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Miracle Of Sound - The ballad of clay carmine - gears of war 3 s.. lyrics

. Welcome to Delta, boys! The first rule of the Cog is... ... struggle Raised with my brothers three As I boy I learned ... hold a gun now I was out on the killing fields Fightin in a

Chinchilla - The almighty power lyrics

are the remnants from a gold ... distorted society The ones who feed of the scraps ... from the greedy They crushed and brought us the ... manage to exist Like the cog wheels of the eternal damned

I The Mighty - The hound and the fox lyrics

sleep for the sick! Been stayin' up too ... late... Draining out the chemicals, trying not to make ... mistakes. Little do they know that any given day, I ... ll expose all their hypocrisies... Express my

I The Mighty - The hound and the fox (album version) lyrics

sleep for the sick! Been stayin' up too ... late... Draining out the chemicals, trying not to make ... mistakes. Little do they know that any given day, I ... ll expose all their hypocrisies... Express my

Elbow lyricsElbow - The take off and landing of everything lyrics

have the time-worn shimmer of ... new number on you You kiss the wrist of the hand that has ... all into your hair You close the blinds and doors behind me ... and clear all obstacles on the stair You are an open book

Nine Inch Nails lyricsNine Inch Nails - Slipping away lyrics

keep slipping away I keep slipping away I keep slipping I ... keep slipping I keep slipping away Myself keeps slipping ... away Myself keeps slipping away Myself keeps slipping

Jaya The Cat - Cog in the wheel lyrics

a dying star, passing the time in factories and bars ... lights flicker up and down the blocks harvested minds, no ... independent thoughts and the cold rain falls on the land

Rick Astley - Slipping away lyrics

can feel your love slipping away Draining from my heart ... day I can feel your love slipping away Draining from my heart ... love affair I can only tell them lies When they ask me where

Sum 41 lyricsSum 41 - Slipping away lyrics

(and I don´t know why) I´m slipping away (and I don´t know why) ... finding it harder to get by There´s a hole in my heart And I

Dave Edmunds - Slipping away lyrics

can feel you slipping away from me A little bit ... further now every day I'm holding ... want it to be Oh, you're slipping away Oh, you're slipping ... road You never talk to me the way you did before You

Lyzanxia - Cog lyrics

a humanoid robot, represents the world Without being crammed ... abstracted mathematics symbols Programmed by ... Confrontation With the true life, Intelligence In

Crown The Empire - Bloodline lyrics

this time just giving up. The revolution's starting, Why ... to prove yourself. So let the battle begin. We're not the ... we're ready to go. So at the end of the world. Let's let

Greyson Chance - Slipping away lyrics

you Goin through this and there's nothing that I can do and ... on to 'Cause you keep slipping away, a little bit more ... m Running in place you keep slipping away away just when I get you

Toby Lightman - Slipping lyrics

m tripping For your love I'm slipping With your love I'm drifting

Barcelona - Slipping away lyrics

in my door You love it when there's blood on your tongue and ... on my throat and my head on the floor You're taking what you ... here for So this is how I'm slipping away Yea this is how you

Black Sabbath lyricsBlack Sabbath - Slipping away lyrics

eyes and I'll be gone Turn the page, yeah, time to start another story Slipping away, slipping away, time to move along No ... reason to stay Oh, when I'm slipping away Take a look at

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Slipping away lyrics

it's just another dream That's slipping away ... we're apart Yeah and it's slipping away Here comes just another ... It's dying away First the sun and then the moon One of

Moby lyricsMoby - Slipping away lyrics

that we needed was right The treshold is breaking tonight ... happy and sad Seeing the good when it's all going bad ... Seeing the sun when I can't really see

Dope - Slipping away lyrics

I'm trying hard to do the things it takes to be a man ... Life's slipping away from me It's not the ... word you say Life's slipping away from me It's not the

John Lennon lyricsJohn Lennon - Slipping and sliding lyrics

Slippin' and slidin', peepin' and hidin', been told a long time ago Slippin' and slidin', peepin' and hidin', been told a long time ago I been tol...

Abba lyricsAbba - Slipping through my fingers lyrics

in hand she leaves home in the early morning Waving goodbye ... have to sit down for a while The feeling that I'm losing her ... That funny little girl Slipping through my fingers all the

Amanda Seyfried - Slipping through my fingers lyrics

in hand, she leaves home in the early morning, Waving ... to sit down for a while, The feeling that I'm losing her ... That funny little girl. Slipping through my fingers all the

Hawthorne Heights - The judgment day lyrics

hallow, and shallow All the cowards sat in silence It’s ... that nobody wants I’m the one asking questions here ... About all the devils and tyrants I hope

Jackson 5 - The mirrors of my mind lyrics

hour glass of time Fitting the mirrors of my mind ... Traveling through the mirrors of my mind I see ... do I hold on to yesterday? Slipping though hour glass of time

A Perfect Circle - The noose lyrics

glad to see you have overcome them. Completely silent now ... about Making your amends to the dead To the dead Recall the deeds as if They're all ... your neck and tug you to the ground But I'm more than

Jon Oliva's Pain - Slipping away lyrics

burn, the lessons learned Often slip the mind Complicate the life we ... And all that we have is slipping away Set apart a timeless ... Visions twisting through the night Are shadows we now see

Neil Patrick Harris - Slipping lyrics

at these People Amazing how sheeple ... Show up for the slaughter No one ... up like lemmings You lead to the water Why can’t they see ... what I see Why can’t they hear the lies Maybe the

One Less Reason - The distance lyrics

here and now, from yesterday The lies that it took, to keep ... when I found you, you were slipping away So I had to do whats ... and found my way Back to the place, I started with you

Brother Beyond - The harder i try lyrics

You give me such a runaround The more that I see you The more ... 'Till I make you mine The harder I try The further ... away from me it's slipping I go on trying to make you

The National - Slipping husband lyrics

quot;Slipping Husband" Sit down ... We don't wanna hear about The things you never did You ... a legend But you became a father That's what you are today

Raised Fist - Slipping into coma lyrics

Everyday we come closer to the end by bursting out in ... rivalry. The tension, anger and anxiety ... agree? When we look up in the sky, Standing on our knees

Overkill - The green and black lyrics

pack Bloodstains and scars the badges of the green and black ... t get here and you can't get there Once you're gone, you're ... never going back The green and black Filthy,

Cold Driven - Slipping away lyrics

within and you’re suffering The clock keeps winding and in ... finding That it’s all on the line and it’s slipping away ... It’s all on the line and it’s slipping away

The Decemberists - The gymnast, high above the ground lyrics

gymnast, high above the ground, Limbers up and ... splayed and all tied. The gymnast long has arrived. ... long has arrived. Through the tarlatan holes You've been slipping, been slipping away And the

Nofx - It ain't lonely at the bottom lyrics

me So many things to do There's so many things to see I ... m lookin' up at The Upper Crusties I know they ... please It may be lonely at the top But for those of us who

Misery Index - The spectator lyrics

at yourself, a corporation cog with a head No original ... you were young, you took on the world, remember how you'd ... never comes in sight Til they close the coffin door

Smashing Pumpkins - The everlasting gaze lyrics

my head forever waiting on the ways of your desire you ... i'm not dead found below, the creatures scream ... know i'm not dead i'm just the tears inside your head

Aesop Rock - The yes and the y'all lyrics

begun (Water won) I wrote the book that shook America to ... I'm a jigsaw slab, but all the pig saw was dirt bag It's ... bombing on your sequels To the Riverside Park Tunnel people

Bangtan Boys - The stars lyrics

run, like a running machine The scenery of this city won’t ... become, as I become serious The gear/cog wheel rewinds and ... BUT, EVER NEVER GIVE UP the life is a big seesaw There

Magnetic Man - The bug lyrics

in the garden of false opportunity ... I am the bug in this global community ... with total impunity I am the bug in this global community ... degradation and lunacy I am the bug in this global community

Altar Of Oblivion - The graveyard of broken dreams lyrics

back beneath the grave hate Heading for the ... Searching for clarity In the graveyard of broken dreams ... life for yet a fire Enjoying the fruits of the reap The

Pain - The third wave lyrics

than anyone But what they didn't know was that someone ... else would have control The mob starts infiltrating, at ... gunpoint they will roam They show no mercy and the

Inkubus Sukkubus - The endless night lyrics

Hope and devotion Now we are slipping Into the endless night ... come what may We will be together You had always been my ... love We were childhood sweethearts Life had blessed us from

Gothica - The land under the waves lyrics

anything, Cast myself in the void, The wave, slipping ... fast into it, Slipping and then maybe living again In a ... meadow where there are Serene people around..

Sights & Sounds - The only time lyrics

and I could read between the lines My heart is racing, ... out of line? I'm jumping at the drop of a dime I have never ... wanted this before but it's the only time That I ever wanted

Fallen Horizon - The victim lyrics

turn back time, I'll rip the smile right off your face. ... show me how to pray. Against the wall I stand. The red line ... is slipping away. Time won't heal a

Minus The Bear - The pig war lyrics

Like I've never been to the San Juans Can we go soon? ... If we leave now we can catch the last boat out And that's the ... Under pin pricked lights The wind on the boat's deck is a

Lil Kim - Slipping lyrics

Now don't you know that they want to, catch you Slippin ... no protection Lead you in the wrong direction Every nigga ... t let 'em catch you slippin) They wanna catch you slippin (you

Eternal Oath - The funeral winds lyrics

harmony bleeds Stabbed by the daggers of death, wind ... wings, infecting my dreams The sand of time slipping through ... hands I tried to hold on to the last of the grains There's

Everclear - The good witch of the north lyrics

pull me down To the floor Of our apartment A ... our carpet burns I like the way that it glows outside ... As the room gets darker How I ... could stay like this While the rest of the world turns There has never been a time When

Cheryl Cole - The flood lyrics

the lights out, in the light house, I saw you ... coming, Felt the ship wreck Saw the wreckage ... when i saw your reflection in the sand, Wondering where you

Annihilator - The nightmare factory lyrics

Something's happening to me Slipping, failing, demon's calling ... broken railing Tumbling off the wall you're scaling Skin is ... Guilty pleasure, daedly weather Terrified to be together

Lake Of Tears - The greymen lyrics

What a dark old way to stay the same As it enters through ... close your eyes and feel them turn it grey Oh, heart of ... borne, now you wander there alone Down that way where

16 Volt - The dreams that rot in your heart lyrics

in transparent dreams The way to the end is the means ... s kinda sad how you just sit there trying to find words to say ... everything And now you're slipping away And no one cares what

Akercocke - The promise lyrics

are fairer in beauty Than other daughters of man Recognise ... faith in sex and death Rather than the wisdom of the ... no pity for those Mired in the prophet delusion Content to

Another Messiah - The queen bee lyrics

back You come and find me there I feel I tried I tried so ... it back to you I feel my life slipping away There’s no ... more hope for me And through the years decline The pain should

Ashes Of Ares - The answer lyrics

But her grains of sand are slipping Through your hands Every ... face You're holding on for the ones Your heart embrace ... away... fly away And find the answer Life will never be the same What you've given us

Michael Gira - The rose of los angeles lyrics

Now wrapped within her wires The Rose of Los Angeles Now ... breathing through her mask The reasons long aborted Inside ... contorted Now reaching for the past Now gone Now gone Now

Pantheist - The loss of innocence lyrics

of loss and regret engrave their ugly features on your skin ... And you feel your purity slipping from your hands When ... gradually you see the years you’ve lived turn into

Astralion - The oracle lyrics

She fills me with song I'm slipping into a dream wide awake ... Were they good dreams What did you ... and words Sworn secrecy The seven faces of god are

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