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Destiny - On the outside lyrics

m sorry if I dropped the ball again You will never be ... my long lost friend If we shall go on this way ... Someone will have to pay, for this mess And it

Alison Krauss - On the outside looking in lyrics

ve closed a door in front of me I wait patiently outside And as the minutes tick ... away I feel my anger rise And who's the object of ... my rage? And who's not being fair? Is it you for your indifference? Or me for just

Eve's Plum - On the outside lyrics

it's so, why haven't I heard? If it's gone, how ... come I don't know? A common thread between us all for a time This smile, big smile, got ... a little one If time's strange, how come I don't

Sheryl Crow lyricsSheryl Crow - On the outside lyrics

to hear you say "Do as the beautiful ones do" Tore ... out my picture from its frame Just wanted to be one of you Standing on the outside Lookin´ It´s funny how you

Further Seems Forever - On the outside lyrics

looking for answers This path doesn't lead to answers ... This path that you're chasing after Give false and ... broken promises Like a knife twists His guts will soon

Oxymoron - On the outside lyrics

was a gutterboy, dwelled in different places. Lost his ... parental home for he got the sack. He never got on well ... with their expectations. Found with an overdose in

Leeway - On the outside lyrics

too many But once not enough Wall of stone ... Being on your own (chorus) Oh, in ... my mind Coming into a grind I want you through Alone in ... your solitude First time out You'll see what it's

Dionysus - The world lyrics

t need your understanding Live the mess I'm in I'm in a ... chain reaction Let me in I saw the big lights flashing ... Ruin the entire land I still hear children screaming Goin' insane [Bridge] Fighting all the demons In the middle of the night I open my

Little Anthony&the Imperials - I'm on the outside(looking in) lyrics

m on the outside looking in And I wanna be, and I wanna ... be back on the inside with you You are with somebody ... new and I don't know what to do 'Cause I'm

Smokey Robinson - I'm on the outside (looking in) lyrics

m on the outside looking in And I wanna be, and I wanna ... be back on the inside with you You are with somebody ... new and I don't know what to do 'Cause I'm ... still in love with you I'm on the outside looking in I don

Sofia Carson - Stuck on the outside lyrics

ever wants to be alone Cause we all want a friend ... to call our own These days get mighty cold sometimes So I guess I'll just ... make this wish and close my eyes And I

One Way System - Life on the outside lyrics

the violence They can't wash thier hands For the sufferers The treaties stand ... But in a war Of silent screams Are the victims ... Of another dream Life on the outside Has no cross to bear

Megan And Liz - Walking on the outside lyrics

never want you to look back on me and think I was....... a mistake just remember our love ... and forget about.... the heartbreak we were kids playing with love because we didn

Red - The outside lyrics

if I'm not the same? What if I never let go of the blame? ... What if you drag me back again? What if I won't let you ... just pretend I erase this memory I escape this gravity Is that how I used to be?

American Hifi - Safer on the outside lyrics

m no good i feel too small something's gonna burn sink on you drunken ... highways someone take the wheel [ chorus: ] faded in the blackout you left me in

Bullet For My Valentine - Pretty on the outside lyrics

So you wanna play games with my head? But you, make me ... fall apart, I wish that I was dead I just can't believe I fell, for such a ... for a fool and used me from the start Fu*k it all (fu*k it

Dokken - Standing on the outside lyrics

knew there'd be consequences, when I gave you the keys to my heart. You knew ... that I had intentions, and you knew it right ... from the start. Give me one more day. I'll give ya

Meat Loaf - Standing on the outside lyrics

ain't livin' here no more I ain't even keepin' score It's ... too late to change, it's over I'm drowned in a sea ... of tears Nothin' I can say to you makes any difference There ain't nothin' I can do None of it's makin'

Eddie Rabbitt - Laughing on the outside lyrics

laughing on the outside, I’m crying on the inside Trying my best to hide all these ... tears in my eyes I’m laughing on the outside but I’m dying on the inside Baby when

Roxette lyricsRoxette - Happy on the outside lyrics

On The Outside You can watch her doin’ the rounds She’s there for everyone Throwin’ kisses, makin’ ... plans For midnight men, mornin’ sons Well, did the wine

Blessthefall - See you on the outside lyrics

t think I didn't see how you looked at me ... What are you waiting for? What are you waiting ... for? I spent those sleepless nights ... And I waited for, and I waited for you. Sometimes I'd rather lie. Oh, we found love

Meat Loaf - Living on the outside lyrics

ve got steel on my fingers, granite on my breath A ... bottle in one ear and a spike in my chest A nickel in my ... boot and my finger in a damn I hang out with a bunch of

Taylor Swift lyricsTaylor Swift - The outside lyrics

didn't know what I would find When I went looking for a ... reason, I know I didn't read between the lines ... And, baby, I've got nowhere to go I tried ... to take the road less traveled by But

Nat King Cole - Laughing on the outside (crying on the inside.. lyrics

crowd sees me out dancing Carefree and romancing ... Happy with my someone new I'm laughing on the outside ... Crying on the inside 'cause I'm still in love with you They see me night and daytime

Burden Of A Day - I'm only laughing on the outside lyrics

see elation Spread across your timeless ... Be proud of me Proud of what I tried to become Regardless ... our heavy hearts We’ll carry on we’ll carry on Regardless of

Eddy Arnold - Laughing on the outside lyrics

crowd sees me out dancing carefree and romancing ... Happy with my someone new I'm laughing on the outside crying on the inside Cause I'm ... still in love with you They see me night and day time

Hypnogaja - Normal on the outside lyrics

feel the weight of your stare But you don ... t see what's really there All you know is what you ... see But you don't know what's inside of me ... you really wanna know what's inside of me? All you know is normal All you know is

Becoming The Archetype - The magnetic sky lyrics

at the end of the world Planets fall and we ... are rising Soul and sky are magnetizing Here at the end of the ... world We are witnessing together The inception of forever Time begins to bend And then it

Fm Static - The unavoidable battle of feeling on the outs.. lyrics

s hard to fit in, When you're on the outside ... Feels like someone's getting to my head, Was it somethin' I did, or just somethin' I ... said? I'm not an idiot, but I feel like one a lot, 'Cause

Le Tigre - On the verge lyrics

it so safe to stay on top. Shake it, imitate it, ... but it still sounds old. We just can't ... understand why the man calls it lo-fi. So get your bags ... packed now and I'll meet you on the outside. "X"

Dead Letter Circus - The space on the wall lyrics

honesty gets in the way Help me to turn around I, feel like everyone's playing ... a game I want to turn around So when ... everything breaks it's ok I'm nervous now in the end

Gyllene Tider - When love's on the phone (you just have to an.. lyrics

situations need a little heart a tenderness that ... s hard to understand the falling in love for a start can ... easily turn to fall of a man you ... can't run and hide even if you want to things must be

Seer's Tear - The 2nd man on the sun lyrics

should have been have by now But, won't you take a ... look at me? And all the while you stray to your Place of ... strength A stubber throne carved from Ignorance &

Kontrust - On the run lyrics

I have - all I possess and all I want is on ... back Never ever and foreverI would stop and leave my track ... to get, to come to, to get on the throne I can do the same

Anti-flag - The ghosts of alexandria lyrics

was the poster child of miserable. He was in love with colored boy. No chance ... for hope in a land of servitude. And now the ghosts of ... Alexandria Hang in the halls like the boys on the

Dommin - The scene lyrics

know I'm blessed with what I've got To dare complain, no I shall not But hope and heart ... once lived in me Broken by this crazy thing What'll this,

Miracle Of Sound - The man who rocked the world (david bowie tri.. lyrics

Sophia Strange in ‘73 Her daddy’s yelling tirades at the TV Hey man be ... cool!! Sweeping the screen - rebel freak with a ... twist A skinny genie come to grant her a wish

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - Outside lyrics

s hard to explain. Inherently it's just always ... been strange. Neither here or there. Always ... out of place everywhere. Ambiguous. Without a sense of belonging to touch. Somewhere

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - Outside lyrics

s hard to explain. Inherently it's just always ... been strange. Neither here or there. Always ... out of place everywhere. Ambiguous. Without a sense of belonging to touch. Somewhere

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Outside lyrics

Yesterday Not tomorrow It happens today The damage ... today They fall on today They beat on the outside And I ... by you Now. Not tomorrow It's happening now Not

Ellie Goulding lyricsEllie Goulding - Outside ft. calvin harris lyrics

at what you've done... Stand still, falling ... away from me. when it takes so long for I desire, ... what do you want to be? I'm holding on. Yourself was

John Hiatt - Smiling in the rain lyrics

fallen angel shivers underneath the August moon The lady of the house goes ... up in ashes He crawled out ... through the future but the past came back too soon And the present just occurs in sudden

Never Say Die - Outside looking in lyrics

it slip away Feeling it fall apart Circle around the drain Into the dark I wish I could make you see I wish I could still believe  It ... s like I can't stop  I can't stop Thinking of you

Calvin Harris - Outside ft. ellie goulding lyrics

at what you've done Stand still, fallin' away from me When ... it takes so long Fire's out, what do you want to ... be? I'm holdin' on Myself was never enough for

Dreadful Shadows - Outside lyrics

David Bowie Cover] Now. Not tomorrow. ... Yesterday Not tomorrow It happens today The damage ... today They fall on today They beat on the outside And I

Jordan Pruitt - Outside looking in lyrics

don't know my name you don't know anything about me i ... tried to play nice i wanna be in ur game the things that you say you may think i never hear about them

The Letter Black - Outside looking in lyrics

s around me this emptiness All around me the walls ... are closing in Show me a way to try lend ... me your flames to hide Tell me there's still more ... to this 'Cause I know this place is not my home This

Levellers - Outside/inside lyrics

was on the outside but it was not his own choice the ... city schemes had swallowed his dream and silenced his voice She was on the inside ... looking for a way to be free she

Saga - Outside looking in lyrics

the world turns I’ve got a front row seat And a guiding light is watching over me If ... you make me an offer that I can’t refuse You can bet ... your life I’ve got nothing to lose If you’d like to

A Day To Remember - Have faith in me lyrics

faith in me Cause there are things that I've seen ... I don't believe So cling to what you know and never ... let go You should know things aren't always What they

Blaze Bayley - The hunger lyrics

am on the outside always looking in Living alongside your ... world, never within Sometimes there are moments I think I'm involved But I never seem ... to stay, don't seem to fit... I just don't belong I live

Nick Lachey - Outside looking in lyrics

And fallen angels, And at time you can't see in front of ... you. Wasted moments, Trying to be someone I, Never ... wanted to be for you. But I feel my world coming back to

Queensrÿche - The lie lyrics

the writing on the wall. Same story, only the ... names have changed. It's all around you. Selling ... fear to keep us down and while we're down, they give our

Oar - The stranger lyrics

this country, I'm stalling I'm coming down Over my head, I ... m falling Will I be found? I've had to be a million places ... at one That's not me I'm a stranger on the outside

Needtobreathe - The outsiders lyrics

and little sins Close calls where no one wins Stand tall we're running ... thin I'm wearing thin Oh, why are we keeping ... score Cause if you're not laughing Who is

Queensrÿche - The chase lyrics

think you're smart, inventive Because you've figured out ... my game? Pride is a handy substitute, When ... you've got only yourself to blame. All my ... dreams I've realized while you... were indisposed. While you've spent eighteen years

Mudhoney - On the move lyrics

right, the time is now That's right, The shit is going down It's time ... to do what needs to be done It's high time we make ... you run On the move, we're on the move On

One More Time - The whole quilt all to myself lyrics

was so cold and lonely here in my double bed Since you ... walked right out on me And in my head I saw her laying there in your arms Pleased and smiling scornfully I felt the

Dream - The real me lyrics

ve been checking you out checking me out Like the cover of a ... book I can tell you like the wrapping The package, I'm ... off the hook Hey, tell me, are you the kinda Guy that likes to read

Genesis lyricsGenesis - The battle of epping forest lyrics

the Forest Road, there's hundreds of cars - luxury ... cars. Each has got its load of convertible bars, ... cars - superscars! For today is the day when they sort it

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