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Reba Mcentire - Ring on her finger, time on her hands lyrics

stood before God, my family and friends And vowed that I'd ... never love anyone else again Only him As pure as my gown ... of white I stood by his side And promised that I'd love him

Lee Greenwood - Ring on her finger, time on her hands lyrics

stood before God, her family & friends & vowed that ... she'd never love anyone else again, only me As pure as her ... white, she stood by my side & promised that she'd love

Savoy Brown - She's got a ring in his nose and a ring on he.. lyrics

it aint somethin that i like to see And i hope it ... never happens to me When ya see a smiling woman and a ... frowning man She got a ring in his nose and a ring on her

Cowboy Junkies - Ring on the sill lyrics

placed her ring on the sill, dishes piled high ... She's on the front porch step and the air ... of the siege to come and how she'll miss those ... weekends in the park with the sun on her face and her book by her side and that lingering taste that he

Kix - Nice on ice lyrics

it a tender love, is it secure Is ... he a rich boy, or is he poor Don't see no diamond ring on her hand Is he a stray cat, is he a man Is it sour, is it sweet Can

Ben Kweller - On her own lyrics

Old Alexandra Left her man last night Off to Louisiana ... New Orleans in sight Her determination went right down ... to her bone She is gonna make it on her own yea Always

Duncan Sheik - On her mind lyrics

s wearing the t-shirt Of a band I really like Maybe it's ... coincidence Maybe it's alright I keep thinking about the way She said, &quot ... I'll see you soon" Was it more than words? I'm

Pretty Boy Floyd - Good girl gone bad lyrics

left her home for California, Signed, sealed and ... delivered, Never coming back again, Never said you were ... going, Now she wants to be a star, A model or an actress,

Gary Allan - Ring lyrics

remember the smile on her face When I put you on her ... finger I felt the love in her sweet embrace And all the happiness you brought her I ... still see it all in my mind The way she

Gorilla Zoe - Nobody gotta know lyrics

Intro] Yeah, this ya boy JC and i got my homeboy ... Gorilla Zoe with me (yeah) Ey homey, you better come ... look for a girl I think she choosin' ... hehehe) [Verse 1 - JC] Walked in the spot, first thing

Scotty Mccreery - Write your number on my hand lyrics

climbed up an oak tree and done a back-flip The river ... bikini sittin’ pretty on her hips So we shared a Coca ... Cola sittin’ on a log And I was wantin’ to kiss her

Javier Colon - Daddy thing lyrics

usually If there's a car seat Up in the back seat Or a ... tiny shoe swinging from the rear view mirror A ring on her hand I could never be her man ... But we got so close Blew all my dough in the Baby Gap

Simple Minds - Real life lyrics

came from Washington with long golden hair Twenty eight ... dollars in a fake silk purse and a leather skirt to wear Shane came from Dublin town from ... ticket in to JFK in the land of his dreams Street life

Black 47 - Her dear old donegal lyrics

that she's so far away from her dear old hills of Donegal I ... wonder does she ever think of me at all On that wet Monday I ... drove her down to Shannon We drank brandy and kissed

George Jones - Ol' frank lyrics

was just seventeen but see was all woman When ol' Frank ... slipped the ring on her hand My God he was wealthy, ... owned half of the county But he'd ... never sixty again. After ten years of heaven and long nights of love His old heart couldn't keep up the pace

Chapman Curtis Steve - Cinderella lyrics

spins and she sways To whatever song plays Without a care in the world And I'm ... sitting here wearing The weight of the world on ... my shoulders It's been a long day And there's still work

Groove Coverage - She lyrics

hangs out every day near by the beach Havin’ a ... HEINEKEN fallin’ asleep She looks so sexy when ... she’s walking the sand Nobody ever put a ring on her hand Swim to the oceanshore fish in the sea She is

Cardi B lyricsCardi B - Ring (ft. kehlani) lyrics

ooh Ring, ring, ring, ring You don't hit my line no ... more, oh, oh You don't make it ring, ring, ring, ring ... I can't keep this on the low I want you to make

Hall And Oates - So close lyrics

met on the dance floor in the old high ... school gym He fell like a rock She kinda liked him And his heart beat like thunder ... floor But when the music was over she slipped out the

Hall & Oates - So close (unplugged) lyrics

Hall, Green) ------------- They ... met on the dance floor in the old high ... school gym He fell like a rock She kinda liked him And ... his heart beat like thunder as they moved cross the floor

Jethro Tull - Ring out solstice bells lyrics

is the solstice of the year. winter is the glad song that you hear. Seven maids move ... in seven time. Have the lads up ready in a line. Ring ... out these bells. Ring out, ring solstice bells. Ring

Day26 - Imma put it on her lyrics

Yung Joc:] Yeah boy, bad boy It's a know brand right ... here Day26, when this one right here come All the ladies gonna rush to the dance ... floor, please believe Throw them deuces

Kevin Mccall - Tip her lyrics

see it like this man you tip the strippers the waiter hmm but you got all that at home she cook she clean she ... you need shit you should tip her You would think I fell in

Soundgarden lyricsSoundgarden - Hand of god lyrics

if this evening We should stand there with all other of God ... s Creatures on the curbstone and watch this March of time. ... Let us take our stand with them And as we stand

Autumn - Who has seen her wave her hand lyrics

by the river where the old willows bow Marked ... by time, their branches hanging low There where the aspens stand and hide Witness ... stories, day and night Along these trees, a river runs

Skylark - A rose in her hand lyrics

me: nothing left for me to say While the World around me ... seems to fade away. Help me: nothing left for ... live for While I see nothing around me, nothing but despair.

Ne-yo - Carry on (her letter to him) lyrics

Carry on, carry on Ye, I Said, woooh ooh ... So you found another bed you'd rather sleep in tonight, Ye, I Said woooh ooh, ... So I got to lose for what you think is a win tonight,

The Clipse - Ma, i don't love her (ft. pharrell & faith ev.. lyrics

wanna love you girl Just wanna love you girl Please let me ... love you girl Just wanna love you girl C'mon, I wanna ... love you girl Just wanna love you girl Let me love

The Faces - On the beach lyrics

don't care who's watching Don't mind what the surfing heads ... might say Although I may not be no Charlie Atlas I'm ... gonna take my shirt off anyway Now skin and bones sinks

Rare Bird - Her darkest hour lyrics

sit in her dark room She knows you're there but only by the sounds you make And through her lonely day ... Nobody ever turns a smile away Maybe it's time for her

Abyssaria - Her painful dreams of suicide lyrics

night she dreams the same Haunted by a shadow again and again Captured and lost in a giant mace There is no way to ... flee She begs not to fall asleep And she prays to god to

Pistol Annies - Hell on heels lyrics

m hell on heels say what you will I done made the ... devil a deal, He made me pretty, He made me smart ... and I'm gonna break me a million hearts, I'm hell on

Sister C - Hell on heels lyrics

m hell on heels say what you will I done made the ... devil a deal, He made me pretty, He made me smart ... and I'm gonna break me a million hearts, I'm hell on

Ancient Ceremony - Black roses on her grave (desdemona's secret) lyrics

Requiem to the most ardent witnessed Beauty Bloody ... Baroness, Thine is my Heart eternally! Destiny led us ... together Destiny took Thee away, oh Phantom of my Dreams

Kenny Chesney - On the coast of somewhere beautiful lyrics

knew i could never hold that girl she was born to see ... the world all i got is a picture she mailed me barefoot in the snowwhite sand ... bag of seashells in her hand she finally found a paradise it seems *chorus* on

The Kills - Hand lyrics

called her yesterday and she told me ummm that uhh ... Well, she was just talking me about the weather man ... on television And I'd thought you'd be ... interested in knowing about this It's pretty

Bullet For My Valentine - Hand of blood lyrics

There goes my Valentine again Soaked in red for what ... she said And now she's gone! Oh my God have I done ... it again? There's a voice and it's deafening I can't

George Jones - On the other hand lyrics

one hand I count the reasons I could stay with you And ... hold you close to me, all night long So many lover's ... games I'd love to play with you On that hand there

Eli Young Band - On my way lyrics

light traffic standing still Keeping me from ... you Tough days always in this town but this one ... will soon be through Cause right around the bend on ... the porch there by the drive There's an angel out there waiting

Ex Libris - On the ocean's command lyrics

sail! Mother Ocean, come command us! We all hail your ... golden horizon From tides and storms you shall defend us ... Oh Mother Ocean, carry me on thy waves away, I ask Stand

Marques Houston - Pullin' on her hair lyrics

on her, pullin', pullin' on her hair Pullin' on her, pullin' ... , pullin' on her hair Pullin' on her, pullin', ... pullin' on her hair I love it when she wear her hair down to her shoulders And she know if she come over

The Cab - Her love is my religion lyrics

said her love is my religion, is my religion, is my religion, is my religion Some have ... them Bibles, and some go to church Well I ... found my heaven, inside of her We all need something to

K. Michelle - Hate on her lyrics

Verse] There's a smile without a home There's ... a heart that can't beat no more How could she be ... the one you want When I'm giving you so ... much In this house we made are own You have torn it down

Oren Lavie - Her morning elegance lyrics

been down for days A pretty flower in a vase A ... slipper by the fireplace A cello lying in its case Soon she's down the stairs Her ... morning elegance she wears The sound of water makes her dream Awoken by a cloud of

Tracy Lawrence - Sawdust on her halo lyrics

week long, she loves to stay at home and hold me She hangs her buckle in the closet, Keeps her boots up on the shelf Heaven ... knows the good Lord sent me an angel..ooh But every Saturday night, she wants to raise a

Bruno Mars lyricsBruno Mars - Her world goes on ( ft. david guetta) lyrics

m traveling without her somewhere far away I keep thinking about her but I know I can't stay She haunts me like a nightmare her image is everywhere

Chris Norman - Trouble on her mind lyrics

wakes up, she takes a bath she goesn't hurry though ... he doesn't call, she has to laugh tries not to worry so it ... musn't show But can't you see sh's got trouble on her mind. She takes the

Roxette lyricsRoxette - Better off on her own lyrics

girl came home to me, just the other ... day, acting okay. I was reading alone in my favourite ... room, the TV was on. May i be excused for not telling ... the truth? 'Cause she's gone. She said she's better off on her own. She turned her head

Short Stack - Short stack rain on her parade lyrics

this love has got me feeling alive But alive is just a ... letter without life And a letter that could do us no ... better set in stone remember me forever, forever

Snow White's Poison Bite - She's a trendy designer on her wrists lyrics

on! Theres nothing nothing baby For second place There's ... no way that she's in last place Dont go to the bathroom ... Wait baby, baby This is why.... Bring

Messy Marv - Cheat on her lyrics

U make me wanna cheat on u) [x2] [Messy Marv:] I ... pulled up on her with da ice cream [? ] Nd It like ... she want it I'll give her a scoop Yo I don lie to my

George Strait - Every time you throw dirt on her lyrics

you think it's fun To laugh at her expense And point out ... each mistake she makes I front of all your friends You ... figure she'll let it go by Cause she loves you so But,

Courtney Parker - Her last words lyrics

an average girl She always wore a smile She was ... cheerful and happy for a short while Now she's ... older, things are getting colder Life's not ... what she though, she wishes someone had told her She told you

Dorotea Mele - Lovely on my hand lyrics

the windows of my mind I catch the breeze again Tried ... to find my play Tried to leave the game but then again I ... how I used to do Time lays up the darker sides behind

Infernal Torment - On the hunt for flesh flesh lyrics

the hunt for fresh flesh Searching like a madman In some ... f***in alley I found the perfact glut I saw her standing ... there under the red lights Broad

Alan Jackson - Her life's a song lyrics

loves the music, tells the tales of her heart And she ... listens closely to the beats and the parts She likes the songs that make her cry And ones that pick her up and make her high. She likes the hip

Juelz Santana - Her, him and me lyrics

Lil' Wayne talking:] What's up It's me Yep, uhm I ... ve had plenty episodes with various women, but it's just ... this one I must tell you about... [Verse: Lil' Wayne]

Kirko Bangz - Trippin on her lyrics

Verse 1] Shit, I've been a player I ain't ever had a girl ... before And there ain't ever been a time where I ... Thinking like "Should I call less or call more?" And "What if I ain't really got nothing to call for?

Mamas And The Papas, The - No salt on her tail lyrics

in my arms, but on my mind - Yes, on my mind, ... but not in my arms. Time passes by And I watch her fly ... - Yes, I watch her fly, And time passes by. Though

Bruno  Mars lyricsBruno Mars - Her world goes on ( ft. david guetta) lyrics

m traveling without her somewhere far away I keep thinking about her but I know I can't stay She haunts me like a nightmare her image is everywhere

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