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Eddy Arnold - With pen in hand lyrics

pen in hand you signed your name ... at five I'll be on that train And you'll be free and I ... be alone so alone If you think we can't find the love we ... once knew If you think I can't make everything up

Hanson - With you in your dreams lyrics

I'm gone when you wake up It's not goodbye Don't look ... remember me 'Cause I'll be with you in your dreams Oh I'll ... be with you, oh oh But If I'm

Damien Jurado - With lightning in your hands lyrics

down your soul, And keep it in soil. Will you return with a ... of gold, Will you return with a mighty storm. Hiding in ... the shadow, Caught in your trees, Will you return with a mighty storm

Ebony Tears - With tears in my eyes lyrics

for the last time Never again will I face the pain, I won't ... open myself again Sorrow is all that remains ... left on the outside again Sorrow is all that remains,

Sister Sin - In it for life lyrics

the glass Old-school blastin' vynil tracks If you don't ... like it you can kiss my ass and get ... and... 10 years down the line, would change my ways Lookin' back and say "Could

Aaron Neville - With you in mind lyrics

you in mind, things just ain't bad as they seem With you in mind, I can fill my wildest ... dreams With you in mind, I can do anything, I know I ... can With you in mind With you in mind With you in mind, I went out looking for the

All Saints - In it to win it lyrics

somebody's giving me grief I'm having one of ... those days Something that I just don't need ... Today things just ain't going my way Nothing is working

Bad Company lyricsBad Company - With you in a heartbeat lyrics

had your picture, I had it there on the wall It's been ... a long time, I didn't notice it fall Just goes to show you, ... things get strange, there's nothin

Black Light Burns - It rapes all in it's path lyrics

rapes all in its path, It bleeds when it is strung. ... The more it aches, the more you'll see, ... And my hate is where it ends, so I hate myself again. So easy to give into this

Less Than 4 - In it for the money lyrics

think you got it by your dawn You think you ... had it sell yeah You think you like it by your own ... You come around acting like a star but man you're ... out of place dressin' out, You try to play how

Lumidee - In it for the money lyrics

Do Big Shnoop D.O.Double G With Tha Home Girl Lumidee An We ... In It 4 Tha Money, In It 4 Tha Money Hey Cheese I ... Wake Up Every Morning Gotta Get It Cause Am

Sick Puppies - In it for life lyrics

s a time when we try To begin what is ending If at first ... Then we just end up pretending If the dream isn't real Is ... the lie worth defending? Close your eyes, cover

Mohombi - In it for the love lyrics

girl... I wanna know the reasons behind I mean, what are ... your motives for this one? It ain't for the money right? ... Huh yeah What if I lived in poverty? Ain't no money in

The Casualties lyricsThe Casualties - In it for life lyrics

forget Why - do you think he stood for you and me? ... no one forget about him? IN IT FOR LIFE - HE DIDN'T ... FOR ME HE STOOD FOR US IN IT FOR LIFE He cared! He

Israel & New Breed - It's not over (when god is in it) lyrics

Not Over, It’s Not Finished It’s Not Ending, It’s Only The ... Beginning When God Is In It, All Things Are New All Things Are New I Know It’s ... Dawn Might Be The Hardest Season You Experience I Know It

Richie Sambora - In it for love lyrics

is a road forever winding where it leads us I don´t ... know in it together for better or ... worse searching for our pal of gold. Time ... so many arrows just keep missing their mark baby that ain´t us. Nothing else matters

Saliva - In it to win it lyrics

you’re so afraid And die a little more each day Are you ... for another round Don’t let it end this way I want to ... to know now You gotta be in it to win it When it’s kicking your ass Are you kicking it

Shinedown - Son of sam lyrics

it black and white if you like The story's ... Every one of us is safe Paint it black and white if you ... like If it keeps you sane You know the ... Goddamn, I might be the son of sam The only child of a

Puff Daddy - Son of a gun (bad boy remix) lyrics

try to have your cake and eat it too [Intro: P. Diddy] This.. ... .. remix (Now, that's that shit right here) Bad Boy, baby ... ) The one and only And you fine, Miss [Verse 1: Janet]

Method Man - It's in the game lyrics

know I'm bout it bout it What? Huh? You know Huh? It's like, you don't limit ... yourself to one thing Your mama Got to broaden ... your horizons Broaden your joints Keep your eyes on the

Sleep Serapis Sleep - Son, death is beauty in your eyes lyrics

A life we had no hand in making coerced our obedience? How ... for this?.... What was in this for us?.... Honor or ... There was no glory here, but in the pages of books we'll

Omnium Gatherum - Son's thoughts lyrics

the one my window hides in its view To enlighten me if my ... love's real Or that faith What's more bitter than the ... late spring I forgot to live, Seated in one of their f***ing trains

Iniquity - Son of cosmos lyrics

the center of the universe In the midst of oblivion Is ... by unspeakable madness Deity beyond description ... Abhorrence absolute Intense madness it is Of what I

Shaggy - It burn me lyrics

- It Bun Me lyrics Respect is going on tonight aspect Ward a ... man in a prison for all the a reason Can't ... a man before you walk a mile inna him shoes Shags man say so

Wolf lyricsWolf - In the eyes of the sun lyrics

far and wide Where desert wind stir up the sand Long ago in ancient time Ruled Pharaoh's ... hand A king and a god to all mortal men ... and kneel before him A son of a god and a god of the sun

Luke  Bryan lyricsLuke Bryan - In love with the girl lyrics

feels like I woke up one mornin' and it all changed without ... warnin' I don't know how our paths ... I know is I've been lost Now it's hard to think That we were

Overkill - It's all yours lyrics

no there's another one think he's gonna run away Oh yeah ... not to be outdone on a cold independence day Come on now ... will you give me the time It's a kingpin move of a

Children Of Bodom - In the shadows lyrics

cannot get up by the howling cry Just justify my longing to die, Bury me down at ... last, I think about it in the shadows and cry Can ... a man torn of tears, A fading I fear inside. The reaper in sheet will stand by me I'm

Fukpig - In the absence of your saviour lyrics

to now? Just a million wandering sheep In the absence of ... Who will you turn to now? In a world without religion Who ... will you turn to now? Nothing without your cross to bear

Atmosphere - It goes lyrics

you And if they like your songs Just nod your head and ... along Never tell 'em what inspires you I bet my fans know ... The fans memorize every single sentence Which makes them

Drake lyricsDrake - In my bussines(feat gucci mane sean garrett) lyrics

Gucci Mane] I'm so f-cking dumb I wear diamonds on my ... numb, Emotionally drained I came here just so I can ... come, Theres nothing on the God son that I haven

Wu-tang Clan lyricsWu-tang Clan - It's yourz lyrics

One: Raekwon the Chef] Machine gun rap for all my niggaz in ... the back Stadium packed, linebacker nigga flashback See ... through yellow lines Rock a fly jersey in the

Boston - With you lyrics

and gone And said, Sparrow, it's you I've come to see ... 'Cause with you is where I want to be ... Oh, with you, with you You take me higher With you, with you The waters

Foghat - It hurts me too lyrics

said you were hurtin', you almost lost your mind, ... you all the time, When things go wrong, wrong with you, it hurts me too, yeah. He ... t know what to do, When things go wrong, wrong with you, it hurts me too. You love him

Mob Rules - With sparrows lyrics

courage to let go And the wings you're on set you free ... of life lets you go and find your way With the birds at ... And the trees give shadows It's changing black to grey Try

3t - With you lyrics

me feel I've got to give it up to you Girl sometimes it seems What you really need ... who will be right here with you Oh girl I think I ... love ya (It's no mistake) I am here

Jamie Grace - With you lyrics

left brain is racin' free And ADD's been chasin ... me all day Wait, what did You just say? (okay ... I'ma be okay Just need a little You and me time Hit the

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - With you lyrics

you, life moves so fast with you, everything's a mess ... Slow down Don't you think you could be less capricious ... wish Slow down slow down With you, there is no denying it

Tom Rosenthal - It´s ok lyrics

new My love has gone away It's ok I know someday I'm ... gonna be with you It's ok I know someday I'm ... gonna be with you Speak to me My heart ... My love has gone away It's ok I know someday I'm

Sentenced - With bitterness and joy lyrics

has now spread itself all over inside me all ... the way to the brain and down to my knees My time ... comes closer with each day it lets me see - with each ... night the pain keeps me from sleep Life

Talking Heads lyricsTalking Heads - With our love lyrics

s just a look, it makes the boys quiver Yes, it's the look and now they ... what this all means? I think they want to forget And ... won't look, I've got other things to do now I forgot what it

East 17 lyricsEast 17 - It's all over lyrics

whatcha want, never gonna get it They say they never heard, ... when U know that U said it Finding a fine time to f*** up with your mind They plant the

Elisa - It is what it is lyrics

sun, comes the sun I'm packing my stuff Crying cause he's ... I'll get there before the pain Won't leave anything Won't ... take anything Only a story to tell one

Faust - It's a bit of a pain lyrics

s a bit of a pain to be where I am It's a bit ... of a pain to be what I am But it's ... all right with But it's all right with But it's ... all right with me Who is satisfied? Who

Skye Sweetnam - It sucks lyrics

her As long as I don't let it show And we'll keep it just ... between us Bottled up inside It's our little secret ... I'll be playin' dumb and acting shy Goin' crazy for a

Blue - It's alright lyrics

when he called he always playing off the line never knowing ... that she's reading all the signs cos all she ... I can see your eyes are filling up all your really need is

Insania (swe) - With courage and pride lyrics

- where the sun was standind high, Many hundreds of men ... were fighting side by side. With fire in their hearts, and ... ice in their veins, They promised themselves

John Lee Hooker - It hurts me so lyrics

he told me so He's only doin' that, baby, to break up your ... home When things go wrong, so wrong with you ... It hurts me so, it hurts me so That man don't

Ronan Keating - It's alright lyrics

s gonna deal me an ace But it's alright if you're with me. ... look up to the sky, see the rain up ahead Didn't bring my ... so I'm bound to get wet But it's alright if you're with me.

Savoy Brown - It hurts me too lyrics

said you was hurtin', you almost lost your mind ... you all the time When things go wrong Lord, lord so ... wrong with you It hurt me too He loved ... to him like glue When things go wrong Lord, lord, so

A Life Once Lost - anything under the sun lyrics

a simple blink of an eye the trupeter ... he dtops to his knees to regain his breath panting and gasping for as much air as he can fit into his tired lungs he

Ben Harper - In the colors lyrics

risks we have taken Dance with me, dance with me into the ... dreams broken Come and dance with me, dance with me into the ... colors of the dusk Dance with me in the colors of the dusk

Laid To Waste - Walk with me in hell lyrics

...... ........... .......... ......... ........ .......... ......... ........ ......... .......... ........... ........... ............. ...........

Bono - Dreaming with tears in my eyes lyrics

heart is longing for you, love I cared for ... untrue Alone, I'll be yearning tomorrow When sunshine brings memories of you My sunshine will turn into sorrow As a

Kenny Loggins - With this ring lyrics

to you like a child Here with my arms wide open I ... follow the song that the voice inside ... to my soul How could i not, its my heart that brought me to

Luna Obscura - With my demons i'll celebrate my fall lyrics

saw myself in an empty mirror Screamming ... silently and crying tears of blood So much ... pain in my heart I suffer in my darkness Emptiness ... before my loneliness My devine wings have been burned

Willie Nelson - Would you lay with me (in a field of stone) lyrics

you lay with me in a field of stone If my needs ... were strong would you lay with me Should my lips grow dry ... would you wet them dear In the midnight hour if my lips

Orange Blue - In love with a dream lyrics

time is bleeding into eternity You can't make a long kiss ... don't breathe And time is against me, but harm I can't leave ... And if you refuse to be in touch with me Please, please

Hatebreed - It's the limit (cro-mags cover) lyrics

you messing around with me Pushing me around ... Values changing But I can't get caught in it today We won't lose with ... we've got 'Cause we'll just sit and watch it all rot Keep

Brenda Lee - It's not unusual lyrics

to be loved by anyone Its not unusual to have fun with ... But when I see you hanging about with anyone It's not ... see me cry, I wanna die. It's not unusual to go out at

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