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Deus - Fell off the floor, man lyrics

philosophy, my philosophy} {You got to be your, you got to be ... your own dog, you know?} {You know what I'm talking about} ... a James Brown thing.YEAH} {You gotta go sniffin' in your own

Dj - X - The once over twice lyrics

just heard the sad song by another band Sung by another man, ... he gave me the once over twice I said “when ... “okay, so long” He hung me with the endless rope I could

Eurovision - Benjamin ingrosso - dance you off (sweden) lyrics

see that look in your eyes But I ain't feeling no ... ya) Just wanna da-da-dance you off So don't you da-da-dare ... up 'Cause I just wanna feel the mood Girl with anyone but you And I might now Yeah, I

The Rabble - The journey lyrics

turn and abandon me for the teenager in my mind ... s a reckless philosophy when the world leaves you behind and you are left to realise Life's ... a journey from the word get-go See one another

Mika lyricsMika - Pick up off the floor lyrics

her life was going to do, Then she goes, and falls in love ... can't decide, If he's made the right choice in life, So she ... find he's gone away. Put your heart back in your pocket,

Ll Cool J - You can't dance lyrics

ya, think ya rockin' it on the floor... You look like a ... moron! Who let you in the door? To put the question ... bluntly: maybe your feet's deformed. They

My Vitriol - Falling off the floor lyrics

as empty as it seems Is there something to believe, my ... friend? I know they'll hurt you once again But I'll give you something for the pain I ... round Falling through the ground What time will mend

Scooter lyricsScooter - Posse (i need you on the floor) lyrics

cooper the producer But now it's ... Who are supa dupa I'm the hard rhymer The track ... attacker The mic enforcer The chick's checker I am the ... law I'm the quarterback of the scene We bring the noise and

Greeley Estates - Angela lansbury keeps guys like you off the s.. lyrics

cause I always knew there's just something about you ... right. I wouldn't wanna be you, you threw it all away (away) ... late I don't feel sorry for you 'cause you thought the

Sarah Connor lyricsSarah Connor - You're the kinda man lyrics

got it, got it goin' on The way you lead the ladies on You know it, it's all because of you They want it, they all want ... a piece of you It's crazy what you do to me

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - The best love song ft tpain lyrics

off the past, turn off the trouble, i’m about to take you to a whole other level! dj ... turn off what you’re playing, i want the whole ... much to me, and now we’re on the floor and she talks to me.

Example lyricsExample - The nando's skank lyrics

said, oi, you, are you gonna bang doe No, I want ... f***ing Nando's Wanna eat up with chicken and chips Every nun ... this When I freestyle on the beat about chicken You know

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - The nando's skank lyrics

said, oi you are you gonna bang doe No, I want ... Nando's Wanna eat it up with chicken and chips Everyone ... this When I freestyle on the beat about chicken You know

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - The nando´s skank ft. example lyrics

said, oi, you, are you gonna bang doe No, I want ... f***ing Nando's Wanna eat up with chicken and chips Every nun ... this When I freestyle on the beat about chicken You know

Joni Mitchell lyricsJoni Mitchell - The three great stimulants lyrics

picked the morning paper off the floor It was full of other ... s little wars Wouldn't they like their peace Don't we ... get bored And we call for the three great stimulants Of the exhausted ones Artifice

Beth Hart - Fire on the floor lyrics

can´t be tamed or satisfied There is no mercy For the fallen ... or for the weak Love is a nasty word to ... anymore He´s nothing like the man I loved before But the

Mark Knopfler - Song for sonny liston lyrics

many mouths To feed on the farm Sonny was the second ... To the last one born His mamma ran ... like betty bamalam Rode with the muggers In the dark and

Kj-52 - You'll never take me down. lyrics

never gonna take me down (so you see I ain't gonna break) Your never gonna take me down (you can't stop what you can't ... stop) <i>[2X] They wanna see me gone they wanna

Big Audio Dynamite - The bottom line lyrics

that's going around When the hits start flying, you gotta ... get down All the young people dance 'round the ... square The old time groove is really ... nowhere So when you reach the bottom line The only thing

Jamie T - If you got the money lyrics

you've got the money I think it would be ... funny-oh-oh-oh To take your girl, spend a bit of your ... me!! (I've been watching you) 'Cause then she might be

Frankie J - On the floor lyrics

s dime like you holdin' up the wall for You should be ... dancin'...uh yeah [2x] All the guys in the spot Better yet ... ..nobody's had the nerve To talk to you So let

Gym Class Heroes - The fighter ft. ryan tedder lyrics

waking up in the morning and to be well. ... Quite honest with ya, I ain't really sleep ... well Ya ever feel like your train of thought's been ... derailed? That's when you press on - Lee nails Half the population's just waitin to

Karma - Let the rhythm move you lyrics

the rhythm move you, baby Dancing on the street ... Let the rhytm take you over Feel that beat Let the ... rhythm guide you, baby Can you feel the soud Then move all your body around Hey, working

Extreme lyricsExtreme - Song for love lyrics

lie awake with open eyes My love just died ... I'm cold inside Can't face the thought to be alone All by ... I look around and see The hearts that still are broken

A Day To Remember - You should have killed me when you had the ch.. lyrics

ears and eyes I can hear you whispering as I walk by ... and I knew This would make them change The only thing ... that's going to bother me Is that you'll all call

Exodus - The toxic waltz lyrics

dance craze that's sweeping the nation It's called the ... it's causing devastation You're jumping up and down like a ... circus clown Slamming with waltzers all the way around

Runrig - The message lyrics

m going to dance you round the floor drink you under the ... flight home to Balivanich in the month of June go racing up the south ford turning midnight

Key Of Awesome - On the floor lyrics

Lo: J-Lo my name ain't on the list, come down and tell em I ... m with you. It's a new infestation ... tunnel people Pitbull Get off the floor dummy Lay on your

Doobie Brothers - Song to see you through lyrics

and I feel it, yeah And the song that I sing when the notes ... hard for my head to get into the melody, yeah Day to day, ... I tell you Day by day I see faces all

Eminem lyricsEminem - Off the wall (feat. redman) lyrics

this way No matter what you may think I'm gon' keep ... doing my thing One of the worst things Is fat, bald ... men decided to write songs And teach Mouseketeers to

Redman - Off the wall lyrics

this way No matter what you may think I'm gon keep doin ... bald men Decided to write songs to teach Mouseketeers to ... Aguilera When I grab her by the hair and drag her across the

Brooklyn Bounce - You are the one! lyrics

.. Johnson ain't scared of you motherf***ers, haha {It's The Jump Off} Yeah y'all now, c ... mon {It's The Jump Off} Push it up now, ha {It's The Jump Off} What you want now?

Boyce Avenue - The freshmen lyrics

I was young I knew everything And she ... I'm guilt stricken, sobbin' with my head on the floor Stop a ... She fell in love in the first place For the life

Beady Eye - The beat goes on lyrics

that I died today Walked off the stage Faded away into the ... clouds To the gig in the sky And when I arrived The ... angels were singing a song Yeah you know the one Are you singing along? Thought I’d

Black Label Society - The blessed hellride lyrics

no time to think of now and then catch my breath pick myself ... up off the floor one more drink, a nervous ... breakdown, then another war oh, you can never get

Camarada Kalashnikov - The song with camarada kalashnikov lyrics

song with Camarada Kalashnikov The song ... with Camarada Kalashnikov The song with Camarada Kalashnikov The ... song with Camarada

Exhumed - The axe was made to grind lyrics

to pieces they found her Or rather, they ... scraped her off the floor Bits of bone and brain ... around her And the whole room was splattered with gore Her death was

Tina Arena - You made me find myself lyrics

thought my world was over Bet you thought I'd crash and burn You thought I'd never Pick myself ... up off the floor But baby you were wrong Just like before I

Johnny Gill - The floor lyrics

it's too hot in here Where's the fire truck when you need o ... need and more, I'm gonna hit the floor No kids in the candy ... store, get a lollipop at the door I won't be no more, I'm

The Band Perry - You lie lyrics

to hate it I never liked the taste of crow but baby I ate ... it They tried to warn me They said that you were ornery ... brown eyes and tell me that you're sorry Well you might as

Massari - Rush the floor lyrics

Intro] Im'a make you rush the floor Fellas throw your ... hands up, Ladies touch your toes Rush look, Im'a Bout ... to crush the flo If they dont let us in were gonna

Off With Their Heads - With you lyrics

you! It’s you! You’re the only reason that I wake up in ... morning and make it through The day. Every day. From the ... I wake up until I pass out on the floor from all of the pain.

Leann Rimes - You made me find myself lyrics

my world was over Bet you though I'd crash and burn You thought I'd never Pick ... myself up off the floor But baby you were wrong ... like before I used to breathe you I used to need you I

Timbaland lyricsTimbaland - Ease off the liquor lyrics

mamma cool it down ay she's the talk of the town yea she gets ... t hold her down, not her the baby girl, ohh she's a ... girl, somebody come get the girl, easy she's bout to

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - Hit the floor lyrics

me Wondering what I think of you and I protect you out of ... to say Too many things that you've said about me when I'm not ... around You think having the upper hand means you gotta

Glen Campbell - Walking the floor over you lyrics

darling you know I love you so well yes I love you more ... ever tell I thought that you wanted me and always would be ... mine But now you've gone and left me with

Clawfinger - The cure and the poison lyrics

s the payoff the reward The release from all the tension ... The biggest wise in my life And ... it adds a new dimension It's the beauty and the beast It's my

Go:audio - Take the floor lyrics

one can help you now, The air's a mess, with panic all ... around. Half mast flags line the streets, It's time to bow your head down in defeat. Ohhh ... ohhhh, oh You suffocated me, I felt your

Goblin Cock - The revenge of snufalufagus lyrics

Looper lock your door Sweep those feathers off the floor You will pay for ... what you've done Write your will 'cause Snuffy's coming ... hold me Snuff's revenge You've been a bad boy Mr.

Heaven 17 - Song with no name lyrics

Can’t work, I am tired all the time Can’t eat, since my ... things But now, I am just the man who sings I’ve searched ... need to be famous I’ve seen the good in men survive Only to

Robots In Disguise - The sex has made me stupid lyrics

oh no, stupid, stupid, the sex has made me stupid x4 ... Tequila's made me stupid, the grass had made me stupid, ... when a conversation starts you cant remember the question,

Korn - You mean i'm not lyrics

it was broke up Put it together like a jigsaw Got my nine ... and my rambo knife off the floor Went to the bathroom and ... beat the rush "Yo who the f*** used my toothbrush?&quot

Skyclad - The declaration of indifference lyrics

a Caddilac Riding ten feet off the floor Who says "I ... I've nothing to show for all these years - But it still makes ... me smile That the ones you always hear the most Say

Abney Park - Off the grid lyrics

wanted, Won't be a slave, with any luck Those days are ... Bought back my pride. I'd rather live in rags Than throw my ... Bought back my pride I'd rather live in rags. Hey hey hey

Ally Kerr - The toothbrush song lyrics

in a jar And only one of them has been used in a while ... it still exists to take away the stain Of the troubled ... through I guess it's just the way I get close to you There's two toothbrushes standing

Buck 65 - The floor lyrics

in a bowl And I would watch the forest burn and listen to the wind blow I can remember the ... table, the drapes, and the window The dark brown ... of all, I can remember my mother smiling Worn out and faded,

Have Heart - The taste of the floor lyrics

taste of the floor reminds me of the skin that ... me in oceans of my soul without a shore So alone so we ... any soul to get back what the "middle of the nights

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Off the hook lyrics

Got into bed and turned out the light Decided to call my ... baby on the telephone All I got was an ... engaged tone It's off the hook It's off the hook It

Snak The Ripper - Off the chain lyrics

The Chain Off The Chain Off The Chain Off The Chain Off The ... Chain Off The

Kendrick Lamar - The heart part 4 lyrics

a lie on me I won’t tell the truth 'bout you Don't tell a ... lie on me I won’t tell the truth 'bout you [Verse 1] ... later, my future favors The legendary status of a hip-hop

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