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Some Girls Asked If I Was Single I Told No lyrics

Browse for Some Girls Asked If I Was Single I Told No song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Some Girls Asked If I Was Single I Told No lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Some Girls Asked If I Was Single I Told No.

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Pitbull - Have some fun feat. the wanted lyrics

All I wanna do is have some fun (Mr. WorldWide) I got a ... feeling, that I’m not the only one (The Wanted) ... All I wanna do is take you ho-o-o-me I got a

Jc Chasez - Some girls (dance with women) lyrics

door is coming off the hinges About to pass out, no ... doubt it's hot in here Because the club is ... full of women It's wall to wall and I got my ... crew with me We grab a table spot

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Some girls lyrics

girls give me money, some girls buy me clothes Some girls give me jewelry, that I ... never thought I'd own Some girls give me diamonds, some girls, heart attacks Some girls I

Sky Ferreira - Nobody asked me (if i was okay) lyrics

thought I could love like this All I want to feel is your ... kiss So many words on the tip of my tongue So many things ... that you should have done Now it hurts that I want you to

Lee Aaron - Some girls do lyrics

in late on a weekday Spend my ... last penny on a glass of wine Skip a little school, take ... a holiday I'm gettin' real good at gettin' outa line Time to turn the music

Madonna lyricsMadonna - Some girls lyrics

girls can do anything Whole world hanging on a ... string She is flawfless as fresh as she ... seems Some girls got an attitude Fake tits and nasty ... mood Hot shit when she's in the mood Some girls got a

Bananarama - Some girls lyrics

tell me 'I can make your world go round' ... I'm a young girl, young girls never want to settle down ... You want me, I think you need to feel secure ... You don't understand me, I need so much more Some girls like to flirt and play Some girl

Sarah Brightman - Some girls lyrics

girls get carried away Others save it for a ... rainy day But we'll beg, borrow ... or steal We'll paint the town if we don't Drown ... in sex appeal Hair like honey (Some girls!) Have lips like wine (Some girls!)

Fefe Dobson - If i was a guy lyrics

I was a guy I'd get to wear the pants Making all the decisions Asking girls to dance yeah yeah If I ... was a guy I'd be my biggest fan I'd be the skinny

Candice Accola - Some girls lyrics

makes you think you’re special? You don’t really have a ... clue You think you won me over But I’m ... walking over you. You better listen up I’ll say it once Not

Rachel Stevens - Some girls lyrics

baby drives a car (hey) he calls me ... when he wants (hey) I don a pair of zip-up boots I ... go and shake my hair out loose I never take my ... eyes off you Oh no no, oh no no No I don't think so Some girls always get what they wanna

Racey - Some girls lyrics

girls will, some girls won't Some girls need a ... lot of lovin' and some girls don't Well, I know I've ... got the fever but I don't know why Some say they will

The Smiths - Some girls are bigger than others lyrics

the ice-age to the dole-age There is but one concern I have just ... discovered : Some girls are bigger than others Some girls are bigger than others

Alan Jackson - If love was a river lyrics

love was river And I was a drowning man Would you get ... water Would lend me a hand If love was river Would sit on ... the land. If love was a mountain High above this

Charlie Daniels - Was it 26 lyrics

hard was easy when I was young and bullet proof I had ... no change to bind me, just a guitar and a ... roof Emptied every bottle, when I poured ... I never missed I had bloodshot eyes at 25, or was it 26? It didn't seem to

Chris Stapleton lyricsChris Stapleton - Was it 26 lyrics

hard was easy when I was young and bullet-proof I had ... no chains to bind me, just a guitar and a ... roof Emptied every bottle, when I poured ... I never missed I had blood shot eyes at twenty

Maddi Jane - If this was a movie (live) lyrics

night I heard my own heart beating ... Sounded like footsteps on my stairs. Six months gone and I'm still ... reaching Even though I know you're not there I was playing back a thousand memories,

Grieves - If luck was a lady lyrics

say that if it bleeds it's alive, and God created all of us ... But right now at this point in time, I'm feeling discarded ... As the sun hits the shades, and tiger strikes my nightmares I'm finding

Natalia Kills - If i was god lyrics

you love me If you found out I never had No clothes, cars, money No ... cars, money Would you still want me If I told ya I was ... not a somebody (somebody) Nothing special (nobody) Yeah

Atmosphere - If i was santa claus lyrics

Slug] If I was a rich man I'd buy you some shoes Tall ... boots for all the dirt you walk through What ... do? Enable you to deal Without schooling you on how to

Barry Manilow - Some girls lyrics

m gonna sit right down and write myself a letter And make ... believe it came from you I'm gonna write words oh so ... sweet They're gonna knock me off my feet A lot of kisses on the bottom I'll be

Prince - If eye was the man in your life lyrics

Chorus:] If Eye was the man in your life Eye'd make U ... happy Eye'd treat U right Eye'd buy U flowers every ... single day Eye'd Give U power Eye'd do whatever

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - (if there was) any other way lyrics

I know I'm late Guess I lost all track of time ... Started walking and couldn't stop Turning ... it over in my mind Trying to make some sense of it ... Trying to make the pieces fit I thought I covered my

Me & My - If i was your lover lyrics

make me wanna feel Things I never felt before You make ... me wanna do Thins I´ve never done before You ... make me wanna try Things I`ve never tried before You

Johnta Austin - If i was your boyfriend lyrics

me How could you call someone like him, baby What does ... he have To make you blind to the kind of guy that he is Girl that just ain't sexy ... re just way too sexy You know I ain't really one to hate

Like Vultures - If i was the devil lyrics

I was the Devil I would bring everyone else down to my ... level I would create a living hell in Order to prepare ... An attempt to make every evil word somewhat easier to

Cobalt 60 - If i was lyrics

I was a planet I would be the moon If I had something to prove I would be back ... in the groove If I was an animal I would be an eagle Not ... that kind of talking monkey proliferating on

Harem Scarem - If there was a time lyrics

to the clouds But they spill out the rain Now I'm truly ... convinced They've got nothing to say Will I, I ever ... learn Is there something wrong with my brain Now

Harem Scarem - If there was a time (edit) lyrics

Hess/Lesperance) I try to talk to the clouds ... But they spill out the rain Now I'm truly convinced ... They've got nothing to say Will I ever learn

John Wolfhooker - If you're single, i'm humbucker lyrics

there lady rock'n'roll Hearing my voice from the speakers ... exactly what the they're looking for (looking for) 'Cause ... your pride ain't the only thing you like to swallow Love

Ruff Endz - If i was the one lyrics

oh, no no no, baby Listen I see the way he treats you I ... feel the tears you cry And it makes me sad And it makes ... me mad There's nothing I can do baby Cuz your lover

April Wine - If a was a stranger lyrics

I was a stranger, lookin' for love, standin' in the ... rain And if I needed some help from above Would ... consolation be enough Would you remember, ... could we forget If I was a stranger, would you let me in Find a place inside your

Rockpile - If sugar was as sweet as you lyrics

sugar was as sweet as you honey Sugar ... bought (They wouldn't sell it in the stores) If sugar was as sweet as you honey Sugar ... you make sugar taste just like salt All of my life I

Divinyls - If love was a gun lyrics

headed one Started out as fun Now it's sealed and delivered ... All that's left is one Started out to work it ... all out But I couldn't fit the shoes Oh well hope there

Alicia Keys lyricsAlicia Keys - If i was your woman lyrics

I was your woman And you were my ... man You'd have no other woman You'd be weak as ... a lamb If you had the strength To walk ... would over rule my sense And I'd call you back for more If I was your woman If I was

So Solid Crew - If it was me lyrics

So Solid. Oxide, G-man, Lisa Maffia, MAC. crikey! ... [whispers] (Why ya wanna know, if it was me? What ya ... gonna do, if it was me?) To my niggaz, kinda figures, With their fingers, on

Brandi Carlile - If there was no you lyrics

I see myself I'm seeing you too As long as I ... remember and I'm feeling like I knew That my jokes aren't ... funny the truth isn't true If there was no you If you

Nickelback lyricsNickelback - If today was your last day lyrics

best friend gave me the best advice ... He said each day's a gift and not a given right Leave ... unturned Leave your fears behind And try to take the path

Anhayla - If i was lyrics

i was your summer If i was your winter If i was your ... springtime If i was your fall If i was your wind If i was your stars If i was your sun It would never rain

Blake Shelton lyricsBlake Shelton - If i was your man lyrics

I was a cloud, I'd make baby raindrops And ... they'd feed the treetops If I was a cloud If I was the ... sun, I'd shine on the flowers And pass ... on the power If I was the sun If I was the moon, I'd caress every ocean In

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - If i was your mother lyrics

I was your mother Would you let me ... Would you always be my friend If I was your mother ... Could I teach you what's right Could I tell you stories ... Maybe tuck you in And kiss you sweet goodnight Tell

Capra - If i was lyrics


Ciara - If i was a man lyrics

I was a man Just for a day I'd take my Time on you That ... s what a Man would do If I was a man Just for a day ... And once I had my way I'd get up, Get up and Walk

Lil' Corey - If i was older lyrics

should have seen her She was 17 and knew that I (knew it) was too young But I knew she was ... (knew it) the one If I was older She would my girl and I could be her man There's no

Far East Movement - If i was you feat snoop dogg lyrics

Movement Oh, oh, oh, oh Snoop Dogg I bet you wake up in the morning and you kiss ... yourself 'Cause I would, if I was you I bet you show up to ... the club and just dance with yourself 'Cause I would, if I was you If I was you girl Here is what I'd do girl I'd notice me here at this

Joe - If i was your man lyrics

na na na na Oh Na na na na na If I was your man, girl Girl I ... m so tired of things I just wanna settle down I ... swear to you I've changed Baby why you buggin out I know that I put you

Patti Labelle - If i was a river lyrics

I was the sun I would shine my light to light your ... world If I was the rain I would wash your tears away ... Your world bright, be your light in the night If I was the

Zara Larsson - If i was your girl lyrics

I was your girl, I'd give you everything If I was ... your girl, I'd make you happy I'll help ... you pick out what to wear Run my fingers through your hair Maybe

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - If i was your vampire lyrics

a.m. Christmas morning. No shadows, No reflections here ... Lying cheek to cheek In your cold embrace. So ... soft and so tragic As a slaughterhouse. You

Brian Mcknight - If it was cool lyrics

see that look in your eyes, girl, I might cross the room, ... that you're leading, And I can't deny that I want you. ... So I make my way up to you, No, I see that ring on your finger. Telling me that I

Saxon - If i was you lyrics

the fire feel the heat Your chance ... on the run Play the game with a loaded gun The little bird has left his nest He feeds ... On your own you make the choice Listen to your inner voice

Tina Arena - If i was a river lyrics

I was the sun I would shine my light To light your ... world If I was the rain I would wash your tears away I ... keep your world right Be your light in the night

Floetry - If i was a bird lyrics

INTRO (Talking)] Sometimes blindness finds me and leads me ... through ignorance not allowing us to gain experience so we ... become lifeless At other times I cover with self pity or

Kataklysm - If i was god... i'd burn it all lyrics

your mind Enter your soul Search ... the seeds of contemplation, this is your life but this is my ... end of your god Let the voice of freedom reign again

Liza Minnelli - If there was love lyrics

of affairs Women with power Satellites talking ... To clatter our lives Banks of predictions ... Policies made Prophecies broken Violence deranged ... d-deranged, deranged) And if there was love Would that be

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - If i was your lover lyrics

take a piece of me every time you leave and never realize that way I feel about you ... my tongue gets tied and my mouth gets dry I ... wanna tell you but I don't know how to But through every

Prince - If i was your girlfriend lyrics

quot;Look at the bargains over here, ladies..." ... If I was your girlfriend Would U remember 2 tell ... me all the things U forgot When I was your

Richie Sambora - If god was a woman lyrics

God was a woman with long blond hair would you ... prayer could she be your addiction could she make you sin ... If God was a woman and you were her

Valerio Scanu - If i was made for you lyrics

you could love again, but my heart stay’s the ... then what do we become. See I would never change, I’d take ... you back again, Just the way you are.

Brad Paisley - If love was a plane lyrics

98 pounds working down at the Dairy Queen. With an Ogilvie Home Perm, and ... braces. and He's long haired, no job and just 19 They ... They're off to the races in love. Look at em' go. Now what in the world could go

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