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Asia - Face on the bridge lyrics

any other day I walked alone, through the old town But ... I meet? Thousands of faces, but there's only one I can ... see A face in the crowd, that's calling

Le Fly - Face on the cover lyrics

ab sind auf dem Weg zum Thron Das hier ist Rock n Roll ... kein Fachjargon Hier kommt die Feierabend ... ich betäk dein Hintern Face on the cover, you’re my faith

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Face on the cutting room floor lyrics

s history No one would give her a star on the ... I seen her before? She's the face on the cutting room floor ... up the room when she stepped on the stage Came to la for

School Of Seven Bells - Face to face on high places lyrics

winters gone in a blur of sleepless ... came I woke from many sleeps One day I'll tell you what you

Cannibal Corpse lyricsCannibal Corpse - Hammer smashed face lyrics

the anger, held back too long My blood runs cold ... to torture As it pounds down on your forehead Eyes bulging ... lecherous abcess, where you once had a head Avoiding

The Blood Brothers - Set fire to the face on fire lyrics

m trapped inside this motel 6 on fire, fire, fire those young ... in the air make a million millionaires set fire to the ... ships on fire! set fire to the hips on fire! constellations

Dead Infection - Don't turn his crushed face on me lyrics

and their 2-years-old son were still asleep. 10 ... and saw people gather in front of here house. She ran ... She looked at a man lying on the street. At hids clothes,

Q Da Kid - On a mission lyrics

me to fail Expect me to lose don't expect me to sell Well hell ... ungrateful dudes They see me on tv makin moves I been there ... done that Got rich in one month ya dumb stacks I done been

Creeper - Vcr lyrics

Heartlessly I hope, that I don't meet you in the morning, ... that i don't see you out tonight. That by the time i ... hear 'Rumours' (Fleetwood) I don't think of you at all.

Sloppy Seconds - Smashed again lyrics

at my favorite bar Got so smashed I couldn't drive my car Got ... the phone and called me a cab Got ... to go, no cash to spend Don't know why I'm smashed again.

Blossoms - Smashed pianos lyrics

I do I might be over you soon I wish I didn't care like ... I do Can you send me someone new soon? Let's think it ... But I can't switch off and on like you, I think it's

The 69 Eyes - Smashed'n'trashed lyrics

your cherry Go star-gazin' on yer back To crack a Judy's ... give you a little upshot Doncha say your mama's comin' ... I may be too upside down On your dead-end street But

Primal Fear - Face the emptiness lyrics

over, It's finished, it is done The dream that you had Has ... in the haze Standing in front Of the ruin you've built up ... Shocked to the bones And smashed down [Bridge:] When

Forefather - Smashed by fate lyrics

towers of stone, smashed by fate The giants' craft ... declines, undermined by age Once shining and strong with ... celebration of men Until the mighty one ... war, the times of affliction came Their shining realms in

James Labrie - Smashed lyrics

weak Not sure I can go on Please take me far There's ... I can give All I had is gone Buildings fell Stealing ... A way of life Guess we don't fit Fit their plans

Silverstein - Smashed into pieces lyrics

what you took out. No, I won't let it go. Douse myself in ... gasoline!! So Don't save me when you come into

Kurupt - On onsite lyrics

[Verse 1-Kurupt] Milli monotone, cyclone Stallone Marone chaperone shiny chrome Capone Smashin in a 80 two brand ... and drown the whale Pronounce, denounce, stripped in

Korsakoff - Face to face feat dj outblast lyrics

To Face Feat DJ Outblast Face To Face Feat DJ Outblast Face ... To Face Feat DJ Outblast Face To Face Feat DJ Outblast Face ... To Face Feat DJ Outblast Face To Face Feat DJ Outblast Face

Alabama - Face to face lyrics

in your embrace and love me face to face face to face heart ... tangle feelings lovers face to face I'll caress your ... your waist and love you face to face face to face heart

Atb - Face to face (rudee remix) lyrics

the days when we used to be Face to face Face to face ... technology cannot replace Face to face Face to face If I ... grace If I call your name Face to face Face to face Oh

The Black Ghosts - Face lyrics

Don't look now) Cause it is ... you, it is coming for you (Don't slow down) It is around ... around the corner (Don't hold back) You got to give ... got to give what you got (Don't slow down) You got to face

Dizzee Rascal - Face ft caramel lyrics

talk about over-excited brehs on the road, Who brake all ... street honourary codes, Can't get a ... reflected glory, Living off face Said he knows slimzee

Eternal Reign - Face to face lyrics

we are again - eye to eye, face to face Leave the door, we ... cover, just the two of us...alone PRE-CHORUS: You say ... “Nothing’s gonna last forever!“ But I can’t

Garth Brooks lyricsGarth Brooks - Face to face lyrics

in the school yard Waited on you every day Seemed like ... floor But then you stood up one day knowin' You couldn't ... clenched in rage You were face to face Face to face with

Gary Barlow - Face to face lyrics

leader and a shoulder to cry on That’s what you are to me ... Everyone around can see yeah When ... we’re face to face oh I When the music plays

Kataklysm - Face the face of war lyrics

the scars To feel destruction Inside this worlds addiction ... dance for the new generation Beloved ones, virgins of war ... of sufferance Forever, face the face of war Forever, we

Ross Lynch - Face 2 face ft. debby ryan lyrics

] We should write a new song [Jessie:] Maybe they'll ... play it on the radio [Austin:] When ... another day [Austin:] Don't forget your guitar

2unlimited - Face to face lyrics

to face and eye to eye Face to face and eye to eye Face ... to face and eye to eye Face to face and eye to eye ... from the tree, fall down on the floor Life comes and

Foreigner - Face to face lyrics

never talk to one another We just disagree I ... m the one who runs for cover And you ... turn your back on me They say nothing's gonna last forever But some

Horse The Band - Face of bear lyrics

becomes ravenous hibernation never waits soon the silent ... through dead leaves DON'T FEED THE BEARS OR THE ... BEARS WILL FEED ON YOU all the forest fauna

Jack Strify - Face to face lyrics

a treasure Let's stay face to face Let's dance face to face Don't you hide your devotion Making love in slow motion ... Put your hands on the wheel Lie to me Tell me

L.a. Guns - Face down lyrics

but I'm a thief You get down on your knees before me ... hate fills my mind Tension rising, no surrender The ... tender (Yes) Now you're gonna end up face down Now you

Mandisa - Face 2 face lyrics

Heaven And some days, I wonder what it’s gonna be like ... sin is just a memory ‘Cause one day I’ll get to look You in ... enough to feel Your heart Face 2 face Face 2 face With You

Nf lyricsNf - Face it lyrics

Yes I know that I'm the only person, That can change me ... t changing. I got too much on my mind. I guess I don't ... know how to face it. I just don't know how

Protector - Face fear lyrics

all the fears Which were long forgotten Time of enemies ... Feel Agony I can't face fear! Not now! Not ... Still Feeling hope Face Fear Face Fear Face Fear

Quiet Riot - Face to face lyrics

Anytime, day or night But I won't put up with no runnin' ... You stay at home... All alone - And don't you talk on the ... phone You're comin' face to face with the guy that's gonna knock you dead Face to face with the guy that's gonna

Lionel Richie - Face in the crowd lyrics

m just a face in the crowd You probably don't know me as I don't stand ... And when you're cold and lonely They are not my arms you ... long to feel around you To keep

Nf lyricsNf - Face it lyrics

Yes I know that I'm the only person, That can change me ... t changing. I got too much on my mind. I guess I don't ... know how to face it. I just don't know how

Ark Storm - Face the evil master lyrics

all the power over the nations Thought they were the gist ... of the world They once believed all of the stars ... trust Chase the treasure, face the evil master Chase the

Joseph Arthur - Face in the crowd lyrics

it is. Until you put up a front, Which goes something like ... this: You want everyone to look at you until no one ... looks away, Everyone to look at you now they want

Atb - Face to face lyrics

the days when we used to be Face to face - face to face ... . technology cannot replace Face to face ... face to face ... If I call your name .... face to

Audiovision - Face to face lyrics

free from this evil spell Face to Face With my enemies Face to Face Looking in their ... eyes Face to Face Caught between two worlds ... So evil to a boy like me? One day you'll pay The price

Cris Cab - Face to face lyrics

s slowly ticking as I keep on standing by Baby, if our ... a lot of people in a trance tonight Playing naughty games ... give you a sign Yeah, I'm gonna take you to another place

Dean Martin - Face the music lyrics

chorus) Face the music you've got hope ... (chorus) Face it face it and you'll chase it far ... away (chorus) Come face the music and make your worry ... they start to play (chorus) Face the music play the music

Michael Hedges - Face yourself lyrics

or never Face yourself No one else will do Face your ... weakness Face your pest Let your scars ... through It's now or never Don't look back Just say you're

Emerald - Face of evil lyrics

a nice guy it seems No one knows of his sick fantasies ... see All his pictures stored on PC The devil hides his face Living in disgrace He works ... his wife commits adultery Face of Evil Veiled by a mask Face of Evil You'll be revealed one day The devil hides

Fates Warning - Face the fear lyrics

to let go and i know i'm wrong but i think i'm right so i ... to hear and hide in my opinions afraid to face my fear face the fear there you are ... to let go and you think you won't but you know you might so

Finley Quaye - Face to face lyrics

are only scratching the surface There is a time and a place ... for Confrontation Since we got together Since ... I found the key Heavenly conversation I can't make it alone And when I'm with you I

Girlicious - Face the light lyrics

it steady, steady rockin' Don't take your hands off my ... to press rewind, just love me one more time Don't hesitate, ... trying to fake the funk Don't try and act like you don't

John Hiatt - Face the nation lyrics

sound I'm hearing? Chainsaws on bone and gristle Carving out ... will not be disheartened I won't be disenchanted Even ... though the news is slanted Face the nation Face the nation Face the nation I see you

Hocico - Face to face lyrics

is hunting you When you're gonna realize It drives you ... finally to feel Aversion of the skin. Distorting ... want me to stop I'll keep on being. I can't change my

Rick Ross - "face" lyrics

Trina] I f*** em once I f*** em twice I f*** em 3 ... you wanna win Im gettin face [8x] [Trina] 9 times ... my yellow chang Im gettin face [8x] [Rick Ross] Sellin

Reba Mcentire - Face to face lyrics

you don't have blue eyes. I expected ... you would be. And you don't have long hair. I thought ... you'd have long hair. So this is all a ... I know I meant to. There'd only be one of us left when we

Orpheus Omega - Face of vengeance lyrics

to rid the smile off your face, Take the time, to ponder ... makes it plain to see, My face of vengeance, And when you ... smile, then you will see, My face of vengeance Now, look

Papa Roach lyricsPapa Roach - Face everything and rise lyrics

everything and rise Face everything and rise The ... like a knife I will face everything and rise Never gonna quit until I die Angels ... and learn to fly I will face everything and rise The

Prince - Face down lyrics

U know what he's sayin'' Face down! Somebody once told ... that a bitch' Thinkin' all along that he wanted 2 be rich ... of all evil and he still don't 2 this day, huh Bury him face down, let the motherf***ers

David Krumpholz - Face of an angel monster lyrics

Krumpholz - Face Of An Angel Monster I did not come tonight ... operation whenever it is night feels ... a big man while it is a monster man. Is lonely and

Adrian Belew - Face to face lyrics

what it's like when we meet face to face And to know what ... it's like when we meet face to face Is it a beginning, a ... continuing toward the end) is

Ancient Dome - Face the facts lyrics

a world that’s not yours Prisoner of ancient thorns Face ... The Facts!!! Don’t let the truth withdraw from ... reality Face The Facts!!! Never abandon

Beady Eye - Face the crowd lyrics

to face the people, take a gamble ... of my hands, out of my hands tonight Time to smash the mirror ... of my hands, out of my hands tonight Turn your eyes to me,

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