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Somebody Call The Doctor Grandson lyrics

Browse for Somebody Call The Doctor Grandson song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Somebody Call The Doctor Grandson lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Somebody Call The Doctor Grandson.

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J.j. Cale - Call the doctor lyrics

call for the doctor, I think I'm sick Ain't had my medicine in over a week My mind's fine but my body feels weak Call the doctor, I think I'm sick A shady lady took all my bread Ravished my body, lord, and messed with my head I don't know but I've h

Sleater-kinney - Call the doctor lyrics

want to socialize you They want to purify you They want to dignify Analyze and terrorize you This is love and you can't make it (Look out they want what you know) In a formula or shake me (Steal a kid, break a heart, steal the show) I'm your monster I'm not like you

The Moffatts - Call the doctor lyrics

up sunday morning She's a hangover I can't get over My head is always pounding The pain is blinding My mind is unwinding I call up her machine Just to hear her voice Just to hear her voice [Chorus] Call the doctor, she's in my head She's in my head Doctor, doct

Chamillionaire - The sound of revenge (intro) lyrics

Verse 1] Yeah, a lightning bolt strikes in the air, yeah, finally it's here Cause y'all are the judge, the day of judgement finally is near In your eye I see a tear, and it's remindin me of fear Rap's been dead so long, so stop denyin what you fee

Mario - Call the cops lyrics

met her right outside of the club, Her conversation got the best of me when she said she gonna shut it down (shut it down) Look, I ain't no easy win won't you put your money where your mouth has been. Or else you need to back up (back up, back up, shorty back up) Then her body started

Lil Rob - Call the cops lyrics

Lil' Rob] Quando el dia se converte noche Wacha las chiespas que volan del coche Lil' Rob is un locote Thought I was done? F*** no I won't let it go See I made you what you are putos And everybody knows Don't try to hide what's so obvious Without Lil' Rob ar

Cheap Trick - The doctor lyrics

some attention Want to get it right Ooh, how about you? Mind's under pressure Happens every night Ooh, let it go Love is like a knife It cuts deep and wide And I, I, I oughta know Lay your hands on me I prescribe a pill Ooh, how about now? Tension's a buildin'

Rachel Bilson - Call me doctor lyrics

said I don’t look like a what? Like a real doctor? A real doctor wouldn’t dress like me? Wouldn’t act like me? Wouldn’t look like me? Ah, hell nah Lab-coat Dolce, clipboard Prada, Vera Wang short shorts, name-tag: doctor C Dub b*tches, what the f*ck you expect C

Cinderella - Somebody save me lyrics

i was a young boy They said you're only gettin' older But how was i to know then That they'd be cryin' on my shoulder Put your money in a big house Get yourself a pretty wife She'll collect your life insurance When she connects you with a knife Somebody g

G Girls - Call the police lyrics

Verse 1: Antonia] Got my heels so high in the satellite Got me tip toe walking on the moonlight Who's there, who's not, who's busy, busy Who cares? You don't, you're with me, with me Better walk, hit the lights, finger-licking good We're tricking with the bounce

Akon - Call da police (feat. busta rhymes) lyrics

'em, call 'em call 'em Somebody better call 'em, call 911 Call da police for me, tell them it's a case of emergency Bum bye bye what I see your streets Killa song boy, emces get murda Call da police for me, tell them it's a case of emergency Call 'em, call '

John Barrowman - The doctor and i lyrics

I meet The Doctor Once I prove my worth And then I meet The Doctor. What I've waited for since, since birth! And with all his doctor wisdom By my looks he won't be blinded. Do you think The Doctor is dumb Or like Oods he's so small minded? No.

Chameleon Circuit - The doctor is dying lyrics

is returning through the dark Doctor, you have met your mark. Your song is ending, so don't cry, When you hear him knock four times. You're going to regenerate, Some new man saunters away, No time for games tonight we fight, For the fate of all mankind. I c

Mercyful Fate - The bell witch lyrics

in Tennessee, I saw a family haunted by an entity It was a tragedy in another century Oh...They never would know the Evil One that came Little Betsy, the age of 12 Living in a dream The first one to scream Invisible hands leaving their mark in the dark Night after n

Legs Nose Robinson - The doctor is a ladies man lyrics

Doctor is a ladies man At least that's what I'm told He's got two hearts And twice as much As most men down below Well you might ask, "Doctor of what?" Well the truth is nobody knows A suit too tight His hair a fright And those Tim

Doobie Brothers - The doctor lyrics

m a man who lives in the city I'm a man who lives in the street From F.L.A. to Frisco Bay And everywhere in between Coast to coast there's a question Everybody's always askin' me People want to know everywhere I go What can the answer be Music is the doctor Makes you fee

Megadeth - The doctor is calling lyrics

doctor is calling Something's gone wrong Nowhere do I belong I listen to the voices in the dark room Something's going down But I can't make a sound Looking past the bars of my mind The coat of arms falling I hear the doctor calling Th

Tracy Lawrence - Somebody paints the wall lyrics

my old truck was a horse I'd have to shoot it Lord the day my ship came in I was waiting for a train Everytime I get a grip, I always lose it I can't find the sunshine for the rain And you know I'm always saying I'm sorry But you stand by me through it all Seems everytime I make m

Lee Harding - Call the nurse lyrics

the nurse Call the nurse I'm in pain, I'm in pain Everything hurts Vital signs In horizontal lines I'm lyin here Lying here Outta my mind Nurse Betty Well she tore my heart apart, yeah Turned my life into an episode of ER, and Everybody likes drama But it'

Dead Celebrity Status - Somebody turn the lights off lyrics

turn the lights off. Sometimes my eyes are hollow and sleepy Somebody turn the lights down. Sometimes my skin wishes I was somewhere else Somebody turn the lights off. Sometimes the only way out is back in. Somebody turn the lights down. Click cli

From Our Hands - The noise lyrics

Let the fire burn the self-control Tell me are you obscene Are you obscene? Give me champagne just to heal my soul And tell me if it’s worth it If it’s worth...

Brownsville Station - The red back spider lyrics

was a red back on the toilet seat When I was there last night I didn't see him in the dark But, boy, I felt his bite I jumped high into the air And when I hit the ground That crafty red back spider Was nowhere to be found Well, I rushed into the mis

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - Somebody stop the music lyrics

arise, try to see my face through my disguise. And on the balcony I knew inside of me it will be done. Somebody stop the music. Somebody stop the tune. Somebody crown the clown with the red balloon. Somebody stop the music. Somebody stop the tune. Somebody crown the clown with the

Decade - The doctor called (turns out i'm sick as f***.. lyrics

me what it's like To breathe easy Knowing it's all in your hands Can't find the word I'm searching for The things you dream are far more beautiful for your sake Than the things that keep me endlessly awake This is becoming too hard to take

President Romana - The doctor who quote song lyrics

are worlds out there where the sky is burning, Where the seas are asleep and the rivers dream, People made of smoke, and cities made of song, We've got work to do, come on! The ground spins round at a thousand miles per hour, I can feel it as we fall through space, Around t

Willa Ford - Somebody take the pain away lyrics

comes the pain again Breaking up my heart it's a tragedy Breaking up my heart, it's the worst emotion Here comes the pain again I had my feet on solid ground Was doing fine 'till you came back around Boy, all your promises are lies No I don't know wh

Busta Rhymes - Call the ambulance lyrics

feat. Rampage) [Busta Rhymes] Yeah.. Busta Rhymes now, Flipmode now, check it See we in two-thousand-and-three already, catch up to us Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, hah, huh Now motherf***in case closed The shit blow your speaker, keep turnin your base low Spaz out becaus

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - Call the man lyrics

the door Shut the world away All the fight's gone from this wounded heart Across the floor Dreams and shadows play Like wind blown refugees Call the man Who deals in love beyond repair He can heal the world Of hearts in need of care Shine a ligh

Girls Aloud - Call the shots lyrics

tone on the phone, I'll be breaking again Must be something better, babe All the names that you called out in bed seem to fade To sometime, never blind I won't cry for all the hunger in my heart, no I won't cry because I've made it through this far Just cos you'

Katy J - Call the sun lyrics

call the sun 'cause I've fallen again November skies became December cries became more questions why Someone please call the sun I've been loving strangers, been left by my lover and desert skies are like my insides Cold .... cold... cold... so cold

Metal Inquisitor - Call the banners lyrics

light years far from here The sound of wolves is getting closer to my ear A place of witchcraft of rising fear The screams of whisper: they are coming nearer One by one, they have an oath to swear Titan force, the king is near Call the banners, and you'll stand by my si

Holy Mother - Call the ghost lyrics

people fight to hold me My people fight to choose My people built this wall of inner strength to keep from you Surrender's not my language I never learned to pick and choose My freedom violated contracts of a corporate rule When I die I wanna taste of hope When in doubt, I

Rob Hustle - Call the cops lyrics

Chorus - Rob Hustle + Bump] This is what happens when you call the cops (x3) You get your rights violated or you all get shot [Rob Hustle] I'm sick of people getting victimized by criminal cops Psychopathic predators terrorizing neighborhood blocks Equipped with pepper spray, mac

Silver Dust - Call the nation lyrics

all know what it means Imagine a sens of pride We all know what it shouldn't be Can you see the real side Call the nation like a soldier Be the one to save my heart Save the nation, turn it around And see now the place to be So you know, you know how i f

Cinderella Effect - Call the ships to port lyrics

billion words ago the sailors disappeared A story for the children to rock them back to sleep A million burning books like torches in our hands A fabric of ideals to decorate our homes A thousand generations the soil on which we walk A mountain of mistakes for us to climb fo

Heather Dale - Call the names lyrics

the names of the foemen who've fallen Let them be carried like seeds on the wind Call the names of the kinsmen who've followed Let them be jewels in the crown of our King Gather the sheaves of harvest-time lightly Many a day will they strengthen our kin Gather the sheaves of arr

George Jones - Call the wrecker for my heart lyrics

called the wrecker for my heart This time I think I need a jump start And if she tore it up again She might just have to tow me in. They call the man up on the phone Tell him I'm stranded and alone Now I don't know how to start So call the wrecker for my heart. I'm on a hig

Covenant - Call the ships to port lyrics

billion words ago the sailors disappeared a story for the children to rock them back to sleep a million burning books like torches in our hands a fabric of ideals to decorate our homes a thousand generations the soil on which we walk a mountain of mistakes

Devon - Call the brothers lyrics

right I want to hear from you Those mighty words that you used to say When life was just amazing You used to sing it full of pride Relive the days when you had found The meaning of freedom Kings will be kings Always leading the way Straight to the light

Off With Their Heads - Call the cops lyrics

I don't know much about anything But I know we're both completely crazy All we talk about is how things used to be Try to get together, try to talk I know I'm gonna have to walk all night Because you called the cops on me But I don't mind. It doesn't

Outkast - Call the law lyrics

Big Boi] Zora and Rooster under peachtree They K-I-SS-I-N-G Wow first came he love Now then comes the marriage 1-1-1 baby 2 baby 3 baby carriage baby [Janelle Monae] Welcome to my world oceans vs. mountains (welcome to her world oceans vers

James Morrison - Call the police lyrics

m done, shoot your gun, i think it's time to take it back to where we started from, your pain, my pain, I'll write it down and teel you exactly how i feel again. and all i see, is a mass of confusion, who i am and what i gotta be, yeah. closed eyes, big lines, i guess you'

Ciara - Overdose lyrics

Intro] [Verse] You’re like a circus running through my mind Got those sneaky eyes, what you trynna hide? You’re like a hurricane inside my veins But I like it babe, so bring on the break [Pre-Hook] Let me fall, let me fall, baby let me drown Can’t br

Bobby Darin - My friend the doctor lyrics

any man who understands the Irish, Well, they can't be reckoned altogether bad The same way that a lunatic Who's Patron Saint is Patrick Can't be reckoned altogether mad The Doctor's very smart He's an Irish man at heart His favourite colour Sure, it must be green An

Dnce - Doctor you lyrics

on! Lady, do you feel okay? 'Cause your heart'll race, hard to sleep, get away, girl every day Need something to ease the pain You can count on me for a fee, I'll happily take it away Here's what I'll say You're gonna need, need a real good doctor (Call the do

Monica - Anything (to find you) lyrics

Missy Elliott] As we proceed to give you what you need As we proceed to give you what you need [Monica] Likes the morning dude I took one look at you And it was play and seek You were my destiny [Rick Ross] We the big bank boys on the boulevard Putting all the pretty g

Jarren Benton - Skitzo lyrics

Verse 1:] Yea, I'm throwin D's on the Cadillac Riding through Decatur nigga, bumping Burt Bacharach You a f***in' liar faggot, never slung a crumb of crack Bash your f***in window in I drag you out your pontiac Tell your mom the zombie's back F***ing hypochondriac

Eminem lyricsEminem - Criminal (curtain call: the hits) lyrics

Intro] A lot of people ask me stupid f***in' questions A lot of people think that what I say on a record Or what I talk about on a record That I actually do in real life or that I believe in it Or if I say that I wanna kill somebody That I'm actually gonna do it or

Nuclear Assault - Doctor butcher lyrics

up one night with this fierce pain in my chest Didn't know what to do, couldn't even rest Ran down to the doctor's office to see where I stand He checked me out and said 'take this medicine, you'll be alright ant The doctor is a butcher He'll give you some medicine ju

Jessica Reedy - Doctor love lyrics

you’ are feeling down and lonely Let me tell you 'bout a man that you should know He’s got the power every hour He’s the reason why my pace is all a glow Just one word from him can set my spirit free Oh you can't imagine what the doctor does for

Legs Nose Robinson - The oncoming storm lyrics

phantom, A trickster. He's the oncoming storm. A wise man, a healer; And every word of it lore. He'll promise you no less Than all space and time. Rule number one is that he lies. They call him the Doctor. They call him the Oncoming Storm. They call him the Pred

Aretha Franklin - Doctor's orders lyrics

, hoppin' till I'm energized (Oh yeah) 'Cause I got something on my mind (What is it, baby) So I-I said to my baby, leave the job early (Mmm, hmm) 'Cause I got a thing for you that's killin' me (I like this stuff) You really know just how to thrill me {Uh-huh You lay those pretty l

Cage The Elephant - Teeth lyrics

harmonious I think I'll take it out to the streets Somebody please stop me Call the doctor but don't call the police Are you into the beat? Are you into the beat? I can feel it in my teeth I can feel it in my teeth I can feel it in my teeth And it's

Alex Mica - Deep in love lyrics

m jumping down low I`ve got the face like MOjo I`m rocking high like rodeo I`m doing my things and Ha, ha, ha You laugh, please go home bro I`m hot like a reactor Somebody call the doctor I`m... I really need a ... Deep in love, I`m falling Deep in love, I`m

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Gone get it l lyrics

Verse 1) Thick thighs, tight booty, damn girl you a beast You're like chronic, need a dose cause I need the release Hypnotic, thats right what you doin to me Somebody call the doctor quick because I need therapy Just like i'm bangin' on the stereo Are yah listen to me? The way sh

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Lights off lyrics

Lil' Wayne] Cut the lights off nigga (Cut 'em off) You know what time it is (What) You know what time it is (What) Strap -Up (Gun Cocks) [Verse 1] Alot of niggas better move out Cause here I come with my click With the tools out All of a sudd

Slash - Doctor alibi (ft. lemmy) lyrics

went to see the doctor He said you're pretty sick You got some real bad habits You'd better stop right quick I said doctor that's real bad news Don't know what I'm gonna do Doctor There's nothin' wrong with me Doctor doctor Can't you see Doctor I ain't gonna die Just

36 Crazyfists - The great descent lyrics

wrote this story so many days ago, and the words kept falling onto pages. Without the loss we can't go on, and with the loss we became strong. It's how it is, as we stare it down. Oh my god do I think that this is the end of everything. When everything inside wants me t

B. J. Thomas - Doctor god lyrics

God, Doctor God Won't you give me an appointment? Been so long since I've had a check up Can you squeeze me in today? Doctor God, oh Doctor God I know there's a long line waiting Emergency situation And I need you Doctor God Now I have come to seek the prophe

The Aquabats - Danger woman lyrics

And do you know what the press and everybody is gonna be asking? - What? - Who IS Danger Woman?! If you’ve seen it once, you’ll see it again I told everyone and all of my friends Well there she is and she’s at it again And I think it’s all over and now… (

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