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Jake Miller - High life ft. jeremy thurber lyrics

Hook) We keep it crazy, sexy, cool Livin the high life 'cause that's how we do Let's go all night Livin the high life, welcome to the high life You'll be alright Livin the high life, welcome to the high life yea (Verse) Yea, ridin round my city I got a blondie sittin Shaw

Nelly Furtado - High life lyrics

Life Spoken part: Well, to live the lifestyle, I mean, the lifestyle of the rich & famous. That's the dream isn't it? They say I was always destined for fortune and fame Now that I've gotten what I wanted everything's changed And now I'm living t

Skye - High life lyrics

signs could be confusing To walk out the way to you There never was a perfect day We could agree to But the view we were waiting for It finally arrived and it was never what we expected It could be the high life for you High life for me I never

London Grammar - High life lyrics

up the high life if that’s okay Take it or leave it for me Follow I might, the darkest way Only to leave it once again And I, I know I, I know Give up the high life if that’s okay Take it or leave it for me Give up the high life if that’s okay Take it or leave it for me P

Brad Paisley - High life (feat. carrie underwood) lyrics

can still remember when Grandpa died and our ship came in Daddy said he left momma and him more money than they'd ever seen And just like that we were thousandaires Had a brand new boat and a Frigidaire And all us kids in our underwear were jumping on a trampoline A bunc

I See Monstas - High life ft. valentino khan lyrics

on Moving on Design or chance, a touch of hands We turn into the night Got no plans to sit in our nature Reach up for the sky Cause we wanna taste the high life Watch how the city glows Connected until the sunlight Where every time we roll We'll be moving on, w

Counting Crows - High life lyrics

my friends got flowers in their eyes But I got none this season All of the last ten years' blooms have gone and died Time doesn’t give a reason Hey baby, do you ask yourself sometimes what you need to be forgiven? Everything that you've ever done

In Fear And Faith - The high life lyrics

so you know if it were up to me I would be living the high life But for now I'm taking steps in the wrong direction just to get by So take it or leave it This ones for you, you know who you are Please leave well enough alone Just because I'm not smiling doesn't m

Logic lyricsLogic - The high life lyrics

feat. Elijah Blake) [Logic:] Seem like my whole life changed in the last year At parties with legends like "what the f*** I'm doing here?" Waiting for someone to say "what the f*** you doing here?" Until I realized tha

The Clipse - Life change (feat. kenna & pharrell) lyrics

night what I seen made my life change Made my life change, Made my life change, Made my life change, Made my life change, Made my life change, Yeyet yet yet I move on, Yeh yes I move on, Yeh yes I move on, Yeh yes I move on, (hear me out now) W

Hinder - Life lyrics

m leaving tonight Down the same dirt road A million times I've driven just to get home And I ain't ever looking back For nothing Headed for the coast Looking for the high life Everybody knows It's nothing but a good time And i sold everythi

Repablikan - High school life lyrics

school life From my high school life Akin pang naaalala High school days From my high school days Na ikaw lang kasama High school life From my high school life Akin pang naaalala High school days From my high school days Na ikaw lang ang kasama Buhay ko ay nag-iba Buhay ko

Flipsyde - High on life lyrics

m high (so high), On life on life I'm high (so high), On life on life Everytime I'm feelin' so blue I get you in it, Then my skys change from grey to blue, uh huh, you did it. So i'll keep you by me and I'll let you stay Long as you keep makin' me feel

Martin Garrix lyricsMartin Garrix - High on life (feat. bonn) lyrics

ve killed the demons of my mind Ever since you came around We are braver, running wild How could I have been so blind? I just live a fast life Forget about the past time I'm up to escape my feels And friendships only passed by The show and calling strobe lights Wi

4 Strings - High on life lyrics

time I close my eyes, I see it. The way you occupy my mind. I need it Got addicted to that smile, I feel it. You got to know what's on my mind, read it. I feel so high, high on life I see heaven in your eyes High on life Don't you waste your time W

Dave Edmunds - High school nights lyrics

wake up in the morning and another night's gone You tumble out of bed and turn the radio on, But you just can't think about the day to come Cause you're thinking about them high school nights Making all the moves, gotta do it in style It merely makes the high school day

Vanessa Hudgens - High school musical lyrics

we go! Whoo! Come On! Alright! Little Louder Now! Hey! Lookin' forward from center stage, to graduation day, time to get the future started! What we leave when we take with us, no matter what, it's somethin' we're a part of! We learn to fly, together side-by-side. (Side

Ice-t - High rollers lyrics

of life,fast,it's like walkin' barefoot over broken glass It's like,jumpin' rope on a razor blade All lightning quick decisions are made Lifestyle plush,females rush This high profile personality,who earns his pay illegally Professional liar,sch

School - High school musical lyrics

Troy]: Whoo! [Ryan]: Come On! [Sharpay]: Alright! [Chad]: Little Louder Now! [Gabriella]: Hey! (Troy & Gabriella): Lookin’ Forward From Center Stage, Graduation Day, Time To Get The Future Started! What We Leave, What We Take With Us, No

Coldplay lyricsColdplay - High speed lyrics

anybody fly this thing? Before my head explodes, Or my head starts to ring. We’ve been living life inside a bubble, We’ve been living life inside a bubble. Confidence in you, Is confidence in me, Is confidence in high speed. Can anybody stop this thing? Before m

Vince Gill - High lonesome sound lyrics

my soul is lonely Whenever I'm feeling blue I start thinkin' 'bout my blue eyed darlin' And my heart starts pinin' for you I wanna hear that high lonesome sound 'Cause my sweet baby ain't around When my life's got me down I wanna hear that hig

Serious Black - High and low lyrics

have feared life enough to hide in sorrow I have lived most my life inside my mind I always thought there'd be time come tomorrow I'd find you friend and to this end I'd start my life and go High and low, high and low Now I'm here life is clearly

Kingspade - Life lyrics

"Think about it" Everybody has troubles And everybody's troubles are different than others Life's a constant struggle But keep your head high and it'll be alright Life Everybody has troubles And everybody's troubles are different than others L

Lisa 'left Eye' Lopes - Life is like a park lyrics

is life? To live is to believe To love Is to receive Unh, check it out Check it out now Young woman confused Young woman abused You must understand It's never too late to lose who you are And choose who you are supposed to be Supposed to become

Machine Gun Kelly - Life lyrics

up Me and my dawgs old, day one You would think we didn't, grow up Cause all they say "The good die young, all the good don't last" So what? I brought a record deal to the middle of the map And I still, ain't blow up F*** fame, we don't n

Dj Encore Feat Angelina - High on life lyrics

wanna feel your touch you know it's easier if we gettin' closer I'm not asking for too much I just get this feelin' over and over 'cause it's just you that I see nothing but you I feel so free I just get this feelin' over and over you make me feel high on life when I'm wit

Enforcer - High roller lyrics

the streets like a hurricane Nothing to lose You've got yourself to blame You're a six shooter Hot like a pistol A most creative self destructor My lady, my queen My only dream, a sight surpreme I need you, oh I need you I gave you my everything High roller When I look

Fly Away Hero - High school jungle lyrics

around in school When nobody thinks you’re cool When you try to push it away But you know you can’t When you try to pay attention in class Because your social life is such a mess When you try to get through the day But you don’t understand You’re falling faster ever

Freedom Call - High up lyrics

up, high up We're riding on high Way over yonder to the infinite sky High up, high up Were living it up Forever and ever And we never will stop We're on the road far away from our home To the place of our friends we'll go Hello, hello, for a happy n

Hawkwind - High rise lyrics

block Of two dimensions Neon totem pole to the sky Keeping scores of people stacked up so high Above the ground But all they can hear is the sound Of the wind in the antennae It's a human zoo A suicide machine Childhood Of concrete cube shaped A flypaper stuck

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - High voltage remix lyrics

know what I mean You could put a label on a life, Put a label on a lifestyle Sometimes... You know Put a label on how you wake up every morning And go to bed at night Hybrid I’ve been diggin into crates ever since I was livin in space Before the ratrace, before monkeys had

Pink Cream 69 - High as a mountain lyrics

to face the truth And change the way I live Thrown away my youth And all I had to give So now I choose my destiny The game of life has followed me I'll cast aside my misery And make the rules so I can see Cause I'm High as a mountain Flying

Allstar Weekend - Life as we know it lyrics

is life, life, life This is the life, life, life This is life, life, life This is the life, life, life Four in the back We're pullin' up in the yard Out in the streets Somebody's lookin' out for cop cars Girls on the roof Say, "Hey, we're stepping' inside.&q

And One - High lyrics

course you're not afraid of doing, You said to me, Touch the face of faith and come alone, I will lead you by the hand, Through the heavy sea, Take place on my back, hold on tight, Cause I take a run to fly... High... High as the s

Betty Who - High society lyrics

it's almost morning Baby turn your collar up There ain't nobody dancing Who looks better down and out on their luck Run away to a little place with me Where everybody thinks we're royalty Think of how easy life could be Eh eh Run away to a pl

Big Sean - High ft.wiz khalifa & chiddy bang lyrics

i-i dont give a f*** about anything that your telling me cause right now its all irrelevant im so high i wont remember it and i wish that this could last forever, but maybe one night is even better real nigga mane, all the people i plotted with is the same ones

Blazon Stone - High treason lyrics

was living like a carnivore for joy of life and game He refused to be a blind machine to feed their gold plates One more victim of the greed that turns men into beast The vengeance burned inside his head, now searching for some inner peace …a mindless fool they want him to be

Daniel Schuhmacher - High lyrics

to disappear Nobody knows Where we’re going to When the feeling grows Indecision makes me go crazy See the doubts are fading away Disconnect your fears With your heart exposed I thrill your mind as we run away To a place to be discovered Love

Decyfer Down - Life again lyrics

don't remember the last time I could say I was where I wanted to be Still you see through this mask Hiding all my flaws You see something down deep in me... Bring me back so that I can feel you again Take me to that place I was before All I want

Grateful Dead - High time lyrics

told me good-bye, how was I to know You didn't mean good-bye, you meant please don't let me go? I was having a high time, living the good life, well I know The wheels are muddy, got a ton of hay, Now listen here, baby, 'cause I mean what I say.

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - High in the city lyrics

got the time, I got my feet let's go hit the street High in the city high in the city I got my mace and you got your knife you gotta protect your own life High in the city high in the city I wanna get high in the city I wanna stay alive here in th

Kevin Mccall - High remix lyrics

Intro:] Let me take you higher baby, Let me take you higher baby [Verse 1:] I think it's going down, down, down, down, down I think I want you now, now, now, now, now Booty raw, swisher brown The kind you wanna smoke for a day I'm addicted, so let me hit i

Tim Mcmorris - Life is beautiful lyrics

now Come on Let's go The music's playin' I've got To move on To go out No more delayin' Pack my Things up Care free Adventure's waitin' I'm headin' out Headin' out to see the rest of the world Yeah, yeah So kick it up to stir it up Alive will make you f

Say Anything - High school lows lyrics

I'm just a slave to my high school days Then when does a boy become a man They say at 16 I will get tough and mean College prep rally pep peachy keen And ill meet a gal and take her to the prom And maybe we'll make out by the old viewpoint But, there are no

Alabama - High cotton lyrics

didn't know that times were lean Around our home the grass was green It didn't seem like things were all that bad I bet we walked a thousand miles Choppin' cotton and pushin' plows And learnin' how to give it all we had As life went on and ye

Classified - High maintenance lyrics

m so highhhhh,flying saucer racing on vacation in the sky over top the population Marijuana, maryjane, whatever you name it Been smoking for a couple years and got no plan to change it At 21 I started puffing just in moderation Now I smoke like I'm Jamaican it's a daily operatio

Rick Ross - "high definition" lyrics

Verse 1] I can talk about the bodies, I could tell you 'bout the killin' Duct taping niggas in the name of drug dealin' Big body Benzes while the b!tch niggas starve Turtleneck Mercedes blowin' smoke up out the top Time to talk about the money, I can t

Kid Cudi - High off life lyrics

York loft to the condo in Chicago Out in LA I got the house in the hills Hand out the window feel the wind on my fingertips Cruisin' cruisin' I'm on my way Searchin' searchin' I need to find some more of it New things and new places to go Fiendin' fiendin' oh I want another

Kristina - Life is a game lyrics

Ey, Life is a game. Ey, Ey, we're all born to play. Ey, Ey, twisted is the way, sometimes it's not right, sometimes it's not fair. Ey, Ey, the journey of life. Ey, Ey, Gets harder at times. Ey, Ey, twisted is the way. You know how it feels To smile through the p

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - High beamin (ft. bg) lyrics

be hatin 'Cause BG got it Every top of the line car they got Look I ride it >From the Hummer to the Rover To the drop jag B and C lex truck Nothin' my click ain't had Everybody head was f***ed When they heard bout the deal Cash Money hotboys cl

Loudness - High try lyrics

Up Man, hayaku tachi agareyo hazureta michinara, naosara tsubureru kowasa, mi ni kanji furueto, tsukare hikizuri Woo Your mayoi nara Never Run Away, Forget Your Way For Your Life, For Your Love Wake Up Man! High Try! Say No No No No!… iya ni naruto, wagam

Nas lyricsNas - Life's a bitch lyrics

A] Aiyyo, wassup wassup let's keep it real son Count this money, yaknowhatI'msayin? [N] Yea yea [A] Aiyyo, put the Grant's over there in the safe yaknowhatI'msayin? [N] Yea yea [A] Cause we spendin these Jackson's The Washington's go to wifey,

Our Lady Peace - Life lyrics

many times have you been pushed around? Was anybody there? Does anybody care? How many time have your friends let you down? Was anybody there? Did anybody stare? How many time have your friends let you down? Just open up your heart Just open up your mind Ho

Iron Mask - High in the sky lyrics

in the sky your time has come, Only the strong will survive Don't ever try to rule my life again Before the attack you have already lost You're just a fool and we shall win this war. You will burn in hell You know the rule, You've cross the line and you will pay the price Never g

Oniromantic - High resolution god lyrics

feeling down again To live is a longer way to suicide Time ticked away in vain To know there’s a way out helps to stay in This ride, doped we run we try to overcome The legacy of centuries of fast regression From the wilderness to technology High

Relient K. - High of 75 lyrics

were talking together I said, "what's up with this weather?" Don't know whether or not How sad I just got 'Cause on my own volition. Or if I'm just missing the sun And tomorrow, I know, Will be rainy at best. And the forecast, I know, Is that I'll be depres

Emerald Sun - High on the sky lyrics

- into the night, under the moonlight Darkness falling You, you're searching the path That leads to the light I'll - be there by your side To show you the right way Don't deny it Raise your hands, watch the sky I am passing by You know I am the one That I always spread th

Count Raven - High on infinity lyrics

child tonight You are entitled the right So sick and tired of the constant fight Tonight the Master is here And he holds you dear And now all the reasons are clear Just fly on, today here tomorrow gone In the end you sum up what you won El

K-ci & Jojo - Life lyrics

like a birdie, (umm) I just wanna fly free. (so High so High) And own a piece of land, (umm) somewhere, (somewhere, somewhere, somewhere) somewhere, off in the country. (Oh, Listen) (Verse 1) Temperatures like a hundred degrees, like I got chains on me. Black male i

Toto lyricsToto - High price of hate lyrics

got the eyes of a vulture As you gaze from your meaningless throne And the pain that you've been selling I'd rather die before I own I'll call you a doctor Or find you a priest 'Cause no one can save you And you won't get no peace I've felt

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