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Solomon Grey I Am Lost lyrics

Browse for Solomon Grey I Am Lost song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Solomon Grey I Am Lost lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Solomon Grey I Am Lost.

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Lena Meyer-landrut lyricsLena Meyer-landrut - Lost in you lyrics

Verse 1] I feel your voice crawl over my body, my body ... mmm Rip me in two 'cause with you I'm a savage, I'm a ... [Pre-Chorus] And now that I'm high on you There's nothing wrong to do Though I am lost in you Don't push me to look

Toby Lightman - Lost lyrics

to sleep, when nobody’s home It’s hard to wake up, when you ... you’re gonna wake up alone It’s been too long, since you ... left me here, on my own. It’s gettin’ hard to carry on, I need to have you next to me.

Dead By April - Lost lyrics

an agent of life, I have practiced myself, So much regrets, ... so much failure, But to you it only feels like Im a distance, it's about to hurt! ... Lost in time, feels like I am fading, All of us, is nothing, I'm lost within, I'm

L.a. Guns - Lost in the city of angels lyrics


Snow Ghosts - Lost at sea lyrics

took a trip down to the seas, ... the forest trees Open skies and ocean eyes and skin a ... honey salted breeze Like the waves you lapped my ... and wooden floors Slow sun rise and seagull cries, we

Enbound - I am lost to you lyrics

believe Nothing is real until you feel it It all comes ... clear The future's in our hands I've been falling down the stairs again Screaming in vain I paint the world

Sander Van Doorn - Lost lyrics

the way you touch me I get lost, i get lost When your eyes ... are on me I get lost, i get lost Don't know how to fight it ... Don't know how to let you go I gave into the fire Flames

Katie Herzig - Lost and found lyrics

know you left me standing there Out of the calm of ... the coldest air I don't believe the words you said But I ... can't find the words I want Oh I can't find the

Echo & The Bunnymen - Lost and found lyrics

was standing in a graveyard Under silver ... studded skies In a forest burning ashes On ... the bonfires of our lives As the sky fell down I ... was lost and found Saw my world spin

Ghost Machinery - Lost in time lyrics

to say I am lost From the day one I'm paying ... the costs Standing at the crossroad to nowhere ... and the night descents over me My ... soul is lost in time So many ways I can't explain I just try to find a way

Edge Of Sanity - Lost lyrics

have seen eternity I am the king of time I am off ... the Edge of Sanity My living ain't no crime A soldier ... of existence Chosen to be ... Protector of the earth I'll last eternally I awake into another sphere Reborn into the neverwhere All alone

Econoline Crush - Lost lyrics

me pleasure, give me pain All things to make it fade ... Take me where I wanna go I am, I am lost Chorus: Yeah! I ... and take from me Sell me pictures, black and white Sell

Nemesea - Lost inside lyrics

cannot tell you how it feels Here inside my heart ... and mind I cannot show you what it means ... To live without this pain inside Believing you are all I

Alive Like Me - Lost without me lyrics

places to run My hands are tied behind my back can I bring ... myself back to life Tonight got away from me Tonight ... got away from me So I’ll relapse replay the mistakes I have made over and

At Vance - Lost in your love lyrics

summer breeze in your hair Seems to be so warm and ... tender Is your love really true That it can't stand anything Where ... we gotta go thru Then I'll send my love to you

Delta Goodrem - Lost without you lyrics

: All I know is I´m lost without you I´m not gonna lie. ... How my going to be strong without you I need you by my side. 1) I know I can be a little stubborn sometimes, A little righteous and too proud .

Demigod - Lost within lyrics

of new life Hope of this world Smothered since birth ... Estranged of what is true Elders their dreams ... are lies Spoken behind my back Piercing through

4everfreebrony - Lost lyrics

sound of every beating heart Is music to my ears ... The melody is torn apart When listening ... through tears Is it too soon, or am I too late? ... How have I done? The words still echo

Abs - Lost for words lyrics

.. yo... This ain't no crush... Ah, It's the ... real thing, babe. Ah.. c'mon... ah. ... It's about that time. You don't mind, gotta let ... you know you're lookin' kinda fine. Hot with the style

Immolation - Lost passion lyrics

your hands...Your healing hands Upon my flesh...My sinful flesh And heal this soul ... ..My tormented soul For I am lost within this place The light I've seen for my entire life

Mob Rules - Lost lyrics

– so wrong So dark and cold inside You cried but I will ... try The day when all seems lost and gone It´s a world of ... sad temptation A world of burning emptiness My head – is so dead

Ella Fitzgerald - Lost meditation lyrics

am lost in meditation And my reverie Brings ... you back to me For, in my imagination Love has lingered on As though youd ... never gone This is just a dream that can not

The Overseer - Lost lyrics

we stand at the edge of our lives, what will we see? A ... world gone mad? I'm trembling at the thought of the end. ... Have I been lead astray? I've been searching for the

Priscilla - Lost lyrics

am lost, in an ocean. Far away from ... across the sea. To a place I've known. And i don't like ... it here anymore. No i don't like it here, anymore. Anymore.

Needtobreathe - Solomon's ashes lyrics

I've got to say you make Solomon's ashes Dance from the grave ... with your beauty and grace Oh I ... ve got to say I am constantly shaking Like ... waves from the sea I am moved by your faith Oh I've

Jamie T - Solomon eagle lyrics

feel everything deep in my head it's spinning Good ... and evil lost in the city with the people And it's ticking, we won't be forgiven My ... names Solomon, Solomon, Solomon Eagle Run through the city

Bush lyricsBush - Solomon's bones lyrics

s Bones watching, waiting, falling, breathing gaping ... wasted, sickly, feelin’ winds keep come my way i have ... less to say i’m waiting here i’m waiting here i’m

Saidian - Solomon‘s dance lyrics

orb of fire and an orb out of ice Dance through the desert ... of time Life or death – he is rolling the dice To hold ... the circle in line His fire’s rising at the dawn of the

Plumb - Solomon's song lyrics

is the night Calm is the sea Soft blows the wind ... Through the evening trees Tired are the eyes That have ... you've seen Just let your mind Start to dream Puddles

Lakeman Seth - Solomon browne lyrics

fair Mount's Bay, on that Christmas week Was such a raging ... no man could speak That lifeboat thundered through an ... angry sea Was called Solomon Browne and her company With courage, it was called On

Jewel - Grey matter lyrics

hate you, I love you Leave, please Don ... t go away Can't decide if I like your face Or if I wish ... It would stray You're a child but You're malicious You

Face Down - Grey lyrics

your eyes a cold November night You my lovely light of life, no more shining bright As ... the autumn rain turned to bitter snow I stood outside the ... world, with nowhere to go A thousand

Dave Matthews - Grey blue eyes lyrics

feel for the light Your glory was lost that ... night And no mind can't get me right And ... now I'm praying that you'll find me out Stone, stone has ... pulled me down But my faith has got me bound to your grey blue eyes Oh, oh Oh, oh

Kenny Rogers - Grey beard lyrics

was nine years old when his folks left home On a wagon ... headin' west And his mom and dad knew he'd grow ... up bad By the mark of the devil on his chest Seventeen he

Icon For Hire - The grey lyrics

am standing on the edge of returning or ... just running away I am letting myself look the other way ... And the hardest part in all of this is I don't think

Shadows Fall - Lost within lyrics

breeds like rats And turns your soul ... longer care that you feel nothing Bow down And serve your ... master Bow down Your life is mine Will you survive the

Damien Rice - 9 Crimes - Grey room lyrics

here before Sat on the floor in a grey grey room Where I ... stay in all day I don't eat, but I play with this grey grey food Desole, if ... someone is prayin' then I might break out, Desole, even if I scream I can't scream that

Damien Rice - Grey room lyrics

here before Sat on the floor in a grey grey room Where I ... stay in all day I don't eat, but I play with this grey grey food Desole, if ... someone is prayin' then I might break out, Desole, even if I scream I can't scream that

Sarah Bettens - Grey lyrics

is what I've learned so far Everything ... is grey Few things are forever And it hurts ... when good things fade You can't be my ... everything And I am not half you But you can

Aqualung - Lost lyrics

comes in the nick of time Shines some light into the ... darkest corners of her mind All the world is, all the ... world is weighing down on you Piece by piece, it all falls away All this beauty, all this magic 'til

Lucy Camp - Grey lyrics

as an adult, look at that I ain't been the one to be to ... look at that I don't even know what a book ... bag is, no I can't tell you where the book ... is at But I can tell you where to look a

Dave Matthews Band - Grey street lyrics

look at how she listens She says nothing of ... what she thinks She just goes stumbling ... through her memories Staring out on to Grey Street ... She thinks, “Hey, How did I come to this? I dream myself

Agathodaimon - Grey whisper lyrics

and oblivion lay down onto my name My ... stone they've raped with the rules of the game A grey whisper dying New grey day ... to be No, you can't deny it Can't deny the raining

Bella Morte - Grey skies black lyrics

have seen the fall I have felt the biting cold I ... seen the seasons change Life's a bitter song Singing ... sadness to the wind What blooms today will ... soon be dead Grey skies above (x2) [Chorus]

Born From Pain - Grey life lyrics

is no more rest in me. Today I question society. Tried to take all the ... dead-end paths. Tried to see my possibilities. ... Every door slammed in my face. The words they

Ema - Grey ship lyrics

you see that ship it Is the ship you can see When ... the grey ship calls It is a callin for me I thought it would come I thought it ... North than that Blue sky is silver blue sky is grey

Amie Miriello - Grey lyrics

you, you're the singer Why don't you come out ... tonight Out tonight, out tonight, yeah I'm a believer, I'm a dreamer I'm stumbling ... around And I heard that certain something

Finger Eleven - Lost my way lyrics

wander where All of your glitter's going But I'm so far ... from knowing And none of my instincts showing Kick in, kick in I'm screaming from outside in Tell me where I've been

October Tide - Lost in the dark (and then gone) lyrics

s a white room in my dreams A shot in the head A head ... That's the only way to survive The only way to go ahead ... There's a red room in the house A room full of

Outworld - Grey tide lyrics

of a twisted womb I crawl The child of stone and ... tainted blood And I...I am the chosen. I'm the one ordained to right the hand of God ... The meek will drench the Altar Suffer

Cemetary - An evil shade of grey lyrics

am one with sorrow from the tree of grief I fall... into the shadows ... of an evil shade of grey A taste of tears is flowing down my tongue like memories of days when the world was

Elvenking - Grey inside lyrics

look empty and frozen Their meaning has faded away With ... echoes of shattered dreams Don't ask me for longing ... Don't search any serenity Here it rests all dead and

October Tide - Grey dawn lyrics

painted with rain the sight of the daybreak, as being ... of a momentary remake the life I am leading is the way of ... depravity, a threat th my already poisoned sanity grey dawn,

Hands Like Houses - Grey havens lyrics

edge It calls to me from the grey I don't know what I will say ... And I'm afraid of Being oblivious to oblivion I'll say a ... And hope you'll hear If it's my time to go I don't

Nasum - Grey lyrics

is the feeling, grey is my view of society Grey is the ... tension, grey is the face - face of disgrace ... Grey is the building, grey is the room in which I live Grey is my life, grey is the

Meinhard - Grey lyrics

see the world is all so grey They paint it more grey ... every day You see the world is all so grey They wish to paint it all away Little baby, ... not yet born Be sure that glimmering light of yours Does

Paradise Lost - Grey lyrics

this autumn rain We're blessed with autumn ... skies (autumn skies) I'm doing it for myself Not ... somebody else I'm doing it for myself Calling out in shame Silence engrained

Skylar Grey - Religion lyrics

saw a man die the day he got out of jail, ... I bought a new car and got ... caught in the hail, Sometimes it feels like you got no ... one on your side, But I will be there holding you tight,

Funeral For A Friend - Grey lyrics

loss of feeling Ending in contempt I feel like I am ... letting go of everything Friendships ending Always in ... You never gave us the benefit of the doubt I saw you

Alexisonfire - Grey lyrics

black wolf, clawing at your door Dead mans ... hand, is crawling 'cross the floor Witch on ... the horizon is brewing up a vex Everyone in town is wondering who is next

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