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Chastain - Souls the sun lyrics

again What if we knew, our souls the Sun All energies were ... judge at sight unseen With the knowledge all we feared Was ... cut from the same cloth If no division

Coldplay lyricsColdplay - Something just like this (ft. the chainsmoker.. lyrics

ve been reading books of old The legends and the myths ... ve been reading books of old The legends and the myths The ... testaments they told The moon and its eclipse

Asking Alexandria - The lost souls lyrics

are the ones that no one gave a ... chance We are the ones that almost lost it all ... Ghosts in the hallway who never catch a ... glance We are the lost We are the lost souls

Myka Relocate - The young souls lyrics

young souls won't burn out So busy ... that we care Have we forget the meaning? It's like a sky ... without the air, Or lungs without ... us Is it you or me? The things I'd rather not have

Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - The book of souls lyrics

buried with kings Accompany them on a journey with no end To ... that’s rich with fruit of all the gods And to face the demons ... of their underworld haunts The sentient is sent to seek out

Sacred Oath - The invocation lyrics

the night the unsuspecting souls play with fire Back into the ... woods where they began their moonlit rite Out of the ... every turn Torches light the fire as their souls begin to

Beto Vazquez Infinity - The tunnel of the souls lyrics

glances are crossed and the thoughts arise Today I feel ... at your side... Sometimes the time goes by very quickly ... could conect with me... In the tunnel of souls I will see

Civilization One - The lost souls lyrics

passes by. We wanna be alive The demon calling We hear ... voices in the dark A creature calling We ... hear echoes from the past We are the lost souls

Numenor - The eternal champion lyrics

dark A distant flame before the sun The sailor on the seas ... of fate A dark one, the black blade Beyond the ... Visions cold in my dreams The Last one of the Dragonlords

Project Pitchfork - Souls lyrics

so sure I'm looking out of the window Empires arise and ... We've been so long together Forgotten hopes and ... pleasure But when the time is right We'll open our

Architects - The devil is near lyrics

no f***ing compromise They have the heart to resist ... Whilst the hunters hunt, they will persist This is ... is bought and sold It seems their pain is worth it's weight

Dream Theater - The ministry of lost souls lyrics

Stuck Not Crossing Over The Other Side Is Where He Waits ... Without You (Traveling In The Past) Is Living In No World ... Her Is Fading He Will Choose The Only Way To Rid Her Of Her

In Mourning - The poet and the painter of souls lyrics

his empty eyes are watching the moon Cuts on faded fingers ... hands Writing down the feelings, asking all about the questions Pleading answers, ... screaming, scared for what they will tell Turn the lights

Infernal Majesty - The art of war lyrics

they wait the stage has now been set ... fostering the truth hiding in the shadows of distant wars ... fought on these tortured foreign lands time ... will stand still as the moment comes to rise

Kiss - The jungle lyrics

I go Down below The sun is goin' down A jungle ... comes alive The beast is waking up To take ... another life I can't sleep In ... too deep The man with nothing left

Nocturnal Rites - The devil's child lyrics

into sin, a lust for the evil Betrayed and deceived, ... Serpent of death, child of the darkness A servant to ... power Twisting his mind, the ways of the wicked There's

Black Metal - The foreshadowed way lyrics

of crystallized earth when the golden sphere fades into the ... recesses of the backdrop of life a silence ... descends A sound shatters the solitude Essence of Night

Persuader - The fiction maze lyrics

mind now in control I hear the master in my mind Are you the hellbound one The demon of ... And when tomorrow comes the emptiness is gone My journey ... s just begun Another tempting of the soul, I can

Project Pitchfork - Souls in ice lyrics

center? Where is my voice (These are my words like souls in ... center? Where is my voice (These are my words like souls in

Bleach Rock Musical - Souls shout lyrics

no subete wo kakete BLEACH SOULS SHOUT Haruka na omoi wo ... no subete wo kakete BLEACH SOULS SHOUT Omae no tamashii ... no subete wo kakete BLEACH SOULS SHOUT Ore no subete wo

Beseech - Souls highway lyrics

almost there but slided back Tried to ... ho further but was out of fuel Wanted ... be with light and see All the beauty that was there for me ... But had to pull over Souls highway, Souls highway

Etherwood - Souls apart lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Satan's Host - Souls in exile lyrics

1st verse] As we walked into the cemetery you would not ... believe what we saw All the souls - They were gathered around there : My magick circle and me

Chantal Kreviazuk - Souls lyrics

on But only for a moment then it's gone Covenant we ... ve been told I feel I am the wandering A fleeting ... on But only for a moment then it's gone And oh all I

Mystic Circle - Burning souls lyrics

chamber of terror The chamber of fear Caught in the dark To infiniteness Lost ... in pugatory In the world of death Burning for their sins And no one will save them The front court to the

Jonas Brothers - Poor unfortunate souls lyrics

admit that in the past I've been a nasty They ... weren't kidding when they called me kinda strange But ... all my ways Repented, seen the light, and made a change And

Ektomorf - Souls of fire lyrics

are the voice of the voiceless The fire of your ... It's burning It's glowing Souls of fire Souls of fire ... This is the way that we live The way ... have faith and strength And they cant stop us no never It

Frozen Dawn - Cold souls lyrics

rising Awaking black ancient souls Souls of an ancient era Of ... gods Crawling in the night The unforgotten ... of ice Glittering cold in the winter winds Ancient runes,

Darkseed - Souls unite lyrics

re waiting for the gates To be raised When you ... evil Hour after fear It's the moment in life When souls ... unite ... souls will unite When you close ... your eyes Souls will unite Then the sun will rise Summer's

Candlemass - The well of souls lyrics

bind unto myself today the strong name of the trinity ... Crypt of despair the old man is there forming a ... magic and prayers Guarding the well the black hole to hell

Edge Of Sanity - Immortal souls lyrics

arrival of the dead, mourning souls arise. Searching for a way, ... humanity. Couldn't stand the pain, left our world too fast ... Caught in light so black, and there ain't no turning back...

Fields Of The Nephilim - Chord of souls lyrics

godly laughter can it be the end well I'm on fire when he ... godly laughter let it be the end let it be the end ... who breed on earth over to the other side I'm caught

Memento Mori ( Swe ) - The caravan of souls lyrics

shoreline no one can tell the secrets in keep out from the ... but peace. Marching on the caravan of souls they're ... marching on; the caravan of souls. Soul's caravan seems to

Morgoth - Souls on a pleasure trip lyrics

Each day a new chance to make the real things better Within the days our wealth grows, our ... becomes alive Celebrate the huge style, still reach out ... our life And we love the things so much, all things

Cloudscape - 1000 souls lyrics

one dream Searching for the new homeworld A 1000 brave souls Set their eyes to the ... Evolving industries pleased the crowd Minds replaced by ... Technology grew past up The spiral spun faster down

Blondie - Island of lost souls lyrics

Babylon On the boulevard of broken dreams ... My will power at the lowest ebb Oh what can I do? ... s going right So come sit on the sands of the island Island

Dark Lunacy - The dirge + lunacyrcus lyrics

is coming closer Taken by the clouds That's me ... Give ... And listen to my words Your souls for magic That's what I'm ... Don't you stand a side from The weight on your shoulders

Enbound - Combined the souls lyrics

clouds begin to fade away The sun will shine again But I ... all alone Alone with all the memories I cry So close ... your face I want to combined the souls I want to hold on to

Sinsaenum - Dead souls lyrics

illusions of forsaken the bringer of the disease all ... not for fears sacrificing the remaining mistakes it ... our final reason before the cleansing end of the line

Neurosis - Souls at zero lyrics

has died. I've slept in the dirt under the light of the ... moon and I know our souls have perished. Calling to ... my vision. Glowing pyre in the wind, like a glowing pyre

The Almost - Souls on ten lyrics

for real? Is perfection the way that we feel? Postcards ... from the dollar bin We're waiting for ... us lose You and me With the windows down You and me out

Cage - Souls and flesh lyrics

me to the garden Follow me and change ... lives that drag along All the faces that you've known and the places that you've gone in ... this world there is only one to who you

Pyramaze - Souls in pain lyrics

light all that I bring are the words in my mind I travel ... fearing what lurks in the dark and all that I see is ... Why, oh tell me why must all the good die this is not right,

Scar Symmetry - The spiral timeshift lyrics

denied! At first denied and then opposed with fervor. Resist ... At first we criticize and then we ideolize. Invasive ... moths to flame. Behold the mighty fall down towards

Aesma Daeva - The camp of souls lyrics

white canoe, like the silvery air O'er the River ... Death that darkly rolls When the moons of the world are round ... and fair, I paddle back from the 'Camp of Souls.' When the

Centinex - The eyes of the dead lyrics

- Slowly On the filthy smeary soil Drowning ... - Falling Into the crypts of burning flesh ... Inwards to your rotten souls Sweeping - Swarming Around ... in the carnal halls of blood

Domine - The ship of the lost souls lyrics

all your dreams lie broken on the ground Now no more fears, ... cried out all your tears and the days pass before your eyes ... [chorus] You are the one who decided to go You

Holy Blood - War for the human souls lyrics

fight with Satan. War for the human souls, It is the most ... And all Slavonic folk. Souls living in darkness Are ... enslaved by Satan. There is no happiness, Only

Marduk - Souls for belial lyrics

- Red ascension Collecting souls ...for Belial ...for ... And as our voice uncovers Another soul to the stream Another ... Oh Lawless Angel we approach thee In the form of proudest

Project Hate Mcmxcix, The - The swarming of whores lyrics

my face away from god As the sight is too hard to bear ... choose to despair Caress the beauty of a thousand forsaken ... souls And walk across the depth of never-whore I

Blitzkrieg - The face of death lyrics

for the day of judgement,your last ... heads are spinning,tormented souls begin to cry. Hell is ... burning the world is turning,God & ... Satan take their toll. Close the door on

Gamma Ray - The guardians of mankind lyrics

to see for no one to hear They fight for our souls without ... fear When injustice done they open their gates To ... good and bad And as the winds of freedom blow they

Necrophobic - The throne of souls possessed lyrics

ancient wisdom Arise from the hidden past Guide the path ... we speak thy name This is the night of sins Let the ... flames caress our souls Under the spell so divine

Avett Brothers - Souls like the wheels lyrics

like the wheels Turning, taking us ... song Give me strength to the leave the sad and the wrong ... Bury safely in the past where I've been living ... I thought it was dark Be the spark that has a chance to

Bloody Hammers - Souls on fire lyrics

you've said It's easy for the world to leave you behind ... When you walk the earth silent and blind My ... betrayed It's easy for the world to leave you behind

Diary Of Dreams - The luxury of insanity lyrics

And nothing to lose I endure the insane, Survive every pain ... stare into nowhere Swallow the floods to see Nothing is ... sin You will be born From the ashes of our souls My time

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - 4 billion souls lyrics

two, three, four billion souls are gonna rest If all our ... friends don't try their best To change the way ... find But look a little further up the line Just a little

Graveworm - The world will die in flames lyrics

come to rage insanity Inside the storm Arrive at the edge of the world Fall into the land of ... No more resistance Slaughter their innocent souls Kill their

Helstar - Souls cry lyrics

could it be be paradise Into the tunnel of light, dissipating the fright suddenly paralyzed ... And the sky opened wide and no vision ... But my soul felt so lost when the heavens were crossed in

Hippo Campus - Souls lyrics

to the streets where the kids are new love was ... around the corner from you you ... you look so alive back the train up o the path ... rolling off the tracks, no you´ll never see

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