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Natewantstobattle - Soul eater - papermoon (english cover) lyrics

m falling Down into my shadow Holding in my every breath As I await the deadly night So scary But you can't give into this Fear of pumpkin carriages And all the witches see it in your eyes See you in your dreams soon; Baby Your nightmares too That's where I'll find

Facebreaker - Soul eater lyrics

dripping from my hands darkness looms, when I awake the horizon will burn I arise in fire, the return I will take you in I will spit you out face my wrath, I will bury you unleash the fire absorb the flame soul eater soul eater enter the gates of hell feed the f

Natewantstobattle - Soul eater - resonance (english cover) lyrics

become one our soul's have been connected A bond that's stronger than words And now in sync we scream our fates will come together And it will not go unheard Locking eyes becoming intertwined You'll be sharing your fate with mine Side by side we'll battle through the

Fastball - Eater lyrics

me make you, let me take you Follow down, I will penetrate you, baby Run you into the ground I will make you hate you, baby I'm an eater, I'm an eater, I'm an eater Your cheeks are red and rosy I'll keep you safe and sound I'll keep you warm

At The Gates - Eater of gods lyrics

- and the world is reduced Reduced to the surface of her skin Like a spray of broken glass His bones began to fill with words Like a monolith once lost As our ash crown the barren mountains As if mercy were a skin of water We fall into a prior dream The number of the g

Abaddon Incarnate - Eater of worlds, devourer of time lyrics

the stars are blotted out by the blackness And a black sun swallows the Earth Mother of darkness with terrifying aspect Murderess, destroyer begins to give birth I've seen her before in the eyes of the women Her dark song sings from the hearts of the girls As a

Dark Lotus - Consume your soul lyrics

Monoxide Child] I turn a dead body inside out and leave a Lotus cross painted in the middle of your mouth And I'm goin out to snatch up a soul runnin' the night so I can fight off all these demons that keep yellin' and screamin' (I'm alright!) Could somebody say a prayer

Gehenna - Eater of the dead lyrics


Anthony Green - Soul 4 my soul (featuring colin frangicetto) lyrics

know I've been untrue And it's been affecting the both of us How can I eliminate your doubt? Why should you trust me? Trust me now Please believe I am through deceiving I don't wanna feel that shame again, no Trust when I say, I will always love you Soul for

Bootsy Collins - Soul sista lyrics

uhh, are you living from your Soul Sista, tonight (Yeah, yeah) Then if you are, I’m signing the global international unconditional love rights for ya, baby (yeah, yeah) It’s goin‘ down tonight (Hey, Bootsy, baby, Bootsy!) Soul Sista, Sweet Sista (Yeah) Respec‘

Can - Soul desert lyrics

re from the soul, soul desert You're from the soul You're from the soul, soul desert From the soul You're not thinking, no something You're not thinking, no something You're not thinking, no something You're not thinking, no something Cha, cha, soul, soul desert

Everlast - Soul music lyrics

You came into my life) (I'don't have to wonder no more, I can feel it all in my soul It's Soul Music (It's deep down in my soul) Feel the burn I can see I got a good foundation deep down in my soul (It's deep down in my soul) It's Soul Music I feel the

Smashing Pumpkins - Soul power lyrics

I need it - soul power Got to have it - soul power Though we want it - soul power Got to have it - soul power Give it to me - soul power How you need it - soul power Though I need it - soul power Got to have it - soul power I want to get under your skin If

Billy Idol - Soul standing by lyrics

babe. Oh moon light, cool angel, be on us tonight. Oh baby, pretty baby, I'm wild for you alright. You want sunlight, you get moonlight. Splendor in the past. Kiss of lip, oh baby, conceive a passion, oo, born to us tonight, oh. Hold me tight, babe, treat me r

1910 Fruitgum Company - Soul struttin' lyrics

Spoken:) Now listen here, honey I want everybody gather 'round This is a brand new dance we're gonna put down Remember that dance by (?) fame Well, you know something That dance never really had a name Soul struttin' Soul struttin'- yeh Now when your soul struts you've got

Hall & Oates - Soul love lyrics

Hall, H. Knight Eee, Ooh yeah, ooh yeah, ooh yeah, ooh yeah I can believe that you love me The way you set this soul on fire Typical talk in the daytime At Nite - only hot desire I can do anything darling `Cause you take me as I am Oh baby there's something about us That makes it a perfec

Kottonmouth Kings - Soul surfin' lyrics

surfin searching for the truth getting buried deep inside and come out wantin more Soul Surfin’ in the greenroom When the time is right, you’re plant will bloom Soul Surf, Drop in and take a ride Live day to day just to get by Soul surfin carvin to the bone sittin in

Krokus - Soul to soul lyrics

in my thoughts in the middle of the night You're lying next to me in the pale moonlight Your lovely body has put a spell on me My heart is longing for a deeper harmony Show me your feelings, your joy and hidden fears I want to share your laugh

Queen - Soul brother lyrics

bless my soul here he comes now The man with the most how does he do it? Sure he's got style he's so heavy He's a trip can do anything Anything anything He's my soul brother He's my best friend he's my champion And he will rock you rock you roc

Buzzcocks - Soul on a rock lyrics

desolation sweeping over me I find hard to disguise The contradiction what I want and what I see Had led to darkening skies And I don't know if you're just deceiving me And I just hope that you're not deceiving me I often wonder are there secrets that you've kep

Girls' Generation (so Nyuh Shi Dae) - Soul lyrics

Nareul mideo bwa right now) Eodiro ganyago mutjima i giri hyanghaneun geudaero Nan neoreul deryeoga choedaero sokdogameul deohaega Gaseum han kyeon ne mam ane bureul tak kyeon naege imi neon ppajyeosseo Naega eomneun neoreul deoneun sangsang hal su eobseo Neowa naega hamkke jig

Salt´n Pepa - Soul power (syncopated soul) lyrics

I was way in the back I noticed that Salt was rockin' the hell out of some of you cats Then I decided to slow down the tempo To let you catch your breath so Just wait for the drumroll then you can feel the flow of Syncopated soul power Got to have s

Wu-tang Clan lyricsWu-tang Clan - Soul power lyrics

Flav] Two thousand and two! [Chef] Lookin like a tennis player [Flav] Representin the Wu! [Chef] You gangsta nigga? [Flav] Two thousand and two! [Chef] You? You isn't! [Flav] Representin the motherf***in Wu! [Chef] Stand for it right now [Flavor Flav] Two thousand and two!

Sugababes lyricsSugababes - Soul sound lyrics

touch the sky, all around, it's alright And who wouldn't believe What's happening to me Expectations all around My intuition knows no doubt I could Lose my way on this merry-go-round So I, like a bird will fly To see Just what could be And patience

Sugababes lyricsSugababes - Soul sound (medway city heights mix) lyrics

touch the sky, all around, it's alright And who wouldn't believe What's happening to me Expectations all around My intuition knows no doubt I could Lose my way on this merry-go-round So I, like a bird will fly To see Just what could be And patience I will learn Before

Sugababes lyricsSugababes - Soul sound (joey negro club mix) lyrics

touch the sky, all around, it's alright And who wouldn't believe What's happening to me Expectations all around My intuition knows no doubt I could Lose my way on this merry-go-round So I, like a bird will fly To see Just what could be And patience I will learn Before this

Ac Dc - Soul stripper lyrics

I met her in the garden Underneath that old apple tree Sitting with a handful of flowers Looking as cool as can be We talked away a couple of hours Then she laid her hand on my lap Oh I thought I got to be dreaming I didn't know I fell in her trap Then s

Akon - Soul survivor (feat. young jeezy) lyrics

Akon and Young Jeezy Tryin' to take it easy Only way to go And So... If you lookin' for me I'll be on the block With my thang cocked possibly sittin' on a drop (Now) 'Cuz I'm a rida (Yeah) I'm just a Soul Survivor (Yeah) 'Cuz er'body know the game don't stop Try

Tina Arena - Soul mate no.9 (single version) lyrics

Mate Number Nine, You say that I'm the only one, But I know it's just a lie. Soul Mate Number Nine, You're living in a fantasy, In your mind. You live in a made up world, You think that I don't see, It's a world of make believe. You spin a tangled web, Just

Borknagar - Soul sphere lyrics

guest of omniscience Forthright eloquence To behold the end of horizon Observation of foresights Inhaling circulations of the soul The aura of stars, the fusion of frequencies Measure of all, the blur of the frame that ceases The certitude of generations adhe

Danzig - Soul on fire lyrics

fall to earth World heats down Cool Now your heart is cold Waiting on the summer Of my soul Devil-girl you must burn Burn at the touch Of autmn's breath Burn that heart of cold Simmering in the samhain Of my soul Gotta wait On the samhai

Grave Digger - Soul savior lyrics

your life and follow me Leave your children and touch my dream I'll show you a world behind the scenes I'll show you a life far away from what you need As we touch the horizon and touch the sun Faith in my religion and spread my beliefs As we walk on the moon and take the sta

Hoodie Allen - Soul on fire lyrics

your soul Uh! Hand's up put them high to the sky, Let me set your soul on fire tonight. Not, not, we not tryin' to fight, Let me set your soul on fire tonight. We live fast ain't time for wakin' up I make time, then we be breakin' up. So ask God, give m

Jeff Scott Soto - Soul divine lyrics

my mind so clear I never let you get away & thru the years gone by I knew I'd finally cross your path someday Well, I'm dying In my soul divine (I missed every sign) Didn't know what I had till you went away In my soul divine (I crossed every line) I've seen my dark

Bob Marley - Soul rebel lyrics

m a rebel, soul rebel I'm a capturer, soul adventurer I'm a rebel, soul rebel I'm a capturer, soul adventurer See the morning sun, the morning sun On the hillside If you're not living good, travel wide You gotta travel wide Said I'm a living

Van Morrison - Soul lyrics

is a feeling, feeling deep within Soul is not the colour of your skin Soul is the essence, essence from within It is where everything begins Soul is what you've been through What's true for you Where you going to What you're gonna do Soul

Prince - Soul sanctuary lyrics

U in silence, knowing that it's right Under your gaze I ponder this love 2night Unbothered by the chaos swirling 'round outside In your arms is where I want 2 live and die Someplace where your face is all that I see Where the love we make intoxicates int

Rival Sons - Soul lyrics

may take everything from you, they may take your time to think things through. They'll tell you everything that you want to hear, until you tell them that what they say is true. That's when the darkness comes to your loneliness, and your given voice sounds so

Roxette lyricsRoxette - Soul deep lyrics

a prayer for a sinner and a saint, my baby's coming back Say a prayer, hide hide away yea baby's coming back Hey hey hey, ain't gonna trouble his wandering mind Gonna take on the time to find out if my love is Soul deep - spinning the heart round a wire Soul

Satan's Host - Soul wrent lyrics

for the vipers of Hell, tormentor of the flesh I do the bidding of which you commands, direct me to the path Infernal Magick awakening, the Beast inside these bones Spill the blood of innocence lost, upon thy ungodly throne Where you now reign Take me now to do thy will Fil

Beck - Soul suckin' jerk lyrics

got a job making money for the man Throwing chicken in the bucket with the soda pop can Puke green uniform on my back I had to set it on fire in a vat of chicken fat I leaped on the counter like a bird with no hair Running through the mini mall in my u

Cc Catch - Soul survivor lyrics

lady Lai you hurt me Oh, don't make me cry Leavin' me, oh girl, it's easy He will say goodbey It's a hard time for lovers And a broken dream to you Let me stay together, my love, forever I never wanna, wanna feeling blue Be my soul survivo

Simon  Curtis lyricsSimon Curtis - Soul 4 sale lyrics

on baby listen there's some things you ought to know I've looked up how this love plays out and where it's gonna go Don't tell me that I'm different or that you could try to show me Other ways to go about it I already know This is a relationship in which I

Bruce Dickinson - Soul intruders lyrics

ride the cosmic streams of time We are the fools who came to trust We blind the eyes of history We tear ourselves down from your cross Hope flies, we live again Half-lives, now we are one We’re the Soul Intruders and the worwling void of night We’re the Soul

John Farnham - Soul reason lyrics

my wildest dreams Never thought I'd see The days when one could change me You walked into my life Made me feel so alive Now I am not the same here Your my soul reason For feeling this way Coming in warm like the sun Your my inspiration Your every breathe I

Fear Factory - Soul hacker lyrics

ll never take my soul You'll never take my soul The next generation in synchronization Devoid and astray Burned and defenseless Against the relentless Hacking machine We're disconnected As one soulless nation We're disconnected As one devastation No soul I gotta hav

Anthony Hamilton - Soul's on fire lyrics

much pride to back off of it I wear it well when no one can see I'm talking about pain Gonna take trials to be delivered Ya'll know that happiness ain't for free I'm heading down the wrong way Please somebody won't ya Oh please won't somebody please stop me

Hellyeah - Soul killer lyrics

it the size of the hammer? Or the size of the nail? That makes you think you're better I'll take the wind out of your sails (fist to your jaw) First thing's first, I go from bad to worse Let's get that straight, right from the start F*** the day, f

Him - Soul on fire lyrics

a flame that leads all souls astray No one’s safe from its tender touch of pain And everyday it’s looking for new slaves To celebrate the beauty of the grave We are like the living dead Sacrificing all we have For a frozen heart and a soul on fire We are like the living dead

Chantal Kreviazuk - Soul searching lyrics

were searching for a soul Tearin' yourself apart just to become whole, oh You were walkin' down the road Only to find your reflection in the puddles below, oh oh Uh oh, you're soul searchin' I see that dangerous look in your eyes Uh oh, you're soul searchin' But is a soul rea

Lyfthrasyr - Soul transition interface lyrics

transition Soul interface Our soul is lost in the moment we die But on nanotechnology we rely The cells are renewed diseases are fought Eternity is a desirable thought By storing the soul into hard-disk device Transfer comprehension and savvy precise But devoid of kn

Melanie C lyricsMelanie C - Soul boy lyrics

t you be my soul boy Won't you be my soul There's been no one like you Trusted and true I just wanna be loved by you (Is that so wrong) Just wanna be really loved by you Like a soul boy Won't you be my soul boy (In the darkness) Take me as I am I've had enough of bad

Ozzy Osbourne lyricsOzzy Osbourne - Soul sucker lyrics

cold words deafen And silence long forgotten The logic never reclaimed The anger rises Sometimes there's no surrender No white flag flies You won't like me when I'm angry Stop talking to me Just like I don't even bleed This cross is heavy

Rumer - Soul rebe lyrics

I'm a rebel, soul rebel, I'm a capturer, soul adventurer See the morning sun, On the hillside If you're not living right, I beg ya travel wide Said I'm a, said...

Acϟdc lyricsAcϟdc - Soul stripper lyrics

I met her in the garden Underneath that old apple tree Sitting with a handful of flowers Looking as cool as can be We talked away a couple of hours Then she laid her hand on my lap Oh I thought I got to be dreaming I didn't know I fell in her tr

Alleycat Scratch - Soul survivor lyrics

God, I can't wait any longer I can't let this get the best of me Psycho love in the burned out ruins of my head is dead I'll catch the next train outta town My boots are gonna hit the ground And hey, I'm a soul survivor Runnin' from the killing fields of love and never look

Blind Melon - Soul one lyrics

come, girl was there when I needed one How come, girl was there when the song is done Some say, open your eyes to a brighter light Okay, open my arms they were right She was my soul one She felt she was the only one She was the sun, the sky blue eyes She was m

Clannad - Soul searcher lyrics

can quote a lot of lines That's pertinent to you and me Life and all it's many choices Are so funny and so mean Deep thoughts in one's convictions Can be someones discontent Just what it seems isn't If must needs the devil drives Soul searcher what

God Dethroned - Soul sweeper lyrics

am the great deceiver I have caused so many wars Those who opposed me Never lived to tell Soul Sweeper I had my acts accepted I had my will understood I caused all the mindtrips I manipulate Now it will all be different After so many years The church i

Gorefest - Soul survivor lyrics

poor man who lost his soul A servant without a goal A breed made to live the day Nirvana fade away The passion for a chosen life The purpose of the dream A dead man but still alive No heart in a machine These days, strange days The heart and soul, where is the fire? T

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