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Bette Midler - Let me just follow behind lyrics

to have you walking so near. You're an angel, my ... hold you, my dear. Would you let me just follow behind. Now, ... I have loved me many fine men. Oh, so many fine men had a

Silver Dust - So let me know lyrics

wouldn't be the same without you You're always on ... I'm stuck untill the end So let me now So let me now ... Search for a place So let me now So let me now Gaze at

Jason Castro - Let's just fall in love again lyrics

pretend baby That you’ve just met me And I’ve never seen ... starin’ And you say the same to yours And oh, we’ll ... up my mouth And nothing comes out right And I wanna

Asaf Avidan - Let's just call it fate lyrics

of your hair And you'd find me anywhere - but here I wish ... it wasn't so I'll say it again - I wish ... it wasn't so But I don't think that you'd ... I'd step outside to find - some other place Let's say that

Hoodie Allen - Let me be me lyrics

love they kids we ain't some republicans And all I wanted ... to duck the bill collector on some Aflac They got rich stacks ... named Garfield that’s fat cats fat

Notorious B.i.g. - Let me get down lyrics

Why you wanna.. play your games on me [rapping]Bitch, you ... crazy? Commitments, I'm Swayze, no time for ... like Mr. Fantastic So if you wanna see my ... energy, niggaz never gettin me So let me get down, let me

Rebecca Ferguson - Fairytale (let me live my life this way) lyrics

so I call about a thousand times I wait outside and I join ... With a million girls that are just like me, ooh I got your name ... says how much that you love me And I know that it's not a

Queen - Let me live lyrics

Oooooh, take a piece of my soul Let me live, oh yeah ... Baby why don't you give me a brand new start So let me live (so let me live) Let me live (leave me alone) Let me live, oh baby, and make a

Rihanna lyricsRihanna - Let me lyrics

let me, let me Why don't you let me, let me Boy let me, let me Let me do those things for ... you Boy let me, let me Why don't you let me, let me ... Boy let me, let me Let me do those things for you I

Jason Michael Carroll - Let me go lyrics

puffin on a cigarette & just thinkin how am i gonna say ... good here you don't need to mess with a guy going nowhere ... and i think it'd be a good time now to let me go you don't

Christian Kane - Let me go lyrics

was puffing on a cigarette Just thinking, "How am I ... good here You don't need to mess with A guy going nowhere ... And I think it'd be a good time now" "To let me

Naomi King - Let me let you go lyrics

s a world out there for me For me to run into There's ... a world out there, it's mine So let me let you go, oh Let me ... you go, oh There was a time Where I loved you more than

Greg Lake - Let me love you once lyrics

there's something I can't have, I only ... there's a storm inside of me From wantin' you. How I ... wish that I'd found you in time, 'Cause now you're his and

Orla Gartland - Let me in lyrics

ll be anything you want me to be I'll make your ... make your bed but please just let me in your head A penny ... and here's a pound Won't you let me in To that window to your

Plushgun - Let me kiss you now and i'll fade away lyrics

know that it’s too soon but it’s the final test, ... Cause playing all these games is just a time to waste, ... As soon as I met you, it all began to fade,

Akanishi Jin - Let me talk to u lyrics

try to be just perfect you're fine just the ... are And even if you fall just so I can catch you right away ... both my hands free Any time I love you I now know how

Jones Bentley - Let me be with you lyrics

you know I just want you to see Everything ... you do to me Just because you’re scared of what ... has been before Baby it’s time We really got something good

Forgot Tomorrow - Let me in lyrics

spend my day to day I can't so another mile in these shoes ... I have put my heart and my soul on the line When will I ... feels like I'm wasting my time When you give your all

Josh Groban - Let me fall lyrics

me fall Let me climb There's a moment when ... And dream must collide Someone I am Is waiting for ... I want The one I will become Will catch me So let me

Geri Halliwell lyricsGeri Halliwell - Let me love you lyrics

You don't know what you do to me I'm just a girl and I'm in ... disguise Just trying to be a woman It ... there Can do this if we try Sometimes I just sit and wonder

3 Doors Down - Let me go lyrics

never resting And you're not something I deserve In my ... you now This world falls on me In this world there's real ... And this seems real to me You love me but you don't

The Hours - Let me breathe lyrics

I have to tell you just how I feel Without some ... sugar coating Are you so blind that you cannot see ... am suffocating Oh yeah So Let me breathe ooh Oh I

Melissa Etheridge - Let me go lyrics

be your new sensation It's just a delicate distraction With just a hint of satisfaction Look me in the eye and let me know ... If you can't love me that let me go Let me go Let me go

S Club 7 - Let me sleep lyrics

out to touch you Thru time and thru space In my dreams ... I'm always with you So let me sleep Ooo-oo-ooh Ooo-oo-ooh ... I dream that you're here with me Lying by my side This won't

Save Ferris - Let me in lyrics

you and all you do For quite some time Knowing all the ins ... see the light [Repeat] So let me in All that I wanted from ... you Was something you'd never do So let me in Oh please tonight Don't let this end Tonight I'll Fall

Linda Perry - Let me ride lyrics

Can't you see my body aches Let me take it just a little too ... far Why don't you Come up to my room Let me show ... you how to have a good time I won't care if you rip out

Pain - Let me out lyrics

suffocating slow I need to come up for Air The monster's in ... my head they won't leave me be I told them thousand times, just stay away from me A ... fear of failure Stereotype society you better think like

Defeater - Let me down lyrics

skeleton wasting away An apparition ... the dead and dying leaves So let me down Let me down Let ... me down Let me down I feel my lungs drink ... the ocean drowning me I hung myself with all the

Viktor Dyk - Let me fly - film ro(c)k podvraťáků lyrics

On Understand It Just To Send It Sweet Is Only Lie ... Everything Is Rollin Against Me Lord Shakin’n’Roll! ... Passing – Bell In Time Let Me Fly I’m Loving The Fight

Gary Barlow - Let me go lyrics

A broken heart And only me to blame For every single ... need To be held to be loved so This is gonna take a bit of ... right for you Fly high and let me go That sky will save

Humble Pie - Let me be your lovermaker lyrics

me be your lovemaker Let me be your soul shaker Let me ... be your lovemaker Let me be your soul shaker Around ... this time last summer when you and I first met I

Nicky Romero - Let me feel ft. vicetone lyrics

only Time could disappear, We would be ... the end, 'Cause the speed of sound can hit When we're missed ... Without our heart and soul, We don't exist, No, we

Phantogram - Let me go lyrics

Before saying goodbye Oh memory Won't you speak to me? ... Can you show me the boat in my soul That can ... sail me back home Let me go You can shave me down

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - Let me fly lyrics

ve been so lonely I can't find any way ... So long since I lost my way I ... Why does it always seem to be me? So let me fly Let me fly ... like a bird in the sky Let me fly-y-y away I wanna climb

Beatsteaks - Let me in lyrics

t get us anywhere Everytime we talk We lose, we're ... about all that we get Everytime we look at things it never ... seems to measure up Everytime we tore it down we lost so

Da Blitz - Let me be (remix) lyrics

Blitz Miscellaneous Let Me Be Let me be Let me be me Let me be But dont leave me oh.. ... .. Let me be Let me be me Ill be free at last Let ... me be what I want to be Let me be what I want to be cause I

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - Let me feel the love lyrics

me feel the love of my lifetime All that I am dreaming of ... Stay with me and show me all your secrets All that I ... And I cannot get enough Let me fell your love A brandnew

Downhere - Let me rediscover you lyrics

a part of what you've done So let me rediscover you And ... breathe in me your life anew Tell me of ... the God I never knew Oh, let me rediscover you You see

Josh Gracin - Let me fall lyrics

be fine don't you worry 'bout me" It's sad I was holdin' ... hurt? And how do I cry? And so many times you let me down ... no use in loving you at all So let me fall I tried to

Geri Halliwell lyricsGeri Halliwell - Let me love you more lyrics

makes sense When it feels so beautiful Completely ... I'm coming back for more So let me love you more It's ... when you look at me That I feel like I'm at home And it all works out It

August Alsina - Let me hit that (feat. curren$y) lyrics

Verse 1:] You're looking so good right now And I would ... that you're the type to make me crazy Cause you've got all ... [Hook:] I think you put something in the air Your body's so amazing, and one could even

Neil Diamond - Let me take you in my arms again lyrics

what I feel is what I am So let me take you in my arms ... again Let me take you in my arms, and then ... Let me see behind your smile Let me ... love you like a child Let me take you in my arms I'm

Nina Hagen - Let me entertain you lyrics

me entertain you Let me make you smile Let me do a ... few tricks Some old and then some new tricks I'm very ... I want your spirits to climb So let me entertain you And we

Haim - Let me go lyrics

out Cimme in I'd give you everything i ... everything you can if you go so easily go on, get out and ... set me free but i'll wait till day ... you beg again let me out let me in i've given up not

Hardwell - Let me be your home ft. bright lights lyrics

oh whoa oh, yeah All this time I've waiting for you We don ... no more All you got to do is let me reach you Anywhere you ... are, yeah Let me be your home Wherever you go Wherever

Isley Brothers - Let me down easy lyrics

love behind me? Though I need you to satisfy ... Destiny will prove to divide me For you're a part of me I ... lies deep within you Touching me when you feel the need to

Ronan Keating - Let me love you lyrics

was low We were high as summer goodbyes Thinking 'bout the ... of us Maybe it was only time Until our stars aligned Let me love you Now I know what

Exhumed - So let it be rotten so let it be done lyrics

mask for the mortified -deformed Repellant rite now ... Decomposition will arise So let it be rotten - so let it be ... the shroud decrepitude begun So let it be rotten - so let it

Akon - Let's get crazy (feat. cassie) lyrics

oh… Eh eh… RedOne Konvi… Let's get crazy tonight Let's ... get crazy tonight Let's get crazy tonight I'm ... bubbles My shine is like America's next top model Hands

Gabriella Cilmi - Let me know lyrics

You're in over your head, let me know If you don't I just ... might lose control So come on, make a choice, let me ... know It takes some time to know exactly what you're

Make Them Suffer - Let me in lyrics

dear Annie, won't you please let me in. I know that I've made ... some mistakes. I'm so sorry, I was never really there ... I'm just so sorry that I never even tried.

Marc Anthony - Let me love you lyrics

deep inside and this need I just can't hide Let me love you ... girl there's so much I want to share And I ... always be there when you want me to I'll be there for you Just call my name I promise I

Collie Buddz - Let me know lyrics

let me know, Na na now Just le me know Girl cause You ... what I've been craving for, So hot yet ya cool as the breeze ... are you waiting for? Girl just come let me know, Na na now

Harry Connick Jr. - Let's just kiss lyrics

By giving us this night Let’s just kiss Intellect and ... thought Are good enough for some Why waste time with all ... We’ll babysit the moon Let’s just kiss Nothing to

Joan Osborne - Let's just get naked lyrics

know what you're hiding from me You know what I'm hiding ... you I know that you hurt me real bad You know that I ... hurt you bad, too Let's just get naked, just for a laugh Let's just get naked It's a trip

Joseph Arthur - Let's just be lyrics

s just be Be what you be You and me Let's just be Let it ... bleed And let it be Let it bleed And let it be Let's just be Be what you be ... You and me Be what you be Let it

Boston - Let me take you home tonight lyrics

you you could see your way to me, come on and let me try Let me take you home tonight ... Mamma now it's alright Let me take you home tonight I'll ... this, I've watched you for so long that I feel I've known

Cheryl Cole - Just let me go lyrics

of attention That's his name Girls line up when they see ... in the air It's kinda hot So what Give me space Back off ... I don't need Anyone Just start it up up up up up So

Dr. Dre lyricsDr. Dre - Let me ride lyrics

cuz niggaz want these Now soon as I said it, seems I got ... sweated By some nigga with a tech 9 tryin' to ... off, motherf***er i'm Dre so listen to the play-by-play,

Hustle Gang - Let me find out remix lyrics

Alabama, Atlanta connection homeboy [Verse 1: Doe B] Let me find out these niggas still ... need a whole thang of Keisha just to talk to 'em Small town,

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