. lyricsR.e.m. - The wrong child lyrics

ve watched the children come and go A late ... watch those children Jump in the tall grass Leap the ... sprinkler Walk in the ground Bicycle clothespin ... spokes The sound the smell of swingset hands I

Blitzkrieg - The face of death lyrics

for the day of judgement,your last ... to cry. Hell is burning the world is turning,God & ... Satan take their toll. Close the door on ... nothing left to do,look on the face of Death. Four

Kurt Carr - The lord is strong & mighty lyrics

Chorus) The Lord our God is strong and ... mighty The Lord our God is mighty in ... battle Sound the alarm on the Holy mountain He is ... He's mighty in His power There is a battle against you and

Kurt Carr - The lord strong & mighty lyrics

Chorus) The Lord our God is strong and ... mighty The Lord our God is mighty in ... battle Sound the alarm on the Holy mountain He is ... He's mighty in His power There is against you and me But

Nofx - The separation of church and skate lyrics

Father:] Hey Kids! [Kids:] Hey Dad ... [Father:] What'da want to do today? ... [Kids:] We don't know. [Father:] Wanna go to the matinee? ... [Kids:] NO! [Father:] Wanna go to the Amusement

Aaron Sprinkle - The boy who stopped the world lyrics

that it puts it all on you There's nothing you can do ... sad, feeling uninspired But the clock just won't slow down ... you around Maybe in the morning it won't be Quite as

All Shall Perish - The day of justice lyrics

figure begging to be strong Their sights are losing their ... We fight hard and see the only means we have is soon ... Gone... And we decide The choice is clear....Not fear,

Crystal Tears - The skies are bleeding lyrics

the horror and the lie remains the same This ... planet commits suicide again Trumpets will sound the soundtrack of ... Cosmos on fire Unleash the fur of the gods - The skies

Eluveitie - The essence of ashes lyrics

hungry purse Time to replace the pitchfork with the sword And ... sound the anthem of sheer rebellion Enough ... have our rights That our fathers used to have But we

Marlon Roudette - The loss lyrics

are the streets we paved, This is the love I gave, This is the ... life we made, This is the loss I have to bear. And ... after the morning breaks, The sound the morning makes, Is

Sacrifice - The devils martyr lyrics

your remains I can feel the pain Our blood, it falls as ... that you hold dear taken The devil's martyr I die, you ... soul to burn in hell We sound the toll I can feel the

Saves The Day - The end lyrics

what's left within Land of the living dead Time to face the ... end Smile for the camera, suck in that gut don ... you'll have bad luck oh the whole world is waiting to see

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