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Billy Joel - Sleeping with the television on lyrics

ve been watching you waltz all night Diane Nobody's found a way behind your defenses They never notice the zap gun in your hand Until you're pointing it and stunning their senses All night long, all night long You'll shoot 'em down because you'

Mcbusted - Sleeping with the light on lyrics

she came, with her picture, Put it in a frame, so I won't miss her, Got on a plane, from London; Heathrow, It seems such a shame, yea... I feel her. Slipping through my fingers, Now she's gone, I'm sleeping with the light on, And sharks swim through my veins now, that sh

Busted - Sleeping with the light on lyrics

she came, with her picture, Put it in a frame, so I won't miss her, Got on a plane, from London; Heathrow, It seems such a shame, yea.. [Chorus] I feel her. Slipping through my fingers, Now she's gone, I'm sleeping with the light on, And sharks swi

Justin Robinett & Michael Henry - Sleeping with the light on lyrics

You're the mystery I just can't find You're the history hidden in between the lines You know how you are with me But I wish that you could only see Cause I can...

Jessica Sanchez - The longest time (billy joel) lyrics

oh, oh For the longest time Oh, oh, oh For the longest time If you said goodbye to me tonight There would still be music left to write What else could I do I'm so inspired by you That hasn't happened for the longest time Once I thought my in

Jethro Tull - Sleeping with the dog lyrics

love is like a candle: you light it up at night. Her heart is like a pack of cards: one chance to guess it right. Sometimes I do. She's got a tongue like a viper, but she can whisper like a dove. Soft touch like brushed velvet: till she hits you from ab

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - Sleeping with the enemy lyrics

Bonus Track] I don't think you know that I hear you That you've been talking in your sleep You've been saying crazy things yeah As it all unfolds I get a clear view Of what you've been doing to me You've been lying through you're teeth And it makes me want

Elton John lyricsElton John - Sleeping with the past lyrics

a thief he's come, like a thief he's gone He's stolen your tears one by one You're proud to love him, it's a foolish sign You're a broken heart at the scene of the crime And the night drags on, and the fever burns Come to your senses, everybody learns You sleep in sw

Reba Mcentire - Sleeping with the telephone (ft. faith hill) lyrics

knew who he was When I took his name But some how no one Is just not the same at night He knows the danger But he does what he does He calls it duty But I call it love So here I am While he's gone To some foreign land And I cry Because I'

Paddy And The Rats - Sleeping with the winter lyrics

sleeping with the winter til’ you come Spend another day without the sun Waiting for the ray of your eyes Only you can tame my wild heart If I rage it’s heavy and hard Only your words can calm me down I need to hold you in my arms For the last time in this life I’m gon

Jacki-o - Sleeping with the enemy lyrics

Girls Y'all gotta feel me on this one Y'all know how it be you Just been with your man For so long and you think you got him figured out And things aight thats how I was I thought I had him all figured out But he just kept surpising me everytime I looked around It w

Jason Derulo lyricsJason Derulo - With the lights on lyrics

just wanna freak you with the lights on Baby, leave them on I don’t want them off When I see them draws Pucker, pucker, that’s a no We gonna make it grow Pull it to the side You say you can ride Baby, join me in my ride Let me hit in the front Let me hit in the bac

Jack's Mannequin - Television lyrics

around the spiral it's our choice now, Up or down, days can seem so long Holy ghost, I'm living with your voice now But tonight, I'm sleeping with my television on Come tomorrow there'll be hell to pay and clouds across the sun You were right I've always been a sinne

Billy Joel - The downeaster "alexa" lyrics

I'm on the Downeaster "Alexa" And I'm cruising through Block Island Sound I have charted a course to the Vineyard But tonight I am Nantucket bound We took on diesel back in Montauk yesterday And left this morning fromhe bell in Gardner's Bay Like all the l

Billy Joel - The great suburban showdown lyrics

east on a plane Drinkin' all that free champagne I guess I saw this comin' down the line And I know it should be fun But I think I should've packed my gun Got that old suburban showdown in my mind Sit around with the folks Tell the same old tired jokes Bored to death on Sunday

Hodgson Roger - Had a dream (sleeping with the enemy) lyrics

a dream I was born to be naked in the eye of the storm and now it's standing right in front of me what's it going to do to me, who knows Had a dream it was time to be taken to the front of the line well that is not a place you wanna be sleeping with the enemy,

Everclear - The twistinside lyrics

have been sleeping with the lights on Just about every night Because we are afraid of what the dark might bring I know, I know it's just a childish fear That grows and grows wild in the middle of me I'm gonna get a new tattoo Black and stretching around my arm Like

The Dubliners - The irish rover (with "the pogues") lyrics

the Fourth of July, 1806 We set sail from the sweet Cove of Cork We were sailing away with a cargo of bricks For the Grand City Hall in New York 'Twas a wonderful craft She was rigged fore and aft And oh, how the wild wind drove her She stood several blasts She h

Rough Silk - The fiddler on the skeleton horse lyrics

did my very best to get nowhere fast - lived a life of sin without a chance to win - commited suicide by ridin´ side by side with the fiddler on the skeleton horse. I drank my brain away told life to make my day - used every drug I knew - the ones I didn´t know, too

Billy Joel - The night is still young lyrics

out Virginia, don't let me wait You Catholic girls start much too late Ah but sooner or later it comes down to fate I might as well, will be the one Well they showed you a statue and told you to pray They built you a temple and locked you away Ah but they never tol

Billy Joel - The ballad of billy the kid lyrics

From a town known as Wheeling, West Virginia Rode a boy with a six-gun in his hand And his daring life of crime Made him a legend in his time East and west of...

Billy Joel - The mexican connection lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available (instrumental

Billy Joel - The longest time lyrics

oh, oh For the longest time Oh, oh, oh For the longest time If you said goodbye to me tonight There would still be music left to write What else could I do I'm so inspired by you That hasn't happened for the longest time Once I thought my innocence was gone

Billy Elliot Musical - The letter b lyrics

(spoken) What's this? BILLY (spoken) It's a letter TEACHER (spoken) Huh. I can see it's a letter! BILLY (spoken) Can open it if you want. TEACHER (spoken, with sarcasasm) Thank god for that - the suspence was killin' me. BILLY (spoken) It's from me mam. TEACHER (

Immortal Technique - Dance with the devil lyrics

[Verse 1] I once knew a nigga whose real name was William his primary concern, was making a million being the illest hustler, that the world ever seen he used to f...

Firehouse - Sleeping with you lyrics

Well I don't care what they say I know this is right Because I feel it deep in my heart They say we're young and wild we should wait for a while But nothing's g...

Firehouse - Sleeping with you - better lyrics

Well I don't care what they say I know this is right Because I feel it deep in my heart They say we're young and wild we should wait for a while But not...

Real Mccoy - Sleeping with an angel lyrics

ve been around, been in the lost and found. Then I found myself a new love. Thought it was just one more night on the town. Then I realized I realized: I'm sleeping with an angel. She makes me feel so good. Sleeping with an Angel. I didn't know I could. But I've done t

Neon Trees - Sleeping with a friend lyrics

All my friends, they’re different people Anxious like the ocean in a storm When we go out, yeah, we’re electric Coursing through our bodies ’til we’re ...

Martin Chodúr - Sleeping with an angel lyrics

an angel from the sky Though you´re almost all the time Lying in my bed never wanting to Get up and do your job Never willing to stand up And save from hell somebody like you. And you don´t see it coming It´s getting near every day And you don´t want to see it It´s almost here

Forest Of Shadows - Sleeping death lyrics

silver streams the light of many a star born from thrones in dark heaven and swept in the suns demise bleak silver streams the radiance of eternity pain the meadows in dismal shades as sleeping death seep thru the clouds i stand motionless and marvel with

Matthew Perryman Jones - Sleeping with a stranger lyrics

Caught in a wildfire Choking on the flames Of a strange pyre The ashes of a dream Feed the fantasy Locked on the inside Tangled up in chains And the cr...

The Academy Is... - Sleeping with giants lifetime lyrics

ve noticed, people, they all have motives Different, yet all the same I fumble through every word that is spoken and I barely knew your name I'm tongue-tied, it runs through my blood and my insides Some things we can't escape But if we try, if we try, we can leave this behind It'

One Tin Soldier - The legend of billy jack lyrics

children, to a story That was written long ago, 'Bout a kingdom on a mountain And the valley-folk below. On the mountain was a treasure Buried deep beneath the stone, And the valley-people swore They'd have it for their very own. Go ahead and

Reflexion - Sleeping with death lyrics

face so white and pale, she's sleeping with death Her eyes like mirrors of pain Lost her will to try Rather stays in bed Counting her last days The beautiful smile is wiped away No one answers when she prays The same thought inside her head: &quo

Beto Vazquez Infinity - Sleeping in the shadows lyrics

vision is trapped inside my crystal ball Just close the door, don't live in the dark Sleeping passion lies on a frozen ground Strong feelings can be found within our hearts Soon they'll come out again. Everything around me makes me see life clearly now. The other sid

Billy Talent - The navy song lyrics

rolling along with the waves, A thousand miles away Holding you close in the rain, Seems just like yesterday Lost… hope in a faraway place And in my hand remains, A black and white print of a face, I’ll never see again I gave my life to save

The 69 Eyes - Sleeping with lions lyrics

you wanted to feel Cold metal and hard steel But it cuts in too deep To see you doing your midnight creep Somebody hurts you so you're hurting me The only way it was meant to be As the lights of neon slowly dim I can read in flesh Everywhere you've bee

Pain Of Salvation - Sleeping under the stars lyrics

darling wait, for the sound of electric guitars. Wait darling wait, you will soon be in bed with the stars. Wait darling wait, and don't worry 'cause you will see, Semen stains wash out surprisingly easily, From leather back-seats of expensive

Chicago - Sleeping in the middle of the bed lyrics

it a love song, Howl like a newborn. Trying hard to stay warm. .............. Edition to apocalypse, Looking for the big hit, .............. .............. Time after time, I blow me away... Sign on the streets now, Running on the .... now. Winter’s here I believe it’s

Fidlar - 40oz on repeat lyrics

I don’t know why it’s so difficult for me To talk to somebody I don’t know Well I’ve tried to ask you out about a thousand times In my head, you just always say ...

Parade - Knock on my door lyrics

1 [JESSICA / SIAN] I ain’t like those other girls that ya dealt with You better know the score (oh, oh) The feeling I want you to feel you know I felt it And now ya wanting more My body got a lotta love if you want it Enough to make you fall for (oh, oh) Me in a second, b

Ice Nine Kills - The greatest story ever told lyrics

could this happen? Am I dreaming again? Her body’s not moving, I’m assuming she’s dead. This isn’t a f***ing game. There’s somebody’s life at stake. She’s covered in bruises, but the truth is that I never committed the crime 'cause I know I could never hurt a

Of Montreal - Sleeping in the beetle bug lyrics

in the beetle bug With a hundred pounds of air in my heart. Don't think that I'm able to sympathize, I'm happier to see it gone. Floating above your house like a penguin Dropping cherries from my mouth. Tapping the walnuts and the shadows out of a dreami

Beyond Twilight - Sleeping beauty - the journey lyrics

Through the marshland And through the rain and mud Now listen I march to you my sleeping beauty I alone I cut myself on the moonlight beams Hordes of wolves ...

Placebo lyricsPlacebo - Sleeping with ghosts lyrics

sea's evaporating Though it comes as no surprise These clouds we're seeing They're explosions in the sky It seems it's written But we can't read between the line Hush It's okay Dry your eye Dry your eye Soulmate dry your eye Dry your eye Soulmate dry yo

Duncan Sheik - The dawn's request lyrics

I crack up Lose my head Try to hid beneath my bed And leave the television on So I don't think of what's gone wrong I beg the dawn Break through, save me Rescue me Wake me from the dead My weary head in your embrace If I spin out And off the r

Sleeping With Sirens - The bomb dot com lyrics

hate the way that this feels, the taste, it's nothing new Your words they overtake me here I am, I'm yours I feel it deep in my skin Your grace is poisonous Your eyes they focus in on mine Hold me close we're sinking fast When all we know is falling I'll save something for

Cyferdyne - Sleeping with sirens lyrics

Washed away with the flood The oceans rise We are born bathed in blood We find love Wrapped in cries The last breath we expel And our eyes become lost...

Grant Nicholas - After the fall lyrics

to find some place to flow Keeps moving along Nature finds a way to grow, grow on Sleeping with the light on Hiding your face on the cover that keeps you warm When you look back then I know There's this feeling in my body and my soul It won't get better than this Hap

Idlewild - The bronze medal lyrics

felt cold inside, so we threw the radio onto the fire It felt good to watch it, burn away to nothing You said you felt weak I hope its got nothing to do With the things you told me Nothing but your eyes Looking down on the third place You’ve got nothi

Billy Idol - Trouble with the sweet stuff lyrics

Wanna give it up Gotta give it up Can't give it up) Oh mama oh oh The money's run out And I'm a hungry man Oh mama oooo You see I--I'm a--hurtin' man I was just a boy When they told me "God love ya" "You're insane" Here I a

Espen Lind - Joni mitchell on the radio lyrics

never thought that I would be the one to say these words I never thought that I would be the one to care I never thought that I would be the one to say this hurts I never thought that I would see myself right there But now it's falling apart I'm sp

Project Creation - The dusk on pyther lyrics

invades the dream The dream is now sleeping Sleeping beauty The beauty of Pyther Tears in her eyes As she goes farther And farther away A trail of memories in the skies Will fall down the next day And tomorrow a new awakening With no sorrow in her mind The people’s ene

Against All Authority - The restoration of chaos and order lyrics

quot;You’re free and freedom is beautiful, And uh you know it will take time to Restore chaos and order, but we, but we will" Chaos and order will destroy us Gonna be your saviour, and your employer So punch it get down on your knees Wash up the

Lower Than Atlantis - Sleeping in the bath lyrics

Give me a week and he'll float, you'll see Down a couple of drinks and roll up my sleeves Because I've scraped the rust from the buckets 'cause they're yearning for ...

Billy Ray Cyrus - The freebird fell lyrics

was just a teenage boy on my way to school Mama mad at me for me 'cause I turned on the news Details still uncertain as I put on my shoes Wasn't sure what happened but I knew I had the blues. Cause that's the day the freebird fell Oh, I remember it well So m

Born Of Osiris - The sleeping and the dead lyrics

The sirens cry "emergency!" Head to the fields A dying light from deep inside emerges free Time to face the weapon in me The way a demon crosses in a...

My Dying Bride - The return of the beautiful lyrics

[The Silence] Oh beautiful earth For too long you have been silent Touch me once again The dark ground lies cold Et gelidus hoc voluntas firma- mentum ...

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