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Sofaygo Dispatch lyrics

Browse for Sofaygo Dispatch song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Sofaygo Dispatch lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Sofaygo Dispatch.

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Matisyahu - Dispatch the troops lyrics

skin We came to win Dispatch the troops Send out the

Chemical Vocation - Dispatch lyrics

Now for the freakshowdown, an hollow end Came to see me break down for what itґs worth. Now for the last words we never said, Iґm losing my voice in t...

Dispatch - Just like larry lyrics

sickness look both ways and dispatch with a quickness gimme

Beenie Man - Pure pretty gal lyrics

latch unu, trash unu when me dispatch unu Need unu, lead unu, seed ... hold me down fi dem friends dispatch me Some man a tell me how ... latch unu, trash unu when me dispatch unu Need unu, lead unu, seed

Hymn - A man walks into a bar lyrics

& blue flashing light. Dispatch... This is dispatch, we have

Mötley Crüe - T.nt. (terror 'n tinseltown) lyrics

telephone Dr. David here to dispatch Dispatch. Go ahead We

Centinex - Orgy in flesh lyrics

Organs are drowned in mush I dispatch your unclean pus Suffer-you ... Organs are drowned in mush I dispatch your unclean pus Suffer-you

Aesop Rock - Plastic soldiers lyrics

Hacker! See you lack a dispatch to request back up

Aesop Rock - Spare a match lyrics

on the nearest chuckle path-dispatch trouble I've never seen the

Carcass - Inpropagation lyrics

all hope of beatrific dispatch These charred chassis

Carcass - Pedigree butchery lyrics

Pertaining vitality, their dispatch I cement Served out for

Cauldron Born - People of the dark circle lyrics

Vessel of flesh you will dispatch the child to the House of

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - Amplified lyrics

of the month, bro, (?) try to dispatch Always got the good badge,

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - Dispatching the curse of uncreation lyrics

of reeking degeneration. Dispatch the curse of divine

Drive A - Revolt! lyrics

lack the fury you contain. Dispatch! Reject, our lives are a

Zack Hemsey - The arrival lyrics

called the local patrol And dispatch arranged for a probe

Orphaned Land - Barakah lyrics

is a resistance dispatch. Codeword: Illumination The

A Static Lullaby - Mourning would come lyrics

you got to treat them right Dispatch the boys and leave her spread

Aborted - Underneath rorulent soil lyrics

s birth to new life Larvae dispatch and edaciously masticate

Aiden - Crusifiction lyrics

of a whore. I transcend to dispatch this letter. Where the rich

Akercocke - Bathykolpian avatar lyrics

from your lips Before I dispatch my devotion Into your eager

Sunny Choi - Won't back down feat. eminem lyrics

if tats to the back, quick dispatch (Hook) You can sound

Sunny Choi - Won't back down feat. pink lyrics

if tats to the back, quick dispatch (Hook) You can sound

Dead Kennedys - Police truck lyrics

they don't give a shit Dispatch calls "Are you doin'

Death Grips - Big dipper lyrics

(I'm a) Scarecrow dialect dispatch on that shit kommando mix

Destrage - Art for free lyrics

chewing up NO! Swallow with dispatch that cud And throttle you

Dispatch - Mission lyrics

let it be known, to all you misbelievin' what you've been seein' that we will not stand will not be mistaken we'll go there leave this weakness don't take this from me we...

Dispatch - Bang bang lyrics

She woke me up with a bang, bang Looking over cross eyed had a big Hunch that the world was a big lie When I got up all the blood to my head I got so d...

Dispatch - Bats in the belfry lyrics

old man river said you can go your own way if you just leave him alone do not deliver all your things today we are going home oh mama we now so hungar...

Dispatch - Blood lyrics

One old man a ten hour day And not a dime to spare Playin' on his pawn shop horn And breathin' into the air I've got more coal to fire And another sou...

Dispatch - Born normal lyrics

born a normal child, but the dream it didn't last long would you hold him down, my god why does he hang on someone do somethign, don't turn in disgust look h...

Dispatch - Bridges strength in numbers lyrics

the furrowed bed of sand worries again as it had before, waves left the land. for the falling leaves the child weepeing alone, he's letting go of the anchor...

Dispatch - Bullet holes lyrics

Black birds with bullet holes, bullet holes Scattered across the sky I wonder These steep hills Unto the great light My fingers collapse around my pen...

Dispatch - Carry you lyrics

Green river flows Like grass melting Later it will run black Down its track Into an ocean She stands on the bridge Dimlight on her back Someday I will...

Dispatch - Circles around the sun lyrics

When he was born, the doc said “What’s this?” He’s much too small, it’s like he’s weightless When he turned six, they answered tests. They said: "It's...

Dispatch - Cover this lyrics

Wounded, you can take me there I was wounded, you can take me there It was a crime that I was left But will you go on without me? Think I'll just walk m...

Dispatch - Drive lyrics

Daddy I want to drive today I wanna get up and go wanna find some time Mama I hear what you're sayin' I wanna feel alive and get inside hey I wanna drive I...

Dispatch - Elias live in studio lyrics

Dai Jesu achoinekwa ndaizofara naye. Dai Jesu achoinekwa ndaizofara naye. Taizofara naye fara naye. Taizofara naye fara naye. Dai Jesu achoinekwa ndaizofara naye...

Dispatch - Even lyrics

come now to the edge of the room you can see them all crowdin' around soon they'll come in and come up here let them find an effigy but they'll never find m...

Dispatch - Flying horses lyrics

the river of doubt gave birth to a beautiful stone and in my hands I held it and I knew I was on my own so I picked it up and held it to the sky and in my reflecti...

Dispatch - General lyrics

there was a decorated general with a heart of gold, that likened him to all the stories he told of past battles, won and lost, and legends of old a seasoned veteran in...

Dispatch - Headlights lyrics

headlights highways your life collides with mine leavin' our shoes behind we cross the water our words flow from mouth to mouth like fish seeking dark places the ...

Dispatch - Here we go lyrics

[CHORUS:] here we go leave it on the back burner take it to the dry town I got the mean time slippin' down the slide some uptight right wing, political homicide, do wh...

Dispatch - Heyhey lyrics

Well I'm moving kind of slow Down that same old path Wasting time inside this hour glass She's coming up ahead now And I feel, yes I feel My head turning like a ra...

Dispatch - Hubs lyrics

Got to turn my hubs 'Cause I'm spinnin' my wheels Got to turn my hubs 'Cause I'm spinnin' my wheels Got to turn my hubs 'Cause I'm spinnin' my wheels Got to tu...

Dispatch - Lightning lyrics

we hear the dealers with their words that ride the tails of their cigarette smoke sliding through the tunnels of our ears those greasy marionettes of real bo...

Dispatch - Mayday lyrics

[man:] I saw you yesterday your eyes were the color of some kind of grey. I hear what you're saying please, don't let me go I've got all the people down below....

Dispatch - Open up lyrics

they were looking for me when I came to they were looking for me when I came back said hey you, you're looking very suspicious I said relax man get off my back I s...

Dispatch - Out loud lyrics

Would you be the wind to blow me home Would you be a dream On the wings of a poem And if we were walking through a crowd Well you know I'd be proud [Cho...

Dispatch - Parade speed lyrics

Wanna be Your bread and butter Wanna be The honey in your jar Wanna be Your bread and butter Wanna be The honey in your jar...

Dispatch - Passerby lyrics

I'm not crazy like my brother But it's the way I choose I don't hang around with a six pence When I got everything to lose Would you bring me my money And take fro...

Dispatch - Past the falls lyrics

the wind blew and her hair stood still he sits beneath her window sill... she awaits the magic in his hands he walks her out into the night and takes her in a different...

Dispatch - Prince of spades lyrics

coming back coming home the queen of love enters the room silence ensues... to the king what have you done to my life did you take me for a fool or for a wife ...

Dispatch - Questioned apocalypse lyrics

I went down to the drug store to check my head against the bright light but she caught me from behind and though I did not know and though I did not care I could ...

Dispatch - Railway lyrics

so all of a sudden I'm facing a raging river that passed me by do I turn around, do I turn my eye to the sun in the apex of the high noon I'm on a flatbed yellow pick up ...

Dispatch - Root down lyrics

I Kick My Root Down I Put My Root Down It's Not A Put Down I Put My Foot Down And Then I Make Some Love, I Put My Root Down Like Sweetie Pie By Th...

Dispatch - Steeples lyrics

I heard a story about a boy, who was swept off the deck the sweeping tide swept the sea over his neck but it did not end there, the boy began to swim and dared to ...

Dispatch - Time served lyrics

hold up the firing line hold steady on the trigger's time walk away counting backwards from nine holdin' his breath so to start his own dying [CHORUS:] time served to th...

Dispatch - Two coins lyrics

I stick loneliness, you lips and the two coins of your eyes into my pockets well the train skates into Port Henry late Sunday sometimes when I'm riding h...

Dispatch - Walk with you lyrics

and I will walk with you using the stars as guides on a homeward path we go knowing our time is nigh I, I will walk... to be with you so put your hand in mine and ...

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