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Groza - Your song of eternity has lost its meaning lyrics

sorrow and love next to it Your steps you believe invisible Your life of contradiction Your song of eternity has lost it's meaning The time will come, you'll say just a moment You won't reach what passes in front of you Behind who looks at the da

Camel - Song within a song lyrics

sun has left the sky Now you can close your eyes Leave ALL the world behind until tomorrow The dream is like a song It leads you on and on The piper plays his tune so you must follow So far beyond the sky Not knowing how or why You realize this fee

Cece Winans - Let everything that has breath lyrics

you set my soul on fire, object of my desire I finally realize that I need You in my life Right here by my side, You cover me day and night And I just wanna thank you Thank you for your mercies Hallelujah for saving me Hallelujah for heal

Richard Smallwood - Let everything that has breath lyrics

you set my soul on fire, object of my desire I finally realize that I need You in my life Right here by my side, You cover me day and night And I just wanna thank you Thank you for your mercies Hallelujah for saving me Hallelujah for healing my body Hallelujah for joy You bring Let

3rd And The Mortal, The - Song lyrics

a song that is suddenly away Like a mouth stopped breathing Like a heart stopped beating And just like a bird that never will sing a song again Like a Knight that never will ride by Like summer just slipped It’s over Like summer It’s gone But Be But

Dean Martin - Let everything that has breath lyrics

You in the morning Praise You in the evening When I'm young and when I'm old Praise You when I'm laughing Praise You when I'm grieving In every season of the soul If we could see how much You're worth Your power, Your might, Your endless l

Matt Redman - Let everything that has breath lyrics

everything that, everything that Everything that has breath praise the Lord Let everything that, everything that Everything that has breath praise the Lord Praise You in the morning Praise You in the evening Praise You when I'm young and when I'm old Praise You w

George Harrison lyricsGeorge Harrison - The light that has lighted the world lyrics

ve heard how some people, have said that I've changed That I'm not what I was How it really is a shame The thoughts in their heads, Manifest on their brow Like bad scars from ill feelings they themselves arouse So hateful of anyone that is happy or 'free' They live al

Kollektivet - That guy lyrics

m just a normal guy at the grocery store I'm out of stuff and I need some more I reach the counter it's my turn to pay Just swipe my card, and I'll be on my way Behind me there's a growing line and Sorry sir, you card's declined Everyone is looking, they're hating

Lady Pank - The zoo that has no keeper(fabryka małp) lyrics

throat is bare, there's a sense of danger; I feel a hand, And the hand is strange. The hand is dead, Red blood on my hand; And as you die, I don't feel your pain. Where am I now ? What is this crowd - Of creatures all around me ? What can I do inside the zoo The zoo that h

Fall Of Troy, The - The circus that has brought us back to these .. lyrics

the kids in the back deny it?! Will the kids in the back deny it?! Our heads are all empty, our hearts in flat lines Will the kids in the back deny it?! Will the kids in the back deny it?! And blurred all the lines when I'm lying through my teeth! When

Amy Grant - That's what love is for lyrics

we make it harder than it is We'll take a perfect night And fill it up with words we don't mean Dark sides best unseen And we wonder why we're feeling this way. Sometimes I wonder if we really feel the same Why we can be unkind Questioning the s

Natalie Grant - That's when i'll give up (on loving you) lyrics

heartbeat is always steady Angels have halos already Please- don't think you're proving Yourself all the time I don't need you to be perfect I know the wait will be worth it You and me baby we're only just Learning to shine You should know This m

Kollektivet - That never happened to me lyrics

then we ended up at a party with R Kelly Wow... that never happened to me and he proposed ! Aaaa ! Lucky. Lucky you. That never happened to me. and they asked me if I wanted to be in the movie ! That never happened to me. and I won the lottery ! That ha

Hockey - Song away lyrics

me a deal and make it good for me I won't get full of myself, 'cause i can't afford to be This is small town music, this is big town music He's ahead of his time you know but, he can't use it If only he could prove it Tomorrow's just a song away, a song away, a son

Miike Snow - Song for no one lyrics

met you on the palisades The sun was spilling kerosene And I was feeling wide awake Girl, you can be so obscene And when you sang a lullaby A missionary called your name You disappeared and hopped a flight For the Serengeti plain Tell everyone you know O

Stan Rogers - Song of the candle lyrics

took up my pen tonight I couldn't seem to write It's like I got religion and then I lost the light An old woman once told me She'd always felt that way She said: "Taken from the mold while it can still run A candle might not keep you

Sarah Brightman - The unexpected song lyrics

have never felt like this For once I'm lost for words Your smile has really thrown me This is not like me at all I never thought I'd know The kind of love you've shown me Now, no matter where I am No matter what I do I see your face appearing Like

Nightwish - Song of myself lyrics

nightingale is still locked in the cage The deep breath I took still poisons my lungs An old oak sheltering me from the blue Sun bathing on its dead frozen leaves A catnap in the ghost town of my heart She dreams of storytime and the river ghosts

Rachel Crow - What a song can do lyrics

feel your heavy heart Saw it from it the start When you walked in the room The world has got you draggin’ baby Tell me what has happened to you oh yeah I can see the light Drifted from your eyes Sorrow on your face Tears are falling down and I

Kelly Patricia Maria - The riddle song/ michael row ... lyrics

Riddle Song I gave my love a cherry that has no stone I gave my love a chicken that has no bone I told my love a story that has no end I gave my love a baby with no crying A cherry when it's blooming it has no stone A chicken when in the shell it has no bone The st

Amaranthe - That song lyrics

was a hard time living in the city Broke my mind always tryin' hard to fit in Somehow I tried to belong They were always telling me that I was wrong I was runnin' around I was chasing a dream Behind the lights on a dirty limousine I had it inside I was comin' along Then i

The Hollies - Song of the sun lyrics

into the sun you ain't the only one To miss the last train back to your life Head into the sun all that the night has done Will fade if you hang on really tight There's always reasons for runnin' down the road Everytime it snows You know it's so easy to take the time

Aus-rotten - Two years and one song later lyrics

May 18th is a day in history It's a day that has been contantly repeated for years and years A day no more or less significant than any other day It's only a blur in the endless carnage and suffering That possesses the stinging similarity to the Nazi holocaust These atrocities, h

G.b.h. - Song for cathy lyrics

has more spirit than a bottle of vodka Many tried but no-one could stop her Panda eyes there from the start Big boots but a bigger heart So this is a song for Cathy Cathy was a friend of ours This is a song for Cathy A tragic end she didn't d

Mcfly - The last song lyrics

Danny] The time has come to say goodbye, The sun is setting in the sky, The truth turned out to be a lie, It's over, over Hum yourself a lullaby, This is the end, But baby don't you cry, [Tom] To take away the melody, And all that's left are memories Of lovers, friends an

Sam Cooke - The riddle song lyrics

gave my love a cherry that had no stone I gave my love a chicken that had no bone I gave my love a ring that had no end I gave my love a baby with no cryin' How can there be a cherry that has no stone How can there be a chicken that has no bone How can

Brett Anderson - Song for my father lyrics

my body is sand And the wind blows through me Like the soil on your hand I am compost and leaves And my life has gone, darling And now I am free And my life has gone, darling Like words made of sand Like the shivering trees And my life was a flower And love wa

Dave Days - "last song (acoustic)" lyrics

has been going on Each second I look you're gone You're not calling It's time for me to move on My friends were right all along You keep falling away Giving ups not easy Its hard enough just saying As much as I make believe You're not really here with me Wh

Tone Damli - The bliss song lyrics

Eyes wide open still Goosebumps from the morning chill On your skin So I tuck you in You are A still a sleeping, sweet And we are Painted by matisse Let's lie until Time stands still And life is a song about you And finally I'm singing in tune I wanted bliss And here i

Heaven 17 - Song with no name lyrics

sleep, trying hard to find a rhyme Can’t work, I am tired all the time Can’t eat, since my appetite has gone Can’t think, when it started to go wrong Can’t move, I’ve no energy at all Can’t see, any end to this in sight Last week, I could do all of t

Liberty X - Song 4 lovers lyrics

Joseph] The drumbeats go like this Yo, yo Now once again, my friend it’s the Reverend The first platinum status rap president And from the coast to California to the show the main, Got an east coast sound and my beats go bang My own black crown with my snickers

Doro Pesch - Song for me lyrics

remember every place and everytime That I have sung for family and friends And the words have their reason and their rhyme When all the voices there are joining in And I stood there in the cold and in the rain And thought of how the water turn

Phish - A song i heard the ocean sing lyrics

song I heard the ocean sing A shining light in darkness deep I prayed a prayer into the tide And both they soothed me in my sleep For every season that has passed I prayed a prayer into the tide A shining light in darkness deep In me ten years before the mast

Victoria Beckham lyricsVictoria Beckham - That kind of girl lyrics

when I first saw you I knew I could adore u And it's my nature to be shy but not tonight, no So let me make the first move I'll make it easy for you Someone has to break the ice, oh baby, oh Don't care bout your money or the car that you drive Cos my affection ain't s

Hades - California song lyrics

sunshine has a special glow In California One you have to see to truly know In California There's transplant from across the fruited plain Soul searchers, They alone know their way They're gonna race around and chase 'em down The dreams they've always had Without a boast they'd

Kansas - Song for america lyrics

land of forest green, dark and stormy plains, here all life abounds Sunlit valley, mountain fields, unseen in the rain, here all life abounds No man rules this land, no human hand has soiled this paradise Waiting patiently, so much to see, so rich in Earth's deligh

Brave Soundtrack - Song of mor´du lyrics

ve hunted for him high 'n' low; I've looked him in the eye. I dream about the perfect way, tae make this devil die. Come taste ma blade ya manky bear for gobblin' up ma leg! I'll hunt ye then I'll skin ye, hang your noggin on a peg! Mor'du, Mor'du Mor'du, Mor'du! You'

Closure In Moscow - That brahmatron song lyrics

was born on the precipice Born into retrograde In the bleak distant future of my mind is orbital decay I was born a son of famine Born into the knee of the curve Caught in a grip so foreign, that I'm wonderin' if it's a phantom Earth Now I'm livin' in a toxic nightmare warhe

Deathchain - Song of chaos and the void lyrics

coming age of chaos! Come feed the relentless forces So that chaos may rise Death will be brought forth with ferocious anger And let the scythe sweep the lands Primeval actions will commence So that the furious flames may start to rise

Neil Hannon - Song for ten lyrics

I woke up today And the world was a restless place It could have been that way for me And I wandered around And I thought of your face That Christmas looking back at me I wish today was just like every other day 'Cause today has been the best day Everything I

Javier Colon - Song for your tears lyrics

am i supposed to let go of this feeling How am i supposed to erase this image of your sweet face When it seems like just yesterday we made a promise of love that i'm about to break How do i walk away after all these years nd all i can give is a song

Niceland - Song you won't forget lyrics

a song for every situation funeral of a friend the letters never sent There´s a cause for every inspiration The road that never ends your heartbeat on defense The sounds of you dying is the sound of now or never This is all that we could get thi

Adam Young - If i stand (rich mullins song cover) lyrics

more that rises in the morning than the sun And more that shines in the night than just the moon It’s more than this fire here that keeps me warm In a shelter that is larger than this room And there’s a loyalty that’s deeper than mere sentiment And a music higher than the

Brunuhville - Song of the north (feat. sharm) lyrics

raven flies into the moonlight The cold storm snow He knows the message has to arrive The kingdom will burn to the ground The witches and demons have come to deny The beauty and peace of our homeland We know the message has to arrive and The King of the North will

Butch Walker - Song without a chorus lyrics

there's sand in my book From writing on the beach Trying to find a song for you That the ocean can only reach And this beach is getting wider Than my train of thought is long And each little grain of sand Is some other asshole poets song So i'll try to get thi

Tim Buckley - Song for jainie lyrics

ve got the untortured mind of a woman Who has answered all the questions before. You've got the free-givin' ways of a woman Who has kicked all the heartache out the door. And Jainie, don't you know? Jainie, don't you know? I been tryin' Jainie, don't you know? Jainie, don

Owl City - If i stand (rich mullins song cover) lyrics

more that rises in the morning than the sun And more that shines in the night than just the moon It’s more than this fire here that keeps me warm In a shelter that is larger than this room And there’s a loyalty that’s deeper than mere sentiment An

Dark Quarterer - Night song lyrics

night has opened her black eyes She asks us "Close yours, please" She is too timid and too shy, and she is too afraid Of being hated for her coldness, for her silent peace Misjudged all men for her pure simplicity Embrace the stars and let them

Maze - Song for my mother lyrics

ve been away for such along time The changes I've been going through Has really help my mind No it ain't been easy but I don't really care The storm has come and gone And you are still there Hangin' there you have been every single thought I've had And I love you even more and t

Of The Wand & The Moon - A song for deaf ears in empty cathedrals lyrics

veils trails and trials In hearts rites and dreams And count your blessings The night has no end Let go, give in, succumb Hail that emptiness The things that you let in Are things that might leave you dead Don’t speak, words are futile And time

Rodriguez - A most disgusting song lyrics

ve played every kind of gig there is to play now I've played faggot bars, hooker bars, motorcycle funerals In opera houses, concert halls, halfway houses. Well I found that in all these places that I've played all the people that I've played for are the same people

Bangles - Song for a good son lyrics

summer's day so long ago A thousand boats dancing on the bay I came to you inside a dream We both held hands and fell into the water You never claimed to know me well The dark-eyed son, the privileged man You fond me bitter, you thought me cold Well now I'm gonna ma

Mutya Buena - Song 4 mutya (out of control) (feat. groove a.. lyrics

re gone now, I feel fine Seventeen months yeah I feel fine What about you I bet you've been crying Bet you've been going around town lying I'm driving fast, I feel so fine I've got Prince singing 'Hot Thing' to me I know every line So I pull up to the red light Sitting there i

Everclear - Song from an american movie, pt. 2 lyrics

I get to a point where I don't give a damn about anything...anymore Sometimes I get to a point where I feel numb and I just don't care Sometimes I feel like I just don't care I sit in my car and listen to the radio I think about the past and

Glen Hansard - Song of good hope lyrics

if we're gonna make it Cross this river alive You better think like a boat And go with the tide And I've known where you've been Has really left you in doubt Of ever finding a harbour Of figuring this out And you're gonna need All the help you can get So

Groove Armada - Song 4 mutya out of control lyrics

Outta control) You're gone, now, I feel fine 17 months, yeah I feel fine What about you? I betcha been cryin' I bet ya been goin around town lyin' I'm drivin' fast, I feel so fine I got Prince singin' Hot Thing to me I know every line So I pulled up to the red light, sittin' h

Inkubus Sukkubus - Song of the siren lyrics

near, closer now Into my painted wings What man can resist When the Siren sings Let not your ears be deadened By the ocean's roar Just hear my sweet lament And I'll ask no more Give up your will to me! You've travelled far, my love And the sea's

Loreena Mckennitt - Penelopes song lyrics

that the time has come Soon gone is the day There upon some distant shore You'll hear me say Long as the day in the summer time Deep as the wine dark sea I'll keep your heart with mine. Till you come to me. There like a bird I'd fly High through the air Reaching for the su

Bathory - Song to hall up high lyrics

know you watch over me Father of all the past And all that will ever be You are the first and the last The watcher of all that lives The guardian of all that died The one-eyed God way up high Who rules my world and the sky Northern wind take my song up high

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