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Sloppy Seconds - Smashed again lyrics

at my favorite bar Got so smashed I couldn't drive my car Got ... the phone and called me a cab Got ... to go, no cash to spend Don't know why I'm smashed again.

Xxxtentacion lyricsXxxtentacion - Smash! lyrics

it on smash Foreign Spanish jawn ... really like the lemonade I put Cartiers all over ... my bitch's face She just got a pair, all ... you know Yeah, you know, I smashed Yeah, I smashed, yeah

Nine Inch Nails lyricsNine Inch Nails - Gave up (remixed by coil, danny hyde) lyrics

how it feels well almost no one to blame always the same ... you to make me see the light smashed up my sanity smashed up my ... integrity smashed up what i believed in smashed up what's left of me smashed

Crisix - I.y.f.f. lyrics

your f***in' face! Shut up! Chorus: IN ... world of lines your FUCKIN' FACE will be smashed IT'S YOUR ... time my friend YOUR FACE pay the price In your

Divine Heresy - Bleed the fifth lyrics

tongues flicker in signification My eardrums ringing again ... invasive social ties Smiling face to masking disgrace Deceit ... of life Bleed the fifth Face smashed fist Bleed the fifth

Diskreet - Entrails lyrics

the skin back from your face...Bloodshed Peel the skin ... ..Watch them bleed Muscles on their face drip with disease ... brain We go off like cannons...Rapidly Destroy...Destroy

The Band Perry - Forever mine nevermind lyrics

lost her favorite pearls The ones that you gave to me I lost ... them when I tossed them On the day that you lost me ... you broke the truth So I smashed my right hand open When I smashed the nose on you 'Cause you smashed my heart when you did what

Earth Crisis - Smash or be smashed lyrics

go the gains, time's lesson taught. Tomorrows victims, ... to take it all. Smash or be smashed. Inmates of a merciless ... world. Smash or be smashed. Inmates of a merciless world

Sham 69 - Junkie lyrics

of mother Smash smash they smashed the window Fast food and ... bingo Smash smash they smashed the window Fast food and ... no other Smash smash they smashed the window Fast food and

Alice Cooper - Leather boots lyrics

and get caught I could get smashed in the face By the big boys ... to rot I took a look, no one around I put on his boots ... and stomped on the ground Stood tall and

Ashok - Happy slap (original version of kiss with the.. lyrics

hit me once, I hit you back You gave a ... kick, I gave a slap You smashed a plate over my head Then I ... (oh-oh-oh-oh) You hit me once, I hit you back You gave a

Ghost Town - Ghost in the machine (ft. chris shelley) lyrics

in the city, (really gone wasted trash) This could ... get tricky (pretty gone wasted smashed) Brown ... paper bags (really gone wasted trash) Sippin' on ... Mickey's (pretty gone wasted smashed) I'm feelin' risky, no

A Change Of Pace - Death do us part lyrics

When you're dead and gone With your heart held in my ... you tell me that I was wrong? (I was wrong) When you ... would have done the same Toy with emotions

Dirt Nasty - Motel room lyrics

room It's cool, I ain't gonna bite Pull those panties to ... got dick and bit my neck Don't leave a mark 'cause my ... trips We could keep this on the low And I'll call you a

Mortician - Bone crusher lyrics

Head explodes, brains and bone Swinging mace, cracks ... your face Nose smashed in, teeth kicked in

Florence + The Machine - Kiss with a fist lyrics

hit me once i hit you back you gave a ... kick i gave a slap you smashed a plate over my head then i ... fire to our bed you hit me once i hit you back you gave a

Blossoms - Smashed pianos lyrics

I do I might be over you soon I wish I didn't care like ... I do Can you send me someone new soon? Let's think it ... But I can't switch off and on like you, I think it's

Editors - Smokers outside the hospital doors lyrics

trees Say goodbye to everyone you have ever known You are ... not gonna see them ever again I can ... the hospital doors Someone turn me around Can I start

Hadouken - Get smashed gate crash lyrics

get this party started! Get smashed gate crash Get smashed gate ... screaming, shagging We don´t care what we´re doing Don´t care when they come back

Blanks 77 - I don't wanna be lyrics

your in the city dreams are smashed and life aint pretty you ... in the race [Chorus:] I don't wanna be no I dont wanna ... be Don't wanna be just another face

Devo - Space junk lyrics

was walking, all alone Down the street, in the ... hit by, space junk She was smashed by, space junk She was ... Cuba Angola, Saudi Arabia On Christmas Eve, said NORAD A

Sin - 2nd thoughts lyrics

creepy feelings on the horizon A car crash, pictures fading ... It's the motion I can see how it's ending ... These growing demons coming to you Proper ... Have you had the faith in second thoughts? The day you smashed the mirror grandma goes ???

Gwar - Poor ole tom lyrics

his bowels release His face is painted like a clown His ... face contorts in agony [Chorus:] Poor Tom - ... You wake and wait But you don't want to wait You drag

Gob - Suds lyrics

and it caught my attention an ocean diluting frustration so I smashed it down in ... search of contentment I fell down and into ... and I recognize my degeneration I can see so clearly now

Hot Water Music - Moonpies for missfits lyrics

used to tear it up reckless moonpies for misfits with no cares ... a care full of hate when we smashed for laughs and to prove to ... last sign of us we thought wrong because face to face here we

Of Montreal - I felt like smashing my head through a clear .. lyrics

day long I felt like Smashing my face through a clear glass window. ... But instead, I went out And smashed up a phone booth around the ... week-end rides. All day long I felt like Smashing my

Sinead O'connor - Love is ours lyrics

i first heard of love So long ago, long ago When ... there was only fear And it still lives ... here Like a good friend i don't want near Who wears the

Sinéad O'connor - Love is ours lyrics

i first heard of love So long ago, long ago When ... there was only fear And it still lives ... here Like a good friend i don't want near Who wears the

Flogging Molly - Don't shut 'em down lyrics

the depot, defenses are the only things built Neighbors ... In a modern town The windows smashed open with the doors kicked ... of life If nothing gets done it will never be right But

Gwar - First rule is lyrics

bombs explode I am sitting on the commode soon they'll ... reach the day-care center soon they'll bag the smashed ... no first they give us no reason to fire the gun they think

Obscure Sphinx - Waiting for the bodies down the river floatin.. lyrics

I miss you Or maybe I don’t I know you would like me ... Look at what you’ve done don’t turn away from my corpse ... My existence smashed against the wall See how

Manic Street Preachers - Symphony of tourette lyrics

can be cruel she said So I smashed her in the f u c k i n g head ... turn while underneath My contemporaries are so in control ... can be cruel she said So I smashed her in the f u c k i n g head

Anacrusis - Not forgotten lyrics

ambition has been disrupted Young ... uncertainty Have your dreams smashed completely The norm dictates ... Hopelessness and despair Face the grim reality Individual

Anti-flag - Police state in the usa lyrics

it's fascism with a friendly face police state in the usa ... the government controls everything you do with ... ll end up dead as your front door is smashed in by the

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - Disengaged lyrics

its smile And frowned on me too My re-built/re ... mastered heart Is smashed into its faces And its face ... is confused I cut my throat in ... with me, against me But the only thing forever is hate I

Diabolical - The gallery of bleeding art lyrics

art Where I create pain on the canvas of death Just ... place within me Where reason is eclipsed by rage In ... beautiful colours of affliction II. I will rape your mind

Colony 5 - Absolute religion lyrics

find myself Alone again Always the one left ... sand I could use a religion If they weren't all so ... pathetic Pray and donate a million Wealthy are ... right now I can't win it, I don't know how Holding my breath

Meat Loaf - Wasted youth lyrics

thing As if it happened only yesterday I was barely ... seventeen, And I once killed a boy with a Fender ... guitar I don't remember if it was a ... voice like a horny angel I don't remember if it was a

Hands Off Gretel - Little man lyrics

is a grain of sand I have smashed it in my hand my eye, my ... now all I see is my eye no one else can take you away they ... ll try but no one's stronger than my fight my eye, I

4backwoods - Men-ass kicking girl lyrics

girl I picked her up on our first date she wore high ... Rock´n´Roll sounds she´s one of that kind that blows a ... man away this date on Friday night made me crazy

Savage Messiah - Hammered down lyrics

For all Justice evades Control Guilty of Perjury, ... Hammered - DOWN You're smashed into the ground Hammered - ... DOWN Don't breathe, Don't make a sound Hammered -

Liege Lord - Broken wasteland lyrics

It's a problem we all must face C'mon, it's time to break ... enough of their kind What once came up is now coming down ... Crushed, smashed, leveled to the ground

Primal Fear - Face the emptiness lyrics

over, It's finished, it is done The dream that you had Has ... in the haze Standing in front Of the ruin you've built up ... Shocked to the bones And smashed down [Bridge:] When

Hangar - The hangar of hannibal lyrics

.............blood in the moonlight? When life is most like ... a dream .............tonight is the night! In ... him again. .............He smashed the mirrors of the houses ..

Oi Polloi - Mindless few lyrics

had to be ruined by some moronic louts We were all looking ... When for some stupid reason they started to fight ... Picked on some folk and knocked them to

Becoming The Archetype - Ransom lyrics

empty It is bearing down upon me Makes it hard to breath ... And I know this can't go on Oh death my worthy adversary ... ve tormented me for far too long He leaped into the arms of

Rick Ross - "in da box" lyrics

Ross) Can you count dat money, nah not really tho Yeah ... girl what we did? We just smashed on the radio She like to ... and keep em locked We just smashed on the radio Just got to

Current 93 - The frolic lyrics

walk towards where the roses once grew I lie back in the ... grass and dream of how it once was The rubbishstrewn ... and rain The children abandoned Mother recalls child in

Annoying Orange - Annoying ways to die lyrics

shell for a meal lose your face and half your peel hop in a ... cannon with no seat belt get put in ... ful of tacks hit in the face whit chainsaw smashed and ... sliced and dicet and slapped on a plate annoying wayis to die

Blood Red Throne - Incardine mangler lyrics

fresh Awaiting the executioner Defaced, skull smashed ... out with a hook Body suspension, blood red angel Dye the ... pavement crimson Limbs ripped apart with

Raised Fist - Tribute lyrics

And it feels like we're smashed beyond recognition Bleak ... sections of thoughts a contrast to my hope This is a ... and narrow walleyes lays upon us with hate You're the

Forbidden - Follow me lyrics

dream Help me fill the demon sea, Take my hand Walk ... follow me You'll be smashed to the ground in the pits of ... had turned to lust, As diamonds turned to rock the dust,

Peter And The Test Tube Babies - There´s a penis on my shoulder lyrics

flash as the windows smashed. There's a penis on my ... his clothes, death is in my face and it's coming my way

Acid Drinkers - Nagasaki baby lyrics

the sun's forgotten them Her face is a fresh wound, honestly it ... s smashed It's strange that she ... s something in you You don't want to show your ashen ... gray hands I won't tell you this, but to who

Green Day lyricsGreen Day - Maria lyrics

with the board of education Turn up the static left of ... the state of the nation Turn up the flame, step on ... She´s a rebel´s forgotten son An export of the revolution

Okkervil River - You can't hold the hand of a rock and roll ma.. lyrics

wait Gassed and trashed and smashed young cads Roasting away on ... anyway) And you're living on air While on the 25th floor, ... up there They'd fan a million bucks before your face Marie

Nuclear - Againsthem lyrics

the hit Stamping by foot on your f***ing brains Your ... posser head is what i'm gonna break!! Your suffering won't be such a grief Your smashed face won't touch my soul

Gabriel Cyphre - Dancing with my heart lyrics

always dreamed about a smashed bitch The time has come it ... I love when she's death on her face Devil pay me to ... You are dying Your life belongs to me I wish you know

Killswitch Engage - Strength of the mind lyrics

of the mind! Looking back on the life that I lived What I ... to remind The reflection staring back from the mirror ... No longer looks like me, like me

The Great Kat - Ultra-dead lyrics

you were dead HA! I'm NOT done with you, yet! I'm going ... Faggot! I want your face chopped up I want your bones ... LINGERING deaths! I won?t be happy until I see you

Marillion - Marbles iii lyrics

racket up into the blue I'd smashed all the greenhouses on the

Golden Earring - Evil love chain lyrics

took my money She stole my car Broke my ... heart And smashed my guitar She slandered my ... name And laughed in my face And on Saturday night She ... She's drivin' me crazy Beyond insane She plays with my

From Our Hands - River flows lyrics

day Another stupid question Where we will go it's not ... we are We have the same connection (waiting for a new ... Up in skies We'll be smashed into pieces Down and out

Pain - Breathing in, breathing out lyrics

I'm living your life I'll control your face smashed against

Beyoncé lyricsBeyoncé - Sandcastles lyrics

t stay, baby Every promise don't work out that way, oh, babe ... Every promise don't work out that way Dishes ... smashed on my counter from our last ... out your name and your face What is it about you that I

Connie Talbot lyricsConnie Talbot - Sandcastles (lemonade) lyrics

t stay, baby Every promise don't work out that way, oh, babe ... Every promise don't work out that way Dishes ... smashed on my counter from our last ... out your name and your face What is it about you that I

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - It ain't nothin' lyrics

used to carry a glock On the waist line Man I don't ... waste time I'm strong on the bass line You'll never ... taste mine See me on the screen F***ers beggin'

After Forever - Ephemeral lyrics

empty gaze reflects the contradiction Alleged strength, ... No more than compassion Ephemeral gatherings ... without interaction Be sincere and announce

Hootie & The Blowfish - Earth stopped cold at dawn lyrics

reason to doubt me Another teardrop ... Can't wait for a friend when loneliness calls Another kiss in ... the basement Pour salt on my tongue No one cries for heros

Anachronaeon - Mary lyrics

God I would not wish for anyone But he chose me because I ... was strong I was his tool to undo wrong I have worked so hard ... I never found innocence beyond their tears I remember it

L.a. Guns - Face down lyrics

but I'm a thief You get down on your knees before me ... hate fills my mind Tension rising, no surrender The ... tender (Yes) Now you're gonna end up face down Now you

Porcupine Tree - Your unpleasant family lyrics

unpleasant family, smashed up my car (perfectly ... I crawled out of the wreckage on my knees) It's alright my ... (there I found regret amongst the trees) Snaps of a

Demons And Wizards - Fiddler on the green lyrics

precious girl she can't be gone How bitter this morning ... runs clear through my mind On the field I can see a fiddler ... The fiddler on the green And a sad boy I

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - A dark passage lyrics

the darkness The light's gone away Deep in his castle he ... All land'll be mine There's one thing for sure The triumph ... is mine You can be sure Don't dare me the mighty one

Shpongle - Room 2ૐ [room 23] lyrics

m feeling very shpongled. Smashed, mashed, completely geschtonkenflapped. To be shpongled ... is to be kippered, mashed, smashed, destroyed. Completely

Jughead's Revenge - For once in my life lyrics

school I never really got along with my teachers It'd be ... easier to be just a clone I'd be better off with ... d be better if you leave me alone I took the rules and I

The Clash lyricsThe Clash - The right profile lyrics

sure look funny. That’s...montgomery clift, honey! New ... and pimps pimp the beat Monty clift is recognized at dawn ... he sure look funny. That’s montgomery clift, honey! I see

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - A face like that lyrics

a face (face face) With a face (face face) With a face (face face) Only this morning ... And so were you With a face like that How couldn't I ... want you With a face like that Why wouldn't I

Capsize - You can't come home the same lyrics

don't want to you to remember My ... name I just want to scream alone and know You all felt the ... to leave Like when I smashed a mirror To watch myself ... & disappear Whether concrete or sheets Just lay me

Iron Fire - The price of blood lyrics

price The price of blood Don't try to hide away cause the ... of blood It's growing stronger every day The bad conscience in his head Never ... for life Now he's the one who's suffering The Devil

Example lyricsExample - Plastic smile lyrics

ve been staring at me for a long while All I'm after is ... ve been staring at me for a long while All I'm after is ... drastic Well you're smile gone far too plastic If you

Antidote - Go pogo lyrics

a pogo so that's what I'm gonna do My jaw feels like it ... s broken because I smashed on the floor I got myself

Atreyu - Clean sheets lyrics

a lot, To a guy who sleeps on the floor, I wanted your ... a bed, To a guy that sleeps on the floor was enough to ... you anymore, So it's back on the floor, 'cause those

Cipher System - Sufferstream lyrics

up Caressed by pain and smashed with a fist of steel On a ... that progress in mind we feed on the

Ben Rector - The feeling lyrics

your hair's a mess, smashed onto one side of your head. ... Yes, the clothes you threw on your way on through the dark, ... keys you find are not the ones that you've been lookin'

The Clash lyricsThe Clash - Play to win lyrics

[Joe:] We British will tear upon the street [Hlas:] (???) ... (???) [Hlas:] (???) I long for the prairie Of the wild ... frontier We got to take it to the

Daughtry - Poker face (lady gaga cover) lyrics

stay with me Luck and intuition play the cards with Spades to ... s been hooked I'll play the one that's on her heart hou, ... No you can't read my poker face Can't read my Can't read

Cannibal Corpse lyricsCannibal Corpse - Living dissection lyrics

from hands, ready to snap bones And necks, pierced ... Body parts crudely sewn, face is smashed to pulp drooling ... remained dead Experimenting on dead tissue, convulsing

Leo Moracchioli - Poker face (lady gaga cover) lyrics

with me Love Game intuition, play the cards with spades ... s been hooked, I'll play the one that's on his heart Oh oh ... my No he can't read my poker face She's got me like nobody

Rednex lyricsRednex - Bottleneck bob 2000 lyrics

And there was Bob with the longest face Bottleneck Bob ... caused a riot The cattle smashed the bank in flakes Just ... scratched his head and wondered Where to put them all

Incubus - Speak free lyrics

and... SPEAK FREE! You smashed glass eyes just to say, ... What you see is a reflection of my choice and what it

Chumbawamba - Isnt it horrible lyrics

I can't look He fell on the ski-jump And he's not ... isn't it horrible? He's all on fire The race she was ... Was picking up speed It smashed on a wave And both drivers

Natalia Kills - Acid annie lyrics

house, I watched you there on the couch. And honey, I saw ... it all, yeah If your wondering why your windows smashed, your shirts are slashed, ... your house is trashed, me. Don't you know that it's me, me ,

Rachel Macwhirter - Falling like the sky lyrics

goes there's a world beyond the wall, but who would ... cross the only line that keeps us safe? ... left at all. The pieces, smashed and scattered, blow back in

Aysenlur - ...and the light is gone lyrics

these moors This fog contains the souls of the dead ... show the anguish in the face of the scent of the death ... Walk with my naked sword on these gloomy grasslands Men

Avantasia - Another angel down lyrics

to enchant them - and a symphony And I have got the power ... it a sin to turn your back on what you re given It's time ... We rock the ball Been smashed to the ground Arose from

Mr. Mister - I wear the face lyrics

I got so tired, so disillusioned with it all Standing at ... for the call I wear the face of change, it never looks the ... same I wear the face of change - my face is

John Lennon lyricsJohn Lennon - I don't wanna face it lyrics

You're looking for oblivion With one Eye on the Hall of ... Fame I don't wanna face it oh no I don't wanna face ... you just can't stand I don't wanna face it oh no I don

Buzzcocks - Morning after lyrics

throwing up Wake up and face the morning after Wake up ... and face the morning after The ... better stop Wake up and face the morning after Wake up ... and face the morning after Wake up

Desert - The unsubdued lyrics

stake Will burn my flesh On final day They will not see ... me smashed My crime is the truth you ... to hide Knowledge is poison for the divine lie God I

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