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Faydee - Laugh till you cry lyrics

anymore I was your joke you were my heart you played me well like a deck of cards I see ... what I told you you'd be laughing until you cry I told ya

Against Me! - We laugh at danger (and break all the rules) lyrics

a poetry spoken silently between me and the stereo I'll ... it across the state line we might as well lay down and ... Because if Florida takes us we're taking everyone down with

Death Cab For Cutie - We laugh indoors lyrics

we laugh indoors, the blissful tones ... here So you can quell those wet fears And I want purity, ... late The days get darker and we wait for this direness to

Elton John lyricsElton John - We all fall in love sometimes lyrics

told us Its all worth it We all fall in love sometimes ... starlight filled the evening We wrote it and I played it ... feeling Naive notions that were childish Simple tunes that

Seaside Youth - We laugh, you lose lyrics

are closer than you think We don't need circumstances ... cause we know what the future brings ... I'll be gone Where are we now? Closer than you'd ever

Chiodos - We swam from albatross the day we lost kailey.. lyrics

I won't be back around, And well, it's all over now. ... will never be filled, And we will wait, We will wait in ... Something that I've found. (We can't go back) If I were

Demi Lovato lyricsDemi Lovato - We'll be a dream (feat. we the kings) lyrics

Do you remember the nights We'd stay up just laughing ... Remember the nights We drove around crazy in love ... When the lights go out We'll be safe and sound We'll

R.e.m. lyricsR.e.m. - We all go back to where we belong lyrics

dreamed what what you were offering Imagine lying ... it all began I dreamed that we were elephants Out of sight, ... of dust And woke up thinking we were free Oh oh oh I can

A Life Divided - Cry for help lyrics

can we smile When everything's ... On the other side How can we smile, how can we smile How ... can we smile How can we deny The pain and the strife ... We cause all the time To stay

Adam Cohen - Cry ophelia lyrics

went wrong You're not laughing It's not so easy now to ... Tryin' to draw the line between who you are and who you ... s gonna shatter somewhere We're all so fragile We're all

Floetry - Sometimes you make me smile lyrics

You make me smile (smile) Sometimes you make me smile, I can feel ... can make me smile. [Hook:] Sometimes you make me smile. Sometimes ... you make me smile. Sometimes you make me smile I can feel

Black - Sometimes for the asking lyrics

you laugh Sometimes we smile at each other Sometimes you give a lot when really ... you’d rather not And sometimes you pray Sometimes you tell ... a lie Sometimes you take a hold of this your

Chicago - Cry for the lost lyrics

it I hear the call. We've all been so proud of our ... words to say To bring us together. We can make it better We ... can make it right. We hide behind the veil of our

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - Sometimes we cry (with van morrison) lyrics

we know Sometimes we don't Sometimes we give And sometimes we won ... t Sometimes we're strong And sometimes we ... re wrong Sometimes we cry Sometimes we cry Sometimes it's bad

Van Morrison - Sometimes we cry lyrics

we know, sometimes we don't Sometimes we give, sometimes we won't Sometimes we're strong, sometimes we're ... wrong Sometimes we cry Sometimes it's bad when the going gets

Social Distortion - Sometimes i do lyrics

I like you and sometimes I don't, I feel like I'm ... gonna and then I won't. Sometimes I wanna live to see a hundred ... down and die. [Chorus:] Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't

Ice Cube lyricsIce Cube - Laugh now cry later lyrics

[Chorus] F*** it homey, I'ma laugh now and cry later Get your ... paper we can laugh now and cry later All you ... players you can laugh now and cry later ... Investigators let you laugh now and cry later [Ice

Hoobastank - We are one lyrics

you, is where I'll be... We are one, we are everyone I ... promise you are never alone We are one, we are everyone I ... you I'll never let go We are one... When your heart

Vanilla Ninja lyricsVanilla Ninja - Pray lyrics

life Does anybody know where we go? I pray - for someone ... that never end And I pray - as people pass me by That ... with my own key Don't we all just wish to be free?

Crematory - Pray lyrics

you will never, never know Pray for me, now pray for me Cry ... you die, before you die Pray for me, so pray for me Die ... follow this false prophet Pray for me, now pray for me Cry

Anita Baker - Sometimes lyrics

for the good times never stop Sometimes the bad luck will creep up ... leave those troubles behind Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose Sometimes you wanna cry, sometimes you

Candlebox - Sometimes lyrics

time Ill decide to move on We change directions, we watch ... the tides And we borrow too much We form ... restrictions and we form lines And we separate ... you from me Sometimes, sometimes we carry more weight than we

Darius Rucker - Sometimes i wonder lyrics

only one And I hear you Sometimes I wonder (I wonder how you ... got so good) Sometimes I wonder (I wonder how you ... got so good) Sometimes I wonder (Wonder how you got

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - Last laugh (feat. prodigy & twin) lyrics

later Gotta drop till your praying nigga You ain't a player ... boys wonder where your face went [Refrén) Homey we keet ... They can't f*** with us, we laugh last Homey we keet those

Prince - Sometimes it snows in april lyrics

wanted to see him again, But sometimes sometimes life ain't always ... the way... Sometimes it snows in April Sometimes ... I feel so bad, so bad Sometimes I wish life was never ending,

Marvin Gaye - Together lyrics

together We'd stroll the lane together Laugh at the rain, oh you know, together Sang love's refrain together ... And we'd both pretend it would never

Lyfe Jennings - Cry lyrics

on child and cry Go on and cry, cry, cry We can cry together ... I done been played I done went for some of the oldest ... nobody say, I'm a man and we cry We can cry, we can cry, we can cry together [Bridge:]

Lynyrd Skynyrd - We ain't much different lyrics

the things that I thought I sowed My daddy was a real hard ... I've climbed a mountain Sometimes we forget We ain't much ... depends on where you're at Well a little bit of music is a

Anita Lipnicka - Cry lyrics

feel You Right beside me Sometimes I almost sense Your worming ... and cry for my mistakes… Sometimes I’m so impatient I paint my

Sally Oldfield - Sometimes im a woman lyrics

I can find my way Sometimes I'm a woman, sometimes I'm ... a child Sometimes I let my feelings run away ... you until the very end Sometimes I get the feeling, that I

Amon Amarth - Cry of the black birds lyrics

horses across the fields Together we ride into destiny Have no ... Oden will bring us home when we die! The ground trembles ... under us As we make our thunder charge The

Busta Rhymes - Together lyrics

yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah here we go! Streets! Flipmode baby, ... on your knees, you better pray Cause goin' against the ... the Code of Honor staying together It's getting hot I think you

Paul Carrack - Together lyrics

There and then I knew you were the one The answer to my ... Heaven must have known we'd always be Together ... Lovers whatever Together Now and forever Out into

L'ame Immortelle - Sometimes love is not enough lyrics

us captive That made us who we are That blinds us when we ... hide That I try to hide Sometimes love is not enough Sometimes ... love is not enough We are still so different Love

Mystic Prophecy - We will survive lyrics

lies Uncontrollable we destroy us all ---Cry--- ... don't let you hypnotize Together we're strong Together we're ... one In sadness now We will survive Together we're

Poison - Cry tough lyrics

the nights we sat And talked about all our ... dreams Well, little did we know then They were distant ... than they seemed Well I, oh I knew it, hey you ... knew it too The things we'd go through Well, we knew

Powerwolf lyricsPowerwolf - We are the wild lyrics

the end of our time we stand hold the cross by the ... holy Christ in your command we call on the dark Be the last ... and mind alone into fire we walk If we come all before

Richard Ashcroft - Cry til the morning lyrics

would ever be the same Sweet love in the process There were things I needed to explain ... Cry till the morning We just cry till the morning ... wall Those family members Sometimes they've just got to call Sweet love in the process And

Phil Collins - We fly so close lyrics

never realise just how close we come to disaster whether in ... the river starts to run We fly so close we fly so close ... sometimes we fly too close Every place

Chipmunk - Sometimes lyrics

in life you'll fall apart Sometimes in life you'll break your ... the root of all evil Like sometimes I think my life's worthless ... bars, what is my purpose? Sometimes in life you'll fall apart Sometimes in life you'll break your

Dragonforce - Cry for eternity lyrics

one. Nowhere to hide now we're on the run, right before ... your eyes. We're watching, we're waiting, our souls are ... the chains. Into the night we go. Torment and pain,

Mc Hammer - Pray lyrics

s word,we pray(pray,pray) We got to pray Just to make it ... today I said we pray(pray) ah,yeah,pray(pray) We got ... to pray Just to make it to pray That's word,we pray All

Devendra Banhart - Pray for the other person's happiness (bonus .. lyrics

we are together So long my love When we are ... m just haunted By the life we live Apart We do more than ... try When we're truly strong When we say

Vybz Kartel - Laugh & shot dem lyrics

star Yow ah di teacha inno weh diddy Deh weh u seh diddy ... Aidonia: weh mi do [Chorus:] Hahaha we laugh and shat dem Nuh run we walk pass an shot dem Gun

Ruslana - Cry it out lyrics

long is forever, Do we need to know? Are we strong ... enough to see? Why we’re all here together, Where ... do we go? Do we care ‘bout who we're gonna be

Kirk Franklin - Pray for me lyrics

I'm about to lose it all Pray for me, I don't need gravity ... spiritual not this time, just pray for me Cause judging me is ... not helping me to grow Pray for me, see the wrong I've

Petra - We hold our hearts out to you lyrics

& Dino Elefante Here we are gathered once again under ... Name Thinking of the ways we all have caused You shame But ... in the things that You said We are all bound in our hearts

Relient K. - We wish you a merry christmas lyrics

we'll drive as fast as we can go Through the black ... black ice and all snow Till we see some street signs that we ... know We're coming home Good ... tidings we bring To you and your kin

Restless Heart - We got the love lyrics

the best things from above We got the love, we got the love ... I know we don't have a lot of money We ... the bills paid honey But when we're in each other's arms, who

I Declare War - We wait lyrics

me They live inside my mind Sometimes they speak to me Sometimes

Ash - Sometimes lyrics

your mind off the rain, Oh sometimes, sometimes, Oh sometimes, sometimes Feelings are distant, I ... watching you slip away, Oh sometimes, sometimes Oh sometimes, sometimes, Sometimes it happens,

Gabrielle lyricsGabrielle - Sometimes lyrics

come too far, we can’t turn back, Have our ... say that I’m hurting you, We’ve tried so hard not to fight ... But sometimes we cross the line, Then I wanna

Vince Gill - We could have been lyrics

the world Or play the game We came so close to love back ... then We could have been You were ... when I was shy I made you laugh when something made you cry

Selena Gomez lyricsSelena Gomez - We don't talk anymore feat. charlie puth lyrics

don't talk anymore We don't talk anymore We don't ... talk anymore Like we used to do We don't laugh ... What was all of it for? Oh, we don't talk anymore Like we

7 Year Bitch - Can we laugh now? lyrics

Stay separate But can we laugh When humor within us That ... is key Can we ever see eternity Or do we ... Cuz jokes like that But here we are With limitations taking

Maverick Sabre - Sometimes lyrics

was young I used to duck and weave Playing up in Clissold ... Park and laughing in that London breeze '93 ... to this little boy ref: Sometimes we go and forget where we

Butch Walker - We're all going down lyrics

And say hi for awhile Cuz we just want to be heard And ... act like we're better Than anyone else ... or not to feel lower So laugh when they cry Jump when they

Devildriver - Pray for villains lyrics

on the blood-stained highway We're brothers in arms 'til we ... man you wish to be They pray for villains When their ... heroes let them down They pray for villains When their

Forever Wednesday - Pray for a slow dance lyrics

in the room is rising. Pray For It. Boys to the right ... the lights go off, and we stay close. Pray for it. ... Can you remember that dance we shared Pray for a slow dance

George Jones - We believe in each other lyrics

watch the friends we know Break and drift apart ... And we heard them say too much That ... seems to draw us both closer together For we believe in each other

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