Song Song Of The South Whoop A Niggers Ass And Burn Down His House lyrics

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Alabama - Song of the south lyrics

song of the south Sweet potato pie and I shut my mouth ... Gone, gone with the wind There ain't nobody looking back again Cotton on the roadside ... cotton in the ditch We all picked the cotton but we

Molly Hatchet - Son of the south lyrics

down the river, crossroads to Lake Shore Drive ... Moving on the fire line, keeping it high and dry Sharp as a straight ... edge razor Quick as a switchblade knife I'll be

Eddy Arnold - Song of the coo coo lyrics

will get a song of the coo coo who will get a bark of the dog Who will see the stars who will point to Mars who ... will taste the smell of the fog Who will pick the

Golden Earring - Song of the devil servant lyrics

my name and I'll be there To serve your majesty ... is too much for me Execute his order, like in a bad dream Ah, ah, ah,......... No use to ... run and hide For his eyes are open wide and when he

Down - Eyes of the south lyrics

this time it's real, it's a love that I feel. I may be tainted but god knows it's good ... to me, 'cause you see - I leave my woes at stranger's road

Miracle Of Sound - Rise of the tomb raider song: edge of the wor.. lyrics

the furthest reaches Into the deep unseen Gather the fragments of my legacy And in the broken pieces A trail of ... evergreen To provoke the darkest destiny Stand firm The fires of burden Still burn

Rival Sons - Burn down los angeles lyrics

come from the mountains, down to the water. I come to ... drink from the dreams of your sons and daughters, I ... come from the summer off of the rails, With my hammer in hand about to hit it on the nail

The Divine Comedy - Queen of the south lyrics

don't look at me that way You'll only make me want to ... say Something I will regret ... You are April you are May What a stupid thing to say Just ... forgive me and forget That I ever opened my mouth And

Forgive Durden - The oracle (feat. danny stevens of the auditi.. lyrics

a tragic mess you fools have made of this. The soul's ... filled with vacancy. You've spoiled all the ... crops and seed. This was a birth, a gift. You daftly wasted it. The dust and dirt

Kansas - People of the south wind lyrics

are some who can still remember All the ... things that we used to do But the days of our youth were numbered And the ones who survive it are few ... Oh, I can still see the smiling faces When the times

Atrox - The bedlam of the bedlam lyrics

young man astride a rocking horse. His petticoats ... bristling. His eyes closed with pleasure ... enjoying the euphony of his fork scraping his plate. Facing him sits a filthy oldie

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - The fall of the house of usher lyrics

Edgar:] And then I had a vision [Roderick Usher:] Ah Edgar Ah Edgar, my dear ... friend Edgar [Edgar:] It's been a long time, ... Roderick I've ridden many miles It's been a dull and

Game Over - The eyes (of the mad gardner) lyrics

00 a.m. of a coursed black night Silence's the ruler, ... town crystallized No trace of voices, no trace of life So ... far from danger and from daylight But in the shadow

William Mcdowell - The presence of the lord lyrics

is nothing like the presence of the Lord. There is nothing ... like the presence of the Lord. As we seek His face, ... He is here in this place. There is nothing like the

Miracle Of Sound - Bioshock infinite song - dream of the sky lyrics

come on away to the city A kingdom to behold Where the ... bluest skies they float on by The streets all paved ... in gold Where under the smiles fair and pretty Are

Cathedral - The voyage of the homeless sapien lyrics

I. Velvet Forest Of Enchantment] Violet Dawn, Misty ... Mourn Black Tree Upon The Velvet Lawn Summer Faces - ... Poisoned Flowers Thorns Blackbird Sings A Jaded Requiem

Phil Ochs - The ballad of the carpenter lyrics

was a working man And a hero you will hear Born in the town of Bethlehem At the ... turning of the year At the turning of the year When ... Jesus was a little lad Streets rang with his name

R.e.m. lyricsR.e.m. - It's the end of the world as we know it (and .. lyrics

s great, it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, an aeroplane and Lenny Bruce is ... not afraid. Eye of a hurricane, listen to yourself churn - ... your own needs. Feed it off an aux speak, grunt, no,

Alghazanth - The way of the scales lyrics

voice is fire and the wind is my herald Watch the ... world burn as I start to howl There's a sense of ... loss in its ashes' warmth But also freedom from what weighs us down The

Fit For An Autopsy - The great gift of the world lyrics

it all went away tomorrow Would there be anything worthy of the salvage ... Or would the world be swallowed by the sea A blissful ... silence in return of harmony And would there be any

And One - The aim is in your head lyrics

is the war that you searched for it these guys are ... running like caress You are the fact of the desert load ... your gun and watch you run the in speaks ridiclious with the death pack on his back This

Graveland - The four wings of the sun lyrics

the shield of the Sun is the power The light of the Aryan ... knowledge The four wings of the sun The hope of spirits, and ... the strength of will As proud ancient Gods stand by his side Wotan raises his shield

Ricchini Bill - The beginnig of the end lyrics

ex -disco dancer still remembers all of the old steps All those shiny ... trophies in his closet Do you miss the ... bright lights? And staying up all night? Can you

Municipal Waste - The wrath of the severed head lyrics

at night it's pitch black A light upon the muddy tracks ... You know you want to run but there's no turning back Your ... curiosity is going to get you attacked Unaware this trail

Burning Tears - The flight of the crow lyrics

you are And what´s around you, I'm the rising ... moon Lighting your path To misery It is my will ... my sorcerers illusions, You are destined to remain In this

Thomas Dolby - The valley of the minds eye lyrics

chere Josephine, My dearest Josephine, Que le ... monde a change depuis ma derniere lettre. How the ... world has changed since last I wrote. Ainsi ce soir

Ferat-plzeň - The gate of the catastrophe lyrics

turn around in the vortex of the town Affected by negation and soon so tired Enthusiasts' ... catastrophe egoistic behaviour Absence of fulfilling of your nature needs To

Six Feet Under - The edge of the hatchet lyrics

edge of the hatchet comes down on your neck cutting ... slicing through flesh my weapon of choice to kill and ... dismember chopping away with my sharpened meat cleaver the edge of the hatchet

Smokie - The other side of the road lyrics

so sick of your silly lies, I may have ... but I'm getting wise You really head me running babe There was a time you'd looked at ... me and hypnotise Feel hung up and you bring me down Gets to

Frontside - Extinction of the earth lyrics

..war...war... War...war...war... War...war...war... Dark and lousy heads of the ... pious blindmen Reveal the picture of sick violence The ... gods of mayhem never again together Naverending warfare, neverending death

Nanowar Of Steel - The number of the bitch lyrics

me, oh mum and dad For the telecom sent the bill with wrath, But i believed that the call was short Let him who hasn ... t a girlfriend Go and call the number of the bitch Even if

Taylor Swift lyricsTaylor Swift - The other side of the door lyrics

the heat of the fight I walked away Ignoring words that ... you were saying... trying to make me stay ... I said this time I´ve had enough and youve called a

Roger Daltrey - The way of the world lyrics

live for yourself and you think your a star But ... nobody knows who you are. Your lying a lie, that ... put you alone, but you know well that ... s the way of the world They try to get threw your blanket of fear You never

Roxette lyricsRoxette - The weight of the world lyrics

hiding in bed Listening to the rhythm of the rain above my ... head and all that I have said I sure saved a lot for you ... But what could I do? If I'd been talking to the wall it wouldn't

Elvenking - The play of the leaves lyrics

Play Of The Leaves It's time to make a ... choice No matter where it leads Decisions need to be taken ... Doesn't matter when No matter where The final curtain falls All the audience's

My Dying Bride - The thrash of the naked limbs lyrics

is fragile, and time eats at it This passion play Smothered in effort, The thrash of naked limbs Glistening skin ... Close your eyes, the whispered sighs Frightening lust

Satariel - The well of the artist lyrics

paint in black and white A face appears as my creation on canvas Structured lines ... expressing the very foundations of chaos These lines are but words Words I read

Current 93 - The death of the corn lyrics

the marshes And through the filtering glades Through the ... corn And through the scything fields The summer ... sun Dances and rages The summer sun Flies burning

Fogalord - The march of the grey army lyrics

"...and so, from the coldest lands to the plans of ... ice they marched on to the final day with swords in their hands and hate in their hearts... and when everything

Melodysheep - The good of the one (spock tribute) lyrics

Does the good of the many, outweigh the good of the ... one? I would accept that as an axiom. I have a human half, ... you see, as well as an alien half. Submerged, constantly at war with each other.

Abney Park - The circus at the end of the world lyrics

spoken) "Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the ... circus at the end of the world! Tonight, for your pleasure, we will laugh, and cry, and dance, and sing, but don't

Bal-sagoth - The fallen kingdoms of the abyssal plain lyrics

Tribal creation myth and folklore from the Northern ... Hemisphere, dating from 650 B.T.C. (Before the Third Cataclysm), Antediluvian Calendar:] Hearken, ... children of the Ersatz gods, sons and daughters of

Cadaveria - The days of the after and behind lyrics

was walking in the dust Through the half-closed ... spaces Incrustations of mud and dew Resins dripped in the ... stone. I discerned a man, alone, Frightened eyes, red of

Dan Hartman - The name of the game lyrics

name of the game Is's not about money, not about fame ... You are what you are That's the name of the game Hook your ... feelings up to a power station Let your feelings broadcast across the nation, hey

Mortemia - The eye of the storm lyrics

days and in nights In darkness and light I stand by ... side When summer declines And winter arrives I'll still ... stand my ground I stand by your side With my head

Pagan Altar - The cry of the banshee lyrics

mist covered hills and valleys, across lochs and lonely ... shores. Through fields and rain drenched forests and dark and desolate moors. Screaming ... ......... A keening wailing cry No living soul

Satyricon - The sign of the trident lyrics

of faith Raw, and untamed in spirit To do and undo. ... .. We chew this world And Spit it out Opinions ... rise and opinions fall At the end of days The trident stands tall With limitless range

Runrig - Song of the earth lyrics

was winter on the Mersey snow was falling on ... New York the boats were coming in from Ireland ... a nation drinking round the docks what do you do when the rain is falling what do you

Insane Clown Posse - The juggla lyrics

Violent J] Well, you know the juggla jumped in the mixer ... Been down the road and I broke a few necks And I ... ll break a few more, so what's up Road by me on the

Ministry Of Magic - House song lyrics

m a Ravenclaw I like to read books When I cast spells ... They're off the frickin' hook I'm a ... with my friends We'll never back down And fight to the end

T.i. lyricsT.i. - King of da south lyrics

Verse One] I been a menace to society Since when? ... Since menace to society Still refused ... to become a legitimate citizen quietly Felt like ... my labor hidin' me But here I am anyway I might be back to slangin' grams any day And if this record flop Well I'll be--ba

Lyle Lovett - South texas girl lyrics

Mother Maria watch over us please As we wonder around in this dangerous world Thank Mother ... Maria there's nothing so sweet As the ... undying love of a South Texas girl Three in the front

Gorgoroth - Burn in his light lyrics

--------------- --------------- ---------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------- ---------------- -------------- -----------------...

Creedence Clearwater Revival - It came out of the sky lyrics

It Came Out Of The Sky, Landed just a little south of ... Moline. Jody fell out of his tractor, Couldn't b'lieve what he seen. Laid on the ground ... and shook, Fearin' for his life. Then he ran all the way to town screamin': It Came

Doobie Brothers - Down in the track lyrics

workin' the whole day long On these railroad ties ... singin' a sad, sad song Down the track is a bad way to live The boss man's whip is all he's ... got to give And late at night in the twilight of the

Lemuria - The end of a reign lyrics

city awakens in silence Morning is ... breaking Before the rooster crows Rising unrest ... sets in South of Toulouse On the plains of ... Muret Under an imminent threat People have fled in dismay

Bliss N Eso - House of dreams lyrics

yo. Every letter is love and every word's an oasis Tryna' reach new heights like a ... bird in a spaceship And you're damn right, we've ... been working the late shift Tryna' see how far,

Rosanne Cash - Burn down this town lyrics

hills are burning, fields turn to steel The ... big house is haunted with what we don't feel All the ... streets are empty, no one ever comes around So you know they won't

Gwar - The litany of the slain lyrics

we begin our litany Of people killed by mostly me ... Goatie the load, he's first in line Antarctic Ant not far behind ... Ripped an arm off Melvin Fleebish Mutant

Artch - Burn down the bridges lyrics

- '41, World-war 2nd. At the Russian-frontiers the Germans are marchin' on. Ready to ... Orders from Kreml; We'll burn down the bridges behind. Burn down the bridges Back in

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