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So I Raise My Fists And Swallow Down My Pride lyrics

Browse for So I Raise My Fists And Swallow Down My Pride song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed So I Raise My Fists And Swallow Down My Pride lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to So I Raise My Fists And Swallow Down My Pride.

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Rachael Lampa - My one and only lyrics

m flying high in your arms tonight Passing the satellites, ... the earth is fading fast Don't care where we ... go, let's make it last Facing up to the speed of light, with time at our backs I'm right here next to you and feeling so fearless now We can do

Go! With Fourteen O - Made a gun with my fingers and shot at my fri.. lyrics

and dad, what a suprise! Made it. maybe. Mom and ... dad, what a suprise! Made it. maybe. Bang bang, you're ... dead! You have to lay down for ten seconds! Bang bang,

Bachman-turner Overdrive - Rock is my life, and this is my song lyrics

s a hurried up life But it's the life I choose No use ... in asking me to slow down Cause I got nothing to lose ... But time and time is all I've got You know I born standing up with a guitar in my hand I'm not trying to come on like hollywood But hollywood is what I am

Arachnes - My son and i lyrics

son and I close the house, And we look (at) the rain from ... the window, We look (at) the rain ... from the window. My son and I close the eyes, And we're ... dream a train to run, A train to run over the wall. WE

Kim Walker-smith - My one and only lyrics

my one and only You came and overwhelmed me Love so pure and holy, love With me you ... never have to hide Because I'm always by your side For ... you I live my life to give This gift of love is ours to live

Katherine Jenkins - And this is my beloved lyrics

This Is My Beloved And This Is My Beloved And This Is My ... Beloved And This Is My Beloved And This Is My ... Beloved And This Is My Beloved And This Is My ... Beloved And This Is My Beloved And This Is My

Conquest Of Steel - Raise your fists lyrics

and brothers the time to strike is now our need is real ... of the tyrant we have languished for too long Vather up ... your arms and weapons, the plough and share

Running Wild - Raise your fists lyrics

night, dressed to kill, hell bent for the show ... Shiny leather like a second skin, ready for ... their first row You want to go meet ... let you go He's to tally blind, babbling wild, and he

Blindside - Swallow lyrics

waiting and now you're sinking slow Been watching how you ... rated me low You say water is supposed to be brown I say ... there's garbage in the fountain Taste and swallow down

Black Messiah - My way to asgaard lyrics

Please do not move that hard And it will be better All your ... pain will soon be over I promise that Now you are going ... to die But I'll stay at your side Have no

Saint Deamon - My sorrow lyrics

my heart, there is an empty space you left me ... standing here There used to be a ... meaning in my life All alone I'm down on my ... knees and pray My soul is torn apart and all the love

Prince - My little pill lyrics

s a single woman with no real man 2 do' Tryin' ... 2 raise your kid when he couldn't give a damn ... about U All my cares and troubles dive right off my window sill Everytime I pop my

Smashing Pumpkins lyricsSmashing Pumpkins - Lily my one and only lyrics

my one and only I can hardly wait till I see ... her Silly, I know I'm silly Cause I'm hanging in this ... tree In the hopes that she will catch a glimpse of me And

Planetshakers - My hope lyrics

lay down my life before You Lord Stand here ... in wonder of Your Love Lord I live for You alone You're ... worthy of all praise All of Heaven shouts ... Your Name All the earth will bring You praise With my life I honour You You're worthy

Seether - My disaster lyrics

believe that your words are ... fateful I believe you're the broken one I ... believe that your words enable ... Now somebody better hide my gun I believe that your

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - My guitar lies bleeding in my arms lyrics

likes company, I like the way that sounds I've ... been trying to find the meaning, so I can write it down ... Staring out the window, it's such a long way down I'd

Miranda Lambert - Down lyrics

is where I'm goin' Pain is what I'm showin' Love is ... what I'm takin' Hearts are what I'm breakin' There's a strong man lives up in Jackson Hole He

Little Green Cars - My love took me down to the river to silence .. lyrics

there is a heart in here Where, where is the ... heart in here Down to the river to silence me Love took ... me down to the river to silence me (x5) My love took

Dew-scented - Down my neck lyrics

divine is all we find in these worlds of deception ... too fragile, too blind, we wander lost in putrefaction full ... of repulsion and disgust, lambs to the slaughter

Pink Cream 69 - (down) my way lyrics

t you go to a place where i don't have to see your face ... tomorrow, face tomorrow i guess your bus is running ... late i hate to say you can't have friends to borrow, friends to

Caesars - My heart is breaking down lyrics

see the lightning strike the tree its when my love ... moves away from me i hear the thunder roaring by ... the rivers of salty tears you cry my heart is breaking down and i

3 Doors Down - My way lyrics

s the same thing It's the same thing every time ... Your way or nothing It's a shame that It's a shame ... that all this time Things could have been much ... better here Maybe something more defined More than

My Revolution - Down lyrics

you have million troubles And couldn´t change your mind If you have no friends Sometimes it hurts so much If ... they think you have no soul And you are not so funny

Joell Ortiz lyricsJoell Ortiz - So hard lyrics

Yvette (Joell)] Hard of gettin out of bed each and every ... day I got a hook[?] at a job that I ... really hate I gotta bring him home a much much better way

Phish - Down with disease lyrics

with disease Three weeks in my bed Trying to stop these ... demons that keep dancing in my head Down with disease Up ... before the dawn A thousand barefoot children outside

Kim Richey - So it goes lyrics

learn early and some learn hard Somebody called ... me in from my backyard And I heard the whispers something ... was wrong And I knew you were gone. But ... the sun came up and the sun went down Spring was

Skyscrapers Walk Among Us - My best friend is now my worst enemy lyrics

can I expect anything more from you than what I ... already gotten from you this time it's more then over in my ... mind tell me your secrets now ... back cause you know that i miss all the times that we used

Ella Fitzgerald - My one and only lyrics

one and only, What am I gonna do if you turn me down ... When I’m so crazy over you? I’d be so ... lonely Where am I gonna go if you turn me down Why

John Hiatt - My dog and me lyrics

marked our trail Up the back bone ridge How ... many times can one dog pee She keeps ... me high as an eagle When i'm on the skids I guess you ... gotta come down eventually [Chorus 1:]

Laura Marling - My manic and i lyrics

wants to die in a lake in Geneva, The mountains can ... cover the shape of his nose. If he wants to die where nobody ... can see him, But the beauty of his ... death will carry on so I don't believe him. He

The Runaways - My buddy and me lyrics

buddy and me don't want to be like the ... rest so don't make us My buddy and me we're so crazy ... can take us We take everything we do in stride We won't

George Gershwin - My one and only (johnny johnson statler penns.. lyrics

My one and only What am I gonna do if you turn me down ... When I'm so crazy over you? I'd be so ... lonely Where am I gonna go if you turn me down Why

Poco - And settlin down lyrics

I am singin’ my song to you now I want you to listen yes I want you to listen ... Makin’ my time go by, makin’ you smile I been thinkin’ ... of you yes I been thinkin’ of you And settlin’ down

Skillet - My beautiful robe lyrics

want to pleasure in your sight I want to subscribe to ... your delight So hold on and see what I do for you Oh by ... the way, did you see me dressed in my

Thomas Anders - My one and only lyrics

the sunrise through the haze When I ... saw your eyes, everything changed Something was different, somehow By the time ... that sun went down My life turned around Cause I

Fm Static - My brain says stop, but my heart says go lyrics

ll do my best Don't get upset Sometimes my brain says no but my ... heart says yes Oh! It moves fast like it is whiplash Everybody run and get a ... season pass You think you understand it but you

James Vincent Mcmorrow - And if my heart should somehow stop lyrics

wind changed, the first day that you came through ... Cut the corn, washed it clean Now everything that’s ... ever gone before, is like a blur And it’s all

Chris Norman - My girl and me lyrics

close my eyes and try to sleep I count the ... tears I cry instead of counting sheep. The summer's gone and left the rain with me And if this is love, it's not all it's cracked up to be And I'm

Run Dmc - My adidas lyrics

ADIDAS walk through concert ... doors and roam all over coliseum floors I stepped on ... stage, at Live Aid All the people gave and ... the poor got paid And out of speakers I did speak

Granian - My voice lyrics

Just let me walk away If you settle things down Let ... me go in peace I try to spread my love all ... around 'Cause your dirty secrets Have turned me into a dirty lie I know

Sandbridge - My crying lyrics

wings fell off and voice faded and in the shadow of ... the bushes there my time stood still so many years ... dream here and write down my crying... Night of all night

Dean Martin - My rifle, my pony and me lyrics

sun is sinking in the west The cattle go down ... to the stream The redwing settles in the nest It's time for a cowboy to dream ... Purple light in the canyons That's where I

Fugatta - My moon lyrics

forever! Together! Illuminating my path dazzling in the ... dark When the evening arrives, you'll be waiting We ... ll be waiting! Together! In the night I hide my pain and

Little River Band - My lady and me lyrics

Lady and me fought our way free from a ... Parades of the blues were in every night, We slipped out ... of town with the morning's light. My Lady and me wanted

Mono Inc. - My sorrow lyrics

lacrymose departure No innovative scene I’m cutting ... all my strings to be Slumbering and free No hidden hands ... catch me No tunnel For no light I’m saving all my hate

Negative - My personal sensitivity lyrics

hate to think I hate to do I hate to stand but I like to ... move I waste my time I'm always wrong I feel I'm ... weak but still i'm strong I hate to think I hate to do I

Ablaze My Sorrow - My revenge to come lyrics

my black horse I ride Towards the end of time ... By the christians you were sentenced and died Burned at the stake to ... redeem your crime As the autumn leaf in

After The Burial - My frailty lyrics

your taste, you're the life I gave away. Failure wrapped ... around my neck, You're the ghost that ... held me back. Now I am Letting go, drowning my self in the

Mary-kate A Ashley Olsen - My horse and me lyrics

had this dream That I own a horse His name is River He comes when I call He ... s black and white so he stands out And when I ride him I ... fell so tall My horse and me We ride around the world

Deluxe - My world lyrics

through winter Is taking forever I'm trying to figure Which one your breath or ... toes smell yeast Maybe it's jibber Maybe the Eels left ... dreams on my tongue Sick little bird I think I heard

Elis - My only love lyrics

m a lonely stranger In this world of pain In my ... darkest hour I'm alone Why did you leave me But one day ... I will find you My heart and soul My only love Wandering through the fields Of disease Can you hear me calling

Nct - My first and last lyrics

maybe maybe igeon sarangiljido molla imi nae nuneneun ... neoman boyeo nan ajik anil geora geobeul meogeodo oh ... on geot gata chaege jeokin geuljadeuri hyeonsiri dwae

Ashes Remain - My surprise lyrics

up today, stepped out of my bed. Had my life planned ... out, it was in my head. You walked into my ... world and tore it apart. You started with my ... head and ended with my heart. This is not the

Black Light Burns - So alive (originally by love and rockets) lyrics

eyes are, baby But your hair is long and brown Your legs ... are strong, and you're so, so long And you don't come from ... this town My head is full of magic, baby And I

Coleske - My only lyrics

only The answer to a life so lonely And I just wanna ... know if you're only My Only My only You've said so many things but never ... me that makes me lonely So lonely So come on only

Dead Silence Hides My Cries - My hard and long way home lyrics

can no longer bear it Hey! Where is my freedom ... Will it come to me again? Besides my old hope I do ... not have anything I miss my home, miss the things That

Dawn Of Destiny - My life lies in ruins lyrics

word They do not get us Wait – I see them arrive They ... one cares No one sends a helping sign We are all on our own ... Still we try to get by We believe in ourselves And we will

G-dragon - So in love pt.2 (kim jo han ft. g-dragon) (20.. lyrics

What's up man Yeah, it feels good to be back You ... know, I wanna give you something that you can chill with this time (So in love with you) ... We got something special here It's called So In

Masterboy - And i need you lyrics

into my life and you touched my heart Never had a struggle ... but it's always been hard A relationship of souls, that's what ... we got Time after time, this drove us apart I have been

Juliet Simms - My last whiskey tears lyrics

out the bottle Watch it circle the drain My head is ... hanging Tired of waking up feeling this way I ... wonder if this song remembers my name In a long time coming

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